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Nutrition Education Made Simple

teacher avatar Marcelo Vazquez, Fitness & Wellness Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Nutrition Education Intro

    • 2. Part 1: Carbs, Protein, Good Fats

    • 3. Part 2: Snacks, Nutrition Labels

    • 4. Part 3: What to eat, Food Timing

    • 5. Part 4: Supplements pros and cons

    • 6. Thank You

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About This Class

The ratio for successful weight loss is 70/30%, where 70% is what you eat and drink and 30% is calorie expenditure through exercise. You don't need to start a restricted diet, or stop eating the food you like, to obtain results. That is why I created this class, to educate you on healthy eating choices so you can lose weight in a healthy way.

In this class you will learn:

  • Macro and micro nutrients and their benefits
  • How you should divide every meal
  • The time schedule for your meals
  • Food and drinks to avoid when trying to lose weight
  • Healthy snacks to control the hunger attack
  • How to lose weight from the supermarket
  • The pros and cons of supplements
  • And much more...


“I have been following your tips for 4 solid weeks, and I drop 9 pounds already!" - Michael G.

“Simple to-the-point, no-nonsense. Marcelo explains things excellently and doesn't waffle on". I highly recommend it. – Carl J.

"It feels like having a nutrition coach at home". - Michelle S.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marcelo Vazquez

Fitness & Wellness Coach


Marcelo Vazquez is originally from Argentina. Fitness is his love and passion and he has been involved in sports, martial arts, health and fitness for more than 25 years. Helping others get in shape is his greatest personal satisfaction, and reversing the epidemic of childhood obesity is his ultimate goal.


Certified Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach by the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Certified Youth Fitness Specialist by American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Boxing Instructor by UFC GYM Certified Kickboxing Instructor by FightFit® Certified Self-Defense Instructor by Specialty Fitness Institute (SFI) Taekwondo Black Belt by Watson Martial Arts Certifie... See full profile

