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No-Nonsense Magic: Part One

teacher avatar Acker Kwan, Magician

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 4 Card Trick

    • 3. The Liberty Vanish

    • 4. Ziplocked

    • 5. Final Thoughts & Class Project

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About This Class

No-Nonsense Magic: Part One

In this class, we go straight to the point. No lengthy, fake marketed Magic Tricks, only tried and tested powerful Magic for real audiences, and for your social media game. You will learn:

  • 2 powerful Card Tricks - A packet trick where you can perform anytime - anywhere. And one of my favorites which I still perform today. Both easy to learn.
  • 1 Social Media Killer - A super visual piece of magic to boost your social media game! You will learn how to Vanish the Statue of Liberty.


Do note that some basic card knowledge is required for 1 of the Card Trick. You can learn all of them from my Beginner's Class HERE. A little arts and craft will be conducted during the class.

For class-related questions. Contact me here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Acker Kwan



Hello everyone, 

I'm Acker, a Medical Biotechnology graduate, now chasing my passion as a full-time Magician.

Magic started out as a hobby. Shortly after graduating, I spent some time in the corporate work force while free-lancing magic on the side. However, I felt that my life was unfulfilled, so I quit my 9-5 job and decided to pursue Magic full-time.

The Journey has been extremely fulfilling thus far. Magic has taken me to many different places where I met many people who are today, my friends. I want to share this Journey with you.

I'm working on a series of Skillshare Classes where I share practical/visual Magic which can fast-track you to the performing world. Materials that I will be sharing have been tried and tested in my years of... See full profile

