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Old Dog Care: How to manage age related issues in dogs, their symptoms & diet suggestions

teacher avatar Aman Gupta, Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

35 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Ways to identify Seizures in your dog

    • 3. Causes of Seizures

    • 4. How to manage Seizures

    • 5. Ways to prevent Seizures

    • 6. Symptoms of Arthritis

    • 7. Causes of Arthritis

    • 8. Ways to manage Arthritis

    • 9. Diet Suggestions and foods to be avoided in Arthritis

    • 10. How to identify Hearing Loss in your dogs

    • 11. Causes of Hearing Loss

    • 12. Managing a deaf dog - Indoors

    • 13. Managing a deaf dog - Outdoors

    • 14. Precautions to prevent hearing loss in a dog

    • 15. How to identify Vision Loss in your dog

    • 16. Causes of Vision Loss

    • 17. Managing a blind dog - Indoors

    • 18. Managing a blind dog - Outdoors

    • 19. Diet suggestions for improving eyesight of your dog

    • 20. How to identify if your dog is obese?

    • 21. Health Implications of Obesity

    • 22. Causes of Obesity

    • 23. Managing Obesity in your dog

    • 24. DIY food puzzle toys for your dog

    • 25. How to identify Urinary Incontinence in your dog

    • 26. Causes of Urinary Incontinence

    • 27. Managing a dog suffering from Urinary Incontinence

    • 28. Diet Suggestions - Urinary Incontinence

    • 29. Symptoms of CCD in a dog

    • 30. Managing a dog suffering from CCD

    • 31. Diet Suggestions - CCD

    • 32. How to identify Dental Issues in your dog

    • 33. Health Implications of Dental Problems

    • 34. Ways to prevent Dental Problems in your dog

    • 35. How to boost immunity of your old dog

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About This Class

The class is designed to help all the pet parents to enrich the lives of their dogs during their old years. As a dog ages, his immunity decreases and his organs don’t work as efficiently as they earlier used to. As a result, he becomes susceptible to develop age-related issues like hearing and vision impairment, arthritis, obesity, urinary incontinence, seizures, canine cognitive dysfunction and dental diseases. This course is a one-stop solution to learn ways to tackle these age-related conditions in your furbaby.

The course emphasizes on

  • Tips to manage your senior dog if he is suffering from any of these age-related issues
  • Possible symptoms and the underlying causes to manage these issues in a better way
  • Diet suggestions to combat these age-related issues


This course is also for those pet parents whose dogs are approaching their senior years. You will get to know various preventive measures to avoid these age related issues in your dogs and help them live gracefully in their golden years!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aman Gupta

Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast


I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the field of UX Design and hold an MBA degree in marketing.  I am an experimenter who loves to explore and implement new ideas.

I am a Blockchain enthusiast and I am currently busy exploring the Applications of Blockchain for various Businesses. You will soon see more of my online videos on Blockchain and its practical use cases.

With my passion of teaching and wealth of knowledge, I am confident each of my courses will help you in expanding your knowledge horizons. I look forward to see you in my class. 

Happy Learning! 

