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Oil-Free Cooking Basics: Sautéing Without Oil

teacher avatar Mattis T, Yogi, Whole-Food Vegan, Feminist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Oil Free?

    • 3. Using a Regular Pan

    • 4. Using a Non-Stick Pan: Flavour

    • 5. Using a Non-Stick Pan: Project

    • 6. Recap

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About This Class

A graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program, Mattis will teach you how to make delicious and easy meals without using any oil. In this class, we will cover how you can sauté vegetables without using oil, regardless of whether you own a non-stick pan or not. You will learn ways to up the flavours in other ways, using only whole plant foods. We will also touch briefly on why you would want to eliminate oil from what you are eating in the first place.

In the class project, you will create your own sauté or stir-fry, inspired by a cuisine, or a vegetable, that you love. Feel free to share any and all of the steps, from planning and shopping, to cooking and plating. I can’t wait to see what you will make!

This class is for anyone and everyone looking to eat more healthfully, and requires minimal equipment and experience. Everyone can learn to cook delicious and healthy food! You just need some nice fresh (or even frozen) vegetables that you like, a frying pan or a pot, and an open mind.

The music used throughout the class is “Today’s Special: Jam Tomorrow” by Doctor Turtle, retrieved from freemusicarchive.org.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mattis T

Yogi, Whole-Food Vegan, Feminist


A graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program by T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Mattis is an avid advocate for healthy eating that is good for both yourself, the animals, and the planet. Now also sharing information on both a website and a cooking class here on SkillShare! Aside from cooking and regularly uploading pictures of food to Instagram, with some sprinkles of inspiration, Mattis also enjoys practising yoga, going for long walks, and listening to podcasts.