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1. Intro: What's going on, guys, my name is Parker and I have been doing magic professionally for many years. Why I do magic is because I believe that magic has the power to change the world. Which is why I wanted to share this knowledge with all of you. There are tons of magic classes out there. But what makes this class special is that I teach you real easy to do powerful and practical magic that you might not have seen in your classes. In part 1 of this class, I'm going to go over tree pieces off. These include two extremely powerful card tricks, as well as how to vanish the Statue of Liberty. That's right, vanishing the Statue of Liberty. I would go into extreme detail for each trick. And I also have multiple camera angles. So then you can get the best learning experience possible. Along the way. I will also drop in some of my personal tips, various also a very interesting class project which I'll share more later on. So if all this sounds good to you, I'll see you on the arrow side. 2. 4 Card Trick: What's going on, guys? So good to see all of you here. To start off this class I'm going to teach all of you is super powerful magician fuller packet card trick. Now what is a packet trick? Packet tricks are basically magic tricks that require small props, so small that they can fit inside your wallet so that you can perform them anytime and anywhere. Trust me, when I first saw this magic trick, even as a magician, I was fooled. So if you already have some knowledge on magic, stick around, you probably have not seen this magic before. So let's take a look at quick performance, right guys, that is my brother here and I've got the three of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and of course the tree of spades. And I'll give them a mixed for me, please. Thank you very much. Perfect. Now just take anyone you want. Should a camera don't show me when you're done, let me know. Great. Now, playback anywhere you want, right there and one last time, mix it up for me, please. Great. Now I want to show you that nobody moves here. Your cart is actually still within this palette cars, correct? One of these is your card. It's going to spit them out just like that into two piles. Now place your hand on top of either party one. You on that one, You sure. Yeah. Okay. Then we'll throw this away with W hands. Now, place your hand on top of which card you want. That one. Yeah. Open it. Lets your current right? Yeah. So how do we perform this crazy card trick? All you need are for normal saying cards. But what card matters? So you can only perform this trick with an odd number playing card, which are either aces, the trees, the five, the seventh, or the ninth, y. This will all make sense later on. So grab your cards and for the sake of this tutorial, I'm going to use the trees. Okay, to start this trig, you need to know that these three symbols on a cart are called pips. Okay? These three symbols are called pips. You need to arrange them in a way where all the pips are facing the same direction. To make things easier, I want you to look at the middle pip on the cart. Look at the middle pip on the card. So for example, if discard is facing the other direction, we don't want that. So make sure that they're all facing the same direction except for the diamonds, because the diamonds doesn't matter. They all look the same. Anyway. Once you have that, you're going to square up everything. And you're good to go. To start this trick and the entire packet over to the spectator and tell them, Please mix it up for me. And it really can mix it up how everyday life. Then you're gonna take it back and spread it out so they can pick a card. Let's say they pick a tree of hearts. As they're doing this, you are going to do a secret MOOC. You are going to rotate the entire packet a 180 degrees. It's that simple events, print it out again and tell them to return it to the PEC and you can put it anywhere you want and that's it. I put it here. You're going to handle entire thing too then once again, and they can mix it up. Hope every day like now, you're going to tell them that, Hey, look, I'm not doing anything fishy. No funny moves here. So I'm going to show you that your card is still within the packet, correct? They are going to say yes. But at this point we already know that they are chosen card is the tree of hearts. Now let's take some time to understand what's actually happening. Let's take a look at what's actually happening. So spectators chosen a cart tree of hearts and you have rotated the packet a 180. What you also did was that you flip the middle Pip of three cards. You have flipped the direction of the middle PIP for these three cards. So the spectator places his or her card back. Their card would be the only one facing in opposite direction regardless of how you shuffle them. Let's take a look. Look at the middle clip. For example, the tree of clubs is facing downwards, which we are spades facing downwards, but the tree of whites is facing upwards. So we know that the opcode is the tree of hardens. Let's take an example to look at the diamonds. So let's say they pick a Diamonds. You're going to rotate it and you're going to return it back into the packet. Get a quick mix. And you say, Look, I'm not doing anything funny as you showed him the carts at this point or the courts will look like nothing has changed. They're all facing the same direction. That's how we know that they have chosen the diamonds. Because no matter what their action and diamonds faced in look the same. So in short, you're looking for a PIP, then has a different direction. But if they all have the same, it means that they have chosen color diamonds. Okay, We are back point. We just need to memorize