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Notion Tour 2021 + Templates

teacher avatar Anna Lenkovska

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Personal dashboard Tour

    • 3. Tracker Tour

    • 4. Miscellaneous Tour

    • 5. Workspace Tour

    • 6. How to download the templates

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About This Class

In this class, you'll get to see my full updated Notion tour and download the templates!

Stay tuned for my future classes! 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello :)

My name is Anna, I'm 19 years old and I'm currently a student living in London!

For the past 5 years, I've spent most of my free time making YouTube videos (My channel name is Anna Lenks). My videos are mostly based on my student experience, productivity, language learning and organisation.

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1. Introduction: Welcome to main seconds go through in class. So this Skillshare class is going to be on how to use my Notion tablets. So this is not a tutorial on how to use Notion if you want swirl and how to use no shank. Go to my page on Skillshare and I have a tutorial. We have over 10000 students, which is mind-blowing. But yeah, if you want to know how it's used notion, make sure it's watch that class. But in this class I'm just going to be giving you a tour of my Notion and giving you a way templates. And yeah, this can be really quick class. 2. Personal dashboard Tour: Okay, so we're gonna get into it. Welcome to our little homepage. I call it life. First of all because I used to have a workspace and a personal dashboard. And I just find that didn't really work for me because it just like every time I was the personal dashboard, I would forget everything I have in the workspace and I would just like not focus on work stuff. And then every time I was in the workspace, I wouldn't really think about like personal trackers and stuff I had. So I just thought let me make one dashboard for all of them and then just split kind of page in half. So if I scroll down, you'll see that I kind of have this side, which is the personal side, like to-do list trackers, journals, stuff like that. And then this side is more like work related. So yeah, that's the first major difference I had in the first toward is that in the first one I had two separate pages for it, whereas now I have it on the same page or just have it in different sections. So I'm going to first just scroll and show you what it kinda looks like. Another thing that I did not know before is that you can have gifts as your icons, which is beautiful. Basically you can go onto this website called like Giphy or even Pinterest or Google and just search up like GIF, transparent PNG, and then just save it and boom, you have a cat as this thing. It moves all the time. And I have a little quote. So I'm gonna quickly all these little widgets and stuff that I have. And then we're gonna go patriarch page. So first thing we can see as pictures, I have Studio Ghibli GIF and also another Studio Ghibli GIF. And then this is transparent picture and I just thought fit in really well. It's really cute, like it's also so q and in general, I just really like kind of like blue and green theme right now. Yeah, I've been feeling like green and dark green and olive and the Sage, literally all very similar colors, but they're just very beautiful. And then I have this little countdown. Now I'm already in Latvia, So it sounds like him plot for two days ago. The basically this is used with a website called into phi. So you just make a widget on and then copy the link and then you embed it in the page and they have a law, I pay for it. I don't know why pay for it because I honestly don't get that much more when you prefer it so far. I feel like they're definitely going to add more, they're working on more. But so far it's not like life-changing. And then another thing that I have here is just like a live progress bar, which just counts like I'm 52 percent through the year. I'm 66 percent through the week, suddenly needed. It's just kind of fun to look up though most appears right here. I've made into a template. A lot of these ones are not really things you can really make into templates. It's mostly just these pages that were made as templates. So first thing we have is To Do list. I loved this page soul so much. It was not made fully by me. It was made by, I call chloro on Twitter. So I made sure to keep her handle here because I don't want to take credit for something they didn't make, but it's absolutely beautiful and I wanted to share it with you guys. So basically in this to-do list, we have a very green sage theme. Once again, you have all these pictures lined up on sides. And we have this little table here that counts the percentage of all your tasks. So you write all your tasks here in your agenda and like just stuff you need to get done. And then you write how many tasks you have and how many you've completed and as you change how many you've completed, if I change this to five, is gonna say 50%, which is really cool. It just updates on this box. I have weekly goals Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Just like a to-do list for every day. And yeah, This is very helpful. Whatever I need to add a new week, I just press this button and I drag this week into archive, and that is it. But I think I have is a habit tracker guys don't judge me. I haven't done my habits and a little while I've been traveling and moving and package has been very hectic. But once again, we have this like blue, green, and nature vibe. Basically I have two habit trackers. So the first habit trackers for things that I don't need to get done every day. These