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ORANGE Belt – The Dojo Masterclass (Photoshop course)

teacher avatar The Dojo, Photoshop Grandmaster

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Set Up

    • 3. Basic Color Grading

    • 4. Lighting Technique

    • 5. Fire Modelling

    • 6. Glow & Color Correction

    • 7. Adding Details

    • 8. Realistic Transparency

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About This Class

Welcome to The Dojo, if you want to bring your Photoshop skills to the next level, this class is for you!

ORANGE is the third level of The Dojo Masterclass.
In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to convert your ideas into digital artworks
  • How to bend fire and flames
  • How to properly control and create light
  • Advanced blending techniques
  • Perfectly applying colours and textures
  • Create realistic transparency

You’ll be creating the artwork THE ORANGE BIRD using the tips and techniques from this class.


Our grandmasters have over 10 years of experience with the tools, you’ll learn tips and tricks they use in their masterpieces that you can incorporate into your workflow to give you more control and upgrade your skills. 

The method of The Dojo is very practical, we directly apply concepts and techniques to a project and explain while doing. It makes every lesson fun and entertaining, and allows you to create something from the very first minute.

This photoshop class is part of The Dojo Masterclass, a complete course designed like a martial art training.
Each class has a colour theme, starting from white and finishing with black, slowly increasing in difficulty. Every video will show you the process of creating a specific artwork, teaching you methods and techniques while doing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

The Dojo

Photoshop Grandmaster


We believe that creativity isn't just a gift reserved for a chosen few, it's a discipline that can be learnt with practice. That's why we created The Dojo Masterclass, an advanced Photoshop course designed like a martial art training, so you can become a black belt in the art of Photoshop.
(watch the RED belt, level 7, for FREE here)

You can find more artworks, process videos and mini tutorials on Instagram and YouTube so feel free to check them out!

Join our mentoring group on Facebook, to share your work with others, show your progress or ask for help, our Photoshop masters are there to help you.