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1. Welcome to the class: a dog's golden years at a time to cherish, but they can also bring some new challenges along with them. Our senior dogs often face a number of health problems that may include and is not limited to vision and hearing issues. Joint pain, losing control over his bladder, gaining excessive and suffering from seizures, memory loss and dental issues. Being a bacterian, you always wish that quality off your pet's life should never be compromised. In this course, we will discuss how you can manage your door suffering from any of these age related ailments. We would even look at the possible symptoms and the underlying causes to understand and manage these issues in a better way. Further, you will also get to know their diet suggestions to combat these age related issues. I am a man, Gupta, a passionate pet lover and founder of a pet care company. I'm here to share my knowledge on how to make the golden years off your order. Canine better. I welcome your and hope to see you in the next lecture 2. Ways to identify Seizures in your dog: it is a terrifying situation to see you lovely dog. Having seizures procedure can be defined as a change in behavior that occurs to the abnormal electrical activity in the brain, the mostly a correct night or early in the morning, when the dog is either resting or is thusly. But how do identify if your dog is suffering from seizures? Seizures in dogs have three stages. The first status pre it'll stage or the state before seizures. During this early stage of behavior, change can be observed in the door. He seems to be depressed and frightened. He may even start crying, whining Howley or truly. And we, even with disoriented the second state is that a toll stage, which is the active state of seizures. We're severe Symptoms can be observed. They may include jerking, stiffening and putting off muscles. But dont may even fall and start making paddling movements with his limbs. He also suffer from conversions. You may even notice him losing his bladder and bowel control. His steed starts grinding and chewing off dung can be observed as then. Forming at mouth is another symptom off the stage. After that comes the post. It'll state which is the recovery phase off this condition. In this stage, you will find that that dog seems to be perplexed and dizzy. He may become weak, sleepy and lethargic. He can even become temporarily blind and is likely to start booking in circles. 3. Causes of Seizures: generally seizures in those last from 30 seconds to two minutes, but in some cases may last for an extended duration as well. This can occur because of the following reasons. Sometimes senior, those developed brain tumors that may put pressure on their brains, leading to seizures. An injury to the brain can also cause seizures in the door. If it or low has kidney disease or kidney failure, Toxins build up in his bloodstream and can't be excreted. This build up of toxins in the kidneys can cause seizures in him. Similarly, if you suffer from liver disease, liver failure that also can lead to seizures. Hypothyroidism, an under active thyroid gland can slow down the metabolism off your dog, and that's leading to seizures. In hyperglycemia, blood sugar level decreases due to which brain doesn't get sufficient supply of glucose. In order to function properly, it may result in seizures in your pooch. This can also occur due to the overdose off insulin in a diabetic dog. Adverse reaction to certain medications can cause seizures as well. Further exposure to certain environmental toxins like poisonous pesticides, insecticides, antifreeze, agents, etcetera can potentially cause seizures as well. Adverse reaction toe food allergies or synthetic chemicals. Emulsifiers, preservatives, president back foods can also be a reason for seizures in dogs. Advanced Cushing's disease can occur because off legions in pituitary gland and when the size of the tumors increase, that can put extrapolation on the brain. That, in turn, can lead to seizures. 4. How to manage Seizures: fall. Other lister action points you case your dog is having a seizure. The first step for you is to stay calm and not a penny. However dreadful and disturbing the seizures may appear. They're not being full for your dog. Don't try to move your dog unless he's at the place where he can hurt himself like near a staircase or a balcony. And even in case you are required to move him, do this by gently dreading his rear legs. If possible, it is suggested to clear off all the objects near him that might hurt your dog. Like to use table or any other sharp objects. A dog can never sell Lewiston, so it is recommended not to put your hands in or near his mouth as he may inadvertently injure your head because he's not in his senses during this situation, trying to time and record the seizure, if possible, as it can be, great clue for you yet to determine the type and because of the seizure during seizures are don't my defecate or urinate involuntarily, so placing some newspapers or plastic sheets under him might be useful. No long seizures may lead to overheating in your door. Therefore, try to cool him down by putting some cold water on his pose in case off the seizure, lasting for more than five minutes immediately concerned. You it in case your dog has a history of seizures and you feel that another one is about to happen. Follow these steps. Take him to a comfortable, safe and soft area where there is minimal chance off him getting hurt and show that there are no shot objects lying around in that area. If possible, bringing him outside on the soft grass might help him. Newspaper and plastic sheets shall be placed under him to manage any soiling accident. 5. Ways to prevent Seizures: Here are some of the measures that you can take to prevent seizures in your door away. Any situation that can lead to head trauma or head injury off your print in case of any such incident concerns you had to rule out any Internet Ngeny. Try to keep you bet away from things that can be poisonous for. Avoid any row, cooked or bad food that contains allergy inducing ingredients for your pet. Our dog books. When it is hope, Hope saying. In addition, never leave him in hold places for four cars as this Milito heatstroke and can eventually be the cause of a seizure. And sure, you bet is North. Test has stress can also trigger seizures. Consult a vet after every six months to rule out that he's not suffering from low blood sugar or any other disease that can lead to seizures, including omega 3 30 s. It's in This diet can be helpful as these are required for brain regulation 6. Symptoms of Arthritis: arthritis, in simple words, means inflammation of the joints. It is the most common health problem in order. Canines, though there are many forms off arthritis. But what we are going to discuss in this course is osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, as this is the mean arthritis found in senior