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Notion & The PARA Method - Your Minimalist Life Wiki

teacher avatar Robert Blanc, An obligation to share.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Class Trailer - Welcome!

    • 2. What is a Life Wiki and Some Examples

    • 3. Creating Your Life Wiki Home Page and an Introduction to the PARA Method

    • 4. PARA Method and Notion Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives

    • 5. Populating Your Pages

    • 6. Pages Iconography and other tweaks

    • 7. Final Thoughts and an informational treat

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About This Class

This is an easy class (for beginners) that will introduce you to a simple Notion framework you can use to organize your life. 

The framework is based on a special productivity method you can tweak to fit your needs.

The class involves an introduction into the method and a simple way to integrate it into Notion.

Remember, I am only the messenger providing a simple framework you can use to organize your life. I encourage you to enhance this framework and make it your own, personalize it, make it beautiful, and colorful as well!

Thank you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robert Blanc

An obligation to share.


Hello, I'm Robert.

I have a lot of dumb ideas. I tend to write them down and then revisit them from time to time.

I create video essays where I am attempting to explain things to my future self. Trying to improve my delivery methods. You can check one of my videos below, I think it can be interesting for you.

I am also fond of productivity, collecting self-improvement resources like books, articles, podcasts, tools, and gadgets that can help improve the overall state of one's workflow.

