Oil Painting Exploration: Painting on Tiles | Marina Nazarova | Skillshare

Oil Painting Exploration: Painting on Tiles

Marina Nazarova, Painter/ illustrator

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Warm Up Exercise

    • 4. Tracing Image

    • 5. Painting Project

    • 6. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Welcome to Painting on Tiles class!

In this class I will show you how to make an oil painting on a ceramic tile. 

You will learn how to prepare for a painting session like setting up your workspace, choosing art materials and preparing a palette. You will pick a subject to paint (it can be a portrait or a still life or anything that feels comfortable to paint).

You will also learn the basics of how to blend and mix colours, apply brushstrokes and get insight on a creative process.

This class is for everybody who wants and loves to paint. If you are a beginner it will be a great introduction to oil painting. If you have painted before this project will deepen your experience and I hope you will learn new techniques. 

For this class you will need:

A small tile: about 6"x6" or 8"x10" that you can find at your local Home Depot or Tile store.

Oil paints. Any brand will work, start with 4-6 colours.

Galkyd Medium 

Odorless Solvent

Brushes. Pick small, thin brushes

Palette. It can be a plastic, wood or glass palette 

Napkin or rag

Graphite Paper

Tracing Paper 


Sketchbook (optional)

Photo reference or an object that you choose to paint





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Marina Nazarova

Painter/ illustrator

I am an artist / illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. I've been drawing and painting since I can remember myself. My work is mainly figurative as I'm fascinated by people and spaces. I primarily paint in oils on canvas and tiles. I also love to experiment with watercolours, ink and acrylics. And drawing for me is an everyday practice, can't go without it.

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