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"Now What" Series: I've Created a Design, Now What?

teacher avatar Samantha Wilson, Illustrator & Fiber Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome

    • 2. Printing & Products

    • 3. Printing & Products #2

    • 4. Paper Products

    • 5. Business & Promotional

    • 6. Products/ Online Store

    • 7. Products/ Online Store #2

    • 8. Digital Products

    • 9. Digital Products #2

    • 10. Digital Products #3

    • 11. Class Project

    • 12. Other "Now What" Classes

    • 13. Thank you!

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About This Class

So you've worked hard and created an awesome design..now what?

In this class, I will show you lots of different ways to turn your designs - whether it's watercolor, illustrations, a sculpture, or whatever your art passion may be into passive & semi-passive income! Whether you dream of adding your designs to home goods or creating clip art digital packs, this is the class for you!

If you are interested in learning more ways to turn your words into products and other online shops to open - check out the other 3 classes in the 'Now What' Series: I've Created a Pattern, Now What?, I've Created an Illustration, Now What? and I've Created some Handlettering, Now What? All of the classes offer passive and semi-passive options for artists! Check them out!


Necessary Requirements:

Knowing how to make your non-digital designs and how to digitalize them
laptop or tablet
So what are you waiting for? Click on the enroll link and I look forward to seeing you all in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samantha Wilson

Illustrator & Fiber Artist


Lets be friends on the Inter-webs: check out my social links and like + follow!

Samantha Wilson is a Hand Letterer, Calligrapher & Illustrator living in East Texas with her Hubby, Daughter & 3 Pups. The sole designer behind Oh So Illustrating, Samantha spends her days adding doodles and lettering on everything using ink, graphite, paint and digitally with a stylus! She aims to spread love, happiness and humor through her designs worldwide!

