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Numbers 1 to 99 in Chinese (Mandarin)

Amy Lin, Online 1-1 Chinese Tutor & Podcast Host

Numbers 1 to 99 in Chinese (Mandarin)

Amy Lin, Online 1-1 Chinese Tutor & Podcast Host

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18 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 Class Project

    • 3. 3 Numbers 1 to 5

    • 4. 4 Quizlet Class

    • 5. 5 Quizlet Activity

    • 6. 6 Numbers 6 to 10

    • 7. 7 Quizlet Activity

    • 8. 8A Review 1 to 10

    • 9. 8B Numbers 11, 12, 13

    • 10. 9 Practice 11 to19

    • 11. 10 Multiplication

    • 12. 11 Practice

    • 13. 12 23 and more

    • 14. 13 Practice

    • 15. 14 Class Project

    • 16. 15 Review Cx1 Ex1

    • 17. 16 Repeat After Me

    • 18. 17 Thank you

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About This Class

In less than 15 minutes, we are going to learn numbers 1 to 99 in Mandarin Chinese! YESSS. 1 to 99!

Don’t believe me?

Good. You shouldn’t believe a person that easily ;D

Let’s give it a try though!

The key to learning numbers 1 to 99 lies in learning numbers 1 to 10. Once you master 1 to 10, you will be able to say 1 to 99 in Mandarin Chinese.

Who is this class for?

This class is suitable for learners who enjoy bite-size lessons that are well paced with examples and practices.

Level: Beginner


A basic knowledge of pinyin will be helpful. Not required as you can repeat after me :D  

