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Northern Lights in Watercolor - Step by Step

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, AURORABYZ - ARTIST AND INSTRUCTOR

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Class

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Colour Study

    • 4. Practice

    • 5. Let's Paint the Sky

    • 6. Splattering the Stars

    • 7. Painting the Mountains

    • 8. Peeling off the masking tape

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Each one of us love to gaze at a magical northern lights sky! How about painting your own dreamy northern lights? Join me to paint a beautiful northern lights sky. This is an easy class which can be followed by beginners as well. I have broken down the steps in a way it suits everyone. 

I will take you through all the techniques you will need in this class which will help you in paintings other ones as well. We will be doing two painting with the same technique which makes you confident about painting a northern lights sky. 

Join me to create your own AURORA!

If you like this class, please leave a review that will help this class reach more students.

Happy Painting!

Z :) 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Class: Hello, everyone. My things. Any None of you. I'm an artist. Stricter. This is my fourth skill, She class and I'm very excited to teach you how to do is turning northern lights painting in this class, this class is suitable for beginners has been You don't need to worry if you don't have any prior knowledge in particular, you still can follow this class because I have broken down into ladies steps, which makes it so easy for everyone to follow. So without any for the two, let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: in this video, I'm going to talk about all the materials that I'll be using throughout this class. It's absolutely fine if you don't have the exact same needles that I'm using. Don't get stressed. You can go with any of the brands you have. Try and make it something similar to what I'm using, especially the colors, because you need to get a similar Victoria or not on life. Let's talk about the people first in this class. I'm using my archers Rough paper, which is 1 40 l B and 300 Grandpa meter square. And this is 100% quarter nespoh. I'm gonna use my water club from Sen earlier for this painting. These are the colors I'll be using, which is integral similiar blue, callow turquoise on lemon yellow. So that's the only four shades you will require in this class on these other two pressure that I'll be using in this class, you need a flat brush to paint the northern lights guy. It's better if you have a little vital flat brush rather than the small one. Andi, you would also need a round brush to detail your painting. So this one here is around number six from Princeton Herod, eight cities. You will also need a palette to mix your colors you can go with anyway. The pilot To have you need to have two jars of water, one has to stay clean. The other one you can use to wash the paint from your brush. The clean water you would need at places where you need to blend the colors are you are using the water at the diluting medium to create the stars. You would either be a brochure white water cooler. I'm losing my white quashed by royal talents. Andi Finally, you would need a paper Topol, a white Children, a pencil on eraser and a masking tape. So that's all the materials you will require to full of this class. Grab all the materials, get ready and I'll see you. Then it's you 3. Colour Study: Okay. I hope you all have your material training. Let's begin the farm with a simple cholesterol in this class. We're gonna do to another lights painting. Both are with the same techniques as I mentioned in my art supplies. Ishan. I'm gonna use four shades from the brand's in a year. So that's integral right there on this is similiar blue. And this is tell a turquoise and how a little of lemony alone We'll try scratching each of the colors we have chosen for this Northern lights painting and end of the scratching. I'll write on all the names off the clothes, bitch. They have Jillson. So if you don't have indigo, you can use brushing blue. Instruct that. And if you don't have your cell earlier blue, you could use your French Ultra Marine again. The brand doesn't matter. You try and see if you have a similar sort of shed. It doesn't necessarily need to be the same shade which I'm losing. - The one I tried before was similar blue and when I'm trying now was tallow to Christ The scholar. It's such a beautiful shade, which is perfect to do water. I know those reflections so that's all the scratches. Now let's try into a simple blending exercise that is very important to try how the colors are blending because when to shed starts blending, it forms a new she on. That's really a great way in discovering many other amazing shades. I sometimes get stunned by the shades, which I discover while planting, which I may not be able to find what any of the brands so we never skip, though blending exercise. Same as with dispatching, you get to understand the latest journal value off Itchy can achieve. So scratching out your shades and blending the mountain should be always your first excites Before you moved your main painting that's in to go on the top. Then I have my similiar blue. And then at the Paletta Cai's that's a beautiful company. Shen. You see how beautifully the colors have planted. That's the combination will be using for about the first painting. Now I'm gonna do the same thing over again, and I'm Internet but adding a bit off lemon yellow and this will be the company should be going to use for our second painting. So that was the sheets. Now let's do a quick practice of the northern lights before we more to the main project. Are you excited? Okay, I'll see in the next video, get ready to play with your watercolor. 