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1. Hello & Welcome: Hello and welcome to the fourth class of my Now what? Siris? In this class, we're going to focus on design. So whether you're a graphic designer, a watercolor, um, an illustrator, hand Lederer, whatever it is that you create designs as, ah, this classes for you. And if you're not familiar with the now what Siri's basically the idea behind the Siri's is that as artists we create and we focus a lot on the design aspect. But what if you create passive income with your designs by turning them digitally and putting them on products or selling them and having them printed on, you know, fine art, archival, printed paper or greeting cards, and you didn't have to actually do it or box anything up yourself by using a drop ship company. And so that's what this class is focusing on is showing you all the different ways that you could create passive income and then showing you a slew of places online that you can list your products and open up shop. Um, so yeah, so if this sounds like the class for you, um, then I can't wait to see you guys in class 2. Printing & Products: so the first place I want to talk about is called Vista Print. For those of you who are unfamiliar with visit print, they offer a 10 of business products like business cards. They have some merchandise like hats, hoodies, bags, T shirts, wall calendars. They do invitations have got iPhone cases and Samsun cases. I'm so let's go ahead and click on something seagrass can, you know, see one of their products. So here's one of their hats. Um, it's they have the embroidered. Or you could just choose, you know, the regular hat works screen printed on, and so they've got their price per each. And so you know, you can choose, you know, one to, you know, whatever quantity you're ordering, um and ah, gas. The vista print offers a lot of different products more heavy on the stationery greeting card, you know, invitation size. But at one great thing is they, um they ship worldwide. And as you can see, you can be from, like, anywhere. So this is a great option for my international students, and they have this great reseller program. So up here on the right, you could have clicked reseller versus the corporate, and they have a program called Pro Advantage, and it's a print reseller program for creative professionals. So down here, they've got you. How does it work? They've got their basic membership in their premium. Um, and so their basic membership, it offers you It's free. And it offers you unbranded products and packaging, exclusive customer care team and a free sample kit, which is great, cause then you would get, you know, a sample of all of their products, which is great so that you can feel what they look like. Um, and then for the pre mom, you get still, get the unbranded products and packaging, which is great, cause you can drop ship to your clients. You could still get the care team in the free sample, but you get up to 40% off all products in quantities plus extra monte monthly discounts, flat rate shipping starting at 3 99 and free shipping on all orders over 60. Um, so it is 74 99 for a year after a one month free trial. So So, yes. I mean, it's a definite option for those of you looking for a place Teoh offer signs and posters, marketing materials and clothing bags. You know, invitations and stationery and being able Teoh, do the drop shipping. So this is Vista print. 3. Printing & Products #2: So the next place that I I want to talk to you guys about is called four over dot com. I know I've briefly mentioned them in one of my other class theories. I believe it was my greeting card class, but four over is a, um, super company. I have been using them personally for probably eight years now. They offer ah lot of high quality products, but they are a wholesale company. So to be able to sign up with them, you have to have a reseller certificate. I do believe that you have to live here in the USA, so I'm I apologize to my international students, but they do short ship worldwide. So for those of you that are looking to still ship worldwide, you can and they definitely do the blind, the blind, blind shipping toe where the brand there's no branding or anything on it, but, um, but it's blank, so it doesn't, you know, doesn't say that it's from, you know, from four over, Um, I have used them for a lot of different things. I used them mostly for my business clientele. So those that are looking for, like business cards or um, yard signs. They offer packaging like you guys there, Sol right there. They've got packaging, they've got their marketing and they've got large format stuff. So let's go ahead and look over here a little bit. So you guys can see calendars, envelopes, greeting cards, event tickets, sell sheets, posters. Um, they do really cool where, you know, business cards. If you want them to be actually made of plastic, they do that really cool stuff. Window clings, vinyl posters, car magnets, fabric banners, flags. I mean, pretty much, if you can think of it. They do a lot of labels, and then they have promotional products. So they do have buttons, hang tags, mugs, stuff like that. Now the only difference with them is that they are, since their wholesale, they aren't a You can order one or two items, typically a lot of their products. You have to order high quality quantity, so they'll have like a minimum. So let's check out the mugs pricing up. We've got to configure the product. Okay, So select our product size. So say we were doing in 11 ounce. Everything's gonna pop up here. Product color white. Okay, so for