the exact location of their chosen card. After death, split the four cards into two packets and place them side by side. After that, we are going to ask them to please their hand on top of whichever impacted they want. Now, listen. I am not asking them to choose a packet. I'm simply asking me into place their hand on top of whichever packet they want. This is because we are going to perform something called a magician's force. It works like this. So let's say that they place their hand on top of this packet. So we know the opcode is within the packet. So what do we see? In that case? Only say since you chose this, so we use this packet. But what if they place their hand on the other packet? That case, we will say please eliminate this packet for me. Can you guys see where I'm good? Let me show you once more. So let's say you place your hand on top of this packet. Okay, since you chose debt, let's use it. And if they place it on top of this one, say please eliminated for me. It's that simple. So let's say that in this case they place it on this packet. So we're going to say, Okay, we use it and we'll eliminate the other one, split the cards, the two, and do the magician's force one more time. So let's say they place it on this packet. So you'll say, okay, please eliminate debt for me. And I'm left with only one card. Tell them to put a card in the receded. It's their chosen card. There are. Alright, now that you've got that down, Let's go into some tips and tricks. The first tip I can give you is to really let the spectator shuffled the packet before you choose a card and after choosing a cart. Why It's because District all about making them believe that they have a free choice throughout the entire process. But in reality, you're just guiding them to what you want them to do. So letting them shuffle really sells the effect more. Tip number 2. Now although you can, I wouldn't recommend that you perform this magic with the Acis. Imagine this. If the spectator happens to pick an ace of spades, and when you flip over the card to show them, the ace of spades happens to be the one facing the other direction. Now, that would be quite obvious, wouldn't it? So don't do this magic with the Acis. Last tip I got for you is this. If you are afraid that the spectator might mess up something while mixing up the carts. Ask them to do this. Instead. You're going to tell them to mix up the car is by taking some from the top and placing them on the bottom. That's all. Thanks. I'm from the top and place them on the bottom. That way the cards will never go wrong in their orientation. And they have a super powerful packet trick that you can pretty much do anytime, anywhere. Now before we go, let's take a look at a quick live performance by my friend who perform district or need 30 minutes. After learning. Let's have a look. Okay. So this is my friend, the one in gray, and at this point he's teaching them how to mix up the cards. Now the spectator, it mixes up the current event, takes it back, and gets them to pick any card that they want. Now, I want you to pay attention to these heads as you see, yes, done the secret rule. The spectator now returns the card back to the packet and they mix it up. Once again. You didn't expect the cards and place it on. If we look closely, we can see that the middle of the tree part is facing a different direction. So we know that the spectator is chosen three of hearts. Finally, he splits the cards and performs a series of magician voices. And then you will see that the reactions were crazy. I hope you enjoyed this piece of magic. Practice it, go out and perform this. I'm sure you'll find many other great reactions. Enjoy. 3. The Liberty Vanish: In 1983, the famous David Copperfield performed his greatest magic act ever. He vanished the Statue of Liberty in New York. But did you know that I also can vanish the Statue of Liberty? In this video, you are going to learn how to vanish the Statue of Liberty. Pocket edition. So let's see what are the stuff you need to build this brilliant gimmick. These are all the tools you need to build the gimmick. Of course, you need a cutting board. Some resource, a scissors. This is respectable glue stick. Now if you don't have this, you can use a double stick tape as a replacement. You also need a ruler, a Sharpie, some scotch tape. And the most important is this. It's called premium plastics. It's basically elastic soiling trip or leave a link to where you can buy this in the resources. And of course you need a printer because you are going to print this template, which I've left in the resources. Now the choice of paper actually matters. You need to print this on a slightly thicker paper so that it resembles a postcard even more. Okay, here's how the trick works. This looks like a normal postcard, but it is not a normal postcard. It is a gimmick one where you can see there is a cut out inside. The cut-out is connected to the bottom of the card with some elastic so that when I pull it out and release it quickly retract back into the cart. So quick that you can barely see it. Start by cutting out these three pieces from the template. Now, after cutting them out, you should have these three pieces. We are going to work on the Statue of Liberty for us. So put aside the rest. Take your sharpie and shade the sides of the Statue of Liberty. This helps it camouflage much better later. Once you've finished editing, you can put it away. Next, you're going to line up the postcards and trim them carefully so that they become the same size. Next, we are going to work on the front of the postcard. Grab your reasonably. I'm using a reasonably where the blade is extremely thin, but you don't need this. You can use any way you want. Now, you should see some guided lines. Top