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1. Nutrition Education Intro: Hi, everybody. This is training onset of work on my nutrition education course. There is no need to stop eating the food to love or to follow strict diet to lose weight. You only need to learn is how the nutrients function in your body and how to great healthy eating habit to obtain result. This course is about one hour in length and contains 20. Lecture where you will learn about macronutrients, carbohydrates, protein, good fats and water. For instance. How to divide your playing toe. Obtain all the nutrients your body needs. The worst enemies off your waistline. Four time in tow. Avoid gaining weight, healthy snacks and suggestions. How to lose weight from the supermarket. How to control the hunger attack Superman browse and comes and much more. So don't wait any longer and let's begin with the first lecture now 2. Part 1: Carbs, Protein, Good Fats: Hello. Welcome to my nutrition education. Plus, this is training center. And for a successful weight loss, we have to combine healthy eating choices with daily exercise. The ratio is about 70 day, where 30% is only exercise for the cattle expenditure and 70%. The biggest number in percentages is what we put in is what we consume through food and drinks. Okay, so let's talk about macro nutrients. This are noting that we consume more quantities like carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water for so let's begin with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the preferred source off energy off our body where we eat our body trump form the food in glucose. This glucose would be storing muscles in labor. So we need energy. The body will take from that glucose and utilize us for energy. So, sources of carbohydrate for an example, our pastor rice, cereal and bread. Okay, so we have to be careful with the time we consume this couple higher. And we would talk about these later on, but the timing is more important. What? That what we eat. Okay, so there are two types off, kinda hired. Simple in complex. They talk about symbols. These are the ones that I want you to be away. Stay away from simple carbohydrates. Why? Because this is okay. Is this source of energy as well? But this is going to give us a big off energy, and then it's going down. Okay, this is our items high in calories and has little or no nutrients. To give an example, we have to stay away from refined sugar, brown sugar syrup and honey. All right, so now let's talk about complex carbohydrate. These are the good ones. These are they want. I want to concentrate, and this type of carbohydrate are going to give. It was energy for longer periods. Off time has this low calorie burn and is founding fruit and badges toe just given in Sabah vengeance. Veggies like potatoes, dried beans. Also whole grains with and fruit. Now let's talk about fruit. Sometimes people said, I don't need apples because has ensure what this is. Accomplice Campbell High. Remember that the body will transform before in blue because okay, if you eat, the apple is no as bad as refined. Sugar is not as bad as if you need a candy. For instance, a night sometimes I have this craving for sugar. Yes, I'm human, so I would have a craving for sugar. But this is the healthy eating choice choices that I go on night for. My body doesn't know if the sugar is coming from it is a candy or an apple. So I tricked my body by having on Apple at night. If I have a craving for sure. Okay, So the sure that come from an apple is a complex carbohydrate. This is the type of energy that we're looking for, and he's way much better than this seems for Okay, Now let's move to another. I want to concentrate his fiver. Five years is in the family off the combo. That's well, five is so good because has slow digestion. You would give us energy for a long period of time. It will keep us food longer. And if has so many other benefits before Easter, prevent constipation. Example off a fiber oat bran cereal, whole grains fruit like apple and Citrus fruit, veggies, beans, carrots. Okay, Always when your reputation level and I will show you how to read them in a few seconds, always make sure that you have high content. The island that you're going to It is high content. Five. I love fiber. My favorite in the warning is all with the farm. You know, I was gonna keep before longer. We get the energy love fiber. Now, if you're in a white lost problem, what he's gonna do 55 is going to board up your plate. So you are going to eat more fruit and veg is is going to keep your for longer and give you energy that you need to do to do that. Okay, So fiber is the family of the carbohydrate. It is the good one, that's what. Enough. All right, Now let's move to another micronutrient the fat. But we're going to concentrate the good fat. This is the second source off energy prefer by the body. Why? Because the 1st 1 was kinda hiding with depleted your body with top in the second source of energy, which is fat? Okay. With fun just to give an example of five. Avocados are bones, natural fish, oil and some vegetable. Always like all okay, fat. I wanted to really get nutrition left. We're going to learn how to read official level in the second, but I wanted to know for in a void transform every time you read transferred. This is not good. We have to type of cholesterol in our body Cholesterol the good one in cholesterol, the bad one transferred. What we'll do is lower the good one