Odin's Kitchen - Potato (Bacon) Leek Soup

Joseph Loomis

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4 Videos (19m)
    • Overview

    • Preparing The Ingredients

    • Finishing

    • Taste Test and Final Thoughts


About This Class

Meals fit for the gods! I cook without strict recipes and touch on some of the elements of abstract cooking with this meal. Make a hearty, delicious soup that will feed you for a week at minimal cost.

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Can't wait to try this. Looks really good. Entertaining video too.
These videos are awesome & hilarious! Super humble and down to earth man sharing his knowledge on cooking creatively. Also, I can't get over the caveman-macho-man type humor. So great. Definitely recommend!
This was a fun, realistic cooking class that refreshingly deviates from your typical "Tasty" videos (which, in my opinion, can be very intimidating) and encourages you to be creative by experimenting with what you have. We don't all have super fancy, expensive kitchen setups... but watching Joe cook this in his backyard says that we don't have to in order to make something spectacular! I am very excited to try potato bacon leek soup this winter, and looking forward to more creative recipes from Odin's Kitchen.
Rebecca Loomis

Compulsive creative with too many hobbies





Oh what a day... WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!

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