portion of the statue base. So take your ruler and cut out a sleep. Follow the lines very closely. And you should have something like this. The next step is the bony tough part in construction. So get your premium plastics out. And to give you guys a better view, I'm going to use a black man. Now, unroll some of the logistics. Generous with this, it is easier to work with a longer elastic. Now, you're going to tie this into the size of the loop depends on how strong you want that tension to be. For me, I'm going to do something about this size. Trim off any excess. After that, you should have something that looks like this. Grab the back of the postcard and we're gonna work on that. Then you're gonna take your loop and wrap it around your first and middle finger, just like this. Grab some scotch tape and bring your fingers down to the postcard. Now you're going to tape that node roughly in the center of the postcard. And you should have something that looks like this. If you can try to make it as centered as possible. Now grab your Statue of Liberty cut out and some scotch tape. Listen, you are going to stretch that elastic roughly about this length. And then you're going to tape it down on the Statue of Liberty. It should look something like this. After taping. Use in a piece of tape to make sure it's really secure. Now, you should have something like this, where every time you pull on the Statue of Liberty, it retracts back. Very carefully, trim off any excess tin. Here's a closer look. To test this, simply pull the Statue of Liberty and release. If it jumps back, it means that your gimmicks should be working fine. Bear with me, we're almost done. Now you're gonna take your front portion of the postcard and your receivable glue stick. Now remember if you don't have a glue stick, just use double stick tape. You are only going to apply some glue to the part where I've marked. For respectable glue stick you need to apply on both sides. If you're using domestic table, you don't need to do this. Last but not least, just let the blue dry and stick them together. Nice and snug. Here is how to activate your gimmick. Pride, a postcard open until you can see your Statue of Liberty. And then you just simply even a slight debts that you out of the sleep towards the front. Do this slowly and carefully. So slide it and align it to the picture right about there. Now, with your first thing you have in your fun, you're just going to very gently hold on to the tip of the torch. Finally, flick your wrist and release the pressure from your thumb. You can see that the statute immediately slides back into the postcard. It's that simple. And there you go, The Liberty vanish. Now I know some of you may think that this gimmick is hard to build at first. But trust me, after a few rounds, you realized that you can do it in less than five minutes. So let's go into some problems then you may face with this effect. The biggest problem we might face when doing this effect is that sometimes the Statue of Liberty does not fully retract back into the postcard. There are many reasons why this happens. So let's tackle them one by one. The first problem could be because your cutouts are not aligned at the center. So you may want to open everything up and make sure they are nicely aligned in the middle. Number 2, your postcard is stuck together too tightly. To troubleshoot this. You might want to take a postcard and bended a little bit just like this. This loosens up the postcards and should allow plenty of space. But I've cut out to slight insights smoothly. Number three, your slits or too short, you might want to take a blade and extend them a little bit. Last but not least, after many uses of the gimmick, your elastic string inside tends to wear out. In that case, you have no choice for the bill. A brand new gimmick, which I know you can do in less than five minutes. Okay, Here's a quick recap how to perform this. You will open up your gimmick. You've got a slide that cut out right outside that slipped. And you should get something like this. Now hold it at the tip. And with a gentle release, should go right back into the postcard. That's all. There are so many creative ways to perform this magic. For example, performing the vanish and then placing it down somewhere as though it's a regular postcard. This magic is extremely powerful for video, and I promise you it will up your social media game. So go have fun recording it, building it, and posting it. Enjoy. 4. Ziplocked: Welcome back guys. In this last video, I'm going to teach all of you something really precious to me. I'm going to teach you one of the first tricks I learned as a magician, and I still perform this trick today. I know you will live it. It looks something like this. So a spectator stop anytime they want. Stop right here. And let's see what card deck God, nine of diamonds. They would take the Jaccard and place it back into the deck anywhere they want. After that, they can mix it up as much as they want. Perfect. Now before all this, I prepared a real prediction right here. Would it be crazy if this card inside the bag matches whatever you chose? Exactly. Let me show you. It's the queen of clubs. Not your card. But don't worry, we're going to fix this in a moment. Now. Please put out your hand phone. So the speculative puts out the hand and this goes on their hands and they're gonna put their hand on top. So for the sake of the video, I'm going to put this on top. Now, watch. I'm going to try to remove one card from the deck right about here and throw it back into that Ziploc bag. For the first time until all of us. What was your card? The nine of diamonds, correct? Indeed, we have the nine of diamonds inside a sealed city block back. So that was the killer