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Norwegian Language A1 Part1 (Greetings and Presentation)

teacher avatar Henning Gustavsen, Norwegian Language Teacher

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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Hvor er du fra?

    • 3. Hva heter du?

    • 4. Uttale

    • 5. Norske byer

    • 6. Alfabetet

    • 7. Ulf og Brent

    • 8. Ord og uttrykk

    • 9. 13Leksjon 2 Diftonger kopi

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About This Class

An Introduction to the Norwegian Language 

Elementary Norwegian Course

You will learn how to present yourself in Norwegian. 

Common Norwegian Greetings. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Henning Gustavsen

Norwegian Language Teacher


Hello I?m Henning Gustavsen, I?m an educated teacher from Vestfold University College graduated in 1996. I have specialization in Norwegian and English as well as special needs education. In 2000 I graduated, as a special needs teacher. I?m a member of Utdanningsforbundet (teachers union in Norway).

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1. Course Introduction: hi. Over, comma promiscuous. You have to having Gustafson. We have really had to die. Anoma Execution Hello and welcome to the Norwegian course. My name is telling Gustafsson on I will be your teacher during this course. First of all, this course is following the European framework for references. And this means that it is a certified course. This course is the first in a series off 10 courses that will take you all the way from scratch to affluent in the weeks and speaker this course ihsaa divided into separate parts which are named alphabetically. So we start this course with a one part one. The next one will be a one part two a two part one and a two part two and so on. Until we reach, See one part two which will be the 10th court in the service. So what will you learn in this course? You will learn how to present yourself and your family. You will be able to tell all the people were coming from Andi evil, of course, learn in the weeks and alphabet, the numbers, the diff tongues on a lot about weeks and food and rings. You will learn how to ask for repetition. This is very useful. When you don't understand it at the first time, people will slow down on DA. You will get a second chance toe. Understand? So this is an interactive course. I really want to engage the students. Andi Teoh be a part of their education. So ah, to make this possible, I encourage you to send me emails to make recordings on DA. Let me have a look at them on. I also recommend that you try to speak as much Norwegian as possible during the courses. So I hope to see you inside the course algebra these markets. 2. Hvor er du fra?: of all hit their to do What's your name or were by? Well, what called you law here Did do notice that we Onley pronounce the V a sound in law. There are sleeper most the eight sound in hair did here. Did do you? You Hi, you Hector bogged down. Hi. Yeah, yeah, I did focused on Hello. I'm called Bogged. Um hi. Yeah, I hit that all E Hey, Gilly. Hello. I'm called Ali. He Gilly Bless her. Pleasure to meet you. Yeah, I got it all. Would a new threat? Yeah, after Goma. I am from Iran. They are you from? I am from Gamma in the next example. Always introducing Doris and bugged them to each other. So he starts out Doris, that that book done the rest of answers. Hey, Gilly, Then all Is it bogged down that the at Doris a leak in Malta. So Doris Day are bogged. Um, Doris, this is bogged them. She replies, Higley, it means pleasure. Pleasure to meet you, Bogdan. That are Doris Bogdan. This is Doris. And then Bogdan replies elite gmota Likewise the same to you. The next picture is off Mata and she introduces herself Yeah, I hate that. Marta. Well, hit their due. I'm cold. Mata. What's your name or what? Called you? Yeah, our for a lotta. I would argue throughout. I am from Latvia. Where are you from? Yeah, I are throw lot area. Would odd do Throw would our Defra Where are they from? Would where? Uh are de they for