"Now What" Series: I've Created an Illustration, Now What? | Samantha Wilson | Skillshare

"Now What" Series: I've Created an Illustration, Now What?

Samantha Wilson, Illustrator & Fiber Artist

"Now What" Series: I've Created an Illustration, Now What?

Samantha Wilson, Illustrator & Fiber Artist

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11 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome

    • 2. TeeLaunch - Products

    • 3. KITE - Products

    • 4. Printed Mint - Products

    • 5. Printify - Products

    • 6. Bucketfeet - Shoes

    • 7. Storenvy - Shop

    • 8. Redbubble - Shop

    • 9. I've Created a Pattern...Now What?

    • 10. Class Project

    • 11. Thank you!

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About This Class

So you've worked hard and created an illustration (or doodle!)...now what? 

In this class, I will show you lots of different ways to turn your illustrations and doodles into passive & semi-passive income! Whether you dream of adding your illustrations to home goods or creating clip art digital packs, this is the class for you!

If you are interested in learning to do graphic design work from your iPad or iPad Pro - be sure to check out my series - Designing on theGo with the iPad Pro Graphic (101,102,103 & 104). If you are interested in learning to turn your illustrations into patterns on the iPad or iPad Pro, check out my patterns class - iPad Pro Class -Creating Repeating Pattern and my follow up class I've Created a Pattern, Now What? for passive income options for your patterns!


Necessary Requirements:

  • Knowing how to make your illustrations + doodles digital
  • laptop or tablet

So what are you waiting for? Click on the enroll link and I look forward to seeing you all in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samantha Wilson

Illustrator & Fiber Artist


Lets be friends on the Inter-webs: check out my social links and like + follow!

Samantha Wilson is a Hand Letterer, Calligrapher & Illustrator living in East Texas with her Hubby, Daughter & 3 Pups. The sole designer behind Oh So Illustrating, Samantha spends her days adding doodles and lettering on everything using ink, graphite, paint and digitally with a stylus! She aims to spread love, happiness and humor through her designs worldwide!