things I only need to do like every 23 days. So have HBR, which is Harvard Business Review, our subscription to them, which is very expensive, a 120 pounds a year or something. And I keep forgetting to read it like it's just seems really stupid, like you're paying so much money for it and I keep forgetting a habit. So I put it into a habit tracker that I want to read something every few days. And then also brilliant as an app, have a lot of computer science you stuff and stuff. And in general, it's just supposed to make your brain work better and how subscriptions for brilliant as well. And I always keep forgetting as well. I track my latest activity and it basically tells me my progress. So if I haven't like went on that up in four days, it's gonna give me like this red sign. But if I have gone on the op and last for days, it's going to give me a start. And then we have a very traditional habit trackers. So we have the date, habits and whatever I check a habit, it says the percentage rate here, and then it counts the average of all these percentages. Then we have the finance page. This Finance page used to be really fully does have a lot of things here. But then recently I started using Excel for finance stuff. So I track my spending, a budget. I like write out my business expenses and stuff like that, but I do all of that on Excel now. So I only have two pages here, the budget page I'm not going to show because it's personal, but I don't Use it if that makes you feel better. I have it there just in case because I think I just want to compare like in the future what my budget was like before and I just tracked my subscriptions here reminds me when is the next time that I have to pay, if it's monthly or yearly, how much I'm paying. And then here's the type of subscription journal. I think I actually found it on Reddit. I cannot find who made it, but if you made it, let me know. I'll give you credit. But it is as beautiful page like look at this, like Do you not just look at it and go, Wow, I love this page. So we have this like Pinky's sky purpley beautiful page. And I really like it like if you move it down, it looks kinda weird, but if you just keep it in this position, it looks like the page is just like a little white stripe across the screen, so I really like it. So we haven't daily journals, weekly journals, monthly journals, and yearly drone halls. So daily and weekly journals, I do not do this every day or every week. They're just there to kind of reflect if I'm ever feeling it monthly and yearly journals I'm trying to do every month and every year because they're like big reflection. So I'm just going to run through them really quickly and show you what is in each one. So for the daily journal, whenever I want to add a new day, I just press this button and it gives me this new page by right with the date is that day and then that dad just write a list of where I'm grateful for what did I do well that day, how could I improve awarded? I actually do that data. So like we should have run down like I woke up really early today and then I here with my friend and that type of thing. This is literally the same as how could you improve so we ignore it. And what do you need to do if you want to be the best version of yourself? And then we can add images right here. So like if I took pictures that day and I want to keep them, I can look back at that day and I have like a full reflection. I have pictures, I have agenda. What I did that day, how I felt, but I was grateful for It's really nice. I do not do it every day, but I probably should have. Weekly journal is the same premise, but it's a little bit more detailed. So we have what happened this week. So obviously I'm not going to write out every day of the week like on one day old, but five on today we'll talk about 530. Like I'm not gonna do that. So I'll just write out the biggest events of the week because when it comes to the monthly reflection, It's a little bit easier because when you want to do a monthly reflection, you might be like what even happened this month. So when you're doing your monthly reflection, you can just look back at your weekly reflections and actually see what happened each week. So not every single week needs to have uncertainties. Like if I didn't discover anything cool that week. Like if I literally just sat on my phone and just did like oven and tasks all the time. And I didn't discover and new people or I didn't discover any YouTubers or podcasts or anything. It's completely fine. This is just like a helper for when I'm doing my monthly reflection, it's a lot easier to do this one I have this we have the monthly reflection, so it's the same type of thing. So for the monthly and yearly reflections, they're almost identical, I think so. Basically, if you guys know that YouTube or Alea Goodall, he has this video online. I think it's called like the most productive thing I do each year. And it's this reflection. So these questions that you see right here, they're all from allele up doll. You'll get all these questions and the templates. But yeah, these are from Ali Abdel, so I didn't write these questions, but then we have the yearly Journal which as I said, is exactly the same as the monthly journal, is just things I'm grateful for what happened this year. What are some cool things that I discovered? Some reflective questions, a little plan of like things I wanna do. This is literally only up dolls. Examples in the templates. You'll get like a clean version and you don't have to go through these and delete what he said. 3. Tracker Tour: Then the next thing we have is a reading list. I really like my reading list, so we just have like a very typical table. We have the status of the book. So