OMG! Reaction GIFs: Illustrate Your Own and Share with Friends! | Mete Erdogan | Skillshare

OMG! Reaction GIFs: Illustrate Your Own and Share with Friends!

Mete Erdogan, Designer and Art Director

OMG! Reaction GIFs: Illustrate Your Own and Share with Friends!

Mete Erdogan, Designer and Art Director

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choose your reaction

    • 3. Sketch it out

    • 4. Trace it up

    • 5. Photoshop it

    • 6. Animate it

    • 7. Export it

    • 8. Share it

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

From the 8-bit ‘DEAL WITH IT’ shades to Dawson breaking down in tears, reaction GIFs are there for us when simply words won’t suffice. So why not make your own? Create a fun and simple animated GIF to express yourself and share with friends online!

Learn how designer and illustrator Mete Erdogan brings emotion and imagination to his illustrative type pieces with this 20 minute class. Mete will guide you through the process of drawing, animating, exporting, uploading and sharing your artwork. You may know Mete’s work from the Instagram series Eavesdropper and the book it inspired, ‘Eavesdropper: Overheard on the Streets’. His pieces have inspired thousands with their humor, insight and honesty.

Students will need tracing paper, pencil, eraser, sharpie and access to a scanner/camera plus Photoshop. This class is great for doodlers, beginners and professionals alike. The aim of this class is to show the importance of expression in illustrative type. This is a great exercise you can do from anywhere, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. The techniques you acquire here can be applied to your professional work.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mete Erdogan

Designer and Art Director


Mete Erdogan is a Melbourne born, New York based designer and
art director at Saatchi NY. He's been involved in projects such as The
Celibacy Challenge, recently added to MoMa's permanent archive
and currently shortlised for two Cannes awards. Mete has written
and published a graphic novel about Melbourne's suburban train line
titled 'Melburbia' and is about to release his newest title based on the
Eavesdropper series 'Eavesdropper: Overheard on the Streets'. His
work has exhibited globally in Taiwan, Italy, Australia and the USA.