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Amy Lin

Online 1-1 Chinese Tutor & Podcast Host


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1. 1 Intro: hello and welcome in this cost. We're going to learn how to say numbers 1 to 99. Yep. 99 not nine, but 99 in Mandarin Chinese before we officially start. Listen, I want to give you a short introduction. If this is your first time taking my class, then I will talk about our listen structure about me. How My name is Amy Ling. I am all my one on one lunch, a teacher and the lanky Hlynur I got into teaching by accident in 2013. And I have been teaching all I ever since then. I love teaching and one of the main reasons I love teaching. It's because it's amazing and fund amazing people from all over the world. I hope to help more people get started with their mentoring journey. And I want to show them that learning Mandarin can be fun and enjoyable lesson structure. First, we'll start with a lesson summer. So you know where you're going to learn in Dallas in followed by the actual lesson all the teaching part. If we're learning phrases or sentences and I was say those first, then I will break down the individual components. Then we are going to practice. You have to purchase. Will you learn to make sure that you remember that and we're going to end? I'll listen with reviews. And the reason I'm saying reviews is because the first review we're going to do we're going to review all the key phrases where I would say the Chinese part ones, followed by the English part. Then we're going to end with a second part for review. The second part of the review. It's well, I called Repeat after me. And this is where I was, say, the Chinese race three times, with time in between Evie, every repeat repetition so that you get to practice. The word were after me. 2. 2 Class Project: your cost project, but the underclass I'll go is to be able to translate the falling numbers to Chinese. You can either use pinging or characters, not let's get started. 3. 3 Numbers 1 to 5: and this. Listen, we're going to live numbers 1 to 5. One is e e kind of like the English leather e except we add told to it So now it's high flat. So it's e e are are our is to be careful that there is the little are there So it's not whether is our are that we have three, which is son, son four it suit So followed by a less number which is five Ooh ooh! All right, let's read all of them are son a little more time e are son Su who? 4. 4 Quizlet Class: If you want extra practice, I have you recommend using crystl it as a way to remember all the words you conjoined all Christlike class by going to choice. Mentoring cafe dot com slash chris Licht Class one If you have never used a quiz lit, then I highly recommend checking out of this post at China's mentoring cafe dot com slash Christmas Demo one. That's where I will show you how to use Krystle it 5. 5 Quizlet Activity: If you want Atra practice than your first task is to practice numbers 1 to 5 the actual set name. It's also called numbers 1 to 5. 6. 6 Numbers 6 to 10: in this lesson, we are going to learn numbers. 6 to 10. Six. Is Lil lt'll kind of like Yo yo? But there you add a l sound too little lt'll seven is t t. Seven. It's probably one of the most difficult sounds for English speakers. So take your time with this. Won t see it is Bob Balm nine. Is Jill deal. The ending is the same as six, which is a little like l with your yourself, Lil. And then listen. It's geo deal last 1 10 and it is sure I want more time, lil, See, uh, feel. 7. 7 Quizlet Activity: If you are using Chris like to study them, please studied the set that says numbers 6 to 10. 8. 8A Review 1 to 10: Now we're going to review all numbers. E uh, so suit who? Lt'll See, uh, till she 9. 8B Numbers 11, 12, 13: Now we know how to say numbers 1 to 10. Once you know how to say it. Numbers 1 to 10 you will be able to say any number from 1 to 99. Okay, So what do you think of math class? I can do math, but luckily, we're only going to need a basic math skills to do the next part. So let's do some math. First wash, we put in that little box, we have 11 Eco's to 10. Plus. What? Okay, take a moment all. Maybe maybe using the a moment to do this. Oh, yes. 0 11 ico stewed Tim plus one. Right. So how do we say 10 in Chinese? 10 is sure. And there No one about one. How do we say one in Chinese? One is E. Now we're going to say this one other time. So we have sure. Mm, She e. And this is 11. She e one digital time. I can't. Let's try another example. Well, if we have 12 what she put in their question box, We're going to start with a 10 and then we need to add to how do we say 10 in Chinese and What about two? Two is our one pitch Other time. Will have Sure are sure are all right. What last example? While About 13. 13 egos to 10. Pause free. How do you say 10 in Chinese? And they're three son, one digital time shoes, son. She so and shoes means 13. All right, Hopefully it's not too bad so far. 10. 9 Practice 11 to19: No, let's practice. I wanted to translate the following numbers to Chinese. You can either use pinging or characters. You'll be able to find the answers in our pdf file. 11. 10 Multiplication: up to this point. We know how to say 1 to 19 but we don't know how to say 20 yet. So we are going to use multiplication for this part. Let's take a look if we have 2020 Eco's to what times? 10 20 egos to two times 10. So we're going to do the same thing here. We're going to sit one digit at the time. How do we say to in Chinese, that is our are And then what? About 10 10? Is she she So one which time we have our our ship. That is how we say 20. Okay, now let's try to do another example. Whatever. Have 30 30 egos to what times 10 and that is is three Okay? Still not if we have three and a 10 we're going to say three, which is son. Some followed by 10 which is should so all together we have some shoes, some shoot, and that it's always a 30. That's still one more 40 40 ico. So what times 10. So says we d like to, and the 34 day will be four. Right? So four is followed by 10 which is sure, Sure. This one can be slightly more difficult to pronounce. Because how? This two are very similar. So he does not have a church in it. That means we don't need to curl all tongue. And the ship. We had to measure what? Curl all tongue. So we have suit. Should so take your time to practice saying 40 as it can be a little difficult and other numbers. 12. 11 Practice: Now let's practice. I want to translate the following numbers to Chinese UK. Either used pinging or carriages. You'll be able to find the answers in your pdf file. 13. 12 23 and more: After this point, we know how to say 1 to 19 and also at an increment of 10 such as 2030 40 and so on. But what if we have 23? Luckily is logical as well. It follows a similar concept, so let's take a look. Let's do the first part 23 ecos two times 10 and that means we'll get 20. So how do you say 20 20? It's our shoot, so that covers the fist part are and then after we're 20 we still have a remainder, right? We have a remainder off three. And how do you say three in Chinese? We say some. Some together we have our shirt, son, are she son? So for numbers like 23 we think of how to say 21st and then whatever the remainder is would just attach the number. Just say right after the 20 or 30 or whatever number when you could say so. Let's try another example where if we have 34 so let's break it down. 34. We have three times 10 which is 30 so we need to say 31st then we have a remainder off four So how do we say 30? And that is some. As you can see here, it's a three and the 10. So we have sung. Should some sure and four is one part of the time. We have some, Sure, so shoot, sit and some. So it's how we say 34. Let's try it. One more example. Where if we have 45 45 it four times 10 plus five. So we say four 10 5 So for the is for in a 10 that it so should. And five is cool Well together we have sure Who so she That's it. That's how we do that. All the numbers You can apply this concept to all off memories. 14. 13 Practice: for this part. I went into practice translating the following numbers to Chinese. You can either use pinging or characters. 15. 14 Class Project: your costs Project. Your cost project is to translate the following numbers to Chinese either impinging or Kertesz. 16. 15 Review Cx1 Ex1: review. We're going to do Chinese ones. English ones for this part E one are to son three said four. Well, five. He'll six t seven balm. Eight. I feel No, I 10 She e 11. She are 12. Sure, son. 13. Our shoes 20. Sign. Shit. 30. You should 40. Oh, she's Lille 56. Lt'll sure. T 67 t shuba 78. Still should deal 99. 17. 16 Repeat After Me: repeat after me. This is where I will say the phrase three times where time in betraying for you to repeat after me e e e are are are son son, son. Well, well, well. Leo. Leo Leo. See, See? See, uh uh uh deal. Deal. I feel she e she e she e she, uh She, uh She, uh sure. Some sure, son? Sure. Some our should our should our should. So I should so should so should so she You sure? Leo? You sure? Leo? You sure? Leo mill shirts, he mill shirts, He mill shirts. He t ship, uh, t ship, uh, t ship, uh, Till should yell Still should feel till should feel. 18. 17 Thank you: That's awful. This class. Thank you for taking this class with me. I hope you enjoyed learning memory jail.