if I'm currently reading it, if it's already been read or if it's unread, the name of the book, the author, whether I own the book. So this can be like on Kindle or in real life. It doesn't matter the genre of the book, the rating, and the day I finished it as well. And yes, just a little list. And I have a lot of different views like books I've already read. If I just want to like look back at the books I've already read, or a half a view that says books that you should read neck. So these are books that I own that I haven't read yet because it wouldn't make sense for me to buy a new book to read when I already have, like, I don't know, seven books that I haven't read, but I have them in person. So yeah, these views are really helpful. Then we have a meal tracker, but this was also really simple. I just have the date, what the meals were. I just write as many things as I can if I had any snacks. This is very specific to me because I love intermittent fasting and I increment and foster almost every single day the past few years. Sometimes the shorter like it depends on the period of time like this was the beginning of June and the beginning of June easily doing like 20 hours a day. So I would only eat two meals and I felt really good. I have like check thing to see phi instrument and fostered that day. And then how many hours I fostered for. The next thing I have is a sleep tracker. This is a really simple one. Literally I just put in the timer will time. I went to sleep and notes, I won't lie. I think I will delete this tracker because I started tracking my sleep on my Apple Watch. And now I have an up which was like it was like ten pounds is called auto sleep. It tracks my sleep for me. So I loved this page, I would still use it. But the thing is, I already have like a specific app that does it for me. I don't have to write anything down. And just every night before I go to bed, I press on a button on my Apple watch that says lights off and then I just tracks my sleep, then I have a fitness log. So this is very specific to me as well. I have my yoga pose goals, my workout, my progress, and my workout planner for yoga pose goals. I mean, this can be anything like if you're practicing like skateboard tricks or if you do gymnastics and you're trying to practice tricks in gymnastics or like there's a football trick that you're trying to get down or like a specific like basketball of drill, you can just write down the name of the drill. And then there's a formula here that says like, I need to practice this pose at least once a week or something. And then it's a star. If I've practiced it in the last week and cross, I have not practiced it in the last week. This can definitely go into yoga pose thing, but it's not really no account because this is just tracking my progress. So if I have like a picture or a video, like just tracking their progress or like if I'm say for example here I'm doing a cheerleading pose. So I wanted to have pictures and the video right here and the date that it was taken. So I can just look back and see how much I've improved. And then here I just have a little workout planner for like what my goal would be to do each day. The next thing we have is Meal Ideas, which I think this page is exactly the same. And my first Motion Tour, Like even the pictures are the same. I haven't used this and I'm solenoid it myself because all of these things look amazing versus haven't been cooking, but I'm moving into my new house and like a month and two weeks, once we move in, I am going to start cooking because all of my friends, I'm going to be living with the old cook so much. So I'm gonna motivate me to cook. I will not get takeaway. And basically what I wanted to say is when you add a new recipe, you are like a picture, you add a category and then if you click into it, you will also, you're supposed to see your recipe. I didn't write it down, but you can't. And you can also put the URL. So like if I want to cook this and vg and all, let I just go on this website. I don't have to look for it all over again. The next thing we have is travel. This is not interesting right now because we cannot travel. So right now it's literally just like a list of places I went to visit and places I've been to. Most of them are bullet point lists because as soon as I'm actually planning to go to them, I will turn them into their own page and right down a list of places to visit. Information on like where the airport is, where my hotel is, like things like that. But right now since I can't plan any of these trips, they're just bullet point list. Franz's the only one that's actually a page because I started just writing down places I went to visit, but it hasn't gone very far. And the next major houses miscellaneous, so this has a lot of pages. I will go through them very quickly, not all of them, but it just has like random things. I didn't feel like they needed to hold big place. Just be on the main page like names I love I'm not having a baby for years, for literally years. I'm not need this on my main page. So the first thing you might notice is I have two pages here that have kind of like a different format to my other pages. So as you can see, all my other pages and lowercase letters, and they have this little line before the name. But these two that are Hawaiian and they are not lowercase because these two pages I'm sharing with my friends, the ones I'm going to be living with. So I'm gonna show you the housemate space, but I'm going to blur like almost everything out, but I'm just going to tell you what's where'd so right here, we have our address of the house because we don't live there yet, so we don't remember the address. Like, I always forget where it is, but