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Notion for Students - Better Grades and Productivity

teacher avatar Maximilian Wachenfeld

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Task Management and Productivity

    • 3. Scoping the Subject

    • 4. Active Recall

    • 5. Retrospective Revision Timetable

    • 6. Presentations

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this Skillshare Class about Notion for students I want to show you how Notion can really help you as a student.

I will show you how to manage all your tasks and projects. We will also dive into some important studying methods like scoping the subject and active recall seeing used with Notion. Additionally I will show you how you can create your own retrospective revision timetable to implement active recall and spaced repetition into your study routines. As the last point this class also shows you how Notion can improve the preparation and the actual presentation of your presentations in class.

Have fun and start improving your student life!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Maximilian.

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1. Introduction: where I come to this country class about notion for students. We will talk about task management sculpting the subject. Active recall. A revision timetable? No, also about preparing for presentations. Have fun. 2. Task Management and Productivity: welcome to this first lesson off the sketch class about notion for students in this class bit out for activity system for school. And for that I would also like to talk about Project at the Glass project here. And for that I would like you to pick whatever you like. Like it's the active recall part, the productivity system we will build or anything you like. I do just pick that and bruise on your own nose. So let's dive right into it. So now we were dive into notion for the first time and to you in this group activity page I just created. We will start by creating a task list with it's less then came. Then we prayed a full page table and then called this tests. I can take this one, for example. And then here we will have a task. Then here we will have, uh, checkbooks caused down so we can see if we did this task already or then we will have the Junaid and today with date and then we would have totem called Kontic contents and we will . It's take my select for that. Now, explain to you what this is about. And then we also have another check box score higher priority so we can see what is really , really important and what isn't. And you shame books. Yeah, And then we can also unwrapped. This is and we just create some tasks for example, mas presentation, then preparing for a and free for exam Just for any example. Talk about the subjects later. Then there's a bit smaller. We were then just at the due date. For example 12 stuff May here. Okay, 19 tough May and 15th of May And contexts means what is connected to it to that. Like for mass presentation. Have it take down. For example, You also take the high energy or low energy task for my presentation. I would rather take low energy task. No. Do you and my book, for example, for the credit on my boot and you can then or so happened keynote. If you do, he knows. So you have just know of you. What? It's connected to that. So you create keynote and then it's not that high end its priority. So we won't check. I was both And then you're preparing for a day Words I could take that I have had it, for example, depended, see and high energy and then preparing for exam. I could You can also write names, for example. Effective trade could just write it. James, with that, my prepare for the exam with James together okay, would take James and I had maybe again and high energy. And we could with preparing for a levels we would then example to hyper over to because it's very important for us. And now you already created your task list, but this it's already a good step. But we will, at some more features star productivity system and we create a project list. Oh, you can for school, you can name it auto subject. Lis just like to. And we will create another fruit page table and call it pro J. So you can also create a call it subject. Just take this. I and he would have far project. And then do you need this one? Because we was only £2 and here will have a relation in this relation. Two tasks, yeah, school activity create relation. And then we can tie it here for some, but physics, So subject English and man, for example, and then really go back to our test and Recchia the relation. And then we could, for example, at here with my presentation, we redact physics, preparing for a levels we could at English and preparing for exam. We could, man. So just like that, we would see directly in our tasks toe what a project or subject this task is related to. So with having created that, we would trade another page, this is a dashboard, and we just, um, created as you page to page. We could use this aching, for example. It's everywhere we knew, and then we would create linked cradling database select database. We would use tasks from school for activity, and then we have our tasks in here and type he affect something because this will be This should show us what is very important for us. So we put fried like stuff. Do this. First we can turned into heading. And so they changed the kind of for example two blue. And then we will put in a filter right here and then if if my property is staked, it shows us that. And of course, if we have