and increase the bad cholesterol. So if you see transport, stay away from that. The only thing that I wanted to be a book away avoid is hydrogenated fats Hydrogenated five . This is a father used to be liquid. What Trump Foreign sorted. So there waas some chemical process here. So these fathers is no good one. So I stay away from hydrogenated five to give an example. Hydrogenated fund can be found in cookies, gigs and fried foods Cakes? Yes, we go to a birthday party wedding. It will be very, very bad if we don't get a piece of cake. But what you can do so at least what I do is I live in a part of this. The cream on top look like cream. But that is hydrogenated. That is very, very bad. And I eat just the breath, the inside part. But I always live the top because it's the taste good. But that's nothing good in our body that doesn't make any you know about in the second. And now the next thing is fried foods. We have to say I went from fried foods. Why is bad taste good? Of course, everything that has to find his Friday's good, but it's no good for your body. For instance, we have, and the artery the blood goes run through. That said that this is the two off the artery, right? So every time we consume fried foods a lot of fun, what's gonna happen is gonna get club around the wall off the artery. That is not good, because he's gonna get a club around and then they you blow would have to make more effort to go through. So that's no good. So stay away from fried food is not good. And the other thing is the only way we can and get rid off these cloths around against the war off the artist. My exercise exercise. It is good. We clean those arteries and, like I say, sit bottles, right. I'm not saying that you have to stop eating the food that you love, But you have to. Meaning, guys, if you want to use what you have to minimize the idea. Hi. Canneries content. Ok, all right. That waas with your funds. Now let's move to another in my protein protein. All right. The 1st 1 the first start off energy waas kind of high, that was. They prefer source of energy off our body camera high when they included the body top. In fact, with their the minute they go for project Okay, so probably is the third source for energy used by the body brought in house. So many good benefit. But I wouldn't go through all of them. But I can tell you that brought it would repair mine tank and helped to increase the muscle . Must write. I always recommend to my client. Oh, for myself. I finish work out what I do within a now. I prepared a meal. Nice hind prodding to recover those muscles. Okay, so we did on our I need to eat something with brought in to recover those mosques. Example of rotting fish, chicken turkey. Always make sure Nice, skilled less. Why? Because in this kids where the fat is Okay, If off course. Lean red meat. We have to be cautious with red meat because could be with high content of fun. So we had to read nutritional. Never some of them can. 17 30 80 20 with 80% is meat in 20% is fact legumes, legumes, beans, for instance, good source of protein and very problem to make sure that always is. No fact. That's my choice. Always no fun there repre product. 3. Part 2: Snacks, Nutrition Labels: okay, that was were brought in. Now there's more to people. Always ask me where Settle what kind of snack protein snack you eat. Okay, Now we shook. I would share with you my favorite protein snack, for instance, Scrambled eggs with veggies in the morning. That's awesome. Scrambled eggs. We had to be cautious with yack the yellow part because that's where the cholesterol is. So you should be you. Two nights the white bar of the eggs. Bring your rig your long time ago. There Waas Not greedy over. But now Riggio is very popular. Why? Because it's high content or protein. And I can utilise Greg your plane playing when I'm going to bigs and in its warded and a fresh fruit. Or if I'm going to just the Greek yogurt had to be flavor otherwise great. Your place can be another of my favourite is Hamas. Loaf are Hamels. We have a problem. They can off garbanzo beans and great and paste based. Got lots of homes. Another on my favorite snack prodigies. Tuna per tuna in my salad or tuna in the sandwich. Always with bread. Okay, my friend, would enough court every summer in the world is nice shakes or kind of share with no fun milk, and you utilize if Greek, your flavor or I fruit. If I want to get in the British, if I'm starting a shake and shake on your shape and after my workout, or in any any time when I need help his night with good source of brought All right, let's move to another marker noted. Now let's talk about water, water, water, water. Water is still the greatest drink in the entire air because it can be find anywhere our bias. About 70% work we should. We should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day for optimum body functions. The benefit of waters are endless and will be until tomorrow, telling you on the benefit before instance. Great kick cleaned and keep our skin hydrated. Eliminate toxins and also have to transform transport. The nutrients in our body produced it. Risk off cramps. I have a lot of friends that are runners, and sometimes they say myself, I start running head cramps what it's all about. Well, I'm not a doctor, but there are two things that I know for a fact that you people have cramps with this run. First of all would be bad circulation, and second could be that they don't have enough hydration. You have