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1. Intro: Hello, craters. I'm Meta. I'm a designer and illustrated from Melbourne, Australia, currently based in Brooklyn. Today I'm gonna teach you how to illustrate your very own reaction gift to a current conversation you're having online. First up, what is a gift? If is a graphic interchange format image? Basically, it's a file type supports any animated or still image. Which begs the question. What's the reaction? A reaction gift was popularized on social media over the past couple of years that you were usually short animations that reacted to certain comments or statements online. So everything from the eight big deal with chains to Dawson from Dawson's Creek break began in tears. These action gives have Bean part of communicating online. Very efficient, hilarious way I've found through my experiences with credit social media content that people are still looking for brand new ways to creatively communicate with their friends on a more personal level. Hence the idea for this class where we will be selecting a conversation that we're currently having and create a reaction gift. Before that conversation, I'm going to guide you through the sketching, thinking it up, photo shopping and ultimately sharing with your friends and family online. All you gonna name is a bit of enthusiasm, some pencils, paper tracing paper, photo shop and a hot. You know, start your project immediately. By sharing your quote and the conversation that it came from uploaded to the Project gallery and share it with your other classmates. This could actually create a brand new collection, off reaction GIFs a super cranium and just super super nice. I can't wait to see you guys in class. It's gonna be a fun one. 2. Choose your reaction: this thing we're gonna do, we're gonna choose out reaction. Now, I want you to go through your conversations with your friends, your family, and find something that's gonna be kind of interesting for you to work with. Now. I found this really great conversation with a good friend of mine from high school. He's been working on this film for about the past four years now, and he's not giving up on it now. He just told me he found a fantastic composer and sad check for his movie. And after seeing him struggle for the past four years and really trying to make this thing work, my reaction to that guy's nice. So I'm gonna get a pencil paper, write it down and nice. All right, Now we need to consider. And then I want you, Teoh, share that. Just take a photo of that share with the class. What I want you to consider when you're putting together your sketch for the for the actual quote is think about what kind of shapes colors, textures are going to be able to tell that story off what the gift is going to say. So, with nice, I'm gonna do something kind of cool and soft load of round shapes. Very, very peaceful and happy looking cause I'm happy for him. So that's my reaction. I want you to write down yours and sharing in the project gallery below. Can't wait to see it. 3. Sketch it out: now you've chosen your reaction now is the pot where we get to create something that visually expresses how it's being said. So for my one, Nice. I wanted to create something cool with some branded shapes since, um, really soft edges to show that I'm sort of proudly whispering to my mate that has done a great job. As for everyone else out there if you want to, I would encourage you to go out online and check out some magazines and look around for some inspiration to see. You know what? What's out there in terms of giving you some ideas with how you're saying your unquote that's going to go into your your reaction gift. I'm gonna have these nice little toothpaste e shapes along here just to show that that cool , uh, in a quiet pride you have in your mate whenever your whenever he does something cool, Um, always give yourself some ruled lines. Just toe. Get your your handwriting a little bit of bit of grounding. What's usually great about the lettering is you can get away with a lot, but it is good to give yourself a rough base. I always sort of keep in mind that you need to keep the line weight consistent throughout. So I'm borrowing the width of that end there. For the width of that, I there and I'll be doing a roundabout that full the remaining. Let us. So just let them kind of guide you as he got through. Here's the other I. And also consider how it's gonna gonna look when you when you animated. You know what we're gonna be doing is just a simple a jittery three frame animation. And what I want to do here is keep it pretty, pretty simple because there will be drawing this multiple times and also it because it's going to be on a fairly small medium, either on your phone screen or your laptop. You do want to keep the overall composition pretty simple. Every guy does your e. It's looking pretty cool. Nice. And then I want toe sort of give a little bit of swash below it, just to give it a home, something to sit on once doing its thing. You got nice and stuffing up that edge there and I might just now I'm just gonna Yeah, I'll give it some little I'm going to do some little dots around here, but they're going to become a little animated lines and you'll see later what I'm gonna do with these guys. Give yourself a little bit of an animated element. So there's my nice I'm really happy with that. And now you can use that to trace over with ink. Don't forget Teoh. Just quickly take a shot of this insurance with the class. I'd love to see what your basic sketch looks like. 4. Trace it up: Now we're gonna trace out sketch. All you're gonna need is some tracing paper and the pen I use tracing 70 Kason. It's got some really nice opacity, and it's very simple to use, and you can breeze through them as many times as you like something one of these pages out . Place it over the sketch and start tracing on. Don't worry too much about