Novel Writing Blueprint-Pacing Your Story | Susan Palmquist | Skillshare

Novel Writing Blueprint-Pacing Your Story

Susan Palmquist, Author, Dream Inspirer and Writing Guru

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About This Class

This is a standalone class but it's also part of my year long Novel Writing Blueprint series. In this class you'll learn all about how to pace your story correctly. One major reason for an editor or agent rejecting your story can be due to either too fast of a pace or painfully slow pacing. I'll show you the common reasons for both and what you can do to correct them.





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Susan Palmquist

Author, Dream Inspirer and Writing Guru


I’m Susan Palmquist and for the last 20 years I’ve been an author, freelance writer, editor, blogger, teacher and tutor, (and before that I was a publicist).

It feels like I’ve squeezed a lot into two decades and it’s my tips and experience that I’ve learned along the way that I’m now happy to share with you here at Skillshare.

I’d like to show you how you too can write for fun or even for a living whether it be fiction or non...

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