to be hydrated. Why? Because one of the center off dehydration is Gramps, so make sure you always give your body hydrated. And the other thing the other, the benefits very accessible. We can find one anywhere. Anywhere, usually is free. If you have a homing, a filter and those rechargeable water bottles, what is free? You don't have to spend any money in any anyplace to get water. Okay, that's free, Mr A little bit more about this. Great microbes in water. Zero calories in, As I said before, people's hydrate, dehydration can also wake up your appetite. Okay, running away loss problem. Make sure you are hydrated all the time because if you don't get enough water, your body doesn't know your body's confused. That's an obvious dehydration, always hungry that the bodies in his craving for So if you're hydrating, you will not have this craving. But if you don't drink enough water, everybody might think that you are home, and most of the time we go for four and step water, so make sure you always hydrated. You feel close to the next meal. Two glasses of water will give you a temporary control of the hunger. Okay, In a few seconds, we're going to talk about the timing for the meals. But if you are close to the next meal instead eating something, you can get two glasses of water until you get ready or global. Yeah, ready to it in the next healthy meals. Okay. And also, they would want what we can do with water. Okay, If you have having to drink, issue very items, what you can do it started meeting by saying those three bodies start drinking more water. Okay? I said minimize because our body with great any you having after 21 days. So we have the discipline to minimize in something that has a high content calorie and exchange for sensing that is healthier. The body with no notice. The difference. Okay, so the body would notice that this Fine. I don't need this amount of sure to keep leaving. I don't need this model. Sure to keep their another side. Everybody will realize that it doesn't need any of the sugar to keep functioning and all of a sudden you drink more water step, so try to make the effort and drink more water instead of sugary drinks. Now let's move to Mark Micro. My chronology descended, noting that way it in less quantities. And actually we should be eating more quantities because micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. This helps the body to function better, right and can be found in fruit. And veg is, as I mentioned before, for the edges are high in fiber, which will keep us for longer. If you have any weight loss problem, you can eat all all you want, fruit and veggies said before it went bald cap. You're playing. We keep before love. But if you go for a sign, us, be careful with dressing, because sometimes we think that we're getting healthy meal. But if we have dressing that is not that healthy. We can create 1000 calories santa, so be careful when you eat salad with dressing. Make sure that addressing that's and have or is low fat. Okay, fruit and veg is a great for breakfast snacks in shakes, or why not us? Dessert after dinner? Remember, I told you before I'm human. Of course I would have craving for sugar, but stay having a piece of candy after my dinner, I will have a Anabel instead and drink my body with that sugar craving. Okay. And of course, don't ever replace fresh fruit Jews with artificial juices because they want to come in a bottle. Off course, we turn around and really nutrition label, and sometimes they had to have give you calls. Why? Because he's gonna be in a shell for a long period of time. So how do you keep them to be for an opulent subway? Has some preservatives and many other chemical substance to keep them in a long time to shelf. So never come for that kind of jewels with the one that we can refer home. All right. Now, let's talk about how to reduce our waistline by reading nutrition wear so busy where we would go to the supermarket in a rush like eating. Now we never have time to written nutrition levels, but if you're in a weight loss problem, I would hide recommend that you take your time and breathe nutrition level every time you are going to go see Samson brings depression level because you can reviews the canneries. I just really what you are eating, okay for anything. This is my example. The usual level has many, many items. But I always look for three items At the top is the fat right in the middle Saw you and below is the sugar. So for me, one night it has more than five grams So far No, not without let go when every pass has to have five grams or less to consume that problem. Second ideas Saudi to me. I'm allowed to have 2000 milligrams a day. Right? So you fight, get a suit cannot suit the official level said that has 100 milligrams. I had to be very cautious for the rest of the ideas that I'm going to be consuming during the day. Otherwise, I would pass my limit off 2000 milligrams a day and other bottom sugar. Sure about everything. Sugar is hidden in every single area. So we had to be very, very cautious of nutrition department. Son, I have any idea Has Warner 15 grams of sugar 15 with regards to match. I don't need I will always fucking big Samson. That is 15 grams or less. 15 15. And this is another lesson lesson that we can teach to. Kids sometimes would go with the kids to a supermarket. And by the time we grab a cereal box off court kids will go for the cover with the superhero. Super accurate and all of that. But what happens sometimes does I know the healthiest one because has high come to know. Sure, right. So this is what we can teach. Kids were going to say, Look, a very early age. We have toe. Did you have to read it? To show up is what we wear going to pick our own here. We're going to pick the Syrian. That has the least amount. Sure. So we're going to grab three boxes of cereal. We're going to compare them. We're going to tell kids for them toe as a gang to pick their box that has the least amount of sugar 15 or rest that is going to be our here. Okay, if you don't remember, if I don't remember or grams percentage wise, which one is which one? OK, it's very simple. 