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1. Intro: Welcome to the Dojo master blas, diverse Photoshop course designed like a martial arts training. This is the orange both level three, where I'm going to show you how to integrate the artwork, the orange Berg, using that partial in this class, you'll learn how to convert your ideas and traditional art parks, then fire and flames. How to properly control and create light up fonts, climbing techniques, perfectly applying coulomb's and textures create realistic transparency and much more. By the end of the class, you'll be able to create this beautiful artwork and applied a symbiotic mix for your own personal projects. So if you want to become a black belt in the Arctic Photoshop and get your training. Now. 2. Set Up: welcome to the door. So today we're gonna take a look on how to grade this effect inside of for a show me some tea and is the orange bird. First thing we want to do has always is created in you composition. So click on new create new document We call it the Orange Birth And we said the week to 1600 and high to 2000 Big soul give the resolution to 72 all the other settings are good So let's click on create And here we are Now we want to import aware first image So we got to where I sit folder and we see here we have the image of an eagle Then we got several images of fire and then we get some sparkles. So let's start important the you in for show So it drug in tow The for shop iPhone would open here and then select the were ego We copy and we paste it here now is always the image is a little too big. So we first of all we renamed the layer you go and then we right click and convert to smart object And now we scale it down to make it fit. All right. Looks pretty good. First thing wait to start cutting out our eagle. So we double click inside a smart object and we use our quick selection toe to select all the white area of the eagle. We don't need the old external part for the specific tutorial. So once we've selected our interested area, click on select and Mosque and selection is already pretty good, but I want to refine it. So I just go around using my refining brush tool on. Just make it more clear. 12 a better viewing it. Because the moment we have ah, we're review with black background can maybe used a white background. So we'll see what sexually happening. We're going around and also put this 100% white so we don't get confused. Get around. It doesn't need to be to precise. Um, but already looks pretty good. Maybe I'll have a little bit of radios here and check the smart radios books give like, toe pixel readies on and click OK, who were so our selection is done. And now we're from commercial into a mask breaking down here a year ago with save for file and cause this smart object. And we have our eagle cutout so we can get rid of this background at the moment. So we just erase it and instead we replace it with a solid color. This is because of solid colors. Way more easy to manage, will keep it black. No, I just place it underneath or may later remove the mask and call it beachy background. So the eagle looks pretty good, but for me, the shape of the eagle is no perfect. Uh, I think that we can kind of make it look more interesting just changing few things. So first of all, I want to shrink it down a little bit since a little bit. And I would like a show you with some duels and talk. I would like my evil 12 more interesting shapes. I think that this the hat is a little too white. So maybe should be a little finger here. I like if it doesn't like this American Wickham, pull it up a little bit here, but thinking on the sides and I like you at this point is good. And then this book, in part at the moment. It feels too much like a hard cut. We can make it more interesting and make it cool like this so I can go. Takes a little more space in our composition, and Phil will feel a little bit more bonds. So how do we do that? We have several options. What I would like to start with is using the Transform three Transform and the work, too. Let's keep this layer is a reference on top on to make sure we're clean copy. We don't get our ego and we hide it. And then we clay common D to free transform. And now we click here toe have the worked on, and now we can click and drug and try to shape war Eagle, however wanted. And don't worry. If we're distorting the whole central part, we'll show you later how to fix that so you can drug is up and make it fits and maybe drop the welcome to fix it. Science again. All right, it's just click OK, and inside the guides on top calm, he looks better than before. It's probably a little bit too long or the top of the hat. So again with the free transport again the world and you see that we still have our mesh. Exactly. Are we left it before. This is because we're working on a smart object, and this is allows us to keep changing our mash Little destroying the image. Welcome. Who's this stone A bit. Uh, yeah. Fix a couple of other stuff. Book so far Looks pretty good. Who can click? OK, cool and see how it was before and now itself there I feel it just looks a bit more interestingly. A little bit more are no slim. Um because the original well fell a little bit like a fat eagle for some reason, even though that's the rial animal. Anyway, Um, And now I show you how to fix all this mess on the face. And to do that, I'm gonna use the eagle we had before. So we duplicated again, this time on top of a where the school legal distorted. We have our new Kobe of Eagle. So we What we want to do now is to take this part of the face that it actually looks good because they're still right proportions. And it's not the story a little and the plight to our new shape of the help. So we select our layer, and we do a pretty rough selection over the part with thing. We should replace closer selection and we create a Maskell, this selection, and you can already see how it's kind of worry working. We probably to reposition it in a way that feels more natural for the new for the same shape. So feels like this part is like a big forehead. So it makes sense to have the eyes that I level a little lower and like this seems fine to me. Now. We select the mosque of this layer, and we're, ah, soft brush with black color selected we. Can he raise the sites look okay now because there is a little bit of this from parts we can invert our colors and paying with white. We cover even. This little mistake with the bottom looks pretty cool. The only thing that bothers me are this two dark spots over here, but we can quickly fix them. We create a new layer, select the healing brush tool and the bigger brush with first click option or old to select the air. Want to copy from Make sure we have current and below selected here on top. So click or unclean area and we paint over there. I want to fix ex script. It was really quick. Ah, would you think of the overall shape I have? Ah, the impression that program this partners to go like a little up. Maybe So we go back to our eagle, distorted, and we re activate the mash distortion. And we just changed a tiny bit. Okay, It's more bonds with the other side to see before and after school. And the fake looks good. It was before, and this the after. Now, if we're happy, we can also believe the evil layer and we can keep hold his later We created inside the group. We have Eagle base. Um, we try to place it in a position that feels right for the whole composition. Eso is our animal. I think it's a little bit too low, so it could be a little higher. We just pulled. I were a group player. And to check if it's in the in the middle of the image because we know that this old size is 16 under the width. We can bring a ruler from the side and place it at health off 16 is 800. So 800 pixel were elicit. So when overseas the middle and I will move the eagle. I drink two places in the middle. Yeah, it looks pretty good like this. And then we can hide the rules, rulers, because you wouldn't need it. 3. Basic Color Grading: that's gonna fix a little bit of the colors off the the eagle, because again, we just want to have an animal that is covered with fire. We want to have our the whole white portion of the animal to be a little bit darker, because then we will probably change the color and make it look more orangey red. While we want to have really the front of his mouth and the eyes to really pop up and be really fire looking eso. To do that, I want to duplicate our base evil. So we quick common option or control of it. This way. We create emerged layer with the whole group and with layers selected, I want to go to image adjustment. Shadow highlights. These allows us to have a fake HDR. Ah, sure what it ments. We can control the shadows and the highlights. And if we raise the amount for the shadow, we in light and the shadows while if we were increased the amount for the highlights, we decrease the light on the highlights. So let's do this. Let's decrease the highlights because they need to look a little bit more dark and to re gain some more details. Looks good. Onda color. You want more color? And for the meat tones? Yeah, plus 10 Seems fine. See before and after. Looks all right. Let's click. OK, and now I want to change the color off the ice and the front of the face. So it's do that. We create you saturation adjustment and to avoid to just go and select the right sections. There is a simpler way. If we go here and talk with the read muster, you can actually select a different ranging off colors. So in this case, you want to change the yellow so quickly at low