doors. If your foot is in his golden years, you should keep a close eye for the symptoms off this disease. The initial signs of arthritis are very mild and becomes apparent only when major damage has been done. If arthritis is detected in its initial stage, it is much easier to manage and treat this condition. Therefore, as a back period, it becomes imperative for you to understand the subtle signs that can indicate that your dog is suffering from this joint disease. If he can't sit comfortably or takes extra precaution while getting up or lying down, this condition happens because off the pain in his joints. If you observe stiffness in his book, it can be an indication that your dog is suffering from arthritis. A dog suffering from this condition. We often limb or re favor one or more off his legs. If you notice excessive looking off joints by your pooch. It can be a possible symptom off this condition. One of the certain symptoms of arthritis is that change in his personality, and he seems to be depressed and irritated all the time. But if he hesitated to jump and struggles to get on the couch or into the car, if he's reluctant to play and faces problem by climbing stairs, it may be due to the pain in his joints. Another symptom can be if he's lethargic and sleeps more than the usual. 7. Causes of Arthritis: Now let us look at the causes off arthritis in order canines. It occurs mainly due to the prolonged via and tear off those joints we just subjected to maximum stress where city could be another reason as extra bit puts extrapolation on the joints does leading to this condition. Certain injuries, like ligament tears, dislocated and broken bones can also lead to arthritis. Sometimes inherited, joint condition or abnormal joint development can also be the cause off this condition. 8. Ways to manage Arthritis: Here are some off the V's to manage arthritis in senior dogs. First and foremost, Mandina hell Davidoff, your Bhuj. Even a few extra pounds would put stress on your dog's joints, and he may face difficult invoking. Additionally, factory leases inflammation, causing home loans that further elevator stopping conceptual red for a healthy weight loss diet plan so that your pad can be start desired with according to his breed and age, you should help your door get enough exercise. Take him out for Billy work sessions, but it is recommended to break your walks into shorter ones. Many back parents believe that taking them for a walk meditate, aerated their condition. But on the contrary, it is imperative to maintain their mobility through daily walks. And my exercises allow him to walk on his own pace and never tried to push it, doing what he can take. Swimming is one of the best workouts that you push can indulge in in swimming. The limbs don't better, and I abortive it, unlike Woking, thus making it a better overcoat for your baby. If you're don't faces difficulty in getting up off walking, use a harness to support him. Put this link Another test off your dog and hold both the ends above your door. This will take some weight off his limbs and will make walking or getting up easier for him . Aram can be better to is then steers. If your dog is facing difficulty climbing stairs, this will prevent putting a new pressure on his joint while climbing. Try to keep your dog as warm as possible because of the fact that cold conditions can worsen arthritis. You can do warm paddy off the swollen joints and keep a hot water bottle next to him while sleeping. This would help in relieving his pain. You can also cover your pet store so lives with a warm sweater. You can provide him a form and comfortable or to predict bed to sleep that for put less pressure on his joints. 9. Diet Suggestions and foods to be avoided in Arthritis: diet traditions for managing arthritis. The diet that is rich in antioxidants and has anti inflammatory properties should be given to dogs suffering from arthritis. Food items. Doctor Anti inflammatory properties are sweet potatoes, turmeric and salary. They have both anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Coconut oil buy an apple countries mammalian enzyme that has strong anti inflammatory properties. VNT also has bought anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Ah, good for managing arthritis as well. Fourth, rich in antioxidants include, but by a very good source of vitamin C and has antioxidant properties. The best thing about papaya is its law. Citric acid content compared toa other foods that have these antioxidant properties. This makes it easier for your dog to digest it. Other antioxidant rich forcing people mangoes, blueberry sweet potatoes and Basie ford in supplements that are reaching omega three fatty acids are also good for an athletic dog. Vitamins and windows are also crucial for managing arthritis. For example, calcium helps in building and men dealing strong bones. It also helps in proper functioning off central nervous system. Why doing the absorbs calcium and helps in standing and growth of the bones. Magnesia regulates blood sugar levels, plays role in protein synthesis and helps in proper functioning off nerves and muscles. It also helps to absorb calcium in a dog's body. Vitamin E is also essential as it has antioxidant properties. Certain fort increase inflammation and aggravate arthritis in dogs. Here is a list of food items that should be avoided in your dog's meat greens, like wheat corn so it spelled rice and barley prepared. It should also be avoided, though you should include sweet potatoes and they're good for them. Also avoid eggplant, tomatoes, capsicum peppers, sugars and access sold content in the dog's food. It is very important to award foods that contain artificial flavors, colors and preserve. It is for the well being off your pooch. 10. How to identify Hearing Loss in your dogs: Sometimes it may happen that you call your pooch for a walk or a meal, and it doesn't even despond you might interpret. It doesn't behavior issue, but that might not be always true. Maybe he's unable to hear you, and it is a subtle cue that he is suffering from hearing laws and requires immediate medical attention. Your dog may not be able to express his condition directly to you. Therefore, as a pet parent, it becomes very crucial for you to understand these subtle signs, which can indicate that something is wrong with this hearing ability. Our dog was undergoing hearing loss might appear to be unresponsive to the sounds that used to excite him earlier, like squeaking off his favorite toys or the rattling off car case. Another sign can be if he fails to turn to you. When you call out his name or any other family of about command, he even becomes unresponsive with a barking office. Can I In France, these friends he used to play all day long, and now he's not able to listen to them. His unresponsiveness toe everyday sums like the sound of the doorbell or the TV may also point to his hearing impairment. Another indication can be if we get started by your