5% or less. I'm allowed to it 5% or less of those three items five sodium or sugar. I will go for 25 or less percent. Another thing that I have to be cautious is when I'm companies advertising problem. That is low fact this other. To think that every single brother has provided flavor the fact in the shoulder when he's low fat brother companies. Other tie something. No father have to be cautious and check how much sugar they put because the flavor has to be somewhere. Right? So, Leo, your posse, That's what some some things advertised. Us low in sugar. We had to check how much if amount of fat neighborhood, because something you have that flavorless right all the way. People with no consuming. It's no good business for companies. Companies want us to consume sounds very, very often More sugar. They have more addicted is going to be. So we're going to consume more. So we have to be cautious on that. So something has low fat sugar. I'm sorry. Low fat we had to do for the content of sugar Love issue. We have to look for the conduct off. Okay, 4. Part 3: What to eat, Food Timing: all right now is how to divide your food plan is very simple. Long time ago, we had a pyramid, apparently was kind of complicated, was hard to understand. So and then Wade changed them. Therefore, my pride, my plate, my plane and you can find in the USDA website. We provide the website. Well, you can bring this is for free, but it's very simple play. We're going to buy four, where one piece 1/4 should be prodding, another quarter grains, another quarter fruit, another quarter and veggies that's in every single meal. That's how. What you should have your plate if I have four prodding grains, veggies and fruit. Okay, so we had to be pay attention to what the amount of quarters don't have in our plate, right? The more calling were played, the more movements were consumed. For instance, if I have a play with just wide rice, it's only one car. I don't have many nutrients, right? Right, But if I have it, rise carrots, beans, brown, audience on its on. We have a place that is very, very colorful. That means that I'm having a lot of Putin's. So remember that more color more and more young. Now we have to have the doses off chasm milk. I am intolerant to lactose so I can drink regular milk. But my auction is so it before I and other things we have applied in front. We have to eat slow. Why? We would talk about five meals a day. But if we every 2 to 3 hours, would not be starting. But if we skip meals, we are going to be hungry. Very hungry. And you take about 20 minutes for the stomach. Tells the brain that we are full. Right? But if we don't eat at the proper time off we have a seat. Maybe we are going to be a war. No, maybe. No, we were We wouldn't get war before because we're super hungry in those 20 minute we can eat 2000 calories. So if you eat at the proper time, when you have a seat, make sure that you need to slow. Let it buying process. Let anybody tell them stomach. Tell the body. Okay now for its fine. So you take about 20 minutes. So that's why I always recommend to people to eat slow. It's no rash savor your food. Enjoy your food. Okay. And off course. Don't ever skip breakfast, Lunch this and the two most important meal off the day. And we will talk about this later. But this is the thing. The day super long, right? Don't ever leave the house without breakfast. Why? Because you need energy that these super long If you don't have a full for this energy, you're going to feel tired. So don't ever miss in practice. I will tell you something really quick. What I do. Very simple. It's a fine meaning breakfast. Get up your coffee maker. One bottom press push the bottom, the coffee making to start running a bought off all meal with low fat milk. Microwaves. Two minutes and dunk and find me and I have a breakfast. And if I don't have time to drink coffee, coffee mug and I drink it on the way. But the thing is, I just created a very simple breakfast less than five minutes and it's about a dog. So I'm saving money. That's what I never, never, never leave the house without breakfast. All right, now let's talk about food time in tow. Avoid gaining weight before. Timing is very, very important or somewhat more important that what we Why? Because, like I said before, if you skip India, you are going to be super hungry By the time you have a seat, you're going toe the board, the food. You will never get this love. So then is when we get wet. But if you look at the proper time to three hours, you keep those Noten's coming. Your body would know, ask you for anything else. We're saying Monsanto would feel my body in the next couple of minutes, so I had to be starving. All the nutrients are common. Everything is fine. So my suggested meal, this is what I do in the morning, Breakfast said before, I like