Ojo de Dios Huichol: Weave a spiritual piece to your home | Betty Briones | Skillshare

Ojo de Dios Huichol: Weave a spiritual piece to your home

Betty Briones, Founder, Biancomorena handmade

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8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Let's prepare the sticks

    • 4. Colors and materials

    • 5. Double Side Diamond Pattern

    • 6. Dagger Pattern

    • 7. interwoven diamonds Pattern

    • 8. Assignment


About This Class

The Huichol or wixarikas live in the western central part of Mexico and have one of the most beautiful crafts in our country, everything they create has an spiritual religious symbol and the Ojo de Dios is one of the most fascinating, the Ojo de Dios is created to the small members of the communities by the parents to use in a very special moment where they believe God can see their souls through them. In this class we will learn about the colors and the mix of figures they add in their creations and you will learn how to create one Ojo de Dios that express yourself and can be part of your home as a gift from the tradition to you. 





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Betty Briones

Founder, Biancomorena handmade

Entrepreneur, Digital marketing Professional and Communication PhD student.

I find inspiration in stories, colorus, design and art specially the traditional crafts created by local artisans around the world. I live in Sicily and run a small store called biancomorena handmade where you can buy beautiful and unexpensive handmade pieces.

Spending my vacations back in Mexico I have traveled most of the country meeting remote artisan communities with wonderful creative people that h...

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