sometimes I need to know like maybe I need to see like is there a gym nearby? How long does it take to get to campus from there? So the addresses written down just in case. And you won't ever forget that because obviously once we start living there, it's just going to be second nature, like the address is going to be so easy to remember, but right now we don't live there. So like if you ask me the address right now, I'm just not good to remember. So it's written down there just in case then we have some info about rent. So here's a little note that says rent is due on the 25th of every month, but send it to one of my friends by the 20th. And then it just says the total of how much it costs month, how much each person owns. And this is basically like a little checklist of when this person has paid. Yet each person pays different things because our room sizes are very different. And then here we're going to have the WiFi name and the password. So whenever people come over to our house, we can just show them page given the Wi-Fi, like we don't have to go to the Wi-Fi box and like take a picture, send it to them like we can just chosen page. And then here we have our landlady is phone number, the lease agreement, and then we just have some like rules, chores, schedules, things to buy, insurance expenses. I cannot really show you that now. Not even because it's private, but just because it really doesn't have anything in it because we haven't started living there. Once I start living there, I can show you guys this page detail obviously with all the names and addresses and everything blurred out. But I can just show you kind of like what's on the page. And then the next page I have shared with them is called places to go because we always want to go somewhere new and we can ever think of where to go and like we always find these places and they were just forget about them. So we have this page to just like a random things to do together. So yeah, also we had a very long list of restaurants but and it just deleted away. Just have little activities. Just like a lot of random things. Like if someone thinks of something we can do, we just write it down here. And then if we're ever like, ooh, we want to go somewhere, but we don't know where we just look at this. 4. Miscellaneous Tour: So the next page I have is just called restaurants. The only reason these are not on the page that I showed my friends is because these places, most of them are fully begin, am just like of course if I asked my friends to come with me, of course they would. But like, it's not like a place that I'm like, ooh, we should go here because it's just fully VK and it's just something I wanted to try. So that's why there's two separate pages for it. Then we have research screenshots, shopping websites. These are all literally just like lists. Screenshots is basically like sometimes they screenshot like a book on my phone and I don't want to keep the screenshot on my phone. So I just put it into Notion or like, I don't know, maybe there's like someone who was giving advice on something and I don't want to forget it. So I screenshot and put it in their shopping websites is usually only a page because sometimes I get very tempted to just buy something from Zara because they're fast fashion, but I really like their style, which is really annoying. But sometimes if I get really tempted, this is just like a list of a bunch of like sustainable ethical bronze. I don't buy from them all the time, but it's just like list of options to hop. So I'm not just like, okay, let me go to Zara. Next thing I have is a list of the names I love. I'm wishing, you know, having babies for so long. Just have a list of names and I really, really loved personal is personal and just like some personal info that I need to keep track of tattoos. Literally, I'm just tracking like the date to I got that tattoo in which artists I got it wrong because a lot of the times people ask me like, where did you get this helps you and I just will not remember. And I feel like my plan is to get a lot more tattoos. I feel like the more I get, the more I'm going to forget or they're all from one I got them. So have a list in order of like all the tattoos I go and who did them, what date? It was. Just a lot, a lot easier this way. Then I have some quotes, literally just a list of quotes. The next thing we have is birthdays. I love this page so much because basically I really like, okay, I wouldn't bet my life on astrology, but I really am interested in it. It's so interesting to me, like, even if it's not true, it's just fun to follow. As soon as I put a person's birthday, it automatically tells me what zodiac sign they are and what type of zodiac sign there are like earlier fires sign and earth sign. And it tells me their current age and when it's there next birthday and what ages are going to be on the next birthdays. The formulas are so long, you can just get on my templates because they're very, very long. And yeah, that is it for this column. Then we have this gift. We have routines which is basically a list of like my morning your team and night routine. I don't want to click into it, so I want to make it a video was owned, but I'm currently working on them. So I'm trying to like set habits would then try to do them every day. But it's basically just like a list, not lists, like it's just my morning routine and that routine because even though you might do something every single day, so demos, you just need a reminder like, oh, what should I do next? It's not very strict. Like I don't have to do it like minute by minute every single day, but it's just like a rough idea. Like this is what I wanted to do each morning and now we have a daily checklist. I