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OBIEE 12C Visual Analyzer Developer Course

Sanjay Singh

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12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Oracle Visual Analyzer Introduction

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Your first Visual Analyzer Project

    • 4. OBIEE Visual Analyzer Filter

    • 5. Filter

    • 6. OBIEE Visual Analyzer Clone Visualization

    • 7. OBIEE Visual Analyzer Insight1

    • 8. Insight2

    • 9. Insight3

    • 10. Narrating Story

    • 11. Excel Data Anlaysis

    • 12. Excel Data Visualization


About This Class

From basic concepts explaining what is Oracle Visual Analyzer to creation of Visual Analyzer projects with data sources as OBIEE Subject Area and Excel file this course covers it all you need to know to become a successful Oracle Visual Analyzer (VA) Developer

But that's not all! Along with covering all the steps of Oracle VA functions, this course has quizzes and projects, which allow you to practice the things learned throughout the course!

You'll not only learn about the concepts, but also practice each of those concepts through Projects.

And if you do get stuck, you benefit from an extremely fast and friendly support - both via direct messaging or discussion. You have my word!

With more than two decades of IT experience, I have designed this course for students and professionals who wish to master how to develop and support industry standard business intelligence and data analysis development.

This course will be kept up-to-date to ensure you don't miss out on any changes once  Visual Analyzer is required in your project!

Why Oracle Visual Analyzer?

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is a leading enterprise Business Intelligence and Analysis software. Oracle is completely focused on keeping its lead and capturing market by investing a lot in this tool.

  • Oracle has a lot of customers using it's Oracle ERP application. For these customers Oracle Business Intelligence solutions like OBIEE and Visual Analyzer is preferred choice.
  •  Oracle Discoverer is end of life now. All Oracle Discoverer customers are moving to OBIEE or Visual Analyzer.
  • Oracle is enhancing its packaged business intelligence application (BIAPPS) which is developed on OBIEE platform.

If you are looking for a thriving career in business intelligence and analytics, this is the right time to learn OBIEE Visual Analyzer.

Get a very deep understanding of Oracle Visual Analyzer Developer activities.

Pay once, benefit a lifetime! This is an evolving course! Oracle Visual Analyzer development and later future versions will  be covered in this course.  You won’t lose out on anything! 

Don’t lose any time, gain an edge and start now!





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