done this task already? It should charge us Show to us. So we were so done is note. So you would see the most important task. Rehab is preparing for a bit, and then we can create another ling database again. Two tasks. And there this trip, Charles, what is upcoming? So as, um, what tasks we will have to do in the next week or so. So we were put in another photo. And, um, at first, of course, Done, is not it? And you date is within and then, for example, the next week, so we would see what we will have to do in the next week. And then you could for this upcoming stuff to and kind of blue just uprooted top of that. So here you have your productivity dashboard. Of course you could recover. So just as you like to customize it for your own, and here you can just always I entered the stash board and you can directly see what is important, what important task I have to do and what upcoming tests have to do. This really sums up your order tasks and project for you to have a good overview. Yeah, that's that It already. So in the end, you have created your school productivity system with tasks project and a death sport that sums both of them up for you and chose you What's important and what's next. And I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for watching and see you in the next test. 3. Scoping the Subject: Welcome to another lesson about notion for students. This one will be about scoping the subject. It's going. The subject in general is very important because it helps understanding, subject and preparing it for your exams a levels, for example. And with that, you can also point out your active free quote questions, for example. So let's dive right into it. Yeah, now you can also see my make big screen and he is on the left. We have notion Page. It's called a English, which stands for a frequent English, but we'll talk about it and then on the right, we have some learning material I found on the Internet. It's about this apart. You consider it's about to kill a Mockingbird by happily and notion. I first divided the this Page I English into three three points. It's Cuban Q two and Q three, which it's just call it like that Germany. And then I created pages from all of them. And then when you click on Cuba, for example, you have to other pages pages, the one the 1st 1 is but the U. S. A. The 2nd 1 is about to kill a Mockingbird, which we already have here. And until this learning material helps you not with scoping the subject because, like sculpt the subject for you already like a few basic information, the Great Depression topics and general symbols, plus characters and other stuff. And then you can just nice. You created this page to pulling Welcome to Kill a Mockingbird, And then here you then just write down your active recall questions, and that's pretty much it. You do not have to do anything more notion to sculpt a subject here. You can then have the historical background, the topics, December, the plot and the characters like Atticus Finch, Scout. And also some are questions about the characters, and with that, you already did discovering the subject. And this is very useful in notion, because you can also, you can always have those steps, like first have the division in those 3/4 then and just explain. We also have Q for, But this isn't irrelevant isn't relevant for our elements. So I left it out. Um, you can divide it in those 3/4 and then you can divide it again into pages. And then you also have those talking features which are very important for creating active Rico questions, and that's pretty much it could just then scope. You're learning material which already sculpted the subject for you and then divide your notion pages into the different topics to have on your learning material. Electrical Mockingbird. This one page and he is about gender issues. I also have another paid for that which is, um, right here gender issues, for example, and that you can use notion for scoping subject. And you're I'll always have been nice overview about what it does this que three, for example, consist of your human Elevens infection in real life, modeling the future with fellow and gender issues that you can also see what what there is . And then you can have a deeper dive into it. And look, what do I really have to look? Yeah, thank you for watching and see you in the next lesson. 4. Active Recall: welcome to the next lesson in this case, a class about notion for students. This lesson will be all about active recall and, well, it's a dive into the deep off, creating active free compressions in notion. So now we will die fried in bed and create some active Rico questions together. So here you can again see my active recall for English. And I just opened the q three and we were just recreate this modeling the future page. So just start typing morning the future and then turned into page Senate page. And then, um, you can, of course, just put anything in here. Just take this one right now and then who start here on the right. We, of course, half again. Oh, I say, um, have again our material and this starts with fire technology. So we will just We just had biotechnology just to get an overview, take note of Z, and then we would cost 10 this into tug list. We can some, uh, sub topics here and here. The first bonus, of course, genetic engineering seven. During and we will create again Total is to some more step topics. So you have definition and how old Waas And this isn't such a big topic. So we can put those two things into one question, and this would, for example, be