getting the lines perfect, because the whole idea of doing it in this style is that the line works gonna Jenner and move around slightly based on how differently you draw it if you have. If you have trouble keeping the piece of paper still on top of your talk to your sketch, it's a good idea taking the tape it down or full Thea tracing paper in half and sandwich your paper that you that you sketches on within the tracing within the tracing paper that ensures everything stays still. So there's our first sketch. Now what we're gonna do is just shift that up and do the 2nd 1 Remember, we're gonna do three of these back voice way to check this out. The 2nd 1 looks kind of similar, but not exactly, which is what we're after. What I'm gonna do with these dots, like I said, is animate them. So I want them to ray out like the rays of the rays of the sun, you know? So what happens is that their starters dots, but then when they move, when you see something, move quickly. It tends to to elongate and turn into more of a blood of that shape. So what I'm going to do is just instead of those dots, start a line in the middle of that dot and just ray it out like that. And then the third frame will be the final location of that movement. This will give a very simple illusion of something that's moving very quickly in a very simple way. Then we're gonna do it one more time. Bring it over. And careful. Don't smart your drawings. This is why we're from left to right. So when you work this way, you hand your wrist isn't gonna be rubbing all over the inked up drawings, which is still because the paper is still kind of oily encoded. The intends to sit on top of it. And this much is quite easily, so be careful about that. Let's work on Let's do the stud one and then we'll have our three frames. There's our third nice. And with those race coming up because the lines are coming out to around about here from the first place, I'm going to draw another circle here. But have it kind of compressed because when something is moves quite quickly and suddenly stops kind of like if you look at a bouncing ball hitting the ground, it kind of flattens out just a little bit on impact. So when you're when you're drawing a circle that's just moved, uh, across the page in one frame, it's gonna change shape slightly into the sort of being like, um, full. So we just give him a little bit of, ah, of being shape yah like that and there's 1/3 frame, so you should have a nice three frame shaped like this. So when you go into scanned, you only have to do it once instead of three times. I'd love to see all three of these in your project gallery, just to see what these three friends look like altogether and so you can share with the class and actually see how the movements actually gonna work 5. Photoshop it: Now we've got out three inked up images. What we're gonna do is separate them from the background and turn them into three separate layers that we can then color an enemy. So what we have here, these three are from the scandal for and we have this really interesting gray crinkly shapes from the tracing paper, which looked cool, but we don't want them right now, So all we're gonna do is hit up the levels tool in the adjustments, took it, and we're going to get the light colors and going to bump him up a little bit. And you can see how the gray is pretty much gone from the background there. Next, we're gonna make those blacks even DACA again to increase that contrasts and make it easier for Photoshopped to select just the blacks and separate them from the white. There's a little bit of tweaking here that you can do to just make it a bit easier on yourself. So I think that's enough contrast between the black and the white. So all we're gonna do now is we're gonna double tap background first up because it's got that padlock on it, which makes it unedited ble, and we're gonna hit okay on new layer, which gets rid of the lock and makes it easier to work with. So now we just adjusted their brightness and darkness of this image that we're gonna hit, select, go to color range, and it's going to select shadows for us. And if it's not, just hit the select. All here, you get this little menu here of what colors you want this to select, we're gonna hit the shadows because we've just drawn it in black. Then we're gonna hit. Okay, this will select the word for you or the all the black color artwork. But then we want toe actually refine those ages and make it Make sure it looks really nice and refined so you can see from these edges that it still looks a little bit jagged. All I'm gonna do is hit the small, smooth adjustment tool and maybe bumping upto nine, and you can see how those edges actually start to smooth out. So I'm gonna not that up to 10 and I'm going to get the feather tool, and this actually makes the edges a lot more light. So I'm just gonna knock that up a little bit more and see how the edges blurred just slightly. And get rid of that computer. Re digital kind of look. So we're gonna hit the okay button, and now all the black is selected. I'm gonna hit shift command I or in verse, which is appearing a select panel. It is here, and I'm gonna hit the late. So now we've got three separate images, but they're on the one lamp. Now, here's where it gets interesting. I'm going to get rid of the levels thing here because we don't need it anymore. And we have these three images that isolated from the background. So now we can move them around quite freely. I'm going to create three groups. Three folders, because it's gonna be a three frame animation. So we're gonna go down here, hit new group once, twice, three times, and we're gonna name them frame one frame to double click frame three. This will help us organize what? Where? What we're working on. So let's hit Lay zero with us without artwork is hit the l key on your keyboard or hit the last brutal in your in your palate and just select roughly around