don't use every day, but sometimes I feel like I have so many things to try. I have to do list habit tracker, meal tracker as the day goes on, I'm like, Okay, I've updated my habit tracker today. I've updated my meals. I did a journal entry. It's just there to make sure I remember about all my truckers. So now we're moving on to my workspace. And first thing you're going to see is content creation. So this has a lot of random things. I'm not going to click into a lot of them because a lot of them are very personal. Video ideas is literally just an boring list of video ideas. I wanna do sponsored details if ever worked with a sponsor, I can just see like the sponsor pays through this or like I've worked with this person this many times. It's just like random things I would need to know about spawns from working with emails is a bunch of like email templates I made for myself. If I'm reaching out to a company or finding replying to accompany like saying no to their offer or if I'm saying yes, just like a rough template that I made for myself because it just makes everything 20 times easier. I don't have to write the same email 50 times a day. And then we have a little media kit. I don't really need a proper media kit because I'm working with an agency and they're currently building one for me. But if I ever still want to work with a brand on my own, my media kit, just kinda, how's my analytics has my rates for the videos. It has like a list of my previous sponsors. It's kinda like your YouTube, your portfolio. You kind of need one if you're a YouTuber and you try to work with new bronze, you should work on doing media kit. And then I say half as the mosaic music, basically I used to use this website called thematic or music for free. And I would just like truck, how many songs I would use in each video. So for example, this song, cold, cold sweat, I've used it in five different videos. So in my head I'm like, I should delete that song. I shouldn't use it anymore. I use that song in five different videos. It could have literally been somewhere in the background where you hardly hear it. But like that's a lot. I don't do this anymore because I use a different website. I use epidemic sounds now, which is not for free, but it's really good. So I don't use this. I just have it here in case I ever want to do this with Epidemic music. Because if I ever want to do this with Epidemic music, I would use the same layout. I would just like OCI change the names of the songs and stuff and then I have inspiration. So I don't know if I ever see like little editing element that someone did, or like a video idea that I really like the idea of what my own twist on it. Potential partnerships, partnerships are like I want to work with in the future, but like not yet, or like people that have reached out to me and I didn't want to work with them in that moment, but I still want to work with them like there was this company that was basically selling like stunning tables. And I am obsessed with stunning tables like a Hawaiian really, really won't want, but I could not work with them because I lived in student condition. I hadn't no space to put a standing desk. Don't really buy your own for an insurance student accommodation. So I send notes to them, but I do want to work with them in the future because I love to review. There's something tuple and then editors and the growing Souls, I'm not really using them, their things and use more and the past. But yes. 5. Workspace Tour: Podcasts or just the place where I keep track of like what episodes I'm recording, like when one I'm going to be talking about whether I've recorded there or not, whether edited stuff like that, then I have Skillshare class. So like I've been plotting a lot of Skillshare classes recently and that's where they are being planned. Reals also like just reels ideas that I'm doing project is a secret project. I literally just named a project because I don't want anyone to know what it's about. And templates is the page where you're going to see all the templates that I'm sharing today. And then these are just some random cameras that I want to look into because I'm happy with the cameras I have right now, but like there's always room for improvement. And I bought a newcomer recently. Really good, but it's not mind blowing. So I want to look into these ones as well also, it's really good business expense. And then we have Unity Hub. So in uni hub, I basically have all of my modules from year 1. And for each module, when you click into it, you'll basically just see like every week rundown like just notes I took from that week. So I'm going to be doing the same thing for year two. I changed it around a little bit. So whenever I have a new module and just press new module, and then each week I basically have space from my notes, things I want to research that week and a little checklist like, well, I make flashcards for it. Do I have to do extra reading stuff like that? That's just going to be how I'm tracking my notes for that year. Next we have notebooks. I don't use this a lot and it's just like whatever I want to write down influence of things. So say for example, recently I was just like researching different like hatha yoga poses and like where else am I going to write this down? Like there was no other place. So Notebooks is the place. Also if there was some articles I wanted to take notes on from Harvard Business Review, I would do it here. Yeah, It's just the place to take random notes down. I don't use this a lot, but it is really useful for whenever I need it. And the next thing I have is the goals page, a half so many goals pages, you're going to look at it and be like, You're crazy, but I'm going to quickly explain