How is it do you find and does work? So with this I frequent question you covered those two points. And of course, one important thing with two free call is always summarizing. And, um, you just have to leave out some stuff from your learning material because otherwise it doesn't really make sense to to learn all the stuff that, yes, I have to think about what's really important and what isn't and then only take the most important stuff and then you can hear in the next tiger under the next time, you can get the answer to this question So you can of thank you it, um, death, for example, for definition manipulation off change. Is he Okay? So, for example, just does it extract D and A Which do you know, into teary, um, to you and this just then trends crew. So you have, of course, in this particular topic, she couldn't sum it up that much because itwas already summed up very well. So we pretty much just to get over back. Yeah, this waas pretty easy, I think. And you created your first active recall question Nursing. You can idea. Still put a bullet list, for example. So it looks a bit nice about this. Do not have to do this. And then if you would go on, so you, of course, you would turn those stuff, Detective recall questions. But when you I like to go on, you can then take the next one. It's cloning and put it here. What's eternity to struggle list, then and then, for example, ask again. Oh, does it? What? And then Great. Another tonalist. So this total future is very important when creating active frequent questions notion. And it's it's a very helpful, and I think that this is the most important to half a notion for studying. In fact, if Rico so you can then put your answers again here. Yeah, I think this showed very well how you can create a frequent questions. The notion. And I hope you had fun. No, I just wanted to get some stuff at the end of the video because it's very important, but I forgot to mention the photography just very important for active record because it prevents you looking at the answer the question before entering the question for the Senate , in your head or on paper, whatever you like. Um, so you only see the question at first, and then you really have to think about it. And then when you thought about it and put up your own answer, you then can have a look if it was right or if you, um at least no, some new, some part of it. And this really important fact of record. So I just wanted to get that and thank you for watching. 5. Retrospective Revision Timetable: welcome back to the next lesson off this crucial class about notion for students. In this lesson, we create our own retrospective revision time to, and this time time will helps you learning with the active recall questions and also using the study method off space repetition for sustainable learning. Let's dive right into it. So let's start to build our retrospective for prison time to so yeah, blue stuff By creating in 19 you call it English. A. If you would do this, prepare father and then you can create the topic in the first column. Then I did it for me. I have select so I can put what is in here. So like, I have Q one Q 2 to 3 te for good. Overview about what? This and what quality. And then you have your repetitions leg one to has to be text and then some repetition three . And then you would. And then you would start by inciting your topics, which you created already with your active recall questions. So, for example, I would you refer with option and and l a on make like with that it and then U S A. To see a English Cuban, and then I would insert it in here. Then it could create here. Q. One I would go on with Oh, to I couldn't looking bad smoking bad. This is also Cuban, and that number go on with Great Britain, which was another toe. Another topic. I had to learn for my words in English, and this was already cute, too. And this you would just go on like that with all your I'll get something, for example, you could then just to take one from Q three, which we already had, like modeling the future motherly future. And and then you couldn't you take you three. And at the end, I always did another one that says stars from and it's and you just see in a minute. But that means, and then you would have fear your repetitions. So when you want to, um, revised, the USA topping can just click on your savior, and then you already are. You active recall questions you created for that topic, and then you would answer them then, and then you go back to your retrospective revision timetable and would, for example, um, quite the date in here today is Would she do that? I don't know. I just I think it's the end of May Doesn't 20 and then you can You can have a look. How good that topic Waas, for example. I am good with stars. So I have one staff or I didn't do anything at all. And five stars if I really knew everything and so that you can have a look what topic you did well and what you didn't you can also have, like today, um red, orange and green or red, yellow and green, or like points from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 5. Just tell you like to do that. I usually do it with us. That's also why actors stars an average. Because, for example, when this revision waas by the way to excess images and notion, you can and make its control, command and space bar and then I could hear take, for example, the star. And then I would just copy that and, for example, if this was forced, have forced down season and then maybe a revised kill a mockingbird on the 12th of May 20 and this