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Notificaciones push en Android, con Php y Firebase

EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA, Mobile and web developer

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10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Bienvenida

    • 2. Instalando jdk de java

    • 3. Instalando node js y Phonegap

    • 4. Instalando Android Studio, SDK manager y firmar licencia del SDK

    • 5. Instalando Gradle

    • 6. Instalando Cordova y generando Apk de prueba

    • 7. Instalando y configurando el plugin para obtener el token del dispositivo

    • 8. Registrar y configurar nuestra app con Firebase

    • 9. Generar apk e Instalar aplicación al celular para obtener el token

    • 10. Enviando notificación Push con PHP y Firebase

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About This Class

¿Quieres aprender a enviar notificaciones push en tus aplicaciones móviles?

En este curso aprenderás a crear aplicaciones móviles y  enviar Notificaciones push en Android, con Php y Firebase .

Ademas podrás configurar e instalar todos los archivos necesarios para generar los instaladores de las aplicaciones móviles (APK)

Resumen del curso

  1. Desarrollador principiante móvil : aprenda el mundo del desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles hibridas con cordova.

  2. Aplicación híbrida : aprenda la tecnología para desarrollar una aplicación híbrida móvil y enviar notificaciones push con firebase, Php y Phonegap

  3. Interfaz de usuario móvil : aprenda a crear paginas responsive con bootstrap

  4. Funcionalidad -Guardar token en base de datos Mysql con Javascript y Php

¿Por qué debería tomar este curso?