4. Practice: Okay, so we're gonna do a trial off the Northern lights sky before we had to. Our main project has were using the wet on wet technique. We have no control on the way the paint is planting. We could guide at a little bit, but the paint will blend by its own. And that's the beauty off. Wet on wet technique. The brush I'm using here is my wash British by Princeton Fly even called the water onto people. Make sure you're not applying too much of water. If you apply too much of water, the pain starts to fluid on. It doesn't stick onto the place where you applied. It can wash off the paint if there is too much of I'm loading my brush with in tico first. Then I'll take my brush in a coolly swirly way which will keep a northern lights effect, sit relaxed and give it a watch. You can randomly, through some areas and start with your taco shits. I always kind of get comfortable starting with the dock. Oh, shit. And coming down to light to one the next she'd I'm going with us. My family or blue It came. I'm going closer to the places where applied that into go. And I'm taking my brush in this folly motion. Now, I'm gonna do the same thing with my kind of took wise. I take it this for lead line, go randomly here and there and apply sums for ley lines on Wait for them to blend with the background when you come down to the bottom of the sky. But just clean water, blend the color which you have a blind and bring it down to the total. It could be either to call Hiss or the similar blue which you applied. It doesn't matter which Colorado's just bring down toe. Now I'm gonna apply my doctor tools. I'm not gonna go with the second layer on top of this. I've been at my taco values now itself before the background tries because the background is still a bit, you don't need to take much effort and blending the color. If you add a taco tone, it automatically plans to the background, which makes it much smoother. You could see how beautifully darker color is planting onto the background. So we're achieving this without any effort. We just need to make sure your background is still a little bit the same way I applied. Darko values off integral. I'm gonna add a little of Dr Turns off Bottom Took wise. It's really the same thing I'm doing again. I'm taking my taco tools and applying its on top off my my two background the only thing as my background streambeds and it's automatically blending into the background that's gonna give you already natural blending If you take your brush on top off it to blend it. It kind of spoils that natural effect. So do it before you paint completely dries out. I really loud those worlds on those colors which I got here I'm gonna stop this year on you want over 2nd 1 which is really the thing thing on we can add a little lonely load that I have a flight even goto water. Now I'm going take my tico and apply in this folly line on. I'll go with mine similar blue and follow to Christ and do the same thing. If you have noticed all these sheets, I apply from top to bottom in a Kobe line. Now I'm gonna go with my lemon yellow for the shade. I will apply it from bottom to top and oppose it away. I don't want to bring down the blue into the yellow. I don't want to make them together much. So that's why I'm a blind, the local from bottom to the top and stopping there. And I'm not taking the brush back, which will bring the blue back into here. So once have taken your brush from bottom to the top, leave it there on rinse off your brush on, do the same Step King. Now I'm gonna run my brush on those little areas where it hasn't blender properly. There is no being too in the brush on. There was no what you want to rest. It was just a little bit brush, and I'm trying to blend those ideas without adding any extra color because the background is still bet you again blended by giving a little make a soft touch on. That's the two different background, which we'll be using in our main painting. Give it a try on Join me in my next session. I can't wait to paint the main project with you. Trust me, it's going to be so much fun painting this Northern Lights guy 5. Let's Paint the Sky: I know you all are excited to give it a try. We're going to paint the sky in the session. Be relaxed. Give it a very easy go. Have deep down my paper on to appease. Now I'm gonna draw in outline of a mountain. So just like how it beaded on the practice peace. I'm gonna apply even goto water onto the paper. Be careful. Much applied too much water because that grates little pools in between, which prevents the pink from planting humanly. I just kept my clean water aside. If you have noticed I haven't applied water onto the mountains. I let the mountains asset is and I apply the water on live to the sky. I'm going with the same techniques I used in the practice based. I need to get those swirly lines on this guy. I'll begin with Indigo. Then I'll go what might send your blue? And then after that, I'll go with my Talatou Cai's So that's integral right there. Now I'm going with my similiar blue. You could actually use your French ultra Marine instead of this color if you don't have this one. So both of these clothes are like more or less the similar ones. The blending off colors here is pure magic. You could see, like how beautifully that empty Coors planting on to go. Background. So that's the beauty of the baton technique. You don't need to worry much keeps natural planting effect. I'm going with my next shade so my background is still wait. It hasn't dried out completely. That's the only thing you have to make sure before you apply the next year, I have loaded my paint on the British. Now I'm going to those areas closer to my intercourse, Andi adding those swirly lines next to that. So these two colors have nicely blended together. No, I'll go with my Talatou toys and do the same. I applied. My follow took wise closer to my blues, and it's already started blending. And if you have noticed I have left my paper white here and there, this will give me a natural light in the sky. A tensor looks like that. Want to have finished your painting and winning? Apply your stars despite will enhance your sky. Now I'm running like brush on, helping the paint and planting a little, so there is no paint on my brush. It is just pure water, which I have on my brush on that. It's not a lot of water, it's just a little bit of fresh, and I'm taking my brush through those ideas, which needs a little help to blend. Don't overdo this exercise because you might have got a nice planting. If you run your brush on top off it, it can spoil the effect that you have already got. Do we? Don't only those areas which you feel like. Okay, it has to blend a bit more. Leaving the