your first image. And because now these are isolated from the background that you don't have to get the exact shape you've saved. Just have a whole lot of time. You hit Command X to cut that shape from that layer and then command V creating new layer, see and replace it. And I'm just gonna drag it up into the corner here. So it's out of the way for now. I'm gonna rip late. I'm going to repeat that same shape. I'm gonna repeat that same technique to the second friend like that, and I hit command ex again and command V command excess to cut. And then command V is to paste. And then we have the 3rd 1 which is already on in Southern Thing. Now, I want you to rename these layers so you know when they appear. So we're gonna hit the 1st 1 and call frame one, type this one's frame to type, and then we're gonna call this one frame three and we're going Teoh hit frame to type and just drag over frame one and get as close to matching as possible in terms of alignment and we're gonna do the same thing for three, freeing three times. I've just clicked frame three type, and I'm going to just drag and put it in like that and again, don't. Or if there's bits that sort of ragging out on an eighth, that's exactly what we want, because it's gonna be a moving gift with a bit of a jittery effect. So now I'm gonna drag frame one type into the frame one told us he had. There's a little box that highlights there, so it's going there. Frame to type goes into the frame to fold up and then frame three type goes into the frame three folder. So now you got these three clean folders that you can start editing with, and you know that you're really affecting one frame at a time. What I'm gonna do now is hit the sea button on the keyboard or goto the panel here and hit the crop tool and hold down shift and dragged out. The shift makes the frame a perfect square, which I'm recommend for sharing on any medium. It just makes it easier to resize and just put it in the middle there and now we just adjusted the frame of our image. Now the fun part. We can start adjusting the colors and the textures off the artwork. But what we're gonna do here, I'm gonna turn off frame two and three for now. Just work on frame one I would like to see frame each frame, have this cool, textured background that moves around a little bit. So I'm just gonna drag my texture in him and I'm going to increase the size. So right now it's black. I want to make it like a nice sky blue. I'm gonna bring the texture down below the type so it sits behind it. I'm gonna hit blending options, which is a right click on then onto the onto the layer, blending options I'll hit color overlay, which basically overlays the color on your layout and select whichever color you want. Based on that, I kind of like this teal a quasi blue. I'm also feeling that the type is looking a little bit dark and heavy, so I'm gonna hit the invert. It'll in the adjustments panel which is here, this little black and white circle thing, and see what it's done. It's affected the entire thing, which I don't want. I just want the white, the type to be white. So I hold down the option King and Holland, my mouse between the invert tool and the type player. And to see how it has this little mouse era pointing down you just that happens when you have the mouse in between two. So I'm just gonna click, and now it's just affecting the nice, But you can still see pics of black coming through and I don't want that. So I hit Gonna hit the frame one type layup and I'm going to go to screen. This removes all the black and actually bumps out, bumps up the whites and makes it even brighter. So that's friend one. I want to copy the same effect for frame to. So what I'm gonna do is bring that texture with the blue down. I've just retracted the effects blue effects like, but it's still that I'm gonna hit option command and drag it down to below that type. And then I also want to take the invert tool into the frame to as well. So let's drag that into frame to I'm gonna turn off frame one for now and turn on frame to see what we've done. We've already just dragged the texture in on the infertile again. Hasn't applied to just the one last. I'm gonna do that thing again where I hold down the option tool and holding between Thea in vet effect and the frame to type player and repeat instead of it Big Normal. You turn it to screen to get rid of those black pigs what I'm gonna do with the texture. However, because I want that move around, I've hit command t for transform and he gets this bounding box. And so what I'm gonna do is just move it around slightly. So when it's time to animate, it just kind of looks like the textures kind of crackling in the background As the frame moves, I am going to do the same frame three. So you just open up that drawer, bring the texture in option command dragged down below, and then same thing in vote Dragon in I'm gonna turn off friend to turn on frame three. Same thing kind of happens, and then we do the same thing. Option click to make it appeal to the third layer and then make that a screen. And then the texture. I want to move it one more time on Maybe that way. So now what we should have is a three frame build up for our animation on. What I've done is I didn't copy the texture properly into that, so just drag it up. So now we have frame one two, n three. So those are three frames for Al reaction gift. Now what I'm gonna do. His teacher had animated stick around. 