  1. Podrá crear una aplicación móvil y enviar notificaciones push con PHP

  2. Tengo muchas preguntas.

  3. Haz preguntas en el video. Y ten respuestas en el menor tiempo posible

  4. Actualizando contenido continuamente.

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1. Bienvenida: the many outside court, not because units pools lo fi tips bad e longer and I stick or so Gigi every possible parcel. This the print is have the Holocene salad. You know this is areas by a complete most right. You are picker facilities insulated, coming things through this positive Asta NDR noted. Because units pulls compared chip in your patch as he getting Beato marketer histories remembrance ever be like It's the least little physicals as you get this fail then trial court, so I must be to park it. Inspect your honest those meets autos courses. In those case, on seeing a coma is the application is more jealous. You just take it day on in contact. 2. Instalando jdk de java: but a poor Kaneda L. A pick, then Mr Application in the mosque. A installer who knows programmers convicted Arto Ellen, Tor Nizar Roger in this so consumed by Muslim pasar instead. London There's more than even I know that's great. Ho tai chi jar mammals are like click in Algeria, victim in the Sinai oracle. But a part of this cargo ricotta got animals Good. It's Secretary studies India. He knows we combos in nice carga depending endured system about locating gun Your suit is under Windows Porters Intake watrel are like a couple guys Car Got a nice game. PDS cargo chest basis. Nobody paid. Que cannot love you Much luck when I order a court case. Complete them integrity's you know Sandra a Stone Oracle. Most Randall this part, but I play it as it history Yes, bombers, but are in trust a size carga Gino's Victor. When I was getting the mother's Carvalho take up much of Brazil, I mean, in this car gets lifestyle at my party. My most the leg click on install our just, uh, been done at the Sala soon. Was that liquidity Most nights again, it was Avlynn is Yes, the same Solando. Then in most cases, the program i e we car like our better being. Dilemmas and mustard on the case in Colorado. Yeah, I agree. Garland, lower your list. That system time, you know, almost a process. This program was almost going mental states a lesson. They're Amina Mother lays again. Take a good look at you. And when they are carrying Salau I think so. As you're no motel mambo to Temple Spirit moves me and trust me and trust carga wanted notices program At most, some nations are used for a poor A computer. Nice replicas you. But I handed are gonna bicker, put in stellar low And was Marfan Come was Delete that product boy and you're limited because in exports Jacquet and a condom grandma notification exposed their directamente in these paucity or physical. What can lose in Mallory's knows bipartisan dignity Because you're Niskanen throws MBM There is partisan somewhat as in the first as comfortable as yours This Makita going slow There is one more way that steak people this cooler currency arterials the programmer Joshua Kako Insular ho Take my mom was like a bean Mom was a queer estate X soon Montag appear almost, I noticed a large body of the system that most click the region. It's to keep appropriate eyes convened, whereas, you know, and the anti stem body a resident or no, but I know that somebody or let the sistema in Laurier lip. But in the race, it was hardly a that you are most angry got on. And where and a pig are a key look accommodate Copia can be in the hotel Il a motel in as a tough lamb was added as it. How is it that you could subject animals in Salalah Hotel carry job? 3. Instalando node js y Phonegap: when I was kept in the museum's salon. Most prosaic still have fun, but I do. Mammals are like click in the Minoan, the tender mineral Gary stars bamboos and still have. Look on in PM No, most of you know Jay, it's this cargo. Most is the case in a common del first Carbon. Use it anymore. Trust by hunger is Carl J is commando case NPM. But it's one was at the games that land Not, but I killed fungal reckoning. Desert symbology. What they're not. They may Cuomo dependency. Small patio kazenga deal in marked window cereal symbol system. Oh, I would say may I'm losing select jus career. Looked in the movies. Cargo. It's alleging it so looked again as a catalyst there. Meters, begin this locker, but on the car we call get in this case nice. Good. Get that case alone of Julia one. Body muscle tear. Amina Mosaic Dorian would say Amillia multi stem these. It's the commando case. Ambien, stop! Your hick is glowing. You're mosa insular fungal! Tomorrow beyond most Bigombe BMO Esther after MP in side You hate the Lord hunger DiMarzio . There's a kind of music and other economies become commanding there. No certain Metaksa, right? Mobile. But our evidence in a glory most yeah, no Syrians allowing node.js. They saw what I see Love the most could be any bigger. It's the commander, according suggest Thomas instead. Limousine Salon J years You know Zimmerman Toe