and you see that something changed here at the bottom, there is a news ladder that appeared with the slider dollars. Kid basically defines what portions of core were changing in the overall image. What? I mean, let's say that I crank up the saturation and I changed the color completely. So you see, I at a very high I put the really high saturation and I changed completely the color, but it only applied to specific area. The image and what area is thesis ever that we defined here? Is this yellow orange green part over here is gonna be taken completely. Was this side parts on the left and on the right? I'm gonna be The parts are gonna be smoothed out from this color. So this part is gonna be less and less intense unless a less intense so we can adjust the selection. Just pulling this sliders up. And now, um, so if you see, we are actually selecting all the yellow portions from eyes and mouth and we're some like dirtiness around here, but it's not a problem, because it's just gonna be It looks really bad now because we cranked all the the different amount of U. N. Separation really high. But now if we bring it back down, this was just a way for us to have a local where we were selecting. So now that we know that our selection is correct, we can start to play with a different values. So what I want is to have the whole gala portion a little bit more orange. So when them to go the u to the left. So you see, we're applying it just to this person, and this looks good. I want to print the side Russian a little bit. All right. And what would it then see? It looks nice. Probably these very storied, even more reps before and after. It's already kind of burning from the inside. We can see the whole Phoenix coming out, And if you see that there are something that are a little bit strange, like over here, you see that it's still a bit greeny. Here. Here are little pockets off portion that are a bit strange. Weaken. Do another extra step. We create a new layer. We set this layer to color, and then we simply paint using a soft brush and the core we want the stairs to become. In this case, we change the color to be something closer to what we've already done. So let's speak like a nice orange. And remember the court. The layer is set to a color blending month, and now if we paint on talk, we're simply coloring without losing any detail. You're asking, maybe what? We didn't do this since the beginning. Why don't we do a whole layer with or in gym set into color? Well, we didn't do it because we had to That way select all the portion we wanted to call her. Because if we do it over all, the image is what happens. Old image becomes orange eso with the first US saturation layer. We actually selected a portion and apply the color we want. And I were just refining with an extra layer. We can even crying course over the ice. And you have brought this portions to you in just a little bit. And we can also use this layer to fix portion The shouldn't be orange or the showroom be that yellow. And to the death simply changed the coloreds for having the orange which underscored white or the black they doesn't doesn't change. I just paint over portion that should be just black and white. So even, for example, is outside of the eye free paint with white. This is what happened. So we're kind of cleaning, and if we think we went to inside, we just switch again clicking X on this. Now we're painting with orange. We've been back again into the same on the other, right boots on. Yeah, really cleaning it very quickly. You can go even more precise or if you decided you want some other portions to be colorful or you want to change completely the color you're able to do it. You see, there are just a couple of layers that would be used to they remove color. So even here to settle the mouth should be this orange you're seeing a little bit of green through. And if you're using a wacom tablet or any other sort off graphic tablet, the really good thing is that you can control the intensity of your brush. So the more you push on your brush, the more you're actually Cora coloring the layer. That's really useful, all right, it looks quite good. This group, this two layers of the street layers in Teoh C C cold correction and was here it was before end up there before and after it looks much, much better. 4. Lighting Technique: Now let's go on and fix the lighting off the whole image. So what we want to achieve? Actually, we want to make the whole y portion of the animal way, way darker and put more emphasis on the ice and the mouth because then our the portion that we're really seeing coming out as maybe the start off the whole fire or the points are burning or like meeting a little bit more light because they're the point of interests are this little element tells us, Yeah, this is an eagle, uses an animal is a birth. So how do we do that? We create a new layer. First of all is always and the strip of more lights in the section We really want to do that. We create a new adjustment layer off curse, and we put the point in the middle and we drugged up. So we're just actually are being more more light, more brightness. Now we invert the mosque, common I and with soft what brush We just pain. What we want and what I want is to have the the ice more bright but no more bright. Overall, I want that there is Ah, a kind of section that commits a bit more life. So I wanted this portion. Over here. It's way brighter. I think it's not even bright enough if we can crumpet up a little bit more. So when this portion really bright and I want this to slowly go in this direction. So we're putting more life, but we're putting in only what we needed, and we're putting it gradually, and this still gives more important toe the whole section of the ice. But it also gives a little bit more details. It makes it a bit more interesting, and we can do the same thing on the mouth. I want, in this case, the front and maybe talk part to be a bit more light. So I just brush in just all right. It's brushing like a full intensity. Doesn't matter. We can change it off the words. Yeah, looks really good. Probably the Franck needs to be more important than the top, so I'm happy with this kind of selection. If you want to refine it, you invert the colors. Correct, clicking X, and you can just erase using the black Now with the black selected and the bigger brush. I want to just remove the lightness from section of the relate it's Maybe you can even about more. So we revert again and go toe white only had a little before here on the side. Maybe they're here and you can see before and after. Looks like it's glowing now, Um, and we can keep going if you think honest to be even more bright on the front, we cannot. Another Koop's adjustment making this bread as we want and inverts and gain, which is God, pockets of flights removing within it. Ah, it looks quite good, and maybe we can even out a bit more. Over here, it looks a little bit more, though. Yeah, there was sick before and after is really putting off. But to make them even more bright, we need to make something else darker. So I want to add darkness, so the rest of the image to do that I create again another curve adjustment layer, and this time I take this top point or ear top Brightpoint. Truck it down. What this does is officially removing light from the lightest point. It's like adding black on top, but we can also adjust it a little more and sure, it's the shape of the curve. So this way we get a more interesting way of darkening damage. Look quite nice. Um, if some parts are a little too dark, we can always race. But the main part we want to erase are the portions with the mouth in the ice and it into the death. We can just paint with black. Or we can also start using the mosque we created before So we can pushing the common or control button clicking on the mask. We can select the mask. And now, on this stop play we created, we can fill it with black. So if the black is our color off the background, we just click common, delayed or common backspace. Then we can for dessert, it would start. And then we can just go in the layer and paint over with black and just a just for the sections. Then need again a bit more life. And maybe I would feel it also here. I think it was fine here at this Cool? No, it looks really dark and the eyes and the mouth really bright, but you know when you have a source of light, Usually it let everything else erect to it. So if we have sorts of light next to an object, the object will react to the lights. Is gonna be enlightened somehow. So to give that fact, we want to thing with black on this new layer of curse and basically removing darkness from specific areas. For example, if the eyes are meeting lights, probably this boat on parts off the face, it's gonna be like a little bit not too much if you think it's too much, reverse the brush and paint with white again. But it kind of me gives the impression that is not just a bright color. It's actually light. And if it slide, it means that everything that is next to it is going to react to the light, and we can do the same thing on the mouth. So we you raise portions over here. It's too much, were raised again and I would like to have a little bit more like here on talk. Oops and again, you need to find a good bonds between being realistic and trying to bring attention to whatever we want to to be more or less important in peace. Okay. Remember more darkness from here because the ice we really bright. Yes. Okay. And now made. The whole animals will be too dark. So, look, maybe you can change the darkness a little bit already. Yes. Lee around and see how it looks. We're basically changing the the layer of darkness with down talk and we've seen before and after this and we can group. Sir, we can group. Will these three pulls adjustment together? Coolly lighting you can sell. It was before and after. We're giving way, Way much more attention to the portion that we really thing are a key element. A lower poster. 