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1. Introduction: Hello one I am Mattis on. I will be your guide in this course on how to sorting vegetables without using any oil. In this course, not only will you learn how to sew tabled out oil, you will also learn easy ways to up the flavor off any dish. You will then use these techniques to create your very own vegetables. Otay, I can't wait to see what you will make. This causes great for anyone wanting to eat more healthily. Is he? Oil isn't health food, whatever you might have been told. It contains basically no nutrients at all, and it's just pure fact. It also has several other detrimental health fix, some of which I will go into more detail late. I am ready it off the plant based nutrition certificate program by T calling Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies on also, I just love cooking. You don't need any fancy equipment for this course. You don't really need a nonstick pan, though I would highly recommend it. You can have access, but you can use any pan or pot that you already have. I will go through both techniques in this comes into project. You will draw inspiration from either. You seem that you like like Mexican Japanese friends, whatever you like. Or you can also choose one specific vegetable job. Create a salty basil. Not good for you to share your planning. Shopping, cooking on the finished results with us in the project. Six. You can also use these basic techniques, both forwards starting under flavoring in all your cooking. Really to make soups, stews, stir fry caramelized onions. You don't need oil to make your food taste good. So if you're ready, let's get cooking, shall we? 2. Why Oil Free?: But before we get going, maybe we should just quickly address why you would want to avoid on. As I said, Oil has basically no nutrients, just trace elements, and it's pretty much pure fat. Cat in itself isn't a bad thing, but oil is a processed who, and you're much better off just eating the vegetable it came from. For example, instead of olive oil writings and whole all it. When you strip away all the fiber and other nutrients, the oil actually becomes quite damaging. Oil increases inflammation in your body, which is associated with lots of different disease. Oil damages the end of helium, which is the lining of your blood vessels, which obviously isn't so good. This you want your blood to be able to run smoothly so you don't get any cardiovascular problems. Excessive fact build up in your cells is also what courses stabilise. But of course, don't take my word for this. I will include some good resource is in the product section, this class with that out of the way, why not get to the fun part cooking 3. Using a Regular Pan: So let's get cooking as a regular Panis much more accessible. We will go through the process off that first before moving on to a non stick pan. You will want to have it on a high heat. They started adding water and let the water start to evaporate from the pattern. You might want to heat a pan for even longer before you start adding more vegetables. But if you're a bit impatient like me, you can just Adam whenever the workers. Still, it's evaporating. Here I'm using regular sliced button mushrooms. You want to add them to the pound, and then you can start stirring. It is not essential that you stir all the time, though it is more important when using a regular pound as the autumn voice might stick to. You can add water whenever you notice that the vegetables start sticking the depend. You can also wait for a bit and then do something that is called D glazing. It basically means that you release the flavors that have gotten stuck in a pattern. On it can make for an even more flavorful dish. Mushrooms are a bit special and that they release a lot off moisture when cooking. You can use this to your advantage and simply don't have to use as much extra water as you would have to other ones. If you notice that there is too much water in the pan, just keep on cooking belonged. You cook, the more water will evaporate on, and if you stir as well, it actually helps. The water evaporates more quickly. Is your deceased in your dish with spices the earlier Adam, the more flavor that will impart in the dish. But I wouldn't worry too much. I usually just go around all the other business they need to do cleaning and picking up stuff and cutting more vegetables. And as they get time, I will add the spices to mature and get old. The spices I've used, I usually brings out. The bulls, have the spices in and then pour that water over the pan. It also helps deglaze any spices that might have stuck to the panel. Ready tha tha this dish wants adding neighbor cabbage. I am starving a lot to help the neighbor cabbage incorporate well into the dish. It also helps it will more quickly when I am satisfied with how cooked it ISS. I seem to take the whole pan off the heat 4. Using a Non-Stick Pan: Flavour: Now we move on to using a nonstick pan. We don't want this much. Heat is when we're using a regular one, as it doesn't need it. Condemned to pound test If it's ready with Sprinkles on water and put a pound, it starts evaporating immediately. It's not enough. Then we add our onion first in order to get us much fleet as possible. I prefer using red Onion. Since it's got much more antioxidants Way started around to distribute it, even me, into the pond. We can also leave it be for a while has been using a non stick pan. You can see that nothing sticks to the plan, even though we haven't added any water whatsoever except for drops, we added at the beginning. Then we also want to add more seasonings with this dish I've used from garlic ginger on Chittick leaks. I Adam here to get it with some water to the pawn. Then every insult my boat on the water. As you can see when I added the water, all the browning that has been going on in the past trends food into the onion. This a great weight saver to fish. Always start with on. Did you keep going for even longer? You'll even get caramelized on 5. Using a Non-Stick Pan: Project: moving on from the flavor base were already established. I'm adding some mushrooms here. This is going to be my project, so I'm using the vegetable dye on having basically that's how you should a cook I don't really bother with, I think specially just use whatever I happened to Holland Hunt. If you want to be a little more creative with your own projects, you can think off a specific vegetable or kerosene that you like and based your salty it can be Mexican. Inspired with is in Mexico. Spices, perhaps, of tomato can be Japanese. So say very simple flavors. I was nervous I was going with, but I know I added, fought too much different vegetables in her. For it to be very Japanese. I am now. We'll siding some celery as well. A sauce. Broccoli stalk. I like to cut my vegetables up, quite finally, amusing, these kind of things, but But is this? I was kind of going for a stir fry, so they cut the vegetables. Woman, tonight's match sticks. As you can see, I'm Panis quite small for the voting, mind Stephen here, so I keep spilling of it, but it's not really a huge problem. Conduced. Pick it up, my counters clean other than and should. You don't go too much when I cook next time adding a lot first and vegetables. How did that? It's like a mixed for his and vegetables. Prison vegetables are a great way to eat more vegetables at any time of the year to your your dishes. Direction of justice, nutritious if not even more than fresh something, since frozen vegetables tend to be picked from the Iraqi best Morris, sometimes first, if it should, both can come away from the other side of the world. You know, here I'm singling out some We're Walter to the pond. I realize that I was using quite a lot of mushrooms as well. I really wouldn't have needed to. The helping became quite a bit Teoh, moist by the end. It's not really a huge problems. These unionised stir longer anyway. You feel satisfied with cures terrifying. Just pop it off the heat, and we're ready to plates for a more filling meal with more than just a lot of vegetables plated. My I played in my vegetable, so tea with a lot of black rice, you can Of course, use any green new life. Ground right, Black rice, dry, keen Wah old smell it. The possibilities are almost and you're gonna also serve it with like use. That is all the different kinds of beings like black beings, kidney beings, white being chickpeas, you know p for lentils as red Lindows, yellow lentil screen lento, bluegill until real and bills are tons of them out there you can Also, tofu normally like to also play with some kind of green vegetables is because you're so incredibly healthy. Everyone like Teoh Server most my meals on top before a huge bed of Ko. But if you don't like Kale, there's tons of other green leafy vegetables out there, like rocket or reveal on your spinach Swiss chard. And the number of Greenleaf is to just use was you, like, best yourself and I'm sure it will turn out just fine. 6. Recap: thank you so much for taking your time to go through my class. I hope you learned something useful to summarize when doing an oil free so teii you either want to use a really, really good nonstick pound or simply add water. And don't forget. Just add more water along. Also, don't forget the importance of flavor in your dish. Use onions, garlic or just use a lot of spices when you don't have any oil, especially if you don't use any salt. You will want to have some other flavors in your fish on. Whites will get bland. Board now Didn't forget the project of love to see what you created. Please feel for you to share any steps in the problem. Progress in a product you can share your planning, your cooking process, shopping. And, of course, I would love to see the finished product again. Thank you so much for watching Andi. I hope to see you again. Happy cooking