Samaras, Endo, SK sums in some and the fungal your women. There's a spirit, much more sentiment. Process. Cardin Toloza Cheers. Probably religion. The younger Yeah, where there was a fungal deserts in volunteers them a forgot coming dear name in a programmer. The script value the most it and project a fatal. I mean, it was time I have a blue that symbolises so much like a tango control hotel. They the longer the animus against the law for God cannot surprising Forget. Never seen Maya, you know, dejected, rebalance it is in. This is in your pocket That was elected speaker assumes by impaired a looking a That's the most fungal. But that's but I have a moment of commander. More like you see, the primary market action was taken. Azizi. Commando least just basis. Cuando Salama's becoming commander in the mosque. A lot more not give you a certain line. Tunnel it symbol UAL. Cloudy. You see correction Terminal Most 4. Instalando Android Studio, SDK manager y firmar licencia del SDK: the problem most insular, they said. They say, Andreas, fool you, but apart I don't travel most direct them in the window. You still you? Yeah, because he must come here. There's a cup, my lunch boxes on Pokemons fast that minutes travel. Come here. Basically a This bomb was as great under a story. Oh, climate alibi. You know he's here. Kalapani Moose, this car, Andreas, till you die, said Thomas lost their means. It'll move this cargo. It's the programmer she hasn't broken. My special is that it is in tradition where make us thens is who says Lauren case cardigan . Georgia looting will put a case cargo. But I said I broke all my appear. Review. There's one eyes. This cargo mammals are toiletry, you know, Most I throw their insular must put their it's but a Muslim sentiment. Those are really Salo. Oh, was that Casey That was Alex again. Think again, guys under our care instead, Our I say Andres to you See again. He said that it's Ah, Sergeant Temple because I'm more mature when I was getting the most insolent. Under his toe Tenemos Gates card are are Ghana's or throws a Zika business, but I mostly sun take, is an insult. Thursday's problem assuming it is a respond up where commodity enter your menting Ah, compiler e Canada will not bicker but upward instead of low interest rates. A lot gonna PWEHR said. Oh yeah, there's llamas arse again. If you know Lisa then says, I can't vote it and it's alot Brahmos at Linux input there the Indian, they quantum memorial run thing and into computer will possess our bottom Kocaman therapy or links as you almost are linked to India. Gladys, say seekers. This program was I cannot physically was kinda laws and sick. I Spanoulis again almost a selection there and people contribute as they come. People assume that was a wrist under again thing. I got promoted cohere people and they send you a link for fast. Yes, the, uh, most quarter. Oh, like what are less again it doesnt lose actuals kids and by his car got Lamela Ellen Raziq a boil but a course through your ale a lot become Laiseka Benten Well, assistant Nas is a complete force as a car Tools Yes, Kenny Intel's it intake trade magazines moister. Then they back care We Cowling, Kalajian Days Villaseca. What was actually you know Lisa? That's Calamos. We know he's a commie incise car. Got those? Is that you're scared? Capcom was there. He pose a I'm still abuse. When you nice congested this cargo in Salo toe There was a link. Is that Mozilla company? Is it? Come on, ***. It was there. It is a good Muslim solo and it's the casualty was it is a car Benten where the main premise insular but throws a Coptic Anonymous. But I am cloak for Muslims. Styler Elissa been here Chicken on ST Saleh during caucusing. Hello. It's inventing where my most secret and most install a Communist they have been. Did a recommitment is the car platform Teoh Boy, I still have a communist, but I for most insular barrios is a of the Indian Do a real agreement that's gonna throw scams unit Is it there that descarga most early? It's a cabin theater. When was better kadek going a lot more tired infinitely said he called etcetera minimus a Let's imagine. Deandra, you're still you. Most travel time. The algo case freedom are really sense. Yet they can't manage to notice the commando. This but a Jew. Then in one skate, I like again third time the Coinstar Coinstar. How many people? His car? Local, say 20 years Use what you Lester? I'm that local angry. A sick and tools with the modern contract. It's a a When was that being Wasn't contract listening Can manage most Don't simbolo inches them? Yes, there's a jingoism. Most eyes are open. Your model isn't they Cut my energy. The llamas, I think with that See upto Look if someone is in the moment Those with Amanda Lollies nt Come on. Yes, The financial film A moralist load the market Mosque Airport There is been need a come hey in the doors Blunt force doors You How could I got less on? But but but for storage You those okay? You like I said those con esto j hammer's least? Oh, okay. There is a community living. If your mom isn't criminal