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Odin's Kitchen - Potato (Bacon) Leek Soup

teacher avatar Joseph Loomis

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Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Preparing The Ingredients

    • 3. Finishing

    • 4. Taste Test and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Meals fit for the gods! I cook without strict recipes and touch on some of the elements of abstract cooking with this meal. Make a hearty, delicious soup that will feed you for a week at minimal cost.

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1. Overview: welcome everyone to Oden's kitchen making meals fit for the gods. I am very excited today to, uh, be on here. We're gonna be making one of my all time favorites. It's actually a modified version of potato leek soup. I grew up eating this soup, always loved it and, uh, throughout the years, made it myself and change it up a little bit to where it gets to what we're gonna make today. That kind of goes hand in hand with the the way I want to teach this method of cooking. It's not so much. Get a recipe, take all the elements measurements and put them together into it exactly, as a textbook says. And voila, there is your great dish. Hope it's good as it's supposed to be in the pictures. Now what I'm going for is taking an idea, taking raw elements and throwing them together and seeing what comes out and then using your instinct, cooking with your instinct to modify it, change it up a little bit to improve it over many trial and errors to get something totally new and unique. Our first part will be gathering your ingredients, getting your set up your platform for experimenting your lab. So to say what I hope to get out of this is by the end, we're gonna have We're gonna each have a soup that is going to be good across the board. But then I challenge you to either make this aura modify it a little bit through a couple herbs in there, uh, type of meat, a new vegetable. This whole thing is a guideline to experimenting on your own to almost custom tailor yourself what you like to eat or to make something totally new that other people will enjoy . That's we're going to go for with this stuff. So without further ado that's go over are set up and ingredients. 2. Preparing The Ingredients: Okay. So some things you will want to have on this cooking endeavor the basic tools. Nothing too fancy. But you know, uh, a pot large part to put vegetables and water in and boil them. Uh, skillet append to saute the bacon and the vegetables. Cooking night, cooking knife shopping standard throwing X And, uh, one of these you will need one of these blender tools and urgh! Lentils. These are fantastic. Very useful. Not too expensive to obtain. We will be using this to blend the A large chunk boiled vegetables to make our super And, uh, it's gonna be good. Okay, so here the ingredients I have cut out for this potato bacon. Leek soup? Yes. Bacon. Growing up in making this soup, I always felt potato leek soup was missing something meat. It's missing meat. And, uh, just walking around the grocery store One day I'm thinking, What me goes with potatoes and leeks and I looked at stake. I look at pork, I looked at fish, I looked at chicken and I walked across the bacon and said that bacon in the soup with the bacon grease and all is going to be phenomenal. So I've cut this recipe down into three major elements. You have your large boiled portions which will be blended for the broth. You have your smaller diced portions, which are going to be sauteed in the bacon grease, and that's going to add a little texture to the suit. And then they have your meat. What I have here is, uh, five or six weeks couple of onions, two or three should suffice. Depends how much onion you like. I love onions, so I've got a walking three of them and then 45 potatoes. So pretty even distribution. 45 leagues for five potatoes on. I like to throw in some form of carrots. I'm lazy right now, so I got the pre sliced carrots. But you can get full size carrots, peel them slice, um, or get the baby carrots. What we're going to do here with our leaks is take the usable parts from what you're looking for. Think this nice big one is this white and lightly green section here. This is your prime vegetable of the green you don't need. It's better. Not really usable. I'm going to cut it right about there. I don't mind a little green. That's good for me. And then you're going to cut the Rudy stem. We don't need that. I'm going to use a kitchen knife instead of the cable. So we'll do that for all the leaks. Get him all looking like this. Onions. You don't have to chop these in any particular way. Just get the skin off and he could chop it in half. Dice it up. How are fine? Of course you want. Get out of here. Yeah, here. Easily. Big enough to use in our but these leaks. That could be a little dirty. So I'm going to run him off my designated rinsing bowl here. And potatoes can be kind of the same way. Give me a little prince. Get the dirt off as we're doing this. Um, I would like to keep my large slice portions and small portions at about a 3 to 1 to 4 to 1 ratio. So that means I have four potatoes. I'm gonna chop up three of them coarsely and throw him in my pot where we're gonna boil him and pure rail. And then that quarter or third, I got three onions, so I use one smaller onion to kind of balancing between 1/4 and 1/3. This one I'm going to chop up finally, and we're gonna sauteing the bacon fat. The rest of them I'm gonna chop