sudden appearance. As the poor boot is unable to hear the sound of your footsteps. He gets shocked and surprised by your touch for appearance or if it gets difficult to wake him up. And he's no longer bordered by the noises which earlier used to disturb hisley. If you observe any or some of these symptoms in your pooch, it is suggested to consult a vet to get a proper diagnosis off the issue. In some cases, hearing loss is temporary and can be treated with proper medical kill. 11. Causes of Hearing Loss: loss of hearing across, primarily if transfer of sound waves to interfere or from here to brain is impeded several situations. Leading toe hearing loss can be awaited by taking proper precautions and care off your dog , but this can only be achieved if you're aware of the underlying causes for these conditions . The most common reason for hearing loss in senior dogs is now degeneration, similar to what we human space in our old age. The function off these knows, is to transfer the sound waves from here to bring so any damage, injury, inflammation or degeneration off these nerves can lead to a poor transmission or no transmission to the brain does leading to hearing impairment. Sometimes infection or the position of excessive X in the ear can block the transmission off sound signals and just leading to hearing laws. But this condition is template E and can believe us if treated properly. Any injury in the year or in the brain can also lead to a state of deafness as it impacts the transmission and reception off sound signals. Occasionally, this condition also results from the side effects of certain drugs. They're deep, which has taken in the bust. What it can be due to exposure to certain has are this heavy matters like lead, arsenic and mercury. So it is always recommended to keep household items containing these metals like pains plumbing, materia, gold bull, etcetera out of reach of your bets. Consistent and repeated exposure to loud noises can also lead to a state of deafness. For example, noise off heavy machinery, loud music and sound of fire arms therefore, actually people to minimize exposure to such low noises, after all, and also prevention is worth a pound of cure. 12. Managing a deaf dog - Indoors: ways to manage a door with hearing impairment. It is sad and frustrating for a bad parent when his dog is unable to hear him. But there are these to deal with the situation so that quality off his life is not compromised. What he requires is some love and an extra bit off care. You should keep in mind that dogs have an uncanny ability to adapt to his hearing loss much better than assumes. Death or partially deaf dogs often gets tighter or scared by the sudden appearance or touch off a person. Therefore, the first and foremost step is to take extra caution so as not to startle or fighting him in any possibility. When are you touch your dog and show you do it when you are within the span off? His vision, as you push has a reduced ability to detect any sound so touching him from the back can come at a certain show or surprise for him. Make sure that you always starts him on the same body part like back or shoulders. This consistent behaviour will condition him to your Dutch and warn startle him anymore where now you need to wake him up, keep you hand against his nose as he can, easily like major smell and then gently paired his back. As soon as he wakes up, give him a tree, thus linking baking up it touch to a positive experience. Enter the room with heavy footsteps to mark your presence. The vibrations off your movement will make your dog alert and will prevent him from getting started on your appearance. Visual cues can also be used to alert him about your presence. Simply turning the light on or off or using a laser pointer can indicate him about your presents. Makes you that your guests don't that your dog while he's asleep, allow them to touch your pooch once he has sniffed them and has got acquainted to them. Now, as the verbal communication with your foot becomes challenging, teaching him hand signals can be a good way to communicate with him. This will ensure that you don't miss out on those playful in directions that you used to have with him earlier. Old dogs can't learn new tricks, is a myth and doesn't hold any value after getting proper training. You will also that your dog starts responding to you hand cues 13. Managing a deaf dog - Outdoors: Now let's look at some off service to manage a hearing impaired. Oh, outdoors, If possible, avoid taking him out in the trophy. And even if you're walking him in a low traffic area, all essential that he's unleash all the times. This will ensure that airport doesn't get her, as he's unable to hear sound off the approaching vehicles to keep a track off him outdoors . You can even attach lights or best to the color of him, which this will make it easier for you to locate him in case off partial hearing loss. Emergency whistle can be a very good option to call your door. These vessels are very loud, and your dog can easily listen the song off these vessels while taking him out for a walk. Special care should be taken around known familiar dogs as he can get involving unwanted encounters with them under it, his social life. Consider scare dealing a playdate with his known canine friends and that two under your supervision. Last but not the least, and sure that you're for baby is my coach. It further it is advised to put a special tag on his cooler man, Schley that the dog is deaf along with your contact details on it, just in case he gets lost 14. Precautions to prevent hearing loss in a dog: there are certain precautions that you should take to prevent hearing loss in your pooch. Special attention should be paid to the hygiene off his ears. His ear cannot should be regularly likely to prevent inflammation or infection in the use, as these can lead to a poor transmission or no transmission off the sound signals to the brain. First leading to hearing impairment. Regular visits to avert My doctor recommended after every six months to rule out any resists, which can lead to further hearing impairment. 