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1. Hello & Welcome: Hello and welcome back to the second class of my now what Siri's. This one is going to focus on illustrators and your illustrations and all of you professional do dealers out there. I'm so if you're not familiar with the Siri's, the idea about behind the now what Siri's is that, um, as artists we create, we create, we create, and we get done with it. And sometimes we can only think like, Well, I just created this illustration. I'm going to put it on paper. And now what? I mean, what else do you do with that? And there are so many outlets out there where you can take your your design and place it on mugs and sell it digitally and turn it into clip art. There's just so many other options out there that really allows you to take your design and a pit and get a passive income from it by selling it in these different ways. Eso That is what this class is about, and I'm really excited to have you all back and let's go ahead and jump in 2. TeeLaunch - Products: Okay, So the first passive income place I want to talk about is called T Launch now. T launch. You can use them in three different ways. On Shopify. They have an app that you can. It's kind of like a plug in specifically for Shopify. If you have your own www dot your shop dot com, you can sell their designs, you know, or your their products on your own website. Then you cannot do also do it on places like eBay, Etsy, Amazon and such. Like that. Um, so the way that they work is they have lots of different products. Let me jump for her to all their products. And I mean, as you can see, they have a little bit of everything. Accessory pouches, clothing. They've got phone cases, a beer. Stein. I mean, let's let's talk about this beer. Stein. That's pretty cool. I have not seen that anywhere else. Let me jump to another page. This one has a yoga mat, so that's very unique. Um, haven't seen that another ones. They've got stickers cutting board, you know, all kinds of stuff, a dog bull and for each one, when you click on the view item. Um, now, once you're logged in and you've got you've opened an account with them, you know they'll be more information. But so for this, it tells you the size that ceramic, and it's $10. So the way you would do that is, um, you know, $10 is your costs. So if you wanted to sell it on and make $5 profit per each one of these, you could sell it for 15 and then let me jump over. I thought I had it pulled up. I guess not. Um, let me go to their F A Q um, because they talk about their shipping over here. So, like, for their products, what are your product costs? So they have, ah, list of all the different products and how much the base price for each one of them is. Um, they also have shipping right here. They explain, um, what the shipping costs are, and they do do international shipping. So the great part about T launch is you can focus on working on your art and creating your own designs and then being able to add your designs, you know, specifically to their products. and they do the drop shipping for you. So that way it is, um, super passive if you're doing it through Shopify, um, I believe that it automatically places the order for you when someone buys the product. Ah, but if you were using it through the others, you might have to manually input it. But, I mean, that would take all of a minute, and it would allow you to, um, you know, to design your products and put them on, um, some really cool products. So that is a T lunch. 3. KITE - Products: the next Ah, passive income place that I want to talk to is talk to you guys about is called Kite and Kite is very similar to T launch, which is very similar to print full or society six, with the exception of ah, both t launch and kite allow you and, uh, imprint full, allow you to have a very big profit margins. Where is with society? Six. I feel like it's a little bit on the low side, but with kite, they have lots of products. As you can see, it got all kinds of categories over here. So, like, I'm gonna click on homeware and they've got cushions, mugs, towels. Um, so go ahead and click on towels. They have templates. They've got the pricing right here. The optimal image, size, dimensions where it's manufactured in This is, um, this company is based out of London. So Great Britain, in lead time to working days, and then they have your shipping right here, shipping time and days. Um, so that would, you know, lead times two working days, and then the shipping time for the U. S. Would be like 3 to 6 days. You'd add that on top of the lead time. So you could be looking at 5 to 8 days before your client would get their product, which is really not that at all. Now, the only thing about Kite is kind is only available right now on Shopify. Um, right now, but they're planning on offering a woo commerce plug in. So if you have your own personal site on WordPress, um, you can you know, Bill soon. Have it If you're on Shopify, you confer. Sure. Use them. Um, already. But they do have a lot of different products, but like I said, they're very similar to the other ones. Um, and so this is just another option. They, you know, have 250 top quality, personalized products and worldwide product fulfillment and distribution network across the multitude of sales channels. So, um so Yeah. So this is a kite and another ah, passive income option for you all 4. Printed Mint - Products: So the next passive income place I want to talk to is talk to you about is called Printed. Meant now. I love printed mint. They're very similar. Teoh. Both kite t Launch and, um, print full in society six. But what I love about print ful is there specifically set up pretty much for artists, designers, illustrators, any of us that create products. They have a huge selection of products and basically no minimums, no inventory for you. They, of course, of inventory. They brand your packages for you, and, um, they