Non-Traditional Branding: Design Your Obsession | Rich Greco | Skillshare

Non-Traditional Branding: Design Your Obsession

Rich Greco, Group Design Director

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Position

    • 2. Direction

    • 3. Execution

    • 4. Feedback

    • 5. Production


About This Class


Learn to think outside the box with your passion projects. This 15-minute case study is perfect for designers, artists, and thinkers who want to get a glimpse into the creative process and see one of the many ways an idea can come to life.

Designer Rich Greco will show you how to turn your passion into a visual brand through his Feast of St. Pizza project, where he creates a holiday celebrating his love for New York pizza. Rich designed a full visual identity system and pilgrimage celebration for his love of pizza and design. It is all about making your subjective opinion an objective reality.

Rich will talk theory and approach, and speaks in terms of opinions, not definitive rules. Through a series of prompt questions, you'll learn practical processes, questions to ask, and inspirations to seek out to make your passion project happen. This non-traditional case study will challenge you to be self-critical to help you reach your desired audience in a creative way.






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Rich Greco

Group Design Director

Rich Greco is a New York-born-and-based designer. He's currently Group Design Director at Droga5. Rich was cited as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Marketing & Advertising as well as Business Insider's 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30.

His work has been featured in Creativity, Ad Age, Adweek, Communication Arts, Fast Company, Bloomberg Business, Christie's, Art News, Brand New, and The New York Observer. He has lectured for AIGA and Miami Ad School, been a panelist at the I...

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