each one. So 2021 goals, I'm just literally going to look back at this at the end of 2021. I made a whole video on this. If you want to watch it, I won't lie. A lot of them have changed, but it is all right. Then we have our summer plan, which is just like in the beginning when I was playing with somewhere, I just wrote down a bunch of random things I wanted to go through. This is a very unorganized page. I later organized it into my summer goals which I made into a video also, and they have another page. So I'm going to show you that in a second. Life goals. I'm not going to open this, but it's just like literally just like things I want to achieve in life. Like there's so many, just like random things like, I want to take up horse riding. I want to learn how to play the violin. Like literally just like goals for my whole life. Like things I don't need to do right now. Like I don't care about horse riding right now. Like eventually, I want to get to a point in my life where I'm just doing like course writing like once a week, like just for fun. Random goals. Goals are too small to put in life goals, but they're just very London like reach this speed of typing goal tracker. I had this page and my last notion toward, I just really like the layout of this page. I know it doesn't look like much right now because it doesn't have a lone goals and neck because I use my other goal tracker more. Yeah. Basically you make a new goal. You put whether it's new goal and progress, it's on hold. And then within this page you can just work like you can just write down how you're working on that goal, what you've been doing, and your progress. So very random, small goal. I really like the layout, the page. I also go to this page in the templates because I don't use it, but I really like it. So, and then the next thing we have a summer goals. So the page I use to track my summer goals, prepare a lot of them are going to have a Red Cross sign because as I said last week or two, I've actually been doing nothing for myself but just been like packing, preparing, moving. So I have all of my goals here. They have like a little checklist of their own. The next thing I have is video scheduled. So I'm going to scroll down to videos that I've already posted before because I don't want to show you guys the upcoming videos, but basically this is kind of what the trucker video scheduled thing looks like. So we have the number of the video, the video title, the Stata. So status could be if it's an idea Research rate to film the Lavon update to assume that day it was published, what kind of video it is. And then I have like a check thing for when I finished the video, the number of subscribers I had at the time of uploading it, the thumbnail, the URL, and then I even have a little checklist for whether that video reached over a 100 thousand views and whether that video, how sponsor, just like a lot of information. But it's really, really useful. And I've been using this for about a year, literally I have it for like most of my videos. Then we have languages, which is literally just like where I take notes. Sometimes I don't always take notes here. Select for Italian. I haven't made a page for it, but when I was learning French, had some random like vocab words here. So yeah, I just wanted to make a separate place for it because I don't know if I don't learn a lot of languages, so I just have like notes here then career. This is fully from unshaded Jay-Z video. So if you guys want to watch her notion video, make sure to check it out. I haven't use these, but I do have them saved for future because I do think they're really, really good ideas. I haven't had any work experience. I haven't applied for any jobs. Haven't really met any like networking people in terms of like computer science jobs. So I haven't really needed to use this, but it's here in case I need it in the future. But yeah, this is fully made by agenda Jade. I did not make this, but it's really good. I wanted to keep it. And then we have a page called coding practice. Initially just some websites where I can practice coding because sometimes I'm just like I am forgetting, normally forgetting, but I just need to practice this language a little bit more and I'm starting to forget a little bit of work and I practice. So here just have like a bunch of things I want to complete. Like I want to practice all like the Java exercises on this website and I want to try out this project and basically has lot of different things that I want to do to practice. So yeah, that is it for my notion. Literally, it doesn't seem like a lot because it all comes down on one page. I do not have any extra pages and pages that I have are on this board. So does it for the tour, there's going to be a quick video to show you how you can download the templates. And then as it literally, there will very advanced tutorial and the future. But for now, that's it. Hope you enjoyed the tour and I hope you like. 6. How to download the templates: Okay, So I'm going to show you guys really quickly how it's delegate templates basically to get the template, I'm gonna put a link on the screen right now. You just enter in this really short link and you will get to see my page of templates. Then you just choose one of the pages that you want to duplicate. And then on page and the right top right-hand corner, it will say Duplicate and then it will be on your notion page. Thank you very much for watching this little notion toward class templates thing. Make sure to stay tuned because I will be making an advanced ocean tour soon. And also like two or three other Skillshare classes, which I'm really, really excited for, but yeah, thanks for watching. I'll see you guys next time. Peace out.