a stop Part of the deal is a good manager 5. Instalando Gradle: Lord Immokalee visit the museum. But working in a Nuestro Africa were excellent. It's not you alongside enough. Nobody said glibly accept you know about Yeah, Withrow. Mistral We Oh, but most of you, Ducky. No, Sadly lacking. Good. I really don't know. But I can o j They come in, they elect you. These are key. Most live in Stella Manuel Mental. Your muscles are allowed to Marchionne. Moataz card are complex. Que the mighty come and visit when movements but are almost sentence impressing with this character. You almost got body When I see this kind of get moving with talk to you my mother s car But it is cut again. Still to your lawyer is completely my style. A second paper eyes It's the scum premium. Most definitely School cancer Deputy animals K Gregor A lo T Mario lento computer. This is where the very end of interest this compliment. But listen terminal in any part. No air eight. Uh, you my most case. So, Joe Uh, yes, I was complete meat to you. It's there to local p a moose and the school of cancer. Who knows? At least like a generous thing. But look as it once get could be a movie because it's like a pit President Obama, I sucker prepare gladly. So elementary. But what is it? It's too much to ask Assad. Is there to Mama being Scorpion? Yeah. Are gonna got most Is the Leah i e on his body? Or listen, totem most has it. It consists of that. I mean, I most mostly still assume they told those a programas color killings. But boy whom he laughed people I could have mostro a Africa Cooper cost through on a picker Tarapur in celebration. 6. Instalando Cordova y generando Apk de prueba: my mother Prabhakaran player start a radio bar didn't imbalances. Well, we got and it's really thought you will. You still a fruity more? The court It was, but I quit those commandos, but I knew that once through a bigger there's but mostly stand. Is this card accordingly, since a lot lower lamenting. But does it, uh, could administer project? Yes, equal or C season? You need out. Not bigger. There's almost asked, but mostly notice means that still discover grey. He seems that well now is this cargo in Stella Cordova? All right. Mark Levin, project from hunger. Could he ate? I think this isn't project. It's a rocky in a respiratory Oprah Kaysen. So ekho mark this one more. I doesn't, Cleo. It's a project. I'm a lawyer. Very connected. The distance? Yeah, there's a kind locker. The locker picked apart for improving Italian. Every night that you're compete is in this Atallah The Children come people as you. Luckily, Casio Really the keys on this island. I could have most of Scarpetta's in a carpet a the baker. This move Grammas Salama's court, though Well, I'm a single mum because grand for look, it's got going on a platter for Mom. My carpet on drew the carpet on Photos are to compete with This area was looking captain, and they stay at your company. There's moms have let enter under and okay, the verdict. You know that's you by months I that 1/4 the blind for at Andres it's pretty. Losing something in a photo was blowing. The less conspicuous Uranus is the most consecutive go. Yeah, Kyle trip Logan's on a insulin. Yoko Ono This exploding skipped in your feet. It's just blue King saying in a dump or defector Cuando cram music project. There's since Alando you come back to us. But on a similar example, a Moore's innit? Atmos Tropic I bought with my own ozone. Is Alando Road serving a captain moving in there? Do you? Yeah. Okay. Just doesn't kill a solid until this plug in a computer and moved into a carpet Paprika is the the seller like our prayer that a boy goes through a picker as he comes According medical Mondo corridor for you, Andre, This the commando Look at it. It's gonna be a tumbler carpet. Pero akkus A milestone in communities where continue our corn a classy camp. Let's play there. OK, corn and salt marsh in the corridor. So it looks okay. Poker. Ellen in a locker. Blood for Remy. 100 DACA L Amina. It's a carpet Andry. You I definitely know. You will barely select projects in Solano saying it's so much more women on the religion that is coming out. Looking in some occurrence allows. Well, im order them. You know our correct Cordova boy Andre. He didn't throw locker better. Andrew the green carpet a prepay Claire. Not you, intra boy. Entro il who's back? Taxes on Africa. Listen, there's a key point, Musburger or throw picking? Convenient. Easy. I love to me my lazy cutting a lot more. It was actually competing. Yes. And where? Okay, you come out by using where? Because we will rock. You know this size in Dhaka. Bull Moose accord called the boy Andre? Yeah, then was it? Here's what I found. Okay. It's your gums. Yeah. Then through our years in presently s new book is it the The The paralysis is like you are sick and frozen. Study emos and but according because you love jokingly windows a this card because place place it isn't too 7. Instalando y configurando el plugin para obtener el token del dispositivo: jackalope. Grandma's Canada muestra