effect. Basically, a wrong card transposes into your spectators chosen card inside a sealed Ziploc bag. So there is a little setup you need for this, but here are the materials you need to perform this course. First, you need a duplicate card. I'm using nine of diamonds for the sake of this tutorial. You need the extra card. It can be any card, but picture part books best. You need a lunch baggie or a Ziploc bag mixture. It's transparent and not too big or small in size. Of course, you need a deck of cards. Here's how you do the setup. First, you're going to take a duplicate cart and place it into the Ziploc bag at the corner right about there. And then you're going to seal the backup. Now here's the secret. Are you ready? You're going to take a random part and place it directly above that nine of diamonds. And then you're just going to simply wrap that card up using the back. Do you see how amazing this is? Everyone thinks that the queen of clubs is inside the bag. In reality, it's just wrapped up by wx. This creates a crazy illusion. Now place this in your pocket and your wallet or wherever you want. For now. I'm just going to leave it over here. Take your duplicate card because I do the refill force. I'm going to place it on top of the deck. If you do a Hindu force, you should place it on the bottom. So the position of your duplicate card will be determined by whatever force you use. If you don't know how to force a card, please check out my previous class and then come back. Here's how you start the trunk. First, we're going to force your nine of diamonds. Whatever force you use is up to you. Hanover, the car to them and ask them to remember that card. After that, they can place it back anywhere they want in the deck. Here's the beauty of this trick. You can now handle the deck for them to shuffle the deck in any way they want. This cells, the effects so much more because it's so clean. As they're mixing the cards, you're going to pull out your prediction. Just make sure you take it out facing downwards. When they're done and you're going to take the deck back and say, Look, I have prepared a little prediction over here. Now, would it be crazy if whatever I have here matches whatever you chose? Exactly? They're going to say, Yes. Here's where you show them your wrong card. At this point they're going to say, oh, it's the wrong card. You feel you get out of here. At this point you're going to say, Hold on, let me try to fix this. Now you're going to perform the only hard move of this trick. You need to hold the bag. Area at the edge. So that when you flick your vis, the back automatically opens up. Bring the deck and the bag close together so that you can still that dummy card onto the top of the deck. Let's do it one more time. So he'll be here, lick, it opens up, bring them close together, and still dead dummy card. All this happens under the notion of new, asking them to put their hand, immediately put the bag on top of their hand, and ask them to put their other hand on top of the bag. Casually put the deck into your pocket. At this point, the magic is that build the moment before asking them to look at the card. After dead. They can even check the bag to make trips sealed, and then open it to make sure that there is only one card inside. Hi. Here's some tips and tricks. Number 1. The key to this effect is really milking the moment before revealing their kicker ending. Now you see the spectator does not expect anything to happen to that bag within their hands. So milk in the moment before revealing that the wrong card has transformed into their chosen card inside their head. Number two, don't bring any attention to your deck of cards after the performance. Now I know there's a duplicate card inside the deck, but trust me, just casually place the deck into the box and place it back into your pocket. After the performance. Based on my experience, nobody has asked me, Hey, can I check a deck? So don't worry, just casually put it away. Last but not least, this makes a really good souvenir so that you can give this away and they will remember you for a really long time. This trick means a lot to me because it has been with me for a long, long time. And I know someday you will see the same thing. It does require some practice, but after that, trust me, you will get crazy reactions as well. Let me show you the power of district. I know I don't have a good angle for this trick, but I really want to show you the power of the trick. So I start by forcing a current. Then I get them to place it back. And as you can see, I had the deck out for them to shuttle as much as they want. Now, I've showed them the bag and as you can see, all of them are saying no, it's not the card. Now look closely as I do the move. I misdirect them by talking to them. It should happen that quick. Last but not least, I built the woman before revealing that the cart has changed. And as you can see, they went crazy. I hope you enjoy this. Go out and perform it. 5. Final Thoughts & Class Project: Guys, thank you so much for completing part one of this class. I truly believe that magic has the power to change the world. And over time, you would see that your own flavors will be added slowly into your own magic. That would make it so much more powerful. Please take part in the class project. I'm sure everyone would love to see each other perform the liberty vanish. So go build a gimmick and start posting it right here. If you enjoyed the class, please leave a review and also tell me what you would like to see more in the next class. You could be more giving me gain or more mental ism or more characters. Let me know. If you have any questions. You can drop them here on my social media until the next class. Take care, stay safe and I'll see you soon.