waas only two stars, then I got a great Britain was on trial for May. This for us, for example, three stars and then I would have mulling future 13 may. Um, and this waas again 4000. Then you just calculate the average by adding all those stars together and then dividing it by four. Then you would have the average there's 1000 average done here and then you can with your repetitions. You can then see your development if you really get more knowledge or you didn't so in the , uh, in the idea of learning development to shoot the stars on average should get higher. Of course. And you can. Then when you would repeat it the second time, you would then have a look. Oh, what wasn't that good the last time? So, um, do it revised Kill a Mockingbird at first because it had only two stars to then maybe on the 14th of May, for example, take to kill a Mockingbird and hopefully then it would be at least three stars are meeting for and then you just always have Look, what did I revise already and what was bad, what was good and he would then stop by revising the ones that weren't that good and then later on, the ones that were better. So with that revision, the retrospective revision timetable, you have a good look at what you already know very well what you do not know very bad. And, um, it also lets you see your development. And this also brings you some self confidence that really know the stuff when you see at the end that most of them are five stars, for example, or at least minimum forced us. So you can. I'm going to your exams with a lot off self confidence. Yeah, that's it already. So I hope you enjoyed this creation off the retrospective revision timetable in notion and seeing the next lesson. 6. Presentations: when it comes to the next lesson off this coach class about notion for students. This lesson we will talk about how notion helps you preparing presentations for class. Yeah, let's get into knows. So let's imagine our first. We have no some the left side, of course. And then here on the right side breath. For me, it's keynote, but you can also your presentation to you like anything else. And then, you know, since you packed the sub topics you would have in your presentation here, it's what it's notion notion for task management. No, in fact, free call notion for revision, timetable and then your sauces. Those sauces are also important, in my opinion, because they this feature helps you to put together all the links you had for research, for example, of the Internet. And then you can just put off them in here. So you have them all in one place, and then you would, for example, half in the presentation when you know this is this. Those are my sub topics. Then start creating your contents slide and then put all the sub topics already here and then later on you would, of course, craved the different slides for them with the points. Do you have none of this tug list? And to show you how I would organize those information, you have four points. We just get into it, for example. Notion for task management. I went right down. You can create your create own for their charity system. We have a task list. Can have. Okay, they faces. And you can have linked date, uh, basis. And then, um when you have all of your information down here, you just take those for because it's only an example for you to see how you can use it for every presentation you like. Um, so I would let imagine. I would like to put the first point a crate own productivity system onto my presentation until its slide. Then I would take, for example, the kind of green in the background. So I know this one. Uh, this information has to get to my flights. Then the task list would be that the blue. So this means I do not want to put it into my slight presentation, but I want to say it. Additionally, when presenting this end, for example, those two I think those are not that relevant, but I want to keep them in my notes if they are. If there might be any questions about that, so we would, um, kind of them in the back front with yellow, for example. So we know that we do not have to talk about them, and we do not have to put them into our presentation. And I think this very helpful to happen overview about what belongs to what? What you have to put into a presentation. What do you have to tell the people and what our information you just want to keep, um, in the case, Someone asked about them and coming to that I would always record recommend you taking your iPad or tablet or your phone to front representing, because then you can take your notion notes just s your usual notes for presenting. And then you can directly used those. Use this color coding and, um, see what you have to tell. And you could then when someone just asked in between, can always refer to the notes to have but didn't talk about so yeah, I hope it was helpful for you. And thank you for watching 7. Conclusion: welcome to the conclusion off this stage class about notion for students. I hope you enjoyed this class, and I really recommend you using notion or at least trying it out because the 1st 1000 blocks are always for free and you can also use it in general for free. If you have an email address with dot you at the end. And I just think that this notion can really increase your productivity and and also your marks because it helps you with active recall and space repetition, which are very important studying methods and get that I just Oh, my good help your living a better student life Thank you for watching and see you in future screen check classes.