5. Fire Modelling: we finally arrived at the fun part can actually play with fire. And we were all expecting this. So we go to our set folder and you see, we have old difference. Lay years of fire. Now the most important thing is not to just place fire and put as much fire. Is it one over the old image? The most difficult part is to choose what's the right poke the fire that you want to apply to your image. Local Set my stuff. We want to first define which areas need to have fire. And again, this is a mix off, what it's supposed to be and where I want to draw the eyes. Attention. So I know that I want to to find a little bit the shape off the birth. Super Oh, I need to have fire over the edges. It goes like this. Articles like this and maybe a little bit. It's gonna be busy well done here. And I know that the fire that goes up this way is gonna probably produce some kind off, you know, for your thing over here and then. But this is just the basic. What I really want is that again. I want to draw attention to these portions I wanted The ice and mouth are gonna actually produce the fire. So to do that other than just decides flames that we're adding. We need to make sure that the flames come from these portions. So probably the shape they're gonna produce is gonna be something like this. So we need to have fire that defines this pain. And we need to have details over here. All those Beatles over here. We'll just throw your eye right into this portion. There is well, we care about. And we wanted the fire start from actually, the eyes and the ice seems to be really defined. The far can be just going over the eyes and covering it. No, the ice nets through the fairness to help us defining the elements that we care about. The fire needs to define this and business, Toby, the starting point for all the flames worth doing. So we're a little bit off structure now and we're just starting and try to put things together, and hopefully they're gonna look good. We know what we're gonna work toe works. So let's hide this layer, creating new layer and let's go back to where I'll sit folder and just start with. Ah, let's see what we have. We have small flames, bigger frames way bigger frame flames and old, different kinds of shapes. We need a game to explore. What's the best portion of the flames? Apply to a specific portion of the image. So, for example, let's start with what we said before. Let's start with this sides the stern. With all this portions over here, let's just change color. So we system with more clear school with agree. So we want to find flames for all this side this side. I was some small lead over here. So those areas that something income there just the edge, the final edge. Both our main subject. So the kind of flames won't apply here. Their edge flames. So if we go back to our images, we see that we have some over here on the bottom, left them bottom right with some kind of flame ages. Sorry. Edge, flames. Um, so they're like the flame where you can actually see the shape of what's Barney. And so that is probably like rectangle box or maybe a book. Thies is definitely like a piece of paper eso here, like here at the bottom. You can actually see that it's drawing the shape. So these are the kind of flames there drawing the shape and telling to our I, uh this is what I'm looking up. So again, let's start with this shapes the certain maybe weird's. So in this one fire Number five, the drug into for a shop and we just take the portion when it We don't need to take the whole image inside our main project file. So let's use the hospital so we can easily select. And so, for example, one just this area. We want to be a little bit more white, so we have more room to. Then he raised what we don't like because selection copy and we face it over here. Let's I that the reference layer and let's get the flings inside a group. We call it fire. So this is the first flame and remember to make thes light visible. Andi raised all the black stuff. We just want to set this layer to scream. So we said it to screen, and now we just simply start to draw the angle. So I think maybe it's a bit too small. We can make a few picker and they want this area to draw this Seiler here. So let's keep our image down below just to have reference or we were doing, um, it's like tracing over like any. Make something we all have done is a kid, so just visit over here. But I want this to a band. How do I make it? Bam. It's really before with the shape of the off the eagle, we use a free transform, too. And then we did with the work, too. We just warp it and try to make it just bend however we wanted. Well, let's say this is a nice position. And then what I want to do is to add a mask and with a black soft brush, I raise the portions that within it, so it looks just like a small parts, um, that we are there for so much work with done. But trust me, if we keep going and keep adding slowly, slowly, portions off, fire again, we're gonna have an amazing result. So let's go over here. And maybe I also like some other areas off this fire. Maybe like this. Maybe this welcome here, this little little pocket over here again, I just go with my glass. It'll select this person coffee shops and based said it to screen and that we make it bigger and we can also distorted a little bit. But, um, what I what I want to push you to do is to actually try to the store, Toby, start an image or the fire as less as you can, because the more you distorted, the more fake it's gonna look. So how do we may something like looking way better and avoid the distortion, but still make it fit with our image? The secret for me is to trying to find shapes that are already aligning We would you actually want to achieve. So for example, we have this perceived shape off this fire. What if we have a portion off this image? Actually, as this shape this exact same shape and we could just apply this fire. Let's see here. Let's say I like it to be here to draw this portion of the head. I just don't need to distorted or warping or anything. I just put the mask and the rays the portions that I don't like. That's it. The the shape is already fitting. Or maybe I still want to change it a little bit. But changing its lively it's better than changing it completely and make him have, like, a completely friend curve or maybe bending it on the opposite direction. Um, the less you change it, the less you you bend it. So whatever you want, the easier is gonna be to make it look amazing and really stickers. So let's go back. And let's say that maybe these pocket over here is nice again. It's just selective coffee and based on just close this and screen moving around, see if we can find Midweek. Flip it. Yeah, kind of fits really well here. We'll just put it here. Okay with it. A bit more and a mask. I'll tell you, if you really managed to put all pieces of fire avoiding distortions, the results going to look amazing at the end gonna look like it's actually made of fire. Okay, this quite of a long process of thing, but it's also quite fun, because at the moment is really looks like What are you doing? Just going around with some flame does really look realistic. But if you keep doing this slowly, slowly at the end, we're gonna have a really amazing result. So let's get going here. The select, another fortune. Maybe this one. Okay. Based screen. I was blazer over here that would start it a little bit too much again. And then we raise Well, we don't like, Remember when you were raising? If you do a mistake, you can simply click tracks and go back to the white color and the retro. Would you raced? So, using this mantel, you're always able to go back and change whatever mistake your thumbs. Okay, So you already Well, we're done. We're starting growing slowly. The shape looks already good. Um, we can also reuse the same pieces of fire for different areas. Doesn't really matter asl long as we don't use it exactly the same way. So we used this one that we already used being over here. I guess we can draw something else or make it bigger. Or we were just distorted a bit more about the video screen. And maybe we pull just this final portion here. It's kind of flying off this direction. We again the race. Well, we don't like. Okay, um, you free? Around out off portions, we just open another image. Let's try with another one struggling for for your four. And again, we're searching for side fire. So this truck with this one looks a bit more strong than what we had before, But maybe we'll work. So we were Mr Missing this portion here, Screen on. Yeah, maybe this wall. Just little book it here. It's gonna be enough. Mast. Like Rush. He raised Well, you will, like, try to avoid having this. So what is this? You see, we're just overlapping the image of fire over and over. And what you get is a more fire is just clear. Sign the You made a photo manipulation off some type, so I would suggest you to never make them overlook. Try always to you race one and just keep the other. Never overlooked too many images of fight because it's never gonna look realistic. That's not how actual fight work. Saying you wanted it. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. Looks quick that I like it. And what else what else he seemed fire for Strike with. Um, Probably this portion here. And maybe we can already start drawing the line over the over the I. You can still use some side fire, so it couldn't be usable over there. So let's take it on screen. Skilling up. Um oh, yeah. Like this. It looks like we're trying. And night, bro. It's already the same exact shape to like this. Let's say, here we raise or shown Yes. Oh, yeah. Looks really like home. I don't know King Eagle. Or like a king. Thanks. It is too long in just a raised. Yeah. Yeah, I like it. And now let's try with another. Here are still from this. That's it. Copy paste. And yes, yes, like this. It's amazing. We found so similar shapes again. You just need to try it out. I don't know. I'm just using different kind of fire shapes. Comfort to the original poster you've seen just because there is no way I can actually remember what kind of fire I used, Especially during the creative process. Users. You're just there doing things and hoping that it works. I hope you're not fucking the whole project up. Um, I just want to make something that looks good and sometimes or I think maybe every time was just a matter of trailing error. Ah, look, kind of like that. The fire starts drawing the eye like this. I want to do this. So let's start bending it in a way that can actually work. Yes, under the same here. What? This one? Yeah. It's kind of starting drawing this line of the I. There's gonna be more useful in a while. Okay, so we started with that, and now we can take some more. Mr. Let's start having fun and looking some fireable. So to do that, we probably need to lower the whole image up down a bit. So we select everything from fire to Eagle Base. Now we wish it down. So we're moving everything. It's really hard to fire. Looks great. I kind of already looks nice like this, but we can do way better, So let's trow we don't this. So let's throw this fire until so the fire dog. He shouldn't be done as we've done so far, so shouldn't be just fire coming from the side off the our subject you should be the fire that just draws nice flames on gulp eso, for example. In this image, if these are all the parts there are around our eagle, this is the part that is gonna be up on top the strait of anyone that it's not too full. So maybe one under humans? Yes, like this. Okay, let's try strike for your tree. I also like this. Okay, let's start. This are using it sincerely looks so select this portion. Scope it. And again, it's a failure based. Well, you don't scream, and that's how it looks. So if you if you put it up, you already see that it actually worked. And that doesn't seem strange. There were two different type off flames. It's actually the right way of doing it. And it kind of feels right that here with C, the flames like on top. The only thing for me is that this feels a bit too full, like they're too many flames going on. So maybe it's not the right pig. Maybe maybe this is for the right big. It's more a type of flame that I would like to have. So the select this portion to see how it works. Don't scream. Oh yes, this is like see clean flames. I feel a big part of this whole tutorial is about picking the right images because it's no , not every flame images. Good and not every portion of the image is good. We need to just be careful and just just the right one. Just the best known in general. Not just the best flame image, but it's the best one for our picture. We need to pick the one that actually brings the whole the whole execution to a whole new level. So let's the mask. And we raised what we don't like. We don't like this whole portion because it's not throwing. The shape we had in mind at the beginning is entering this shape and we want this. I like those flames going up that will keep them. Struggled to find them. Ondas look strange. Never look strange. Um, yeah, well comes to Reese portions. If you see this, feel two full. Just slowly race and kind of isolate flames. Try always to use with the actual flame as and not trying to change it too much. You need to I usually use the shape that that very already Droz, you don't need to shape it. Otherwise, it's just kind of look, faith. Um, yes, let's get going. Let's keep removing this. And I like it. Don't here. But you see how everything here it's strange because we have the white off the off the eagle's feather and don't worry about that. That's gonna look way better after work. So step right after the things. It's gonna really bring the whole flames to life. Let's see how this is. See how this is already blending really well over here as well. I kind of don't like this just to raise it and see without any animal underneath. Yeah, the shape looks nice. There's something still a bit strange over here. Um, but we didn't We didn't think to just fix this in one simple image, right? We keep going. So come back here. And a kind of really like these portions. The selected cope it based here said the script with medical screen on and we place it where we want it. I love this shape. Just place it here. Maybe this is coming from the mouth. Siri stiffs before and after this. Okay, so the thing that I'm noticing right now because off this flames will just put is that this top part off the forehead, it's to like and because it's so light, it doesn't allow us first to see the flames second. Just make them look really unrealistic. So how do we fix that? Go back to our lighting. Well, we already done something like this and we're just creating your later and we paint using black, just playing with the black brush. It is soft brush, and we just make it darker. His doctors when it I don't think it was just raising stuff. We're just making it look more released. It and we can even you raise is still part of the bird, because if you think about it when we're actually doing a Phoenix, the top part of the flame is the animal is not something we are putting open toe off the actual feathers. If we remove too much and just go back, Um but you see how the flames certain, uh, being more defined like this, I can not being more just in line while we were trying to achieve. And also I think Maybe the sides off the mouth look a bit strange. So I cannot so at some black here and hide them a little bit. Yes. Just a touch. Yes. Gonna see what we've done. Cool Everything. I was more emphasis. If we don't something too much, we just go back and fix it. There's always a way to just go back and fix stuff. So it's kept going with some more fire. Actually, I really loved this old portion, but maybe I want to bring some smaller parts to life s. So let's go back to fire section of this and thought many want to replace this because money is too much. Or maybe just for maybe just for this site and this beside, like, not the middle part. Middle Park feels, I don't know, a little like it's not supposed to be there. Okay, I like those May be the like this portion here. Yes. Okay. Okay, we're getting there. We're getting there slowly, slowly, but we're getting there really carefully. So the thing I'm noticing is that this part is exactly this part. So we need to use it in a way that doesn't look like we're using always the same type of fire. So one thing could be to flip it and no place in here, because otherwise we just just looks like we're working on house of the head and then replacing the other side so we can just place it somewhere else and distorted a little bit . So just it looks a bit more different and said it would scream so we can see what we're doing. Yes, and I'll put it here. Really looks It's supposed to be here. What is it? This this If it's was out, out, maybe like it. Not Storch. Okay, Okay. Yes, Just go. Here. You see, there is no real. There is no real rule for this whole process. It's just a matter of trying trying as much as you can and try different focus off fire and place it on top. Seller looks Everyone can even use those first images we have. Um let's see. What do we have? Strain another one. That's right straight. These were really have it open for your four. Yes. Got a like thesis park. You copy it and were based scream Make it bigger. Okay, This could be the top part have you already know this can be pulled apart, okay. And then mask the race. What we don't like I like this on. And so I've been coming here. Oh, it's check and uncheck the layer to see what's actually what actually personal firearm in serie, inserting him. Um, because it just gets confusing after a bit. Like this one was supposed to be there on either. Okay. Looks really good. Now I'm missing one central piece here and see if we have another image for attack. Maybe one of those straight for one or two, maybe two. Ah, let's select it'll of your screen and we place it here. Yes. Oops. Okay. We can use. We can use this. So a little trick if we only want to insert a portion, differ. The best way to do it for me is to create a must, but already reverse. So if we when you said when you insert the mosque, we keep the out option down or the option key down. Certainly I'll cure the option to you. On we click the master, we create a black mass. That means that everything you see them and then we contained with whites to bring to life whatever we want to reveal. All right, this looks quite good. Let's get going. Let's fix the dis portion here. The game is trying to find some of fire. I'll get going with the same kind of flames because there are few that really thing work. Um, screen. It's basic Here. The reverse mosque and Fabian. Okay, Maybe it was the same