become trapped in the project. Most of those courses looking, Barakaldo said, talking the dispositive or more. But upper Canada, a purported India of London because you push he is a really good idea. J quitting but much island. Take a look at what? That still talking in said as you can. Bommel's old sod is the it's Selena commander. And in this no more talking mom somewhere there. This positive you doesn't like that. Um, there's your money. Honestly, New Concord. Oh, or confirm killer. Let those there must start into a projector. Yeah, quarter Moses Alinea practice and selling stopped looking dollars blooming King Solomon's cannons allows and throw some carpet. Movies are, you know, just But I don't need something in dress. Look, a looking Terrence Alando. But mostly you. Um I don't see him use the mo cap to really talk. There's our Kaesong and drop you. We're lucky, boy, Those are is there to keep. Things are kind of hazing. What is? It's aloha. Most boy is still limping. No, no, boy, eliminar longer. Stay close. That boy's okay and we have been talking. Okay? The musical talking as you call it. I almost kissed hunger. Blogging. Okay, but most most, Arlene this the hotel hazing with that someone was on, uh, and quitting upon a month. Monterey based, right. Okay. Swollen, too. See? How much is that? Put a key in the document. No one said out you almost could terrorist out the think how the he said winters. Yes. There's a lovely cousin carcass on the document. Mobile said things out. I think I would look at him. Seven. Jonas, Get one. The look. A sign of the seventies ankle terror, condo passing, Quattro sequins. And if you can try a we're talking Terry esta rapper seven job was just letting in the vineyard. Perkins tried talking to say that. Is that going this? You lower, uh, used to suggest what of them. Yeah. Most people around okays and hey, look, they really tell us again. Take cleansing Mostar memory stuff was invited equals more tropical players. They catch 8. Registrar y configurar nuestra app con Firebase: wasn't that. Can you come looking, Mr Cool Ego, But I'm almost always throw a token. Perkins Sola Most regular in this area practices must be swell. A ticket back. You were gonna go, didn t this in my book? What the you nearly in this lucky oye as you Pitt and then talking from a weapon. Well, actually got own this It is Yeah. Isn't this idea even through this area, Bama's upon ear A that full auto history united Cassandra talking that this polity, um it took in the least pretty okay, out or not, because you a It's a look. Almost coming. Okay, Our laws again. Ticket animal skins here. Despondently phone number in most of pocket was upon her. Okay. Don't you cuss, you push. It's a lot more Invite us. No cinemas que restarting fire lives jacqui file. It's because Ernest Porta No. Then listen, Tray fancy pay instruct because you for a directory I come with candy are airy and they're not gonna be because you're elements. I can be ems. But it was our five tips and camel alibi Unified. It's is it that was McQuinn. Thank you. May does that thing well now. When I was, I was There's like you stay skin. This was there, so Ah, but most I could add more project ejaculate Fight is still in this case Got thrown out. You get in a mosque, a aggregor on west replicas impacted compete Realize it. I got got more projectile? No, because here, pointing lock I want as it continue Our it is not a stock went that would affect them Not Quinta gratis DeNeen limit a replicas. Eunice, focus on record. She's a Cuban aggregate amount because Yunus then up. Police are soon appoint claiming UK it But Muslim in prison was catching Zakaria Family Co P and O s. The market a Cuando the most. Certainly supplicant They try. Stop because 100 point emotion number pocket you almost already strong. It's early, Accola. Precaution is he knows a sistah pocketing this cargo. Moussa, start you lazy most again. There it's again through you're meeting. It's there. It's there to you. No joke was blown is easy. Thermos ag regard the including the carpet that days for Andre up. Yeah, he is a menace is the most regardless toward you. Yeah, most extra. Some fight. It's yesterday chokers realizing they couldn't soon in three and stuff because you're chipping fto. The total is that supplication corner number packet. Can I still get anymore destroy fighters? 