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Rich Greco, Group Design Director

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Position

    • 2. Direction

    • 3. Execution

    • 4. Feedback

    • 5. Production


Project Description

Create a poster announcing your invented holiday

Project Description

Using Rich's Feast of St. Pizza as inspiration, brand an obsession of yours as a holiday.

Think about the thing that you want to tell everyone about: Is it a book? A band? A profession? A place? A person?

Challenge yourself to plan an event in under 20 minutes. Work quickly! Pick your obsession, decide a position that justifies it, and come up with a creative way to celebrate it that will get anyone excited. Then, jump into Illustrator or InDesign to create a flyer you can post all over town announcing the name, events, and items that will celebrate your holiday.

Share feedback on each other's holidays and talk about the events you'd love to attend.

Sample Project

Check out my website for The Feast of St. Pizza here.


Student Projects

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Joe Formica