15. How to identify Vision Loss in your dog: just like humans. As dogs get older, the eyesight often gets compromised as a precaution. In the senior years, it becomes very crucial to identify the signs off visual impairment. Here are some of the tips toe identify. If he's suffering from vision issues, you find him facing trouble in locating his toys, football and other familiar things. If you observe that this stops, making eye contact with you indicates he is unable to see you. He often bumps into furniture and balls off the house. Another indication that the dog is going blind is if he gets started by your sudden appearance as the work what is unable to see you. He gets shocked and surprised and you approach him or pattern you will notice in getting apprehensive. Vile plane. Moreover, he even is reluctant to go outside and sleeps more than the usual. You will find him putting his nose to the ground to never get around the house if he's unable to catch playing ball or Frisbee. The way usedto it is a clear indication that he is suffering from vision laws the way we is unable to recognize you, even from a small distance, because off his visibility issue. His eyes may become cloudy, indicating eye problems, and he even becomes hesitant to jump on or off the couch or your car. The loss of eyesight in your dog is gradual enough. You may not even notice until you take your dog to a new environment or rearrange your furniture. This is because those can adapt so well toe this condition. Therefore, it is recommended. If you observe any or some of these symptoms in your coach, it is suggested to consider that to get a proper diagnosis off the issue. In some cases, the problem can be treated with proper medical kill. 16. Causes of Vision Loss: There are many causes of vision impairment in senior jobs. Correct is one of the most common reasons for this condition. Lance turns cloudy, leading to a partial or complete blindness. It can also be caused by glaucoma, a painful condition in which fluid pressure inside eyes increases that damages the retina and the optic nerve off the dogs. I writing a trophies, another cause for vigilance. Payment for damage of Latina occurs and just needing to blindness. Diabetes, if not treated appropriately, may eventually become a reason for blindness. Any infection or injury and ice can lead to a visual impairment as well. 17. Managing a blind dog - Indoors: precautions that you can take it home for making a blind dogs life comfortable first and foremost the place. Hand crews with verbal signals toe back to communicate with him, for example, dating him some special commands like See, look to make him aware about any obstruction in his re try to steeper fix place for keeping his daily need. Items like food and water bowls. Toys at sector father are don't makes a mental map of the surroundings, so it is important that there is no change in the value for meter is arranged. Rearranging the furniture with the stub is mental map, and he will keep on bumping into objects in case you have to move to a new location or really is the layout of your home and show that you walk your dog on leash through this newly out several times. This will make him family with a new setting. If we're more than wonder in the house, try putting bells on the polar off other dogs. This will help your Aldo to locate his canine friends using his hearing senses. Your dogma gets starter with your sudden appearance, so make some noise, either by stomping your foot or by calling his name before touching him. This implementing from getting scared what started when touched. Drinking water fountains are very useful for the visually impaired dogs as their bubbling sound and start dog too easily. Locate the water source. You should either remove the exposed shop at this or covered them with form so that you, which can move through the house without getting hurt, engage other senses off your dog, like smelling and hearing. We can train him to fetch, assented or squeaky it away. Using smelling and hearing senses. You should put baby gets near the staircase so that he doesn't hurt himself. Leave your TV own while you're away. This will not only reduces loneliness but will also help him to orient himself to other rooms of the house. Four Buzzer toys can be greatly to keep your dog engaged while stimulating his brain as well. These stories required into soul samples, Um, who reached accidentally using a sniffing power 18. Managing a blind dog - Outdoors: precautions that you are required to take outdoors if your dog has vision impairment, always keep a loud whistle handy, which can be used to grab his attention in the bark. He was a cooler leash or bandana, which clearly states that the dog is blank so that other people get a heads up before interacting with the door. Microchip, your for baby In case you losing, the person who finds him can easily contact you. Dangerous aliens like swimming pool etcetera should be made inaccessible to your dog without your supervision. Always use a short leash while taking him out for a walk. This will give you a backer control over his movement during walks. Stick to the same route every day while we adapted to his blindness. The family of smells and sound on the route we comfort. 19. Diet suggestions for improving eyesight of your dog: There are a few four items containing Caroline words that can improve your dogs. Eyesight. Like Blue Betty, this is a rich source of zinc and selenium with supports, vision and helps introduction off. If a big carrots these condemned essential vitamins and winders required for a healthy I, they all support that eyes from you radiations and free radicals. No my toe spending antioxidants that prevent eyes from macular degeneration and also protect them from sun damage. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are good for I. Health has been broccoli to enter retinal damage, but it should. We consume occasionally and should not exceed 10% of the daily food in day. As an excess consumption off this food will lead to intestinal problems that protects oxidative damage of Latina and helps in combating correct, therefore, giving a boy like over there. OAG as there has been a lot of debate around feeling though X two dogs. So to our any such confusion, it is better to give a whole boil back to your door a word of caution before giving any of these four strip, which make sure he is not allergic to it. 20. How to identify if your dog is obese?: it is no, just few months who are fighting the battle against this ever growing problem of obesity. Our dogs toe struggle with weight gain and related health problems that come along with these extra pumps, According to one of the service connected in the U. S. More than 50% of their dogs are found to be obese, and obesity is prone to many diseases like arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, etcetera. And when your dog is a senior, the situation becomes more alarming as they are already more Toronto. These diseases, then their younger counterparts. So it becomes very crucial for you to keep him seem active and healthy. But you must be wondering how to know if a dog is obese or not. So here are some of the ways to judge this condition. Try looking at the door from our by standing next to him. If you don't see a visible baseline, it means he's over it. Another reason Q to look out for is to observe if his abdomen tax up as it leads to his three Lex or not. If it doesn't take up, that means your dog is overweight. Genji Personal Dogs Lips If he has. Normally, you should be able to feel and touch his ribs without much hassle. But if we're unable to do so and have to press down hard to feel his ribs, it is a clear sign that your dog is for bees. You can also Dutch obesity in your door by examining fact that position on areas like spine , hips, neck and shoulders based off the tail and limbs. If you can feel a tick layer of fat deposited in these areas, it clearly indicates that your dog is gobies. 