all from? Would our death row notice? This is a question word would. Where? On da? A lot of the a three question words In election, we don't actually pronounce the h sound. It just produced the V. Would our death row breath hum here? Did friend he called Brent? His name is Brent friend come from the United States plant. I thought U S R no America North America hum here did. But I m He's called Brent. I'm diarrhea. Who here? There? Andrea who are from the Nazi era? No, this Andrea is called him. Huhn means she hoon here did Andrea. She's called Andrea. Her name is Andrea Hoon are Fra. Then next notice. It is as we pronounce a t after the e in the middle here it's like ven etc. Ella, not Venezuela. Like most people in the world say But in the region then certain America South America hung , hit the earth hung out family again. He's called birth. He is from Norway. Hum he here They're called Wolf. He hum is odd for all from Not again Hung odd from Oregon Home Hit their book. Done. Hong are from Poland. He's called Buddha. He's from Poland. Who in here, Hoon? I fly a lot there. Him? She she is called Mata. She's from Latvia. Who can hit that? My When I felt Pilon, she's called my She's from Thailand. Home headed. Ali hung out for it on He's called Ali. He's from Iran. I didn't hit the door s united. Not gonna. She is called Doris. She's from Ghana. 3. Hva heter du? : Yeah, I hear the behind called Earth. Hi. Yeah, I had the wolf. Why? I had to do hello or hi, I'm called Wolf. What's your name or what are you called? What called you? Yeah, I hate that. Marta. I'm cold. Makdah. Yeah, I heard from again would I do throw? I am from Norway. There. Are you from? Yeah. After a lot. There I am from Latvia. Well, I had to do. Yeah, I hit their book. Dumb. Yeah. Here, there. Book down. I'm called Bogdan would calm urethra. We're comes you from? Yeah, I called with rapport. I come from Poland. Well, I had there. Do but I called or What's your name? Yeah, I hear they're Brent. I'm cold breath. I do feel the song. Are you from the United States? Yeah, Yeah. After Chicago? Yes, I am from Chicago. Well, I have to do. Yeah, I had the daughters. I do also fair in the south. Are you also from United States Also also in English. Off Ni Yeah, I Ferghana. No, I am from Ghana. Well, he had to do What are you? Coke? My called Medusa. Off you come from Asia. Come, you from Asia. Yeah, Yeah, our fra pile. Um notice It's not Thailand. It's Tai Lung. Lum overhit there, dude. And what's your name and what called you on the Yeah, Bogue done, Marta or Yeah, I Are you, ideally from a trooper? Brent woman Andrea, Bogdan, Marta and I are from Europe. Are you from Europe? Brent and Andrea Notice it's called Rupa Rupa My The I three America! Yeah, I commit fraud. Venezuela, Remember? It's a T sound after the in the middle. Then it's really luck. Night we have for America. We I come in from Venezuela. Overhit there Do Onda. What's your name? Yeah, I hit that Ali. I've got it on. I'm called Ali and I'm from Iran. Hold the brown harder! This s how Llodra Goodbye! Harder by these cysts. See you. See you around. See you later Would go trick word and expressions notice Would or would has the same form in singler unde plural. In the weeks on the same goes for you Trick which means expression or expressions would or you trick Also notice that we are saying would so the D is silent. Hi! Hello. Good dog. It's like also saying Hello. It actually means good day. Go more. Good morning. Hard there by for goodbye Hall the draw. It's also good bye. The direct translation is have eat good or have it? Well, the theft. Meaning See you. See you around. See you later. The fifth. The snuck gifts. Meaning we talk. We talked late. The snuck gifts. Var here. There do. Yeah, I hit the pending. Would our do throw? Yeah, I are found Marega would come there to throb. Yeah, I coma Fra Noriega. More hit that hood. Couldn't hit that. My hear that Humbug them? Yeah, Home. Half the book. Dumb. What's her name or what? Called C. Her name? Ihsmay. She's called May. Is his name Boga? He at their home? Boga? Yeah. Hung here. They're bogged down. Yes, it is cold, Bogdan or yes, His name is Bogdan. 