make it really easy to upload your designs to the products. Eso I'm going to just show you guys already logged in. I'm gonna show you some of the products and then talk to you a little bit more about printed mint. In general, As you can see, I'm logged in. So this is wholesale pricing. Um, so you would have to sign up for an account, um, and provide them with all of your business information and stuff. But I love that they have lots of different options. Cosmetic bags, note pads. If got mouse pads and you can shop, you know, different ways. They've got 123 products. So I mean, I'm just going to click number 11 down here, so we jump, like, way back. They have. I've had. Well, this is a bundle, but I've had 3 60 bundles. So there covers. They've got magnetic memo boards, a chore chart. I mean, really, they have all kinds of stuff shirts, totes, hellos. I mean everything. So for each one of thes like, say, we click on this pillow right here, As you can see, they provide a template as a pdf and then also, the mock up mock ups are great because they allow you to be able to add your design, see what it looks like and put it on your website, which is great, because then when you're trying to sell the product instead of just showing, like your pattern or your design, you know, it's actually on the pell. Oh, so it looks very realistic, and it means that you don't have to purchase one of every single product to be able to offer it. Um, so this 18 50 would be my costs, and then you could, you know, decide on what you wanted to sell it for. So maybe you want $10 profit. You know, you could do 28 50 eso you could just play around with That gives you the file size and the file type related products. All that kind of stuff s so that's basically some of their products. I'm gonna go into their about because I want to talk about a couple of things they have listed in their FAA Que, um when they also have right here where you could click and like, specifically on stuff. So, like, pet products. And it will take you directly to that or baby in kids. And you couldn't see items. Um, that we didn't see before. Like baby bibs. How cute. Um, for those of you who like babies anyway, so, um, they offer a slew of products they're very easy to work with. I've been working with them for a little bit, and I absolutely love them. Their customer service is fabulous. Um, I they have no feed Teoh establish an account with them. As I said, they offer wholesale, and they also offer branding. And I'll jump up there in a second to show you, um, the branding and it's free. They do, I think, have a deluxe that you I need to pay a little bit extra for, and it's just like extra color choices and stuff. But the basic stuff is super awesome. Their turnaround time is superfast. 3 to 4 business days from placing your order. So that's really nice, because, um, you know that's it. That's a quick turnaround time for your clients. For that, they do have blind ship options, which, as they joke, doesn't mean they were blind phones he. But what it does mean is that when your client receives the product, they receive a box, and it's got your branding on it and just a return address that doesn't say the company's name. It won't say printed meant. I don't even know if it'll say your name. It will just have their address that it shipped from. So that's great because, you know, then your customer has it. The packing, as they say down here, um, the packing slip only contains product descriptions and your company's info. We do not reveal classified information about your account to anyone, even to President Trump. Ha, ha. I didn't notice that the hilarious anyway, um, they do have shipping. The shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of the order. They don't charge a handling fee or anything like that. Um, and, yes, let me jump up and show you. Um, I thought I was already logged in. Okay? Yeah. Custom packaging. Let me jump over there. Um, so here is the custom packaging. So basic you get a package label, which is your design. Um, you have a couple of different colors of crinkle paper. That's really cute. They've got ribbon and twine for if they're they're trying something so white, black or just the craft color. Um, they give you celo bags. If something needs to be put in that custom packing slip, you can add your customers gift message and add your company name. Now they do have a deluxe option. It's 10% of the sub total and Sophie up, check out. But it gives you some additional colors, um, of crinkle paper, some more ribbon and twine colors. You can also add a full color logo at a promotional image, and then you can also add product labels. And you have the option to, um, have gift boxes which are decorated with your custom label and are included with select products. So, um, it's kind of up to you if branding is super important and this is just too basic for you could totally do the Dylex option. But I do love that. They, um, they have that option so you can kind of really make it your own. And as I said, they just have a lot of really great products. So that is another passive income option. When the other great thing about printed men is, you can use it on anything. You can use them for selling on it. See Amazon any of those things and you just each time somebody places an order, you jump in here and put the order in yourself so it does require a little bit like it's not automatic, but it does allow you to sell it anywhere. So that's really co option. So that is printed 5. Printify - Products: So the next passive income place that I want to talk about is called print. If I now print if I is very similar to a lot of the other places, I just want to give you guys a lot of options because one place might have a product that you're interested in that other places don't. So being able to use multiple fulfillment, um, and product places allows you to really have a wide range of products. Eso print If I