21. Health Implications of Obesity: obesity carries with it a number of significant health problems, or these dogs are more prone to damage to joints. And ligaments is everything. In arthritis, all the stores are more prone to heart diseases. Access fel tends to cause increased blood pressure. They are more prone to respiratory diseases that were difficult inbreeding For them. Obesity causes insulin resistance in them does leading to diabetes off these dogs are at a greater risk of developing cancer. Obesity also causes decrease liver function. If your dog is obese, fair starts accumulating in his liver. This accumulation can result in a condition known as fact evil, which further can lead to decrease liver function. His immunity to fight against infections decreases all over dogs live comparatively shorter life. Then they're healthy counterparts. 22. Causes of Obesity: when a dog gains more than 10 to 15% of its normally, then it is something to be concerned about all he ordered. Rhythm in the right treatment option for your dog. It is vital that the underlying cause of opacity be accurately died. Most common causes obesity include hypothyroidism. It is because of reduction in the amount of hormones released by title Gland that regulates dogs. Metabolism. Symptoms include lethargy, done or dry court or oily greasy skin. Hair lost witness questions. Disease. It is caused by overproduction off steroids, which helped dogs to respond to stress, Control their body with fights, infection and keep a check on the blood sugar levels. Additional symptoms include excessive eating and drinking, panting, heavily frequent urination as well as here. Loss and thin skin. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, it becomes another reason for weight came in your pooch during his golden years 23. Managing Obesity in your dog: managing obesity in senior dogs, giving him more food and treats sure and reconsidered as a loving gesture because it can be detrimental for your dog. And we have serious consequences on his head. So think twice before giving him that extra serving off food. The most loving thing that the back parent can do for his dog used to always keep a check on his weighed as it is very crucial for his healthy life. You should provide him adequate exercise like walking, swimming, playing on a regular basis. You can use four buzzer toys that can make a docket slowly, which in turn leads to bastardization off the food Father. These toys stimulate his brain and airs, and burning additional calories has been Spare your dogs for on the grass and let him sniff out this food. This will increase his activity level and can slow down eating. If he tends to go along his food. You should also concerned you over and get a diet plan so as to maintain a healthy vid. This diet should be higher in proteins and lower in carbohydrates. Funder provide him a low fat diet force that contain 20% or more facts are considered to be high fed. No, great. At the biggest source of calories. Give him green veggies and foods instead off these process treats. Okay, you should also be awarded as it has a higher fat content. 24. DIY food puzzle toys for your dog: There are different ways to make engaging toys at home, which are inexpensive, and fund for your dog to play it, take a muffin tree and put some keepers or treats in fuckups off the tree and cover them with tennis balls. In this game, your dog is required to remove these tennis balls to find his treats, to increase the difficulty level in the water. A denim pickups as well. With these balls, this would keep him busy and mentally active. Or you can take 6 to 8 glasses and place them upside them. Then there's some treats below two or three glasses, let you know, uses sniffing power to find the treats. Another way of making an engaging toy is by using a plastic border. Make holes in it with Dakota, and they correct the border with ribbons for some of the streets into this porter and close it with let you know, play and get the streets at a slow pace from the holes. One thing to be kept in mind is that the whole should be sufficiently big so as to dispense that keeps This will increase a duty level of her dog and re prevent him from gobbling down the football experts 25. How to identify Urinary Incontinence in your dog: Definitely. It is a matter of cancer if your house trained local news inside the house. But at the same time, it is very important for pack parents to understand that goes with this condition can control the blogger. This situation is very different from other urination related issues, like behavior literally nation, which in people's submissive urination or when a dog urine ears to mark their territory. Here are a few signs that can indicate if your dog is suffering from urinary incontinence. If you observe that Betty or wrecked Patties in those places where the dog has been lying, it can be Vanatta. Initial symptoms of this disease, consistently damp legs and redness on the skin. Nearest janitors can indicate urinary incontinence in your baby. In this condition, a dog might excessively lick. Israel area has been. Your porch may be suffering from urinary incontinence if you observe constant or frequent dribbling off uring while he's moving around. Blood in the urine can also indicate this condition in your pooch. If he undergoes pain while urinating, it can be a signal that he is suffering from urinary incontinence. 26. Causes of Urinary Incontinence: here are a few underlying causes off urinary incontinence. The Muslims off urinary bladder we can overtake on because of which bladder is unable to retain. Uring is a reeling it in Holland. Three. Leakage infection in bladder or urinary trained can cause scarring on top later best preventing it from stretching. Toehold Urine symptoms may even include painful urination and blood in the urine. Stones and doomers in bladder can compress. It is only in small amounts of urine leakage. No, with kidney failure or fundings. More voter and urine needs more than normal. He may even become lethargic, even stops eating and loses it. Those with infection in their prostate gland may strange. We need and even have blood in their urine. The problem can ago, but they're now Signals from brain are unable to pass properly to bladder control. The urination. All respect feelings so far from is treason related and all the mill suffer from test toasted, unrelated incontinence. Low estrogen levels. We cannot muscle of urinary bladder that's deserting it in all interlinking. All fury in case, often nine cognitive dysfunction. Israel dogs forget their house training and the poor dog units inside the house 27. Managing a dog suffering from Urinary Incontinence: Now the question is, what can you do to help your door? If he's suffering community incontinence, conservative that immediately, Then you observe the symptoms off