for the other side. It was about the mask. Yeah, that's for sure. Looks nice. And you can decide if you want it more or less full of flames. Just a creative decision. It's up to you. Okay. Like with this right now? Um, yes. Now what? I really thing will make it look really nice Is to have flames really coming from the ice and really coming from the mouth. What do I mean? I mean, if we have, if we will ever find flame, there s the shape of the I and the shave off the mouth of a little bit. That would be amazing. And let's have a look. Let's see what we have. So what do we have in the ice? We have this slick semi circle help circle see for something with that can. Maybe if this look at this, this kind of like the I strike, it's like this Kofi based I said, don't scream and we have the light. There is more of this science of distributing the other way, so we flip it horizontally. Blissett here make it bigger. CEO already kind off looking like a flame. So we then this store to the game, give him the right shape and there was a mosque out. Well, we don't like, but this is kind off already making it look more and more realistic. You can see how the defy the fire looks like it's coming from the I The high is the center of everything and maybe no, like this little Okay, here, just fix it. And it looks good because we used an actual flame to do that American with the same. We can also just literally get this because it's 30. That right? It was shown in size and doesn't it? Looks a little bit We flipped it, but we can simply gis change a little bit of shape. So we have a little bit more variation and can rotate the big Yeah, already looks a bit different, but still, that's the main thing. That idea we have the fire coming out of the ice looks nice. And now we try to find something for the monster. So maybe like a big a big fire flame trying that this for anyone we've been using yet? Straight old. Let's see if it works, put it on top script. Let's see, Maybe this final one is. Maybe this should start the whole flame to like. If this starts the flame this way to make it look, release it. Maybe could be hiding the top part off the mouth. So how do we do that? We go back to our lighting, creating your layer, and we painted black. So we're raising. We're raising the the ego. We're another raising the eagle where making me look like the eagle is turning into fire. We're turning it into what we wanted to turn, you see, So we're simply we're simply making it look like just going from eagle to fire. And then we can fix again the cold flame with, um, lately more while making it. Worf. Yeah. Looks nice. There's something strange. You see how this looks really angry. Well, days is, I don't know, It doesn't really have an expression. I feel it's because off this this is like a little key components, and we don't have it yet, Or maybe we have it, but it's not really in the right position. So if we goto our layer and just fix it a bit, just put it lower. Put it more course to work the actual legal Mr Possible, and we put with the other two. Where is it? This is no this one. So if you want to clean too easily the first select the layers you can, either at the auto select check over here when you have the the move toe. So if you have the other select when you quit actually selected layer you're clicking on or because I don't really like this function always active where you have the move to selected . If you click keeping down the common or control key you're just doing the same thing. So you're activating the auto select Onley when you wanted any fish over here, where you keep the come under control down, you get selected also. Actually, just another nice single trick that's it. You know what? This lets you We don't without the fire could even be a more angry, more angry. OK, these rotates and probably would makes it more hungry is that this portion doesn't need to exist this portion off Like the thing we made it with the eye itself. Yes. So I can simply go here. And he raised this portion Same on the other, I So it's still the fire coming from the ice. But we also have a clear expression off the the animal. So we know how it's feeling. And you see how this little trick already makes it look like Ah, fuck! This is a badass creature. And if we feel that we raise too much of the off the mouth, we can just you're back with Ah, you razor to and you race or we can hide even more. It's up to you now. It is noticeably darker. Yes, yes, yes. We raise even more. Yes, it looks really nice. Really nice. 6. Glow & Color Correction: We wanted all the fire we want, but we still feel that it's not really looking to good. You know, the whole fire school, the eyes drawing something and we're are doing so much energy into. It really looks interesting, but it's not really blending with the actual bird underneath to make it really be integrated. We need to color correct on. This is why it is because the whole bird as a different, different kind of colored the the mouth and the eyes were becoming yellow while the rest off the feathers are really great. And even though the the overall caller on lightness and luminosity looks really good is not blending so well, so we can fix it really easily. So if we go between the layer of lighting and fire and we create a new layer way, we can also create a new group. This case we call sissy again, and in here we are great and now great. IMAP is my favorite way off coloring something. This is because we gave up, gave us so much control, and it's really powerful, so we always had given deter the deter. It's basically a way for um, the way, the color blend together, and it just makes it more smooth. Then, if we click on the radiant, how does this work? The left cursor indicates the darkest points. The black point. The right cursor indicates the white point, and we can move discourses around and place other cursors. And each one of the colors we put on this part is going to replace either the darkest points off the whole image or the light despond. It looks very complicated, but I show you just applying some different great dance to it. As you see, the darkest Boeing becomes this purple. The let's born point becomes this orange, and all the colors in between are expressed in this Grady int. So the midpoint is this school over here. So if we ever meet 50% gray is gonna be this color so we can use thes also playing different colors, and we can use it to our advantage. So let's go back to black and white. Um, and what we want is to make it look like it's fire. So how does it does for your work? As you see, it goes from life yellow to a darker red So let's keep white and black at the site because I still believe that the lightest point of fire is still white. Because if it was, the maximum luminosity is going to be white and the darkest point. There's gonna be pure darkness. It's black and we are sucked. Three callers, one to entry. So that said the middle one. Just go for an orange. Let's just say the rain. The more, um, neutral kind of orange like the colored the whole bird, she looked. Life. Let's say it's something like saturated lettuce. Then on the right, let's pick a yellow so a lighter color. We can always change his cooler afterwards. Insidious. And then we pick a darker color that it's more saying orange threat. Okay, so it's likely scholar, you see that the grading looks nice, but what we're blood here doesn't really look too good. And that's because our image is not Aziz really different levels off lightness and darkness . So we need to move this course around and probably even change the color. So the as we see the the over old caller off the bird now it's kind of threat. This that means that this red. It's too close to where The body off the the legalese. So we need to push it more down and went to Bush. Old this Kohler's in this direction to and, as you can see, probably the red is even too bright. So we're starting it up. Strettle gp Very saturated because I kind of like it on many weeks. Yes, I'm really dark in every good morning. Kiss. Yes, As you can see right now, we're already getting where we want. Were already making it look like it's an amazing creature. Amazing. Like a phoenix kind of creature. Hoops change color. Benny stick. It was kind of interesting. Go right. Feel free to try it if you want. All right. Quite like this breath. All right. Maybe like this. And still are and again a strange colors. If we don't elect them, they are used to Hello, Jennifer. More orange cooler. Of course. This around. And you see, the yellow is affecting the eyes and the mouth. Those are the lightest points. It feels a little grace. Maybe just three more More. Getting intense. Cooler. Okay. Yeah, It looks pretty nice. If you see as you see, we have distribute the colors this way on the radiant Um, if you like them, keep them as they are, or you can always move them or change them or use completely different colors. Eso just click OK for now, and he already looks much better. Look, just at the difference with one single layer. It's like a completely different thing. The really amazing thing about the great and that is that if now, under the greedy mop with, for example, color with ah ah, white brush and we go with different intensively, go for sentenced to more intense. You see how the color of the brush changes is not white is reflecting the colors that we set during the grading month. But if you remove this, that's just what we've done. Just a symbol brushstroke, but look amazing. And with harmony vetoes, this is and something happens. If we paint with black, we