It can only be used for those of you who having shop on Shopify. So if you don't have a Shopify shop, Um go ahead and just skip over this video. The reason why a lot of this stuff works with Shopify Shopify is one of the best places A to I use for my personal website for my e commerce selling. And um, I have to say it's one of my favorite places or places to sell. So that's why a lot of thes are specifically on Lee for Shopify is because, um, Shopify has, like, the thousands upon thousands of people with stores on there, so these places air just filling a need specifically for them But if you do have Shopify great or if you want to create a Shopify account, um, just to use some of thes places and then actually take the pictures and sell them on it, see, a lot of them say, Hey, you can do whatever you want as long as you know you pay for your products. So its anyway. So let me go ahead and jump over and show you some of their products. I'm just like a lot of the other places they've got. Ah, lots of different options. Various different prices. Um, you know, we can click on hoodies. They've got different kinds of hoodies, different brands. This is American apparel. We've got some guild in. Um, I'm not familiar with a W D I s, but that's it's another they use. They've got different mugs here. They've got a stainless steel travel mug. That's pretty cool. They've got kids clothes which we haven't seen a ton of. So that's cool. And they've got different brands again, like Delta rabbit skins, um, and then phone cases. So I mean, they have a lot of what the other places have. They have a lot bigger selection for phone cases. Especially like the tough iPhone cases, Um, probably similar. And they look similar to the auto box cases, which is nice to be able to offer. Um, so, yeah, so these air a lot of their products, and as you can see, each one has a cost. So if you click on it, um, it tells you what the cost is, Um, and it gives you a little bit more about it. And here's one with a designed. The nice part is is with that, you can see it wraps around, so that's pretty cool. Um, shipping they've got, um Now it looks like you can Onley ship, um, out of the US or the UK. So, um, I guess you pick your location. I'm not really sure that works, but they do ship worldwide. So if you're shipping from the US, here's your different prices. Your first price. Your, um, your additional, like item for shipping. So 2 50 to ship one shirt, 90 cents for each additional. And it's 2 to 8 days of shipping. 4 to 10 for Canada and 8 to 30 for international. So those are all pretty standard. Um, yeah. So that's your shipping tips and stuff. They've got some F A Q A whole F A Q section that you're welcome to read. Few through. They talk about pricing how you get paid, which, um, you actually pig them. So you've already been paid from whoever's purchased from you. Um, and they also dio the Bryant the blind shipping. So as it says, you know, no, our brand does not show any where the end product is packaged with your branding and shipped in your name. Therefore making print if I, ah, work invisible. So once again, this is another blind shipping for film and option that you all can use to have, um, a passive income, so that's printed by 6. Bucketfeet - Shoes: So the next place I want to talk about is, um, a potential passive income place. But you have to be accepted first. If you haven't heard of bucket feed bucket fees. Actually, a, um, art is a place that sells shoes, and they are all artists, designed shoes. Eso The way it works is you, as an artist, submit your design to bucket feed, and in turn, if your design is approved, they they put it on shoes. And so every single one of their shoes are designed by artists worldwide. I'm so I mean, it's a really cool concept. So if you've ever thought, Oh, my gosh, I would love to put my designs on shoes and I'd love to, you know, have someone else marketed and take care of all of that bucket feeds a great option. Um, Now the way it works is if they do accept your design, um, they've got this little artist, if a que section. But let me They've got submission guidelines and all of that, Um, but ah, down here for selection process, an info they have. Um, if my art select artwork is selected, how much will I get paid and the way it works is you receive a dollar fee for every pair sold. A bucket feed, gift card, a discount and a discount code to share for your friends and family. Um, and so typically, a lot of people use that bucket feed gift card to go ahead and get, um, a pair of their shoes with their design on their um so I mean, you make a dollar per shoes. So there are several artists on here that have, like, multiple designs. Now, one of the things they do say is they first produced a small amount about 100 pairs of your shoe design. Um, and that way they test it out in, you know, out in the world. And if it's a hot seller, then they'll do what they call a mass production. And that means they'll prove be producing 240 or more of your shoe. So you get a dollar for each of those. And if they decide that they're going to mass produce it, then you actually they will pay you additionally, Teoh, um, to by ownership of your artwork. So it'll still have your name on it in the sense of life when you're shopping people like, if I go back here, each one of thes shoes has a designer on here. So if you clicked on it, that particular shoe, it talks about the artist right here. Um, I guess the artists are linked over here, but you can go into the artists and find them individually out here. They are right down here on. And so it talks about this specific artist, and, um and you can follow them on, you know, instagram Facebook. You know, their social media's and stuff like that. But basically, for every pair of thieves sold, he hey gets a dollar, and if they mass produced it, he got a bonus, and they bought the design. Um, and he gets $250 out bonus. So, um, now