4. Uttale: you taller promotion, aviation in a witch in we have Ah, vowels and constant. Just like in English on um, in the alphabet we have, ah, 29 letters, whereas we have nine models in the which and ah, we also have Ah, long walls and short UAL's lung Wuqiao Long cual court vocal. Short model. First we start with all fit. All dog it on off court Will call or short model Hum locked there. Johnson Goal or slow? Yeah, Yeah Morn Corporal call. Not again. Lost this can either. Meaning you have right to see you, you say then are there There are three rules or Marty I d from buddy get Yahr or wolf are also from Oregon Tick, it means stress. Or where you put the pressure on Um it's Ah, letter law here. Did it do? Yeah, I hit their earth. Would I do throught? Yeah, I are throught not again. I would call meta do throughout. Yeah, I calmer from Noriega Ball hit did him? I didn't hit there. Andrea, would our hoon throught who are from minutes they love would calm it in three. No comment from the nets. Remember in the witch in we sort of have this t sound tear, then see Ella. Uh oh 5. Norske byer: What a gift. Having the one off the mosque a being. And we have some of the week's in towns or cities from high ID. But again to him, sir. I didn't know. Not Guess I would by the guilt. A professed longer Christiane. Some I poor sir Lana or slow Hi. Who would stop will slow its the capital. Who would stardom? I hardly humility in Indiana. So the hard nude North I just east certain so less with it till leg till, uh, force Lance not again. Are not give among a year more Got ah, stretched A I, uh, swell by many Huddleston they submit the online Well, im Dre issue met their beer. No. Yeah, it's a leg hard and I get the little the poor seed pool Some help there running more slum. 6. Alfabetet: welcome until election too. Welcome to lessen too. Would a boy to do where? Live you or where do you live? In this lesson, we will talk about where we live, who will live together in our civil state. This family the alphabet and spelling so in the weeks and come become Samore, Competence, goals or for teller will do booed or then do board someone there would for serial stump or familia words for civil status and family off for better or starving the alphabet and spelling. Oh, phobia. The Norwegian alphabet consists off 29 letters. We have nine levels on DA. Three of them are specific for the skin din avian languages. Ah, uh, and or the rest of the letters are the same us in the English alphabets. So let's start with the pronunciation of the lettuce in the witch in alphabets. Oh, there CIA there. Yeah, if gear poor you. Yeah, and and and Mm. I will repeat this one more. Because And this is one of the letters that money students have problems with its Pierre Que I didn't Yes, tear you. And this is another one. This is in the weeks and you not you, like in English, but you there double to there. X e set. Ah! Ah! Okay, so let's repeat it once more. Uh, beer. See here. There. Yeah, if Gear four e yeah. Okay. And and and Mm Pierre Que Item s. It's here. You there Doe built there X e set. Uh ah. Oh, and no, let's try it out. Wouldn't done star Very do. Marta, how do you spell Marta? How spell you, Marta and ah, I did here. Oh, Or would done skin either Do well. Source. Who set who? L yes. 7. Ulf og Brent: who lives from hell Yah Elf's family Wolf Lawson are from but again Wolf National is from Bergen. Hum are delighted He is a teacher in Norwegian or his on the weeks and teacher Hong Kong also snuck it in Minsk or sponsor he can also speak English on Spanish hum board is to regard to it must be He lives in store gotta to in less be hum our gift He is married It lifts kuna Here there Marty Roofs Wife is called Marty. He acted cold The hard to barn young guilt or I Yanta They have two Children, a boy and a girl. De Heer Truls or Trina. They are called to rules on three in the wolf or Brent Elf and Brent would argue throught Where are you from? But again in shill. Come to Yenta. Excuse me, Can you repeat