Oil Painting for Beginners Water Mixable Oil

Kellie Chasse, Artist & Instructor 15+ Years ✅

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10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro Pallet Knife Oil Painting - This course is for Beginners and new painters or crafty folks inte

    • 2. Water Mixable Oil Materials - In this lecture students can view the lecture to se what materials are

    • 3. Linseed Oil Fat over Lean - Students will learn the very basic idea the Fat over Lean rule for oil

    • 4. Prepping Canvas - Painting an underpainting is an optional step. If you are planning to create your

    • 5. Sketching the underpainting - In this lecture students will add in the basic shapes and object place

    • 6. Setting up Your Paint Palette - Students will be adding paints to their color palette and add more m

    • 7. Blocking in the Water - Now that our sky has been completed, we will start adding and blocking in co

    • 8. Blocking in the Trees - Students will continue blocking in color and begin painting our Trees. If yo

    • 9. Palette Knife - Now that our colors have been blocked in with a thin layer of paint, we will begin t

    • 10. Finishing Touches -We will finish up or details for your trees and continue to create more texture u


About This Class

Keeping things simple!

This course is for Beginners and new painters or crafty folks interested in trying their hand at oil painting without the Hazards of dangerous solvents. This is a project based, simple course, (Keeping it simple) and not overwhelming for those that want to try their hand at oils. In this course we will cover just the basics, step by step instructions, on how to complete this impressionistic seascape using a palette knife. This course is NOT Technical, or detailed. This is more about the Creative process and playing.

I will be using the Artisan Water Mixable Oil Brand by Winsor and Newton in the Demo Painting. Please note that these are different from using Regular Oils and should not be mixed.  You can however use Regular Oils to complete this painting however some aspects of this course and materials will differ.

I'll give you my process on this Oil painting seascape using a Palette knife. We will be using Winsor & Newton Artisan brand water soluble oils for easy clean up with soap and water, and they are they're ideal for painters interested in using less hazardous solvents.

This is a short Project Based course with quick and easy results. You results will differ from mine and you may choose to use different colors and sized canvas. I would however recommend starting smaller. If you chose a different sized canvas please note that you may use more materials.  The key is to play and test things out without fear. You'll notice I just go with the flow when creating these. Let go of your perfectionism in this class and say I CAN do this! 


  • Materials Needed for this course
  • Water Soluble Oils and Linseed Oil
  • Learn to prep your Canvas for oils
  • Discover how to create an Underpainting with oil
  • Discover how to create using a palette knife.
  • The course is best used to discover how oils play and start creating using a more loose impressionistic style than traditional oil painting. 
  • Come with an open mind and discover that oils and a loose creative process.

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Painting is a lifetime skill that anyone can learn and enjoy. Over 1000's of happy students are already creating some lovely masterpieces taking my Live and Online classes using watercolors, Alcohol Inks, Resin, and Jewelry! So come be creative with me and enjoy all the compliments to come on your own special art creations you will soon be hanging!

With the right instruction and a little bit of practice, you too will soon be able to make your own stunning impressionistic textured oil painting.


Your reviews are very important to me.

IMPORTANT - Not all artist allow this so please check and follow all copy write laws.

As an artist, I personally never mind when someone copies my work to practice their techniques. I just ask that if you post it anywhere that you give credit to either my courses or my links as the artist that created the image. 

Feel free to find my social media platforms in the profile section. Please Post your works in progress and finished pieces for review if you like in the Closed private Facebook group for my students. You can also post it anywhere on social using #kellielynnart or on any social media such as Instagram @kelliechasse_fineart . 

I'm looking forward to seeing it!!


Safety Note:  When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products.  If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product's manufacturer. Contact your Doctor if you are concerned about medical conditions.