don't just put black. Yeah, we're putting black and we're making a darker. But you see how the whole Grady int off color between the black and the red is really nice , is really interesting, is not just adding black, it's giving a more smooth transition from black to the red or the orange. So another wept This set we can create the layer underneath and bring the whole he still life again. So what I want to do is I want to remove lightness from the body off the eagle. I want to add black. So I just use a black brush in the event I find softly and then I can increase if I want and see if you see if I even go here on the on the mouth, it doesn't go musically back. It just goes all different colors from red orange so can really can really have so much control. And even if for with with a big rush, you're not really there you go over the the mouth a little bit. It's not really making it look strange. Maybe so will you want but just just go back or then erase. For example, I would like to have more cooler over here, so I just erased the black or just made um I just keep going and see where you can bring it . Maybe want toe these aerial darker, this area too. Zero to maybe I can go right in the eye like maybe I don't want this area to be so tall. So maybe I just remove it, Um, or you can even put it back Or I can troll on it with white Or maybe just wanted less bright. I just pain with black uncle. But it's really a creative choice. Do it. How you think it's the best way to do it and you just make you look amazing. But if you wanna try to follow my the same step I took Good. So maybe want to have a more define I over here are can really looked at that I can think of this. That would be a larger if you peel or people come in and have a different shape if you like . You really have a lot of control just by having a single great and a player. Ah, so you know the bodies a bit darker and the like, And if you see like, maybe you don't want that they're going to be so black you can have a a lighter color. So because we're applying the whole grain month on every day you're underneath every quarter, which ended on this background, it's gonna be a polite using that great, and that's really helpful. So I can just use so the black just little lighter. Great. So we have kind of Ah, reddish color. Um, maybe you see that it doesn't really work here because I'm putting too much darkness on the the animal. Well, if you have this problem, have a different solution that could be even more easy to use. So fight to select like I hide this level and nice, subjective and then applied this same selection to how were, um you can remove people. Base cannot quite for were cc layer. Whoops Went toe proversity first. And then, like, um, yes, you can see what we've done with basically, you raised part off the animal from this layer. Students, you just just remote the animal itself, painting with black on top. This could be useful depending on what you're doing. In this case, I don't think it's may be the best solution, so maybe I'll just go back to where it was before and just used this black and just make sure death would ever end doing underneath here. It's gonna work independently from whatever kind of color have in the background so can even extend black and have more like a Grady in back room. It goes from a darker cooler to lighter color, because if you see, it's very hard to see. But you have basically a more dark back room here and the ledger over here. You can always do that. And personally, I quite like it. So just gonna keep going looked up. And now that we have done this, I kind of feel that maybe this whole portion over here it's a big too dark. If it was really fired, the portion is gonna be more bright, so to the depth, creating your layer. And this time I've been with white and see what happened, and we wife and I'm basically bringing glow under my fire. Hillary looks amazing, but it's way too strong, so we can simply $20 a little bit. Bring it up or remove it with it. We will think it's not good, right? Some working on what's going always create a new layer and are the on specific portions. And again, as I always said so far, just place it in specific areas that will actually try the attention on the I that there is a you thing are most important. Can you remove from here so we can go make the the flame pope? No, we cannot see right here so I can emphasize this fire. Okay, let's see what happened before and after before and after. I still think we need a little bit more on the front of So just use a couple more. A little more to many. I was trying to keep it easy and clean. Using him on may be anything. It's too much. We've done it down. I would never just stuff like here kind of thinking. That's it a little bit. We thought it down. It's much, Yeah, it's really good. Another have done this. I can't notice that. Maybe don't. We'll need too many of these fire elements on the side. Eso an easy way to fix that is being a mask over the whole fire group and painting with black and raising it where you think it's not needed. So it kind of looks like it's turning from and normal looking. Eagle two are just a barn animal. Uh, we can refine a little bit more, so I think this one is a bit too strong. I want to see a bit more of the animal there and maybe even the redwood chosen. It's a bit to read you just on it down a bit less saturated. Maybe the orange too. You see, Everything you have done so far is not gonna be changed. Just going on react. Maybe it kind of elected more brights. Yes, there's no good. Okay, it looks great. Looks great. So far, we really change it so much. Just using a couple a couple of layers. You could see maybe with, um, something to strong over here. We can always fix it. We condone top. And every time we paying with the bathroom cooler so we can make it disappear over the back room and was simply clean the part or here. Where is it? With boot? Maybe. Is it too much? Nice. Not too much spare if it was just under the fire. And if we feel that maybe I want more fire, we can just select everything off the eagle and just make it smaller and move it down just so we can fit a bit more Fire on top if you like. And if you see they're here, something happened. We can just go back on the right layer. So this time is to see and we just to raise it, um, we can or we can use exactly what we did so far like on this stop part. So if we raised the great and mom, we can turn, we can paint this late with the actual background color. We can just move it out. Yes. What do we applied? And here we have it. We can go become more here with the background color. It's kind of blending more gently. Yes, it's really, really coming to life. 7. Adding Details: not some sort, some literary, small details that will make the whole thing look way more interesting. We got one more image in our set folder we didn't use yet And it's the sparkles. So the sparkles how to apply to our image because the finger were in missing from a real fire is all the sparkles that just come out and megadeal feel more organic and well, so what? This sparkle image And as you see, it just really sick sparkles and the way we will need to use it is just tryingto find an isolated proportional sparkles and just apply come specific areas detonated. So first thing, I want to work a little bit of this image, so it's gonna be easier to then apply two hours eso want to apply a lay year off levels and I want to crank down the dark want What is that? As you know, when you apply a blending more scream blending more to an image, all the black portion are gonna be hit them, but only if they're pure black. If the person is not really black is like a grayish or not. Not exactly black. You're going to see a little bit off like dirtiness around. But how to fix it to make sure that our image or our caller is really black, where it's really simple way. So as you can see this one, this really, really looks what black. And this looks less like black, but we don't know these are These are really, really black. So to check that when you apply levels to an image and move the skirts around the right and left cursors, if you keep down the option key or the old Kim have a look at what happens, you have a different view or what's going on. This happens when you move the left cursor. There is the black one and the white one on the right. So you see, so what this means is so this view actually shows us where are the points off? Pure black and pure white. So, for example, if we move this left cursor moving to the right, we see that their son colors appearing. So the general idea you need to keep in mind is that whenever you see black in the specific you, that's pure black. That's exactly the black win it and same thing when we moved this. When we have the white, that's just pure white. There is no other core Synnex. So we need to make sure that whatever portion we want to select as a pure black background So I think I like this portion here and maybe something over here. So just focus on this now and bring this left cursor to the right. Look, I think he'll here. So I see that more or less older portions. I have a mind to use as your black is a background. So release it and I can merges two layers. And now I can just select this ever that. I'm sure it's gonna have a pure black background, A copy. And they faced it over here. So over five weakened another lay a group layer called sparkles. You can set this the screen and you see you see they wouldn't have any problems with the background. It's pure black, so we'll really be raise the back