Yanta? Repeat. Yeah, I are from Batygin. I am from Bergen Wolf or Brent. The rent would don't start with the dish. Brent, how do you spell Bush? Bear? Yeah, s ho would border. Where do you live? Where I live. You e ho in Hawkins y eighth would do early on That live you alone. My? Yeah, I I used Kunar. Me? Here, That Lisa? No, I'm married. My wife's called lease wife. Mine called Lisa The hard I young we have a girl vaw here. Did him what? This her name or what? Called she Hoon here. Nora. Her name is Nora. She called Buddha hard. It also bon. Do you also have Children? Have you also Children? Yeah, the heart younger it or I Yenta? Yes. We have one boy and a girl. Two rules are if you don't or or Trina Rfm tools is 14 years old and Tina is five. Would government are Noda? Whole old iss Buddha who are feeder or she is four? Yes. Old nor calm. Do till not again. When did you come to Norway? Or when came you to Norway? Yeah, I come till nor again for two months. They see them? I came to Norway two months ago for two months ago. Cool NAMI Ad lost. My life is Norwegian wife. Mine is no witch in Snuka Data angle CMA Do you speak English at home? Speak you English at home. Yemma Coun Cil Come too young. You're in sin. Excuse me, Can you Repeat. Yanta. Repeat. Smucker Data and Minsk Yemma. Do you speak English? At home? Speak you English home Ni the pervert or snack and mosque? Yemma? No. We try to speak no weeks. And at home? No. What are Go in mosque, Barna. Hard get Oh, yeah, I go Polish Kush. Nora goes to no weeks and kindergarden and I go on No weeks, of course. Men, They are von Skelly or snuck in Osh. Or they are really let or snarky angles. But it is difficult to speak Norwegian on. It is easy to speak English. 8. Ord og uttrykk: would or a trick. Words and expression. And she'll excuse me. Qamdo Young, can you repeat while theater? What do you say? Well, what I was saying What say you? What a border. Where do you live or there? Leave you? Yeah, I boot e I live in. Yeah, I would not again. I live in Norway. We're gonna Mlada ho old are you? How old are you? Yeah, are for defense or I am 45 years are Do you gift? Are you married? Yeah, He ir gift? Yes, I am married. My Yeah, are If no I am not married Snacker Do not ask. Yeah, Yeah, I snuck it in Minsk. Sponsor pools tie or mosque Ni Yeah, I snuck your angles. Sponsor pools Tie. So, Smucker, do do you speak? Speak you? Yes, I speak. And then the languages? No, I speak not or no, I don't speak more. Come due till? Not again. When came you to Norway? Yeah, I come till not a gift for fem morning that see them Or I came to Norway five months ago or I came to Norway two years ago. Toe or see them Nura Gore e Norsk Barn harder. Nura goes to know each in kindergarten barn harder Kindergarten? Yeah, I got palm Oshkosh. I go to the weeks and course Cool on me. I musk My wife is no weeks in wife. Mine is no witch. They are let or snarky angles. Men, They are von Skelly or snacking Lush. It is easy to speak English, but it is difficult to speak in election. My men are angles. My husband is English for El Dra Boban for Eldora parents Bon Children in thought A father I move a mother e m mom or I cool now a husband and a wife, Suszkin siblings and rude. Or I trusted a brother and a sister. Gift married silt Divorced. Ansley, you gift single. Thank you with O. Thank you, Mom, with the weather. 9. 13Leksjon 2 Diftonger kopi: diff Tom made or did funks Paul Mosque. Harvey Feta Def tongue in I A I I in the which we have four def tanks out. E a I I son Toe flower married Mia Dino side Hey, A Yeah. Hey, Flake, She, uh, spray foreign aid I Hi, Kai Pie Mice. Hi. Yeah. Why you I drying yet? Right. Flight Bleich tag. Yeah, Yeah. Start Tiangong till I repeat once more Oh, e I I sound sheep tile Rope flower Embarrassed my word. Um me? Oh, no. Dino soured by dinosaur. Yeah, I Hey. Hi, Paul Flake the flute. Shater escaped straighter. Syrians for Nate. Pleased. Satisfied? Hi, Shark Kai Crate pi pi mice. Corn. Hi. Yeah, It's like Valjean. Why good? I am Bronze Fire Chimney. Sweep it. I messed flight for a joke. Black pale Try slow