Oh My Markers - Color a realistic portrait with copic markers

Emma Niemans, Graphic Designer

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8 Videos (23m)
    • Hi!

    • Getting ready

    • Some techniques

    • Demo part 1 - All about the base

    • Demo part 2 - Layering

    • Demo part 3 - Details details

    • Demo part 4 - Hairdo

    • Goodbye!


About This Class

Somewhere around 7 years ago, I found a set of Copic markers to be listed on the art supply list my school had set to be mandatory. I didn’t know them at the time and thought they were pretty expensive. But boy they are nice to work with!! We were taught to sketch and brainstorm on a marker pad with our markers. And I have been working like this for a long time. Later on, I started creating more detailed work with these markers. I always have a ton of fun with this. And I am very happy to be able to share this joy with you!

I’m making this into a series about drawing with alcohol based markers: ’Oh My Markers’. Each with another aspect or theme. But I’ll start with the subject I’m most passionate about; portraits. In this first class, I will show how you can use markers subtle enough to create a quite realistic portrait.



  • The photo that I've chosen is from a model called Lisa taken by great photographer Elena Alferova.
  • The intro music is from iMovie and the music during the demo is from the Youtube Audio Library by Kevin Macleod.

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Brilliant class! I had no idea you could even do that with markers!
useful and nice presentation
I've been trying to learn how to color realistically with copic. This is exactly what I need :D





Emma Niemans

Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm a Graphic Designer who was studying at the University of the Arts Utrecht. At the moment I'm recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury and still trying to learn new stuff.

I love sketching, typography, design, art supplies, Roller Derby and my hometown Amsterdam.