the mugs they do have where you can choose them by ones. But obviously you'll get a lower price per each if you go, you know, lower down. But I do know, like on business cards or, um, letterheads and envelopes and those kind of items. You're definitely looking at 100 plus per each. Um, but some of their stuff you can do smaller, like signs and indoor banners. Uh, so just kind of depends you definitely to be able to look at thes pricings and stuff you would have to open up an account with, um um And so, like I I mentioned, you would have to have a resell certificate to show that you can get things your whole sale items without taxes, because then you would be charging the taxes and filing with your state. Uh, so yeah, so this is for over on. And so it's a great option for those of you that have your own business and have a reseller certificate 4. Paper Products: So the next place that I want to talk to you guys about is called overnight Prince Andi. They are predominantly a paper product company. Sorry did not mean to click. That meant to click all products. You could see eso for those of you that are looking for business type products on DATs. What you focus on doing your designs. Maybe you create logos and, um, you know, branding packages and such for your clients, this would be a great option. They offer their print products, which they offer some really cool ones, like circle business cards and fat business cars. I'm sorry. That just sounds funny. They offer note pads, note cards, you know, print products. Over here, you've got wrapping paper and address labels, you know? So basically more business, predominant items. But the great part is is up here you can click. You can see that they offer they have international site. So Ah, those you in Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain can definitely use the site, which is fabulous. And they might actually let you if you're within that region to continue to use them. I'm not 100% sure, But you could definitely, You know, contact them and find out. Um and so I have a lot of friends that use them. I don't personally use overnight, Prince, because I have my favorite places, you know, cat print, which was in my foot previous class, and I used for over a lot, so those were, like, kind of two of my go to places. But, um, for those of you that are international or looking for a or don't have a reseller certificate, overnight prints could definitely be for you because this overnight prince is very much like this to print where you do not have to have a reseller certificate. So you just get the really good pricing regardless. So let's jump in and look at something s so let's look at like, there's circle business cards. How cool is that? That's a completely different. I mean, that's a different product than I've really seen. I've never received a circle business card, so that would be a really cool and branding option to be able to give to your your You know , your client tell, um I have seen these men. Many business cards. A lot of companies have those and they're one inch by two points 75 inches. So they're really cute. The hard part about receiving those is then you're like, OK, where do I store that? So I don't lose. It s Oh, that's only that's something you should definitely have your clientele think about. But they also offer the queer square ones. And, um, they've got euro business cards cause European business cards are a different size than three U. S. Standard eso that's, you know, a good option to be able to offer. They've got posters, which is great. So if you're an artist and you're looking to do some posters, they've got some great products right here. And, uh, pricing is really not bad. Um, they've got a sale going on right now. Um, so yeah, check that out, because that's some really good pricing. Regardless, to be able Teoh to ship and such like that. Um And, uh, yeah. So this is, um this is another option for you guys and expressed in my international students 5. Business & Promotional: Okay, So the next place I want to talk about is a cult. Mu and Mu is a business card and sticker pack company. They do offer, I think, some postcards to, um So this is, you know, predominantly. For those of you who worked with branding and business clientele, Um, for people who just want a miniature promotional items, you know, maybe they want to show off some of their works or their artists trading cards or something . Um, they are based out of London, so you can be anywhere. So this is for my international students as well as by us students, and they ship anywhere. Um, and I they have some very, very unique stuff. I know you're probably thinking all there just business cards. I mean, what could be so unique about them, But they actually offer, um, let me see where waas We'll just start with business cards. I believe it's within here, but, um, so they offer, you know, they're there. Different types of paper. They've got their original, their super and their locks. I mean, you can see on the Lux. I mean, look at that. It's extremely thick luxury paper. Um, paper snobs will be rejoicing. They've got different sizes. They've got their mini, which I had just shown you, you know, was offered through overnight print. They've got their square. They've got their standard hand. Um, I believe this is the European size, so they've got their different shapes, and then they've got some unique features. Like you can get gold foil you've got. Um I'm not sure with n f c. Business cards are. But for those of you that know who you can have that. And then they thought spot gloss, which is a really