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OBS - How to Record and Stream Videos with Open Broadcaster

Christopher Navarre, Let's Leverage Life in Your Favor

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34 Videos (2h 43m)
    • Why Use Open Broadcaster Software

    • Get Started Recording Videos with the Basics

    • Full Basic Setup Guide for OBS Studio 2017 Tutorial for Beginners

    • Microphone Test

    • Scenes

    • Ordering

    • Color Key

    • Sub Regions

    • General Settings

    • Encoding Settings

    • Video and Audio

    • Hotkeys

    • Microphone Noise Gate

    • Testing Upload Speed for Streaming

    • Streaming to Youtube

    • Streaming to Twitch

    • Installing Plugins

    • Using Simple Scene Switcher Plugin

    • Comparison Between Open Broadcaster Software Classic and Studio Versions Windows

    • Functions of the Main Interface in Studio Version

    • Transitions

    • Recording Web Browsers in OBS - Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Edge

    • Remux Recordings

    • Customize Recording Output Save Directory Video Quality and File Name

    • Scene Collections Keeping Your UI Organized and Clean

    • Noise Gate and Noise Supression Filters Tutorial OBS Studio 2017

    • Remove Background Noise While Recording or Streaming with Reaper

    • Recording with Audacity and Noise Reduction

    • Setup FaceRig in OBS Recording with Green Screen Tutorial for Beginners

    • Phone as Microphone in OBS

    • Phone as Webcam by Using IP Webcam App

    • Record Phone Screen on PC NO ROOT 2018 Tutorial Air Droid + OBS

    • How to Record in 60 FPS [FAQ 1]

    • How to Record a Slide Presentation Screencast (Impress PowerPoint) OBS Tutorial 2019

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About This Class

Looking to start recording and streaming your own videos for internet sites like YouTube and Twitch but don't know how to get started? This courses purpose is to teach people like yourself Open Broadcaster Software, a video recording and streaming application for all major operating systems, so that they can do just that. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the program I personally use for all my recording and streaming purposes because it's the best app I've found.Be sure to pick the program up for Windows, Mac, or Linux before we get started.

  • Record games, screencasts, presentations and more for your YouTube videos or school / work projects.
  • Livestream on Twitch or YouTube with proper settings for a good connection
  • Setup OBS to get optimal video quality and output size
  • Make your recording sessions easier by tweaking hotkeys and other settings
  • Learn about companion software that can help you record videos but also assist you when you are done recording and need to go to post production
  • Filter out backgrounds with Chroma Key technology and a green screen
  • Control your audio with noise filters and gates for better quality
  • Separate your audio into multiple output channels so that you can edit your microphone audio and desktop audio seperately in post production
  • Learn the workflow of doing recordings and livestreams so that you can get your videos finished
  • Learn the basics of OBS plugins for those who want to extend the app's functionality

This guide will show you proper install, setup, and usage for OBS. We cover many of the most useful settings like how to change your FPS to 60, how to set hotkeys, and using chroma key in order to filter out the background. You will find what you need to set up a webcam talking head for doing livestreams, recording games, or creating a presentation. Learn how you can record audio to seperate audio tracks, how to set up filters and noise gates for your microphone audio, and how to find the correct upload bitrate for streaming.

In addition to covering OBS alone, there's also a section in the course for related software that you can use to finish your video productions. This includes the audio editing tool Audacity, IP Webcam for recording your phone inside of OBS on your computer, and AirDroid - another tool for connecting your phone for file transfers and screen captures.

OBS - How to Record and Stream Videos with Open Broadcaster is intended to be a complete guide for beginners leads into intermediate knowledge of the program, recording videos, and livestreaming. Using the course, you will be able to record videos, and stream to sites like YouTube and Twitch (though OBS also supports other sites that can be set up in largely the same way). If you need a video editor after your recordings, I'd recommend DaVinci Resolve (which has a free version but with the power comparable to Adobe Premiere). You can look for my other course on that just by searching DaVinci Resolve :)

Be sure to pick the program up for Windows, Mac, or Linux before we get started.

What are the requirements?

What am I going to get from this course?

  • record a variety of video footage using your computer including screencasts and game recordings
  • stream your live content to YouTube and Twitch.tv
  • integrate community plugins with Open Broadcaster Software
  • modify the commonly used settings to increase the quality of your recordings
  • add in as many source elements as you desire to create a customized video display
  • remove backgrounds from sources using color key / chroma key
  • eliminating background noise with the microphone noise gate or audio post-production program Audacity

What is the target audience?

  • This course is especially for people new to video recording and streaming or Open Broadcaster Software.





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Christopher Navarre

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