people white is the best way to get a national sky effect. So most of us left Dr Paint to get that effect after we finished the sky or we introduce of white paint in between. So if you choose to leave your people right in between, there is no extra effort required on it keeps you much more smarter blending. Now I'm adding some more Darko values onto the outer edge, where I'm taking my integral, where have applied my integral and adding a little more political eyes where I have applied that so at a bit more darker values wherever you feel like. It's really nice to add DACA values onto the Al Bridge because you have a very lighter toe behind the mountain, so it will gives you an effect like this light behind the mountain. - OK , so that's our first sky. That's my second piece there. I have tempted down onto the bees. I drew the outline off a mountain. I'm going with the same steps. It's I'm using the same shades for both of these paintings. The first fun I use three shades, which is still integral. Sanlih flora and fauna took wise for the 2nd 1 I'm using these three on. In addition to that, I'll be using a little off lemon for the bottom of this guy. - Don't bring the blues too much to the down because we need to get nice bright yellow behind mountain. - So that's the blues and the greens in the sky. Now I'm loading my brush for a little love lemon yellow, and I'm taking my brush in the opposite direction. That means that applying it from bottom to the top and starting my brush there, I'm not relinquish back because that will makes the blue into the yellow. I need a clean yellow behind the mountain. That's the same reason why I'm not taking my breast on, because that will bring the blood back into the yellow on. It might know give that clean, you know, behind the mountain. So make sure you take your brush from bottom to the top and don't bring it back. Wash up your brush. Worst paint from your brush and again loaded brush with lemon. You know, on do the same thing. - That's it. We haven't us guys ready. No, it's till the painting. I'll see you in the next video. 6. Splattering the Stars: Okay. Welcome to the messy part off painting galaxy to greet my stars. I'm using my white glashow, ringed by royal talents. If you have seen my other classes at the same technique I'm using to create my stars in the cess pool. This is a glass speed which comes in a bottle and I'm taking a little off paint from the bottle and mixing it in the litter. Don't apply too much of water onto the paint because you need how a pickle consistency to get the right size of the stars If it's to lose, if you apply too much water, it will become like to lose on that will give you like big splatters of white. You won't get that teeny tiny little stars Now how, my gosh paint in a proper consistency and I'm taking my a little big brush is around quite old brush and I'm taking another brush on I'm tapping on this bigger brush with the back side of the other one. If you're not too sure about the consistency, try on a sample peas. And if you're getting the right size of the stars, then you want to your I mean, please No, I'm adding stars onto the second. He's using the same technique. Okay, now I have my stars on, please. I'm adding a little bigger ones with the wide Children from Sacharow. So this is number change from Sekera Julie Room. You can use any off the white Children. You how? If you're happy with the kind of stars you have got, you can't even skip this trip. That's it. We have the sky with some ninth shining stars. 7. Painting the Mountains: So we have over sky and the stars. Really. Now I'm gonna detail the mountains for this. I'm using mine Princeton Round number six from the Healthy Cities. And I'm using into go to detail my mountains for the mountain in the background on using our but lighter tone off into go the top would be dark And when I come down, I'm blended down to world, right to to know into Go. - Now , before the paint dries, I'll add some more taco values on to the top Bush. Now I'll paint the mountains in the foreground and the same way, but I'll make it but more darker than the one in the background to create that death. - No , I'm adding some more doctor tunes on lead to the took off the mountain, so this will make your sky stand out because you have already light Nice, your low in the background on When you have that dark mountain and the friend, it kind of enhances sky. - Andi , that's it we had done with the 1st 1 Now on to the 2nd 1 For this one will make the mountain but snowy because the blue sky and snow kind of goes well together. - The Snow Mountains. This again, a play off your people, white and indigo at some darko values from one side on the other side with people white or the whitewater Gloria Goulash. - I'm losing a bit of white crash for the mountain and ground to enhance it a little more. - I'm again adding some Darko terms onto the tip off the mountain. On that personally mountain. We are done with two or four paintings. Let's peel off the masking tape and see how is it looking? 8. Peeling off the masking tape: now onto the happiest part of painting. It feels so good than be loved. Masking day when you finish your painting on that happiness is much more when you get a clean line for your painting. So this is the way I be loved my masking tape. Always do it in an ankle on June. Just rip it off support on one edge and then filosofia masking tape onto the opposite direction. You could apply a little of your blow dryer onto the masking tape so that losing the blue on that also can prevent the people from dripping off on what used to wait in an angular We just like How do you know on a few people is a good art is great quality even that will prevent your paper from Rubino. Gosh, this looks authorities, isn't it? I'm lowing that yellow lights behind the mountain. It feels so good when you get that affect you really wanted. But all these comes from practice. So don't worry. If you don't get it right in the first try, keep trying, and I'm really sure you will get there 9. Final Thoughts: There you go. You have to up your northern lights painting. Really? I hope you all enjoyed painting with me. I would love to see your class project. Do post them in the Bridget Gallery so that I could see him. Thank you for watching and happy painting.