cool effect, because then you'd have like that Matt and Gloss look together. Um, but one really cool thing they offer is called here. This is called print Finicky. Um, print affinity. Is this really cool option? Where? If you concede, Ian, this image right here, You see how each one of thes has a different picture? Well, the opposite side is exactly the same, but they allow you to upload different images for the opposite side. So for like a standard business card, you know, you might have a blank side, and you've got this front side Well, this blank side, you could add upload images like, say, your photographer, you could pick. You know, however, many of your favorite pictures, maybe you, you know, pick 20 of thumb or whatever. I haven't seen that there's an actual limit. I think you can get one a different image for every single ones. If you were ordering, like 50 50 business card you get of 50 pictures, but you can also repeat. But say you had 10 photographs that you think are like fabulous, and you really would like to showcase those. So on one side could be your business card or calling card or whatever. And the other side could have those 10 pictures. You know, each different pitcher. So when you hand them out, you were actually showcasing your work, which is great for artists, photographers, designers, anything. You could really showcase your work so that as you're passing out your cards, you know your clients are going Wow, you know, that's that's great. That's a That's a wonderful option to be able to look at your work right then and there and think, OK, well, great. I would totally love to work with them. So, like, right here, you can see uh, that fashion label, um added, you know, a different image on the back of each one of theirs. This one, Um, this company used many cards and you can see they let you build your own robot from a set of heads, bodies, legs. So they have had a really fun, you know, idea on different things. You can you can dio This one is a real estate agent, and they leave their clients with many card featuring the property they've just visited, which is great. You know, you could get 50 of the made up for each class or for each house that you're selling and have a picture of that house. In that way, the client can continue to look at that picture and go. I could totally see myself living there, so they really have some great opportunities there. As I mentioned about paper and they've got, you can order your free business cards sample pack, which is great cause like they like, I've told you guys, you know, in almost every single aspect of this feeling, the paper is all the difference. If you are not a paper snap, you should totally become a paper sauce. Not because I have to say, if I receive a business card and it feels like a post it note, I am not inclined to work with you at all because I personally feel like you should be putting more effort into your branding or your design and a thick business card means business to May. And so, being able to order and see the paper stocks, the finishes and the sizes are, you know, a great option. Um and so they've got their, you know, their different ones. You can click on him and see what they offer. They have their greeting cards. They do offer letterheads and flier so they do offer, you know, other than just business cards. And then for packaging. Like they said, Hey, we've got a package for you. Um, they love to print. They offer their standard, they've got move packaging, They've got recycled boxes. Um, so they offer, you know, a lot of different options for you, so that you can kind of keep it all together, branding wise and look really cool for your clientele. So, um, so this is basically move. Um, and, uh, the Here we go click on letterheads up so I can show you guys on their letterheads, So, yeah, I mean, so they offer lots of different options, and with the with everything they offer, they offer that profanity. You know where you can Thistles got up to 50 at no extra cost. So 50 different designs on the back of your letterheads. If you're ordering, you know, 500 of them or something like that, you could just, you know, pick 50 designs or whatever to showcase through them. So really, really cool options for you all to check out. 6. Products/ Online Store: So the next place that I want to talk about is called Cafe Press. And they're very similar to some of the other places we've talked about where they offer a lot of products. Sold me scroll down here. They've got, you know, mugs, T shirts with me. Click on this product types us can see. So, I mean, they have a little bit of everything. They've got clothing, They've got dogs. Clothing. Yep. I just had dogs, clothing. They've got pajamas, tame tops. They've got bags, Um, anywhere from tote bags, toe lunch bags. They've got clothing specifically for kids. They've got home decor. So, like shower curtains, pillows, bedding, area rugs, baby items, hobbies, like license plate frames. Um, phone cases, accessories like necktie scarves, watches. They've got wall art. Drink where in stationary. Someone just going to click on a couple of these two guys ca NSI. You know what they offer? Um, so here you've got neckties, so that's kind of fun as an option, you know, for, um, for men, you've got watches, so you can add your own image to the back of the watch and sell those which is a you know, a fun little feature to be able to offer eso. Really? I mean, there they offer a lot of products, and you could really, you know, figure out where you want to go with that. If you are looking into passive products, I mean passive income