coarsely. They're gonna boil on, be pureed. Sand goes for the leaks. I'm going to make peace is all about that size life character Done. Go check on that bacon. You know, right, We are now down to a potato and onion and a couple of weeks, everything else is in here going to take better half of these carrots, Put him in the That's good enough. You don't need a whole lot of carrots, really little hint of flavor and a little color. So that is good to go. We're going to get these things started. Take some water and we're going to fill it just about the top line where these vegetables air sitting That water is just at the ridge line. So to say, of our vegetable mountain, that is exactly where you want it just hover and right below the vegetables at the top of the pot. So I'm going to cover this and stick it on the burner and let go sit for a good half hour or so just until you start seeing them tenderize. Not that probably. Sit still very already. Pureed cooking bacon. 3. Finishing: boded homes. Your That's how you got pneumonia. So what we're gonna do now is prepare the rest of the vegetables for find shopping. He's going to be sauteed in the bacon fat. When the bacon is done, I'm gonna cook those up. When the rest is pureed, We're gonna pour that back in, and then for the bacon chunks back in, Stir that up nice and we'll be set. So what I'd like to do with these is get our disks and I cut him a little thinner. I have to stand actually, as I do, the bigger potato wedges for the pot stack goes up and cut him up with wise as well. So it almost looks like hash browns. Just like that. I'll even cut those in half to make them smaller, get to the rest, leaks. I'll cut into disks and cut those dishes in the quarters. And when you kick him up, they'll be little leak leaflets. The young and several ways to do this cut him off like a bloomin onion. You get it, the steak houses and then Dyson up down that way. So also a little onion. Let's he's already good to go. But if you had whole carrots, get Dyson's up into dish and they beat perfectly sized wide this you could chop into quarters. Just so they're about this big? Um, no little bits like that. The lead texture to the soup. So you're actually munching on something while you're eating it? I'm gonna dice up the rest of this, show you the results. By then, the bacon should be done, and we'll have our parts. Are pot starting to boil and we'll move on to the next step. Thank you. Beautiful. Right now, leave that exactly where it is. Now. We're gonna take our finally chopped, I guess. Soup salad here. And here we go, - according let them soak up on that bacon deliciousness that's gonna give it a nice layer of fat for the seer brown. Unlock that potential flavor that is starting to boil and put a little butter in there for flavor and whatnot. These are gonna sit a little while, Stir them regularly. I'm going to get a large spoon for that. Keep an eye on this. Make sure that doesn't burn, but let it brown evenly. Turning regularly. I want to eat it. No, no do this part very quickly. No. Hide the bacon. People have been enough in the soup. This is looking beautiful, turning it over the last 10 minutes or so. You see, the potatoes and onions are starting to look like hash browns. Exactly what going for This is ready to be blended way. You could test for that. You see how the onions are falling apart? The leaks are falling apart. You take a rather large potato wedge. Just touch it with a spoon. It takes to that part. It's ready to be blended. Be careful with this. You don't want to spatter boiling hot water onto your face. You said that straight to the bottom and let her rip. Beautiful. That is ready. Staring your veg staring your bacon Now the fruits of labor. 4. Taste Test and Final Thoughts: you will want to solve this to, uh, whatever intensity you would like. Starches, potatoes, leeks. They could use a little salt. I prefer to solve each bowl as I go rather than the whole pot. That way, if I over salted, I don't ruin the whole pot. Here we go. Oh, maybe that's good. That turned out perfectly. So that pot will feed me for days at the expense of but cost of some potatoes and onions, leeks, carrots, all inexpensive stuff. Uh, heftiest purchased. Probably the pound of bacon, which Oh, that really? That really brings out a lot of flavor Sauteing the vegetables in the bacon grease. Feel free to modify this however you like. If you want a leaner option, drain the bacon dab off the grease and then use coconut oil, vegetable, vegetable oil, whatever you prefer. If you don't want the meat at all, take it out altogether. Put something else in there. Take something out. This is all up here using your senses, make a bowl, try it and then dissected in your mind. What part do you like? What parts you're not? Can you taste the onion, the leak, the potato? This is a simple experiment when you get to Mawr complicated things like with sauces with meets or with know anything beyond blending soups together. That is, uh, that's going to come into play, and you can change things up to your heart's content. That is the beauty of cooking in this manner, and I love it. Oh, well, everyone. I hope you enjoyed cooking with me today in Accordance Kitchen. I had a very good time. I hope we do this again soon. Remember, keep the instinctive and creative portion of your mind open when you are making meals. That way, this keeps the cooking an art form and a beautiful thing. One Teoh adapt to your needs or the needs of others so until next time remain always so fit for the gods.