No Sew 3D Felting - Make a purse or bag with 3D Resist Technique | Soosie Jobson | Skillshare

No Sew 3D Felting - Make a purse or bag with 3D Resist Technique

Soosie Jobson, Felt Artist, Teacher, Author & Historian

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7 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • Make the Resist

    • Lay the wool

    • Resist Theory

    • Make the felt

    • Class Project

    • Resist Technique Endless Possibilities


About This Class

Skill level - Entry level beginner
Previous class - Make Felt 3 Ways
Next class - Trio of Pots Pot 1

In this class you will learn the basics of 3D Resist felting.  This is making a 3D object - in this case a purse or bag - in one piece.  There is no sewing to make the object only some decorative beading if you chose.

  • 3D Resist technique
  • Wool Laying technique
  • Download – Felting Facts
  • Download Basic pattern


This class is the next stepping stone on the path to being a scuplter in felt!  Once you have mastered this technique go on to my Felted Cactus Garden and Reef Dweller series to make beautiful cacti & succulents or amazing tropical fish and creatures.






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Soosie Jobson

Felt Artist, Teacher, Author & Historian

I'm Soosie Jobson a Fremantle based, felt & textile artist, author and historian. I have been an Educator for 30 years holding a Bachelor of Education, and have taught all kinds of things in the business and tech world but now I love to teach creative arts. The path through my creative life has taken me through many different media, but my main love is felting.

For the past 15 years I have dabbled with all forms of felting winning awards and prizes along the way, but I alwa...

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