and creating products that, you know, maybe you love dogs. And you're like, you know what I would love to offer a, um you know, a dog brand and you name your company, and you won't offer everything, you know, animal related. Then you could totally check out stuff like this, like, hello. You could offer T shirts for for people to order for their their pets. And on some of the other sites that I talked about, they've got collars and stuff like that. Um, it looks like they they have ah, whole pet section on here. So they've got pet tags so you could be offering those. And, um, the other one disappeared, but it looked like they had dog beds. Let's say yes. So they have dog bed so you could offer custom dog begs. Um, you know, if you're planning on opening your own fashion company, you could be offering you know baby items and kid items and shirts and such like that. Um, you know, maybe you're offering greeting cards. They've got those or drank where they've got, um, you know, lost two different options. Tumblers. There's a really big and have always been flasks. Those are always awesome. Water bottles, mugs, vintage drinking glasses. So any of those kind of things eso you go up here to start selling and cafe press offers two options they offer where you can list in their marketplace. So you could really actually do both both of these options that I'm gonna show you, But you could sell their eso. Cafe press has their own clientele of customers that come and look through and purchase things from them. So by opening in the market place, you'd be able to potentially reach those new customers. And like they said, you create and upload design. We sell your design on products and you make money. So if you offer it that way, you don't have to do all the advertising, you know, for particularly for that. So it could be a completely passive income for you. Thea Other thing they offer is shop. So do you have a website blogger built in audience. The shop service provides an online shop where you can design manage until your own branded merchandise on your website. You already have an audience. This is the pick for you. So you could get your own branded online shop. Choose for more than 450 products to sell or in a royalty on every sale from the shop. Make even more money when you reach bonus levels. The more you sell, the bigger the bonus. So, um, they are very much like society six or Zazzle. You know any of those places where you provide the designs and they will print them for you and ship them to your client and everything. So So Yep. So there definitely an option for you guys. And, um, it looks like they offer from anywhere. So it looks like even my international students could, um yeah, here we go, International. So Ah, you guys, any of you guys could sign up on here and start offering you know, your products, um, from their product lines. So that is cafe press 7. Products/ Online Store #2: Okay, so then explain something to talk about is called spread shirt dot com. And they're very much like society six and Zazzle and cafepress, where you can create and design products directly on their site. So they offer, you know, a slew of autumns, T shirts, hoodies and sweaters, tank tops, kid clothing, groupware and phone and tablet cases they've got. Really? Why is that link open area? They've got really cute products. Like this shirt. That looks like a tax. Um, it's really cool. Space helmet. Look at this. Oh, hey. For those of us that are Star Wars fans, you could have a star award. Um, trooper writing on the back of in our Well, that's pretty cute. Sorry. Side notice. A little side trip there, but so anyway, so, yes. So you can visit by from their own designs or create your own. So you go up here and click cell and, uh, says where designs come to grew, so make money selling your designs on over 200 products. Always free. Always. So, um, you can open. You can sell your designs on spread. Sure. Or you can open your own online shop. So, um For those of you who are looking just for passive income, you could do this option or if you're looking for passive income but also trying to bring people directly to your own site. You know, you'd want to choose that option. Eso As you can see, they have lots of different products that then you can upload your designs on to, and then you can choose your sales channel that works best for you. Sell on your own shop. Um means highest commission in the industry. Control your shops, look and feel and choose with products you sell. Or you can sell on spread shirt, which means traffic and marketing are handled for you. Decide what you earn for each sale and your designs on our best selling products, so let's go ahead and click more for that one and check out what they said. So selling on spread shirt means that your designs could be seen by more than 50,000 unique visitors every single day. So that's really great eso if you're you know, you've got your own shop and you're ready selling your designs, you know, But you're looking for that completely passive income. This could be a great option. Money management. What are your designs? Worth is up to you. Set a price between one and 20 for each design you sell on. Spread sure and earn the amount you set every time your design. Isolde. Um, so that's really great. And then bestseller Selling your designs on spread shirt means they are automatically made available for purchase on our best selling products, from T shirts and hoodies to phone cases. So that's a great option. Um, especially if you don't have your own website or you don't have a fan basis right now, and so you're slowly