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Nodes: Those little points

Tracy Robertson, Print Shop Owner

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10 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Welcome

    • Getting Started

    • Tracing Tool

    • Clean Up

    • Pathfinder Tool

    • Finalizing Front Rifle

    • Compound Path

    • Second Rifle

    • Finishing Guidon

    • Thank you


About This Class

We’ll be creating a vector graphic of an army guidon (small flag), focusing on the crossed rifles in the center of the guidon. The class is geared for people who like having nitty gritty control of vector graphics. A working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is helpful.

This class with cover vectorizing a JPEG image with the use of nodes.

            Using the Pen Tool and its control parts

            Converting anchor points – Anchor commands on top tool bar

            Using the Pathfinder menu

            Using the Compound Path command





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Tracy Robertson

Print Shop Owner

About Me

I'm the owner of a small print shop that is in its eighth year. Around 1986 I got a job as a t-shirt screen printer and then got promoted to the art department. I was fortunate to be there when the company purchased a couple of the first Mac computers and I was hooked. Due to the year I started in graphics, resources and education were non-existent, and I became self taught.

The self taught habit continued for quiet a few years and then I eventually was able to get some...

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