OKRs 101: Achieve your goals - in business and personal life - with Google's goal setting method | Axel Rittershaus | Skillshare

OKRs 101: Achieve your goals - in business and personal life - with Google's goal setting method

Axel Rittershaus, Executive Coach, Author, Running Addict

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9 Videos (32m)
    • OKRs 101 - How you can achieve your goals

    • Let's start with this warm up exercise

    • Warm up exercise review

    • 10 biggest mistakes when defining goals

    • What are OKRs and how you can apply them

    • What to do and what not to do when using OKRs

    • Your class project for your work/business

    • Your class project for your personal life

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Setting goals and not achieving them is the most frustrating issue people are facing when it comes to being (or not being) successful. If you used to set goals, but you did not achieve them (or "only" up to 75%), if you stopped setting goals and are now stuck in the land of mediocrity, if you want to grow yourself, your team's or your companies success, but don't know how, you have found the perfect class. This class is your practical guide how to work more focused, more motivated and with a higher productivity in your business by setting and realizing goals with the most powerful goal setting method used by many highly successful companies and individuals, called OKR (Objectives and Key Results). Achieve your goals... Achieving your goals is much easier than you think, if you know what you need to pay attention to and which mistakes to avoid. Yes, it's going to take a lot of work to implement the steps necessary to achieve your goal, but with the right goal setting (and tracking) method you are going to benefit from the motivation that comes when making progress! The class gives everyone, from an intern to the CEO, the necessary knowledge and tools to implement OKRs as your main goal setting tool. OKR at Google OKR is the method developed by Intel in the 1970s and implemented by Google in 1999 when they were some 60 people. 17 years later Google employs almost 60,000 people (growth factor 1,000x) and their goal setting principle is still the same: OKR. OKR is used by many fast growing companies all around the globe, from Google to Zenga, from MyMuesli to LinkedIn. Your coach My name is Axel Rittershaus. I am a former IT entrepreneur, senior manager at Accenture, and now executive coach and leadership development trainer since 2008. I'm an avid, some say crazy, ultra marathon runner, married and owner of two wonderful Vizsla dogs. I grew up in Germany, moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2010, and travel the world to facilitate my leadership training seminars, advice fast growing companies and run a marathon or more every now and then.





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Axel Rittershaus

Executive Coach, Author, Running Addict

"Making successful people, executives and companies, even more successful. With tailor-made, highly efficient, intense and impactful seminars, coachings, workshops and online experiences." - that's Axel's guideline.

And he continues "If a client doesn't see any impact by our collaboration, he should immediately stop working with me".

Axel is a former IT-entrepreneur (IT consultancy and software development, 1993 - 2002), Accenture senior manager and board member of an IT company...

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