trying to build your fan basis. That would be a great option for you. And then, if you want to sell it on your own site, you get your highest commission spread Sure offers the highest possible commission earnings in the industry. On top of the design price that you set, you are enough to 60% of the product price through our affiliate and volume commission structures. So basically 60% of every dollar is yours for your designs, and you're selling them on your own more control. You can represent your brand band label or lined the way you want and you can customize, of course, your own shop so that you're just adding the products to it and more choices. Shop owners have full control over their product line. Cater your products to your customers. Purchasing preface is with over 200 top quality. So really, it's whatever works, you know, best for you guys. You know, you definitely don't want if you do not have, like, say, you were just starting out, this might not be the best option for you right now is to open up your own shop because, you know, if you're trying to bring in passive income so that you can either become a designer full time or if you're already a full time designer, But you want to kind of do something on the side just to bring in that extra money and then you might want to go with this option first so that, um, you know, so that you don't have to worry about it, and they will do all the marketing and such for you. But, you know, so it's really completely up to you guys. Um, and they take care of everything for you. so stock handling, they handle the selling for you. This is of course, if you go through them from, or odor and order and payment processing through customer service. We've got your back transactions. They sell your designs in 19 different countries and communicate your messages across 12 different languages. So that's really cool, because for those of us that only speak one language like I do, um, you know, I could be selling to my international, um, you know people and not have to worry about if there would be a language barrier. Um, printing, they use the highest quality delivery. They have five factories to treat strategically located across Europe in the U. S. So that's great, because they can deliver to 150 countries worldwide. So that's pretty fabulous. And with it being all the way across Europe and the US, you don't just have oh, well, it's gonna take, you know, a months to get to your client in, um, you know, Hong Kong or Russia, you know, if they're spread across than it should be, you know, semi equal, you know, delivery times for everyone everywhere, and then they've got great customer service s Oh, yeah. So this is, um, square space. I mean, spring spread shirt. Sorry. Eso Let's just jump in and look at a couple of their air cool items just so you guys can see a little bit more. So here's, like some of their best selling a friends. It's crazy to see what, um, what some people really love. There's a cute little vegan now I like that one. Um, yeah, so I mean, so here's some of their, um you know, aprons. So let's go heading, click on one and see Click on it. So yeah, so you can get it in white. I get in black, red charcoal, We'll show you what it looks like. One size fits all and then they show you other products with that. So if you wanted to get complementary products, which would be great, especially if you're buying, like birthday gifts or something on this is great that they offer this. So this this sum this designer, you know, they're up selling more products of this designers, which is great, especially for those of you that I mentioned, you know, our, um you know, wanting to create passive income, they're doing it all for you. Um, and they show you more designs. Now, I do have to say what I love about this, that I've not seen other places is like with it. See, if I was checking out this product, they would be like, Hey, more products to look like Look at And these would be by different sellers. And then if you came down here, more designs would be additional sellers. And so on some of the sights you've really got to be careful because they will not up sell your designs. They will up, sell somebody else's, which then you could lose the sale wears right here. They're like, Oh, yeah, check them out more and I can kind of click through here and go, OK, I'm sexy and I know it, You know that. That's, you know, something that I want or whatever you know, case, you know, whatever it is that you're looking at, And so it's great that they're actually up selling this particular you know, just designers products and and then up selling that particular design on other products so you can check them out like mouse pads. Are you know, an umbrella or anything like that, so I could really, you know, shop to my heart's content. Eso Yes. So this is spread? Sure. And I think it is a great option for you all to check out. 8. Digital Products: So this this'll particular, uh, option as well as the next to I talk about are kind of completely different. That something you might have never thought about. So, uh, this is, um this is inky deals dot com, and basically, they are company that offers, um, different design aspects for designer. So maybe you're a graphic designer and you're looking for some fonts. Oh, are your photographer and you're looking for some really cool photo overlays. Um, so inky deals provides that for you. They've got some free deals. They've got, um, all kinds of different categories up here. So you could say, Oh, I'm looking for some bonds and you could click on fonts and they've got different ones. So