all you. But another choice that I have his whole grain cereal, low fat milk products and sometimes scrambled eggs with veg is that's my breakfast. Middle mornings neck could be the same as middle afternoon snack, right, and that's for me. It's a free choice I always carry for would be mainly banana. Why banana doesn't have to be washed. I just feel it and it's good to go down. And Apple has to wash if I had to do that. What I do it's a washing apple in a wrapping. Inactive. So when I'm home just wrapping that came into my fingers. Okay, Another A snack. Morning. Middle afternoon. Could be no fat Yogurt. Low fat yogurt has a high content. Probably would give food longer. Another a snack that, like this ham loaf have us and I give them Which celery stick or baby carrot? OK, dry fruit dry from that Grew in my own trial makes how I put in my plan. One portion is whatever I can put in the pot off my hand. And how do I carry the Frankfurt off course Will carry different in my hand. But I grab c club sandwich back those teeny tiny ones and put there and have a portion right? Carried two or three of them. So when the hunger attack does have my snacks lunch launch. As I said before the day system known, I think and I can't have carbohydrates. Remember the plate lunch carbohydrate Brought in fruit and badges. I can't have lunch for much faster for, you know, one night at night. No, pastor. So this is a days long breakfast lunch the most important meal of the day. Because I still need energy to finish the day so I can have passed a lunch. But after four. PM after for me, I have to be cautious with a a lot of behind that I put in because I would no have enough time to do the rest of the day to burn it off. Because what happened after that, I would have dinner more or less. And then I'm going to bed with I don't need energy because I'm going to be sleeping. Right. So you didn't did that early morning lunch? Yes. Good. Source of carbohydrates. Mainly complex carbohydrate. Good to go, but not after known. After four pm, the couple had went to meeting my side. It is Donald Human. More broadly. All right. So lunch Pastor rice into source of carbohydrate. And then middle afternoon snack. I mentioned the same. Could be the same. Whether I grab beetle morning snapped and for the inner between seven. And 8:30 p.m. Never after entering being because like, yes and then I'm going to bed. I wouldn't have enough time to just food. Okay? so I tried to it between seven and eight Caribbean. If I have to eat after eight, then appear it would be something very, very light. Just salad with no dressing, sad ice or water. And with us some brought in maybe tuna. I always have a Cantona at home just in case to prepare this kind of healthy quick meals. All right, so again, final today, every 2 to 3 hours, I eat something to keep the nutrients coming. Breakfast me the morning snack launch Middle after minister like and I know that seems to be a lot. But once you start doing this, the more you do this, the better you get in. All of the sudden would become assistant nature. You don't have to think about this anymore. You will do this every single day. That's another way to minimize the batteries. Okay, Now there's more to the worst four enemies off our waistlines are four worst enemies in the 1st 1 It is white flour. I try to stay away from white flowers. So I checked because his plus this problems are high in calories. So I tried to change them toe with ah whole grain I stay away from fried foods, as I said before his high continent calories and clogged our arteries. In at number three is sugar. Sugar is very addictive high having calories, temporary energy and then going down. So always stay away from sugar. And the last one is I go home. Alcohol has a lot of content sugar in little or no nutrients sometime. This is what we do. I was. We had to me. If you don't drink, do not start. But if you do, you always have to mean mice can try to go for the amount of calories they released. For instance, wine will have less calories. Dark margarita for Margarita. This is the problem. According to the bartender, Marguerite, that they had to truth to 300 counters right sometimes work out in my entire workout. I only spent $500. So if I go to a party, have two margaritas that said I killed it. My previous work out right? So my trick is instead drinking margaritas. Frosty, frosty margaritas. Once they are gone, they are gone. You can replace them, right? But if you ask a margarita on the rocks once the ice is melting, and then you can add more ice. So by the time you used to drink two margaritas now you only drink one, and you say to 300. Okay, that's my trick. Or those were the four worst enemies off our waistline. White flour, fried food, sugar in alcohol. Be my ghost. You're going to and see results faster. Okay. Healthy snacks to come out the appetite. Always keep this items handy. Like I said before, if you're in a way, those problems fruit and veg is all you can eat. And tuna. I always keep handy. Tuna can, because it's easy to prepare a celeb or sandwich in a whole grain breath. Another can off combat. So garbanzo beans, because I can create paste low fat Hamas, which I eat with baby carrots or celery stick. I always keep handy. No fat, greedy, your either for my small things just to eat as a snack but has to be flavor. Remember, Greg, your plane would be a little bit if you just flat and of course, try fruit and great my own trail. Mazen, whatever