Numbers in German #1 - Cardinal Numbers | Angelika Davey | Skillshare
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7 Videos (35m)
    • Numbers in German - cardinal numbers

    • Numbers from 0 - 10

    • Numbers from 11 -20

    • Numbers from 21 - 100

    • Numbers from 100 - 1000

    • Numbers over 1000

    • Extra listening practice with telephone numbers


About This Class


Do you get your German numbers mixed up? This class covers the numbers from zero to a trillion, and only the cardinal numbers. That way it will be easier for you to practise.  This class is for any level. Beginners can start with the first lesson and then move on as and when they are ready to learn the higher numbers. Intermediate learners might wish to revise some of the numbers, and even advanced learners might find it useful.

Quick listening exercises are within the videos and the final video is a complete listening exercise with telephone numbers for you to practise listening out for single and double digit numbers.

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