I know you're probably thinking, Well, how would I sell on here? So they have down here, you can do sell on inky deals, and basically you conjoined hundreds of vendors already selling their digital products today. So for those of you that create your own fonts, those of you that are create your own vector prat packs of you know, maybe you've done little, um, you know, swirls or characters or anything like that. And you want to sell them. Ah, commercially inky deals would be a great option for you guys. So, as you can see right here, they've got advantages for dealers. No upfront marketing costs, exposure to a large audience. Extra marketing channel. Test products really fast. Get traction to products. You've You launch weight. They handle the payments. Refunds, affiliates, promotions on partner website. So what do you get? You get extra income without spending anything on marketer marketing. You get customers free website traffic and editor editorial features on our partners websites. So, um, I have personally bought from inky deals. Um uh, wait here. Down here. How it works. Let me may when you guys through that real quick. Um, so you submit your product, one of their colleagues will contact you to discuss about your deal. Um, if they think that if it's their audience and once everything's in place, we start working on the promotion of your product. They do the feature image, the copy of the deal inscription, And once the promotion has started, we start promoting the H double hockey sticks out of the deal to maximize revenue and impact. And they have partners. I have seen all kinds of advertising for inky deals just all over the place. Facebook. While I'm surfing the web, any of those things. And then once the Persians over after 2 to 4 weeks to get your payment via pay, pal or bank transfer. Um, so yes. So I have to say, I've I've already purchased from them before, and one of the cool things is that some of the people that I have bought from, um, items from in here I have, actually, um, you know, once you've you've clicked on, you know, their some of these are a bundle, but like, OK, so here's here's, you know, a font. And so obviously it's offering it at a lower price and everything. Um, I've actually found out, you know who the designer Waas and I now follow them on social media and really keep up with, um, the same with more so with creative market. Just because I, you know, know who they are. But on here, right here is where you would find it up. Sorry. Let me go back so I could show you guys that more. Sorry. One second. So right here. Inky deals is an authorized reseller of design T and T. So that's who, um, who created this particular one. And so I always think it's fun to go check them out and see you know, what different options and items that they're offering. Um, so yeah, so, I mean, inky deals would be a great option for those of you who already have your own fonts and you're selling them on your website or creative market or itsy or you know, any of your store friends and you're just looking for additional exposures. Of course, you you can't just, you know, immediately start selling. You have to be accepted. But if you dio you've got, you know, great option Teoh make some passive income I use utilizing Anke deals. So, yeah, I think you feels 9. Digital Products #2: so mighty deals dot com is very similar to inky deals in the sense of, um, they have really cool deals and bundle packs and everything. But it is a awesome option for those of you looking to buy, you know, packs from other people. Because, let's be honest, we all don't have all of the time in the world to as designers to design our own fonts, our own creative elements. I mean, sometimes you need something specific from for a client that you do not make yourself or you just really don't have the time or it's really not your type of design. But you're doing it for the client, regardless, cause sometimes that's what we have to dio on DSO This is thes. Different sites like this are a great option to be able to find those those products and purchase them at a lower price. But get the commercial licensing to use it. Um, the way mighty deals works is they've got lots of sometimes packs like this is a huge bundle. Um, sometimes it's just a font like this beautiful Samantha script, which I own, And, uh, because I mean it's it's called the Samantha script. And my name is Samantha. Sorry. Um, So, uh, so they have a little bit of everything. So you go up here and click on all deals and see, they've got bundles courses. So you've clicked there, and they've got some different classes on here. They've got software bundles, graphics. Um, here we'll click on graphics and see, So they've got, like, a logo creation kit. Um, PNG lettering bundle. You know, they've got a little bit of everything. Eso the way it would work is if you've already got something that could be an option for them. You come down here to menu and you'd click, submit a deal. There you go, and then send with us and generate great revenue and new leads. So they're saying, you know, do you have a great product or service creative four creative professionals run an amazing deal on our site and get massive exposure and an incredible instant sales boost. Fill out the form below and let us know about your product or service, and we'll get back to a soon as possible. No, we will replied to you only if your product is suitable for us. So there's obviously not, um, a guarantee, but for those of you that are looking for a, you know possibility to sell your products on a different storefront to other creative