No Photoshop, No Problem: The Quickstart Guide to GIMP | Rebecca Vadnie | Skillshare

No Photoshop, No Problem: The Quickstart Guide to GIMP

Rebecca Vadnie, Art and More

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Saving and Exporting

    • Rotation and Skew

    • Brightness and Contrast

    • Hue, Color, and Saturation

    • Sharpen

    • Lesson 6 Creative Cropping


About This Class

You don't need Photoshop to create amazing images.

There is a free tool that is just as powerful and versatile—an open-source program called GIMP. I'll walk you through some common photo tasks as we polish up a straight-from-the-camera photo. Plus, I'll share some ways to use those same tools to remix the same photo with an artistic spin. 

This class is perfect for anyone absolutely new to photo editing or just looking to try out this awesome Photoshop alternative!





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Rebecca Vadnie

Art and More

I am: Florida native, redhead, and a passionate fan of "try everything."

I love: hunting for super cool stickers, practicing film photography with a $10 Asahi Pentax SLR from the 1960s, rescuing cats, leveling up in Overwatch, and being a personal cheerleader when you need it.

I do: Illustration, graphic design, photography, social media, commissions, fiction and non-fiction writing (English/Creative Writing BA, UCF, 2001).

I'm not: Terribly athletic, good at mul...

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