I can put in the part of my hand, that is one portion were in a similar bag. You're good to go. Those are healthy snacks. Now let's take a tour to the supermarket. I always tell people that you know what you can minimize your calories Air. What? You're spending the supermarket if you do what I do. First of all, I never go to the supermarket hungry. Why? Because we eat with our eyes. If you are hungry, we're going to pack more food that we need and we're going to spend money. So remember the water Michael, noting that we tell before Okay, two glasses of water before going to the supermarket. That would be a trick to trick your European stomach and think that is, said my four. But you wouldn't be eating. I just that you don't need, remember. Sure is very addictive. Wicked without where guys So get tour to a supermarket. Our boy starting with bakery I. Why? Because the sugar all those it's very tempting. The bakery. I was very tempted, so that go the other. I'm the 1st 1 that we should visit is them one for the for the veggies, fruit and veg is all you can eat. Remember, that's this good source of fiber and we keep us for longer. And if you have any weight loss problem, all you can eat through them badges. Okay, that's the first. Next we go to dairy aisle and always low fat. Remember, to have our does is focused. And then we go to problems Fish, chicken and turkey Skill less and mean red meat. Eggs. That would be another option as well. And remember, I eat the white part because the, you know, parties went congested. So we have to be cautious with with the yellow part. And, of course, don't forget the healthiest night. Always have until now can. So beings can dry fruit. Okay, Yeah, off course. Don't. For disease. Where? The supermarket. Don't forget to ridden official. Those understand that we should do every time we go to a supermarket bakery? I get it for the veggies. Dirty proteins snack. The health is next and always will read what we so that we can have a healthy food options . Healthy choices. All right, now this Go listen to how to control the hunger attack. Okay, How to control them? Remember it every 2 to 3 hours, you would be controlling that you would never be hungry if you eat properly every 2 to 3 hours, that's the way to go. Always drink plenty of water during the day. Man, if you work out If you were salvation that you hydrate your body before, during and after working out. Okay, if you can carry water. Water bottle. Okay. This one Don't water your 30 but if you have a filter at home in there are special water and water bottles that you can re feel you would have a fresh and free what? I always carry a water bottle with you and then you can control the hunger. Remember, two glasses of water would be controlling your hunger attack until the next healthy meal. Always carry. Have this night with you No fat, low sugar granddaughter. But if I don't have dry fruit or care, of course I will carry a low fat granola bar in always written to make sure that they found it. If you slow drive through this world and as I mentioned before in Banana banana for me, this is a great It went to control the hunger tired if I'm close to the next meal, but I'm still working. Okay? It's easy to First of all, is easy to carry and easy to it because you only have to be in it. Done. That's the way. Control, hunger attack. 5. Part 4: Supplements pros and cons: now talk about Superman. This is a very, very, very and talked topic. Today's all about super right. There are happiness, off store, bite of your shops and some some because the business is very good. Wait, we're always in a rush. Seems like we never have time to eat properly, so it's easier if we have a supplement and keep going. Now we're going to talk about pros and cons of the Superman. Let's begin with vitamins one time multi by Amin's. Okay, I know adulterer. Always consult your physician before to consume any any problems. Or so it probe what I vitamin, probably smooth body would obtain the bite of meat, Mrs Right, because you might have too many because we consume things without consulting our daughter. When I think that you days that such a such said, you should consume this such a such said, you consume that. How did they know? What do I do? Well, let's try and retain, so be careful with that. Always consult your decision. Give the only one that knows exactly what your body needs. So what? I want your body with uptime divided, amazing or the council will be with my head too. A super meant the next supplements Energy, energy or sport drinks. This is this is very, very popular as well on athletes, the prob OK will help us to recover. Recover the body faster. And But man, if we do more than 60 minutes off exercise yes, these energy drinks or sport brings can come hide right? If I would come more than 60 minute This is ISS portrait with happy to recover by faster because Haskell had remember couple days they prefer source of energy Our body Those are probably the coats sample then hike on high content of sugar And of course I said it's no in Kandahar Scarborough hided by is what time of the day you drink this. Are you practising a sport for more than 60 minutes? Okay, maybe you might need them, but if you practice sport more than 60 needed water will do the job. I have a quick story. I have a friend that has an office work. So I start by saying that he was 3 to 1 of those export trains in yet. What do you do this you have done exercising? He says, Hey, you