it's, I mean, obviously, it's not a guaranteed passive income, but, um I mean, come on, it's pretty cool toe. Have your design put on shoes. Um, I think it's a lot of designers air, like all that would be totally cool. So I just wanted to show you guys it. So it's an option for anybody that's looking for a way to kind of get their their designs printed and out there. So that's bucket feed 7. Storenvy - Shop: So the next place I want to talk about is called store envy, and this is actually a place where you can open up a shop. So I know that we've talked about several different, um, you know, places to get products printed, um, and created. But, um, one of the biggest things is, um I mean and I'm sure you know this in your everyday life, but there are certain places that certain people like to shop at. So there's some people that are like, I only shop at Target and other people that are like, Nope, I'm a small girl, and I like to go to Dillard's or JC Penney or something like that. So we all have specific places that we like to shop at, and I think that that's the same, um, the same thing with online. You know, you've got people who only like to shop on it. See, you've got other people who like Creative Market or the hungry Jay. Peg it. If you're not familiar with those topics, are those places are there other online does that selling platforms, and then you have people that like to specifically go directly to the website of whatever they're buying. So if they're buying something from Yankee Candle Company, they don't want to buy it from Wal Mart. They want to buy it specifically from Yankee Candle company dot com, so store envy is similar to it. See, and all of those and it's a It's where you can have an online store and they have millions of shoppers. So it's a online marketplace, basically, um, so it's very easy to join. You upload your products you can sell on their website, and, as they say, you could be awesome. Eso you can upload them in minutes. As I said, as you can see you, can you get access to millions of the shoppers, but you get your own custom store that, um, that they can they can go into so like they would see it kind of like on it. See how you have your own shop. But it's in the marketplace, so they were unkind of on the same platform. Um, Price wise. Sorry. It's scrolling really, really weird, But price wise, um, they have very They promote the basically the same ways it see they've got you know you can have watchers people who walk your entire store. And that's kind of like having your favorite stores, like on it, see if they heart your store and be it an item. It's the same thing as favorite ing or hurting a product on it. See? And then, um, the more activity your business gets in the marketplace, the greater the chance you have your business of being featured. So they have a feature page similar to it. See, um, so you get a free shop when you sign up? Um, it's easily customizable. All that kind of stuff. Um, you get toe list 500 product listings for free, and then I believe after that it's like a percentage, Um, for every sale store in the marketplace drives your business will keep 10%. Um, so, I mean, that's really not bad. There's no monthly fees, no listing fees. I mean, I think that's pretty awesome. Um, so yeah. So, um, a lot of people like it. Um, And as I said, some people, this is probably the only place they shops, and people are hard core. It see people, um, and some people like to go the website. So by opening a shop in all these different places. Um, the nice part about it is that you could be hitting different customers a different places on DSO because I don't feel like there's a ton of overlap. I mean, some of a shop at multiple places. Um, but the more places you open a shop, the more options you have. Um, you know, to get more sales coming in. And, um, with it being where you can sow, you know, pretty much anything. Um, you could have digital downloads. You could add your products on any of the, um, or your designs on any of the products that we've we've talked about. Um and so I mean, it just gives you another another place. Teoh, sell your products. So this is store MB. 8. Redbubble - Shop: so another place that I want to talk about opening a shop, um, and selling your artwork on is called Red Bubble. Now, Red Ball Bowler is very similar to society. Six. In the sense of you upload your products on or your your designs and they it's their products. They do all the printing and the shipping and all of that kind of stuff. So when somebody comes to shop here and they click on stationery, there you go and they click on calendars. It's, ah, full blown marketplace. So it'll pull up calendars from everybody. And as you can see, the prices vary a little bit. And then if there, um you know, interested in it like this boxer one, they could click on it and they can choose their start month, which is kind of cool, and then they can add it to cart, um, and how quickly it delivers and all that kind of stuff. So, um, I mean they can shop for multiple people. They can follow. Whoever it is, there's product reviews. Um, yeah, so that's the way. Or that's that's red bubble, like how that works. But to sell your artwork, you would click up here on the cellular network, and it's very similar to society. Six. They've got T shirts, stickers, device cases, posters, You know, all kinds of different products. The way they're pricing system works is they have a base price, just like on Society six. And then you choose your margin. And then that's what the retail prices for customers. So, like a click on how did your base prices? So basically, um, let's see. Where do they have them listed? Um, I guess it was appear at the top. Um, okay, here's Here's the length. Sorry s O for base prices. So they have based on where you are, it converted already. So say you were going to sell. Let's see here. Let's girl down to something. A calendar. The base price