professionals, um, this is a great option for you guys. And so, you know, just keep trying. And if you get in with them great and you get some really good revenue so that his mighty deals 10. Digital Products #3: So the six place I want to talk to you guys about is called design bundles dot net and, um, very much like inky deals on mighty deals they have Or creative market. They have, you know, lots of different designs. They've got bundles, they've got graphics. And so you can see they've got really cute vector sets like this cute princess collection. Um, they've got hand drawn elements, you know? So a little bit of everything here, um, for crafters, they've got SPG SATs, which are great for those of you that use, like, a cricket or silhouette. If you want to sell those kind of products, you could sell those on here. Um, so yes. So they've got a little bit of everything. Um, they have their bundles over here. Um, looks like they've got They've only got one bundle going on right now. A lot of places only offer, like, one big bundle, and it's from ah, whole bunch of like they come up with a bundle that they know that there's a need for and, um, they will put it together. And it's from a whole bunch of different sellers within their marketplace and eso it gives great exposure to all of them. And so, you know, you might get selected for something like that, but the way it works is right up here You can dio create. Well, they do have affiliates. So if you're not interested in anything like this, um, like, say, you know, you are watercolorist, and you really do not want your stuff commercially sold. You know, designed bottles wouldn't be for you. But if you wanted to, you could, um, apply and, uh, you know, offer to be an affiliate, and so you could be telling other designers that come to your website. Hey, you know, a great place to get, you know, vectored items or fonts or anything like that would be them. And so you could get 25% sales for Life Commission. So that's kind of nice for those of you who aren't really interested in selling directly from them. But if you are up here in the top, you can hit, create a store, and you would fill out this information. Um, and basically, they said, you know, over here, they pay up to 75% which is more than a creative market. Um you know, offers or in veto, Um and, ah, you know, they take care of the promotion than features and newsletters and all of that kind of stuff for you. So yeah. So this would be a great option for you guys. If you are looking for another place to sell or even just do the the affiliate Commercial Commission portion. So this is designed bundle stuxnet. 11. Class Project: guys, thank you so much for taking this class. And I said, I appreciate all of you guys coming out, and I really hope you enjoy the class So that the class project I would love to see you see what you did with all of the things you learned about. Did you decide to open up a new shop? Did you decide, Teoh, You know, azure your designs to new products, whatever it is that you guys did take a screenshot or a picture of it and go ahead and post that. And I would absolutely love if you guys, you know, are selling these products on your website or if you did open a store on one of the other storefront options, glad and add a link to it that way. Other. You know, your fellow artists that are on here that take the class if they see your class project and they're like, I totally love that design or they just want to check out your shop. That way we can all check each other out. And if we feel inclined to purchase and support each other so I cannot wait to see alls projects 12. Other "Now What" Classes: Hey, guys, thank you so much for coming out and taking this class. I appreciate off your rises support. If this is your first time taking class with me, I really hope you'll check out my other classes of this series of the Now what's Siri's? They'll be linked in the about section, but basically there was the patterns class, my illustrations class and my hand lettering class. But I want to point out to you guys, if you're not aware, because this is your first class with me, um, that all three, all three of the other classes couldn't be for anybody. Even though I say patterns, yes, the couple of the items that I show in the patterns class or specifically, like require patterns, but I don't know if you've thought about it, but she in turn your designs. If you've created a really cool water color pattern, are a design, you could turn it into a pattern. If you've done some hand lettering, you can turn it into a pattern or, you know, even an illustration. So it'll kind of help you guys think outside the box and open up a whole slew new Um ah whole slew of new possibilities. Sorry about that. Of passive income. And also, I talk about some great storefronts on different places. You guys could sell in both the 1st 2nd and third class. So if I were you and you're looking to maximize your potential, I'm just slowly take all three classes in that way. You guys are all four classes of the series. And that way, now you guys have I think it's, like over 30 different options of places that are storefront products and such like that. So, uh, um, I hope that I'll get to see you guys in my other classes. 13. Thank you!: as always. Thank you so much for taking this class. I so appreciate all of your eyes of support. If you guys have any questions or comments or anything like that, be sure Teoh, post them in the discussion area and I will get back to you ASAP. And, um, yeah, I just so appreciate it. And I can't wait to see you guys in my next class by