this disease in your dog and get proper medication. Specific medicines and supplement can help in standing urinary bladder and treat infections to prevent urinary incontinence. Play some newspapers or clean plastic sheets in your dogs sleeping area. They generally like to keep their sleeping area clean, and if they have urine in that area, it might discomfort. Take your dog out of walks more frequently. More importantly, take him out for a war as soon as he starts his day and after TV. Except for me now, dripping urine can irritate the skin. Thus manden proper hygiene off your dog toe a word. Skin allergies and infections. This includes frequent grooming and cleaning. Producing the water intake is no deadbolt advice. It, as Carson to water, can lead to other medical ailments. Remember that in corniness is not caused by excessive drinking off order 28. Diet Suggestions - Urinary Incontinence: diet traditions for managing urinary incontinence. Following that can help you Doe, who is suffering from this condition corn silk as astringent properties that can cause contraction body cells and tissues. It tightens and standards the unity bladder and trey that's supporting normal flow off union. It also has anti inflammatory properties and can be used to treat urinary tract infections as well. Volume has anti inflammatory properties and is useful for creating urinary tract infections . Also, AIDS in normalizing and balancing the homes, thus helping took your urinary incontinence, pumpkin seeds and marshmallow root. Also Stanton urinary bladder and provides better bladder control and urine flow only. We've has anti bacterial and viral and anti fungal properties that's preventing urinary tract infections. Apple cider vinegar or a CV can also be given for urinary tract infections. Last part. Norton Feast our airplanes as much as possible in his diet to keep him healthy. 29. Symptoms of CCD in a dog: can I in cognitive dysfunction, or CCD? As a dog enters his golden years ves back. Parents limit our imagination only to physical changes in him, like being less energetic and enthusiastic. But it may commence help price to many of you that dogs to go through mantles in your moments. Human artists that he gets stuck behind the couch or forgets to breed you at the door when you come back home. It might be that he's that he's suffering from memory loss similar to dementia or Alzheimer's in humans. This condition in dogs is called canine cognitive dysfunction, but you need to be very regional and so identify the symptoms off CCDI as many times. These symptoms can be due to some other medical conditions as well. Initial symptoms off so city are very mild and or fund worsened as the time progresses. In veterinary studies. Generally, the shy Cronin is used to identify and characterize. The teen is associated with CCDI. No, let's discuss each one off them in detail. 1st 1 on the list is disorientation. If you don't get stuck in family A places like in the corner of a room or behind the furniture this confusion and inability to make sense off the space around him signals towards disorientation. Your dog staring at the blank walls without any purpose or wandering aimlessly in the house should also be a cause of concern for you. Dogs are fond of food, and therefore it can be a potential signal off. See city if you find stubble in finding his favorite food and water bowls, if you find him walking in cycles, there is a clear indication that he's suffering from this disease. It is a very sad state, if you put forgets that route off his daily VOCs, though you have been going on the same route for all these years. But because of Mandalay Klein, he's unable to remember the route, but it is suggested to first take him to a vet to rule out the possibility of brain human alderden directions. You will start observing our difference in his interactions with everyone around him. You're one socially active dog. Me now prefer to be left alone in one corner of the host and may get in more in fewer social in directions. He even develops compulsive disorders like excessive barking and licking himself without any reason, he might also not be able to recognize familiar people and objects around him. But for this first, ensure that he's not suffering from hearing impairment or blindness sleep cycle are disturb . Sleep pattern is one of the more specific indicators for CCDI. If you're so that your dog is having older sleeping and waking cycles, that is, if he sleeps during the day and remains awake and confused at night, it is a clear sign that he is suffering from this condition. How sweetly, if you don't loses control over his bladder and peeps are poops inside the house, even after being house doing it can be a possible signal for this condition. In such cases, it is recommended to first too loud that there are no other medical issues like urinary or fecal incontinence, kidney infections or diabetes activity level those suffering from CCD or functionally please response to the external stimulation they know more like to explore this around these, as they earlier used to. For example, if you stopped responding to your command booties, his favorite bowl or toys, But first rule out, he's not suffering from any mobility disorder or blindness. It might be disheartening to see your job not greeting you at the door like I used to. But this is one of the harsh realities that you need to accept if your dog is suffering from CCDI. If he gets more anxious and infuriated than before, it is also a signal that he's suffering from this condition or if he shows less interest in food and toys, which used to entice him earlier, can indicate that the dog is suffering from C City. 30. Managing a dog suffering from CCD: Now let us look at some of the ways to manage it. Dogs suffering from canine cognitive description The first responsibility off a bad parent is to consult Event to rule out the possibility off any of the medical issue, because some symptoms off CCD over left it the symptoms of other medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, kidney infection, etcetera. And in case your door is diagnosed with C c D, you can adopt the following measures could be later. Further progression of this disease. Keep him engaged with full puzzle toys to stimulate his brain and improve his memory. Introduced new toys and teach them new skills to increase been activities in Europe. It regular processions and Mordred exercise will improve his mental health and will further enhance his memory and learning ability. Stick to the current furniture. Leo. Rearranging furniture may further confusing, keeping the house clutter free and providing broad passages for him to room around free Leaving. Also Howard confusing for him whenever he's getting anxious, playing a soothing music and helped tow come him down, make things palatable as much as possible for him. Ah, consistently, little bean for walking, eating and sleeping can help him with his insight, teach and practice short and