room except for this portion over here. But it's the only one and we can simply a play mask and you raced. Now we have the sparkles. Let's try to place them in a nice way so it could even be were too big here. I kinda like them coming from the top, but maybe just few of them. So with Russia in just a race where intellect them and even if we get the layer, then we'll take live. Um, make sure to scale and applied even here inside the fire. That's the same family. Maybe this one's scream. Yes, you see even the difference in caller it's quite interesting. Can you raise extras? Um, fairly look really nice with the 1st 1 I put It's too high and we can have even have those , like interesting particles coming towards you if we we re take this one was pretty good and this time having like way bigger coming here. Just going from the front of the screen or just being in front of the animal kind of gets more of a trident Really national Look, for example, even if we have a couple that even if we just those he kind of looks like they're coming towards you. What up here? Here seem just a couple cautious and it already makes it, like, so more treating national. And if we think that some of them are like too much, just just to raise them. Just need a couple. That's just something that it's not too distracting. But it's something a lot on. We can keep going within Cube, putting another layer and quite like those over here. This, uh, yes, just really simple touches. All right, let's see how it is. We foreign after just so simple, but it really gives a lot. And then another thing I want to do just another little detail is to give a bit more important to the ice I want to have around them and more dark spot. What? I mean, if we go back down to our cc layer right under the great in math with increasing you earlier and this time with black, I want to paint around the eye. I want to show you what happens if you're really that this agreement roughly just a rough black around the you see how it kind of looks more dramatic. It gives even more importance to the ice. Now it's really rough, but I show you what happens if we do it properly. Have you feel here too? It's just a side hole a readiness to be darker. Yes. This I will select this. You can go with razor soft brush. Eraser Were is around kind of like us and dark, Really dark area around the eyes. And you could even be, like, not completely black. It could be just almost black. And because of the radiant map on top is gonna blend in the right color is gonna blend towards the more red orange. I quite like it. And I think we need to have a few black on the border off the I. So the create a new layer, and this time I feel it with black and make sure that the immediate outside of the eye is black. So I can't even blends this. But I make sure that right outside off this super breath spot, it's really real black. And this being Mexico, even looking more bright, the whole I just because the comparison we would sits next to it, it makes it look, it's more just stronger. Look before and after for and Dr just gives such a more I don't know more. You tense kind of look, um yes. And we can do the same thing on the mouth. So maybe the mouth needs to have more of Ah, darker dark hair. Sorry. They're wrong. Maybe you want here too. So what happened? It worked for the eyes. I figured you were for this too. It was a little bit too much over here and we couldn't remove a little bit of a fuss here. Excessively more dramatic too. That's your without with it looks much, much better now. 8. Realistic Transparency: is the last thing I want to show you a really, really easy way to place objects behind fire or even cut out fire in a way that it's really precise and it's really hard to achieve in with any other technique. So let's suppose you want to now play something behind the behind this fire behind his eagle with the problem. The problem is every fire we apply so far, or every sparkle reply so far, the whole F it's blending more their screen. What it means is if we place something behind it. So, for example, let's put something over the cc layer. Just type like a large something. It's right orange. But what text make it big sporting audio so you can follow me are elect this place orange here, So, as you can see, we see it perfectly. Why wouldn't see any fire in front? Well, this is because the sparkles and fired a both of the blending motorists screen. And what it means is that the lights, the brightest colors, off sparkles and fire are gonna blend. We was underneath, but what's underneath is already white, So if the whitest got brain blend with white it's not gonna be. Buses don't want to be really covering the text. If, for example, this test was a different color, let's say it was look like a darker book. You can see that in this case the fire and the sparkle goes over the text. But even in this case, it's kind of strange that goes over it. But you can tell that it's just a blending mode, and it's not really like a flame going over something like going over the letters. And anyway, if we want to have a really bright call reform toe white or any very light color like green , like orange, you just know gonna work properly, I assure you, really is technique to do this? So let's say we have this text. We don't even want to cut the the Eagle out, even if the eagle Orel image waas one single layer. This will work always, and it doesn't even need to be under disparate coals in the fire. You could even be on top, so I show you quickly if we have our texts. And so we wanted and escaped to be underneath our fire. We can double pecan or texts and use the bland if option so blend if how does that work? Blend if asses the name say's determines were in which case your selected layer is gonna blend with what's underneath. And there are two different sliders. The first slider it refers to this layer and second life is gonna refer toa old the underlying layers. I'll show you how we're gonna do this. We want that the orange text were written. We want that not visible over the fire to make that we know that the fire is really bright while the background is dark Soto, hide the text from the fire. We want to remove the text from the lightest part off the fire. So, sister fire is the underlying layer which smoked right concert There is the course of that indicates the white point will move to the left. See what happened. I work text is gonna disappear from old this portion that are very light until eventually it disappear from everything we want to want to find that sweet spoke the sweet spot that really works for us. Let's say that for example, he uses too much because I still want to see a little bit of the copy on this portion off the image. And so what I want to do is just find the sweet spot. Let's say that this is fine. Let's say I really wanted to look like this spot. If you really zoom in, you can see that the edges of the layer are really sharp to really blend properly. To fix that, we can option and click on the cursor or out and click on the cursor. And what happens? The Gerstle split, and what this means is that we have a whole range that is gonna be blended between visible and not visible. So let's say that we want visibility to be like this. Click OK, and here we have. We are our orange copy just going behind the text Onley in a specific area. But you know what's the most interesting thing about this is that this layer is not linked to anything else. We didn't make a mask that it's only gonna work if the layers here we didn't do anything off that. So what this means is that if we want to move over orange layer, it will always react to whatever is under it so off course, we need to probably adjust it if we wanted somewhere else. Because here, maybe we just wanted under the mouth. But we don't want to see those little details. But for the place man we had so far. But it's this one. It's gonna actually look amazing. Is it ISS? So let's say, for example, wanted a little lower like this. We can still use this type of technique and then also apply a mask first, just some specific areas, for example, I wanted that are in this portion is a little bit less visible. I just select the mask and a paint with that black brush and I can decide intensity maybe can make it less peaceable here, but just more visible over here. I wouldn't go back and really the game if I want to. And I can do the same here on the gym. You feel like and in this case, of course, if you move the mask with you. But if you want to keep doing that anyway, you can always unlock the mask clicking on this little chain. And if you move the layers selecting the little team for text, the mask you had before. It's always gonna be in the same spot. Is not gonna move to bed with layer. So yeah, this is the little trick and you can always use it, for example is removed them out. We can always are creating your layer and write something else we can maybe ry just ah just number three. And they could make it bigger impolitely here. And we want to apply the same kind of transparency we can right Click on this layer and click copy Larrier style. And on the layer three, we can base let your Siles and is what happened. And maybe we just wanted to come from the top So we can at the mask and remove the tree from under you. It's that simple well done, human until things means that you're officially an orange belt in the art of photo shop. Share your final artwork so I can see your result. Any feeling, then you with the process. Our fellowship masters are there to help you. Thank you for joining the theme