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1. Class Trailer - Welcome!: Well, hello there. My name is Rob. I'm a regular reader, blogger marketer and the YouTuber. I've been using notion right from its launch, and I stumble upon it in a tech newsletter. Actually, Onda fell in love with that ever since. But I will show you in this class is how to use notion and combine it with a product. Everything method that it's simple, has four main pillars and will essentially help you manage your life from your personal projects and hobbies, health and finances and also overall life goals. Some of everything happening in your life and that is transferable to notion, is what I call a life wiki workspace. You'll be able to add more structure to your life, but using this method and also will be able to store more information. One of the goals of the course is also speed and simplicity, and this is the class I wish I would have had when starting out. So if you enroll in this class, I'll be taking and guiding you when creating your own personal life. Wiki workspace. So, yeah. Thanks for watching. And I'll hopefully see you on the other side. 2. What is a Life Wiki and Some Examples: Hello again. Let's get the ball rolling. I want to start off by explaining what a personal wiki is. This is essentially one page. The central page failed with three sources and tools where you will essentially be able to organize everything you were working on. This page also allows you to go deeper into each area. And here again are some examples of personal wiki pages having sort of different vibes and terminology as well. And you can also use an import, all sorts of notion life wiki templates as well. If you don't want to customize them that much here you can have a characterization system. You can split things up. You can label everything accordingly as well. And here is where you will get off the discourse. This is a finished template. This is what you will get after watching the scores and implementing everything we outline here. And of course, you can change in switch things around like you know, terminology changes or I can change is based on your needs. But again, this is the overall structure. This is the pillar, and this will be your life. Wiki in a nacho 3. Creating Your Life Wiki Home Page and an Introduction to the PARA Method: now what I want to do. I want to start creating my top level page. You can name it home base or landing page or home. However you want Really not gonna name mine life Wiki, obviously. And when I want to do now, I want to start creating sections for my page. And I'm gonna create four main sections I'm gonna name the 1st 1 project. As you can see, notion automatically assigned me and I can hear. And we'll get into how you can personalize this. I can hear in a few minutes. So again, I'm gonna do projects with a new areas. Resource is and our ice I'm going to select everything here. And what I want to do ultimately is to convert each category here in do the job. Paige, I'm gonna click this daughter I can hear Turn into you, Fage And the reason why my categorization system looks like this. Meaning naming my pages projects areas resource is in our hives is because I'm using gay productivity method named Para. And this is an inverse ALS system for organizing digital information. And it was initially created by Thiago, 40 product safety expert. You can check out. But what para really does is segmenting your information into four main buckets. And the reason why this system works is because uses four main pillars, and the number four, according to the research in neuroscience, appears to be or a natural limit. When talking about cognitive processes. It's easy to remember. It's simple, it's fast, and this is why I'm gonna use this method and have it be the skeleton off my life Wiki. 4. PARA Method and Notion Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives: You can also view your categories here in the upper left part of the screen, and you can expand it. And of course, you can expand each category and when I want to do next is actually defined each category. I want to know what means right. So I'll click on my first page, the project, and then it gets simply type in my definition. And when talking about what the project he is, this is essentially an initiative. It can also be recurring. This initiative has an outline outcome to the find outcome and also deadline. We all need a deadline. It's the best thing we can do for us, really. And of course, the project will be completed by following a series of tasks, and I can add in a few examples in case I need to remember what the project is, you know, organizing a wedding, creating the social media campaign, launching a website and just for fun. I'm gonna add this project as well, which is creating a notion life wiki template. Now I want to go back for a second and authority fighting my envious speech so I can either go back by clicking the go back button here where I can simply navigate this upper left part of the screen, expand my list and go to areas. And an area is essentially a top category off your work and life is a place you can go to check all your projects. And resource is because everything will fall into one area. The next thing I want to do is I want to define My resource is speech. I'm gonna go back. And this is basically a place that Sergen a slowly transformed into your movie media database is a place where I can collect various links I've found online. And then I can use these Resource says for my project articles, pdf's tutorials, videos, how to was and much more. And the last step of our parakeet position system in notion involves defining our our high speech. And this is nothing fancy. Just involves completed projects. Old resource is retired projects basically the things we want to our hive and don't want any more in our projects. Every other resources 5. Populating Your Pages: Now I know they have a well defined life wiki. Based on the para method we Day four pillar categorizations system which is simple, easy to access and again well defined. And what I wanted, you know, is I want to populate each category. I want a popular my projects. I want populated areas. I want to populate my re sources and also our fights White not and naturally, I'm gonna Sorry projects. And I have my definitions here in case I forget what a project is. And I also have some examples. So let's start in peak a few examples and then expand issue out a project looks like and what they want to do now is create the personal related project and the work related projects. I'm gonna transform everything in your page and then I'm going to build my personal one first. And my preferred method of project tracking is actually using a board. And as you can see, the board comes in with different types off categories to have your no status projects, you're not started projects your in progress projects and you're completed projects as well . And of course, you can add a new column if you want to. And now I'm gonna do the same for the world project as well. And I'm gonna go back to my like, wiki. The next thing I want to do is to build a skeleton off my area speech again. Areas are no top categories of your working life and is decision of the place you can go to check your projects and resource is as well I'm gonna start by simply creating a list. I'm gonna do health. I'm gonna do finance hobbies and let's say learning, I'm going to select each area once again and transform it into your tone bait. Then you will be able to see them here as well and going back to my life weekend. And now that I'm done in the areas page, I wanna build and design. The resource is pages will and I want to make it simple. I want to make it minimalist and I want to make it easy to maintain as well. So I'm gonna click. Resource is and again resource is Bages essentially a page you can use to collect. Various resource is you found online line PDS resource papers or the war documents you to be gives articles and what not and what I like to do here in what I found that works for me . I know that I want to have a link bait, and I know that I wanna have a cool stages. Well, and I also know that I want to have a book speech. This page is essentially designed for me to have the books I want to read or books I need to refer to. I'm gonna convert everything into its own single page once again. And that was You can see this is the outline for the resource of speech now coming back to my life. Wiki. I have my top pages on the screen again. This is a simple approach. This is a minimalist approach. And what? We will also tackle this just building your art heist pages. Well, I'm gonna go. Are hives again in the r high speed, you should be in putting like completed projects. Resource is retired, projects essentially inactive or completed the project areas and resource is and you can easily move your pages around e. For example, I want to retire a resource page. I can simply expand it I'm gonna drag and drop the bacon here. And essentially, this is now in mind are high schooler. And I can, of course, put it out on the market once again. 6. Pages Iconography and other tweaks: and coming back to my life. Wiki Once again, the final step of the process is making your pages look awesome. Essentially, we're going to tackle things like adding your icons and cover. As you can see, we have a default life wiki I can hear this one was actually generated. The first time I created my page by notion. I'm gonna click on it, and I can, of course, speak one of their emojis here. What I like doing is actually uploading my own image or choosing a link to an image I enjoy . And I have a database of images I collected for this project specifically, And I'm gonna based each I can. I want a sign. And here is the final product. I can expand everything over here. You can see I picked the special Aiken for each individual page, and I want to get to a point where the Eiken basically lets me new. Whatever's on the page, you get to a point where you're Aiken will trigger this visual pattern. And I think that Aikens matter in the end, because as you'll start using your life wiki more and more the habit of navigating between older pages is going to become automatic and you'll get your point where you won't have to read the name of the pages. You know what's inside. You'll be simply guided by the Aiken's. 7. Final Thoughts and an informational treat: I believe this is the end of my course. I really hope you learned something. You and thank you for watching.