9. Generar apk e Instalar aplicación al celular para obtener el token: that the most complex couldn't was throw it. Okay, Good. Ramos almost had in this area a taco taco is it is still too because it d quitting. No. Yeah, it's gotta go. You go. But what that is yet to then and then the Pretoria test cloning Fortese doing about that? No. I started going through the sort of your their equity. Do you know class? I didn't really care a bit the whole days Our a Z boy a computer projector. You going, son? That and because you and me it's a lot better. The bomb was at least 30 years in the star projector. Seven days He opened a corridor for you on the and said to you the O meter Cuando lo replica looks really the Army Corps Mullah Pencil asking me because it s good lawyer I know how they throw me interim is here with me Kids in sin on So what? These west. But I a completely loyal scar in the car in Salinas, In my pickup in the book. I don't care me, not you. The bus. But only in sentiment dress You is there to Komal Apostle, a music who now is a They come below. Yeah, Kill boy and try out beer. A But about Amemiya. Teoh Missoula. It would have been there. It's the Joko years. We've no I had entering revealed Pakistanis, but I didn't play us. But I just get better. And but there too, you know. Yes, we it are. Key means that beer and Japanese. Oh, summer near. Okay, it's a Noah beyond Pakistan. Look, when this car get it up there, talking equals that of pros. The years they're not because you want to use this. And Monica put it Tuesday community because you Nancy in just appropriated. Okay, so it must got to you. But that was good. Get it up to you. Keep him. Was Karlgaard you boy? Yeah. Unless that you that you I wrestle. Missed you, e And there's the Luna and they will not take you because it more it's because it is coming . The most common took. It's because it didn't. These positive you are. Those are key. Okay, Thanks, boy. Are these he? Oh, yes. Cargo. Like a model. Gordon's in my weapon. Took home. Oh. Then there. Joking oneto. Becca, No, this Cartago, it's better. Okay, it's Carnegie. But I wasn't going to have this cargo. This is our loaning cellar in the saloon. How do you in this area? Chicago. So correct. The Paris. There's no straight talking care yester it says it talking The muse put it to you because it going it. Is it garlic? Ah, be a language. Because you Yes, sir. There's no insulation are Tell lawyer Cukier? Yes, it talking. You're India. Uh, any quarter No poor coordination but already attack when the on the amenity? Because you boy Whose son talking, talking This was it deal in my asylum. Telecoms as it is camels Quarter that in talking. And I say that para poor mother's position Day the settlement Almost everything We're talking you. Hello. I am the least There's jackal Token, You know the most tenacity and take us 10. Enviando notificación Push con PHP y Firebase: this plan is complete without Yohannes Saleh. She owns the Wilco. Going with replicas, you get the normal slowly. So far reported Indian is because you are doing most computer that you could. You letting go Casey Surber for boost Melo Almost be a competitive a party. Then we go a some. There's blade, a school concert. Some I think they looked Yankee wasn't too. Is that your Lower Austria asked to length it. Iraqi people assume. Imagine the Airlangga because you input Beisel. Zito Not be that's SK. You will not be a fight. It's then days. Well, I did not fight it Yaki in again this positive you. This is eat though me Look breath when I eat me talking, it's this idea a main side. It's a little detour writing inside, and so did Ellie Corner. Two years to swim Least bones boy for years. Invited spoiling contract. A look is in off Topic A. We consume, but because buoyant that come people, as in the project, that law Eric on these gloomy surgeon aqui tenemos like clouds of beer. The fighters you know, the car R p k. They fight it least it's alone. Captaining city Jackie scenario gets Upton in the estate. It's the look. Is it going on? Yeah. You know, because you impose eyes took case the broken it's in the municipality. You more. How does he give boy already some bonds up better than the kill A bunch The kid So And what part is there? No macro is re elected. This lawyer didn't come in this The sun country. This is Where are they really love part You use the night. Go boy. Peculiar. And you? You could guard no controls. It's not a lot you original about Surber posted prepared but we were corrupt. Made you guys? No, no TV Casio our come in station and involuntarily such cases talking Mutiara raced out of Yemen. We'll need a que see look, OK being bucket list this past you. Yeah, well, but he says, or listo esta park it in units was in the dark. I General Tango even say so. Solomon Dip Orchestra in premium, though. And that is how What is it that bodies? Is the system inside? Yeah, keep our Al Jazeera is a little teeter thanks to Is he looking thing worker chances upon Is that deep below. Really Bush music wound. I love the Casio. Here's see Giraudo A. It landed because you're not automatic commenting on the Army because you're get some. It's implements a moment related. I project. Here's look at Carmody. Is it almost like what? The one of the lucky Casio? You bet I'm here almost Ricardo, because get guy cumbia at least soil Diego. They play a boost. Music with penalty because that day they pollinate until allowing microphone packets. Coaching day. They don't know because you boil Barack. Police my silent instruct Arredondo must glasses. They call me most about that industry still talking People are the result of a pocket. I'm not because you Proximus home plate, as he could not be more thing again. This class is