don't understand the afternoon. I'm very tired and it's something to talk me up in this energy drinks seems toe work. So you know what? You are talking more calories in your body because this is only for you. Exercise 60 minutes if you don't get you are putting more carbohydrate. You need your money. He says you don't understand. I'm very tired. I need this kind of problem. Okay, But think for a moment. If you're not exercising for more than 60 minutes, do you get it? Sport Recall Just need work that you need just water. Okay, Because those export bring has a high content of calories. Carbohydrates Someone there has high confidence. Sugar, right? So it's up to you if you want consume them or not. But the thing is, just put it this way. Or the commercial that we see with those export rings are athlete super actress? Yes, they work out on that morning afternoon sporting. We have them to recover faster and keep going. I used to teach spinning classes and off course second class 60 minutes. I knew one of those sports drink to recover faster. Thank you, God. But the that I don't work out. I don't get any spark. Drink water with job. So I guess before always consult your physician before you consume any supplement that you might think you need. The next one went abroad Where? Brothers Another very popular type of Silverman. The probe is easy to prepare and use and could be in your replacement. Yes, I know, I said. Probably goes. We're living the fast hes lifestyle everything so fast. Sometimes we don't have time to eat. So you know powder protein powder is shake, shake, shake with water Boom and go right Super easy. Here they come. It is a processed food. What happened with process for the liver has to work extra to metabolize, Right? So that's what happened with process could cause liver damage. We don't know how much time that giver could work and work and war to process all this process foot and off course when creating, have it off. No eating natural sources of food. As I said before, it is so easy to put some prodding a powder in a container, shaking with water and keep going so easy that sometimes it was You know what year this is easier than eating regular food. I have to go. I have to go to a grocery store combo. That's it. Remember, Please, this is processed food in sometime. People try to come basement. People try to say no, but this is This is all natural and they say, How can I have something to be so naturally? So ready Nikon. Tighter plastic that is, no naturally work. Is this a chemical process to put in contact? Right anyways, Process for would protect trap pressure in your liver and will create a habit that stopping natural sources off food. So be careful with this problems if you need to use them because you might have a job that that's many, many hours without eating chewy. Full okay would die with protein. Shake my B, they went to go. But I have said before, always consult your physician before to consume. Aim this product and this moto one more Father Berman's. These are very, very popular as well, because it seems like the magic pill will melt the fact. Okay, five probe could help burn fat with help off daily exercise. That's how these supposed to work the comes. Be careful with this could accelerate the hard right. Some of this problem has fed in another car is could excited. Terrible system. This is what happened. Some of these brother has fed you Keep your little enter your your your your your your body . You feel like it. I'm excited. I can do something. Of course, if you don't exercise, you're going to be making electrical. They love, right, because this is no rack. So the only way that these might work is with the combination off the excess sex without the combination of the daily exercise that with no work it would keep you like this all day long, but they wouldn't work. So be careful when somebody tell you this magic pill fat burner wouldn't met the fact you can try. But like I said, the doctor is the only one that will tell you what you need for your body. In another finis, when you go to these vitamin shops that usually the crack doesn't have any credential about any nutrition in back room. They know what how to sell the brother because that's how they make money by selling problem. So you have to think for a moment they crack on the Vitamin Shoppe. Really? Not now. What I need, what the doctor needs when I knew she, like trust. Well, I'm here. The crack seems to be very knowledgeable about the product. Yes, that's what they do for a living. They are very knowledgeable about the product. And then we'll tell you that you need this. You need that. You need this. You need that. You know, the day you spend a lot of money. Who knows if you didn't know science, So be careful with this. Always consult your physician before to consume any off these supplements. All right. Uh, I hope you he is the end office in my nutrition class. I hope you enjoyed. Now this put in practice what we have today. And one more thing. Please consult. Also a registered dietitian to prepare a meal plan to suit your needs. Okay. Yeah, this is train ourselves. You know, we'll see you next time. Why 6. Thank You: Thank you for your participation. Don't forget to follow me so you don't miss my next class. And if you enjoyed this class, leave me a positive review. Share with your friends. And if you need extra help, feel free to visit my site at trainer Marcello that come. Thank you again and have a healthy day.