crisp commands instead of full sentences or phrases. For example, single word commands like Stop, stay, come etcetera are much better than the full sentences. But you need to be very patient, as sometimes. He may not respond with these commands as well, but don't worry, he will start responding to these commands with time. 31. Diet Suggestions - CCD: diet Suggestions for managing canine cognitive dysfunction. Food items that contain antioxidants are very helpful in managing CCDI antioxidants, comeback free radicals and a suit stirs in brain fruits like cranberries, blueberries, blackberries are a rich source off these antioxidants that Merrick has very good antioxidant properties that help in improving the brain condition off the dog died rich in vitamin C and E can also help you put in this condition. Green tea extract can also be given as it contains Flavin words that are powerful antioxidants. Coconut oil is also recommended for a dog suffering from cognitive dysfunction. Omega three fatty acids are very effective in dealing with this condition. Krill, oil, fish oil and flaxseed oil are very good source of omega three fatty acids. But before giving any of these foods and show that you're packed is not allergic to it. You can further concert your we're forgiving. You put certain psychoactive drugs and dietary supplements that can aid in slowing down his cognitive decline. 32. How to identify Dental Issues in your dog: believe it or no taking proper dental care of your dog can extend his life distance. Important words means a healthier and extended companionship of both off you. Dental issues developed primarily because of the bacterial infection in the mouth around Eat gums, Joe Bones, etcetera. But how do I rent if I if your dog is suffering from dental diseases? If your dog has a bad grab, it is one of the only science off dental diseases. He may be suffering from dental issues if his teeth quality in this to yellow and there is black their position around his teeth. Black is a mixture of full particles mixed with saliva that gets deposited on the date. If left untreated for a long duration, this deposit gets converted into take hardly er known. A started doctor is a very good building long for the bacteria. This bacterial deposition in done leads to inflammation in the gums. We can eventually damage that put beyond repair if you find him struggling to eat his food , this generally happens if he's facing any dental issue. Some of the other ways he may exhibit this pain is by chewing from only one side of the mouth dropping food while 80 or in some cases not eating at all. If his gums are bleeding or inflamed, this can indicate certain mental issues swelling in the jaw and also bill indication that he might be suffering from dental problems. The abscess, accumulated due to infection near the truth, leads to swelling off the job. It's the lower Joyce affected alum Feel appear near the neck area. And if the affected joys are prone than the love Philip, you're close to the high. 33. Health Implications of Dental Problems: consequences of dental problems in new coach dental problems can affect more than just your dog's mouth that bacteria accumulated in his mouth. We entered into the blood street. Each defend vital organs of the body, and that's labor risk off many of the fatal diseases, such as those off heart. Give me liver, pancreas. Dental problems might also cause born infections, stomach up text and even diabetes. 34. Ways to prevent Dental Problems in your dog: how to prevent dental diseases. Horon Hygiene is one of the most overlooked areas among dogs. Medical care. What are you hiding is not just for a good breath off your bed, but is vital for his overall good hand, as if that period it is your responsibility to provide him a good order. Orel Health That can lead to a better quality of life for him. There are some off the vase to fend off mental issues. Brushes did regularly using canine specific to brush and good taste from what I could dental to you and toys to your dog. These help introducing plaque and tartar accumulations on your dog's teeth. You should perform his dental checkups regularly at home. For this. Open his mouth. Look for any spelling Lousteau lumps and bumps on and underdone. Examine his gum line and roof off his mom for any inflammation. Provide probiotic supplement probiotics found off the bacteria that are responsible for infection and support the order or land. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and therefore is a very good supplement for good health. Of your dogs comes calendula eggs is stopping bleeding and healing wounds off the camps. If you don't makes it a daunting task for you to touch his tea. Then take him to a professional guma forested cleaning. Visit your vet for animal dental checkups toe become aware off any dental disease that he may be suffering for. 35. How to boost immunity of your old dog: As the dog grows older, the Ability office party to fight off harmful bacteria, viruses and other infections decreases. Three. Immune system in dogs can open the door to a host of various diseases such as infection, diabetes or still calculators. Cancer at second. Keeping your dogs immune system balanced can help reduce these risks and contribute to his overall health and well being. There are certain these by which you can boost immunity off your senior canine. Obesity is a major reason for many of the health issues that dog's face in the golden views . Provide him adequate exercise and play on a regular basis. This will keep a check on his weed for lower, and we're hoping for his full see exercise simply as that will decrease. His stress level are stressed. Door has less ability to fight off disease. Curdling, snuggling and hugging increases the level of the happy home own tuxedo Sit in your dog that also reduces stress and boosts his community. Maintaining a proper hygiene is a very crucial factor for keeping your hotel providing proper dental kill. Regular cleaning off years. Keeping the genital areas clean are some off the good practices that can help to keep him healthy in a longer, including probiotics and fibers in his diet, plan is very important to maintain a healthy microbiome that are good bacteria inside the court and protect against infections from harmful bacteria. Healthy microbiome is a key component to a healthy immune system. Essential vitamins and Minges should be added to your dogs died. For example, vitamin C and vitamin E. These two antioxidants help to increase immunity for the proper dosage is off these vitamins and minerals. You can consult a vet providing supplements or foods rich in omega three fatty acids. These acids help in reducing the information, which is responsible for a lot of ailments in our dogs, like those off kidney, liver and this time hard ex cetera. A well balanced diet is another essential component. Keeping filled and healthy consent. Lebrecht or anyone died specialists about the healthy diet plan for you, Butch