6. Animate it: Now we've got out work the way we like it. It's time to start making a move. All we do is hit window timeline, and it should come up at the bottom of your screen like that. And now it's already done the first frame for us so you can see that your layer has appeared here in the first frame off the timeline on its appearing five seconds in length. So that's how long the frame will be. Therefore, we don't really want that, but we'll just leave it like that for now. To make a second frame. All we do is hit this tool. Yeah, the new Frankel quick that. And then while that friend is selected, we go over here, turn off frame one and turn frame to on this makes spring. So now if I click on frame one again and then there's Frank, too, and you can start seeing how it's gonna move. Then we hit frame again. Get rid of fraying to and make frame three visible. So now we have a three frame animation, but how do we make it actually play without me clicking on it? First up, I want to highlight all three, you press shift and then you click on the one on the end. You hope you click down on the seconds, and I want this each friend to go for about 0.5 seconds per frame. Now, when you look at it movies, when we look at it, you're going to see that it will go a little bit slower than 0.5 seconds. But once you export it as a zig, if it's gonna look a lot faster. So now we have all all of these. We want to hit the button here that says once the drop down era and we want to say for river, this will make your animation loop infinitely as opposed to just once. Then what you do is hit play to see your animation for the very first time. Then we got and there's your your reaction. Get right there and you can see how what I meant with those are those lines moving out. So now it looks like starts his adult moves out and then it breaks out. So that's how you make your illustration move. Next chapter. I'm going to show you how to exported into a GIF format that you you can then share with your friends 7. Export it: before we go ahead and export to a gift. I just wanted to speed up the speed of the animation here because the 0.5 was a little bit slow. So I went in and changed up to a 0.1 seconds per frame. So now you can see that E train moves a little bit faster and the movement is a bit more seamless. All right, so the speed might be good for you. It might be too slow too fast. It is a matter of just checking out what speeds work, what speeds died and then just figuring it out from there. Depending on what your animation is now, we're gonna do a very simple but very important part of the process, the export process. So we hit up the file tab, go down to export and then go to say, for Web. From here we have all the options that allow us to compress it and just cater your illustration perfectly for sharing on the Web. The the very important part up here is toe have the gift option selected if it's not already, and the artwork is a little bit too big to be shed online. it's 603 kilobytes, which isn't that big, but the smaller the better. So I'm going down to the image size down here and you can see that the width is one to do six pixels on. Say it. So is the height because it's a square. I'm gonna knock this stand toe 500 pixels, and that's going to make the image nice and small and spring it down to 2 15 kilobytes. And I don't think it's gonna need to be any bigger than that. If you consider the conversations that's going to go in e mails, any Facebook or Tumbler posts anything like that, it'll it'll live within this space here. So once you happy with the sizing, hits save, make sure you save it somewhere that you can, you can find it. But I'm just going to save it to my desktop because I'm gonna show you when the next step, how to save how toe share it online with your friends. So let's go nice here. Nice skill share gift and then save, and now you can see it in its full final glory. Here there is a final gift ready for sharing online to amaze your friends. Next up, I'm going to show you exactly how you can bring your brand new at work into the world. 8. Share it: So now you have this. It's super simple to share with your friends and family. All you gotta do is going Teoh safe. You doing it in Facebook? I'm gonna go and talk to my friend Dave, who was making his movie and just dragon The reaction Let it load and hit. Enter. And they're now he can see the reaction gift that we made. Same deal with your email. If you want to write a reply am out toe something cool that you saw. Let's say I, uh, saw my little sister's raising May and it looks really cool. So I'll just say good job and get a nice reaction gift dragged in and wait for it to do its thing. There it is. Hit send. There you go. Same deal with Twitter. Um, Ally need to do. I haven't used Twitter in a while. I home. And when I asked you what's happening Yeah, I tell you what's happening. Check out this cool new GIF for my skill share class and because I haven't released this yet at the time of recording, I go coming soon. Tweet now if you want And there you go. You can watch it play back? Yeah. Now, if you wanna text it or you need to do is go, Teoh, go to your Dropbox and, um, just throw it in there, pick it up with your phone loaded to your, um, picture gallery, and then just send it as a photo image attachment to any of your text messages. It's super simple. So there you have your brand new gift that you made, and I cannot wait to see everyone else's animation gifts in the project gallery. Please make sure you share. It s so we can see how everyone's done their projects. It's gonna be a riel, Absolute Ripper. 9. Final Thoughts: So then we have our very own illustrated animated reaction gift that you can then share with all your friends, your family and maybe your enemies. Hopefully, this class is giving you the basics for you to then go on to create even more complex and interesting pieces of artwork. And hopefully this can also show you that communication online doesn't just have to be very cold and calculated. It can actually be quite creative. If you'd like to share some old gifts, you can visit giffey dot com g i p h y, and share them with the online gift community of gift creators. Online communication can be creative, and it could be interesting, and you can use your ah book, and you can use the talent to create anything you like. In the meantime, keep creating, and I'll see you soon.