for us is $20. So if you wanted to make you know 20% you do 20 plus 20% and you put in the 20% and then for each time they sold one of your calendars, you would get whatever that markup wasif. It's, you know, $2. I'm awful at math, so I'm not going to even try to do math on 20%. I'm sorry, I wasn't prepared for that. But you based on that so you could market up really high. But as you saw, everyone had it between, like, the 24 to $26 range. So you could be making 4 to $6 per each calendar, which I mean is a good mark of especially since it's completely passive. Because, you know, once you've uploaded your design onto products, they do all of the printing, shipping, drop, shipping, You know, they take care of all of the customer service side. So this truly is a a passive income place, and they do have a lot of products and stuff. So, um, if you you know, like that kind of, um you know, uh, payment, schedule and scenario and all of that kind of stuff. Then, um then this is red bubble and just another place you can have your product sold 9. I've Created a Pattern...Now What?: So if this is the first class that you're taking, um, from me of my now what? Siri's I just wanted to let you guys know about my my I've created a pattern. Now what class? Um, if you are like an illustrator or professional doodler or a graphic designer, you know, a lot of the designs that you create could actually be turned into patterns. So I do think it is important for me to point out that I had to have a class specifically for patterns. And as you can see, it's got I think it's like 10 different places where you could take your patterns and place them on different products, sell them digitally, um, artwork, all that kind of stuff. I do think that regardless, if you're interested in creating patterns, this is a great class to take because I did not want to be repetitive in this class. Siri's. So what? My goal was is with each class to offer five plus new places to sell your products on our your designs on or places that provided products that you could put your designs on. And, um so in order to do that, I didn't want to repeat myself. So in this class, I talk about spoon flour, which is a great place that you can add your designs to fabric. So if you wanted to create a pattern out of your design, you could place it on power fabric. I talk about creative Market and the hungry Jay Peg, which are both, um, online design marketplaces. People sell all kinds of things there. They sell vector packs, they sell photo shop elements, they shall sell fonts they sell for this. I was talking about making digital pattern packs, but from a design perspective, you could be selling SPG files you could be listing. Um, you could make draw illustrations and turn them into vector artwork or PNG designs and offer that to clients or people that buy it. Um, I talk about it, see where I was talking to them again about, um, listing digital pattern packs on their but also you can sell products on there. I talk about print full, which is another fulfillment type place where you can add, um, your designs to products. I talk about society. Six Society six is very similar. Teoh Red Bubble, which we just went over, but it is another place, and I'm I almost feel like it's been around longer. But don't hold me to that, because I'm not exactly sure I've known about society six. Ah, lot longer than I've known about Red Bubble, but it's a place where you can sell your products or put your designs on products, and they take care of everything. And then you get a portion of the sale art of where is a great place to add your designs Teoh clothing on. And they even have athletic lines. So if you're dream has been to, like, create designs and then sell them at local boutiques or, you know, worldwide boutiques, um, art of where is a really cool place to check out? I also talked about stationary H Q and District White label, which are two places Teoh. Add your products. The stationary stationary H Q has tons of things like mouse pads and um, and books and calendars and all that kind of stuff. But District White Label has really good pricing on um, on selling like invitations or greeting cards. They also do mugs, calendars and notebooks. Art Print Club is a great place for art prints and like home decor like hanging home decor . They've got these really cool schoolhouse posters and, um, wrapped canvas and you can have your designs printed on wood. It's pretty cool. So my point of all of this is that this class wow, it was creating passive income with your patterns. Ah, lot of these places could be for just your designs to its air illustrations, doodles, whatever. It's not specifically for patterns, with the exception of maybe the clothing. Well, not so much the clothing but the fabric for sure, because, you know, look weird if you just have, like, a, you know, a design, and it didn't repeat like, you know, but for the rest of them, they could be used for a graphic designers, illustrators, painters, whatever. And so I just kind of wanted to show you guys that this class has a lot more to offer than just patterns and that I would totally suggest checking it out because it could be another option for you guys. So, um, I'll have a link for this 10. Class Project: Thank you so much for tuning into this class for your class project. I would love to see how you have taken some of your illustrations or your professional doodles and added them to products or opened up a shop, or I mean, really, whatever you took from this class, I'd love to see it as your class projects. So, um, I'm looking forward to seeing them all. And you, Yeah. 11. Thank you!: thank you so much for taking my newest class of my Now what? Siri's. I plan to have at least two more for this series. But if you have any other ideas or thoughts on things that you'd like to see, go ahead and put it in the discussion. And thanks again for coming back and taking my classes, I