No More Dry Chicken! | Kelly Lacy | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro: No More Dry Chicken!

    • 2. Lesson: The Recipe

    • 3. Lesson 2: The Method

    • 4. Lesson 3: Getting Ready to Cook

    • 5. Lesson 4: The Science Behind the Method

    • 6. Optional Lesson: Pork Loin

    • 7. Appendix: Safe Cooking Temps

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About This Class

Boneless skinless chicken breasts are a staple in most kitchens... they are a healthy protein alternative and can be used in lots of different preparations... and lots of times they come out

  • dry
  • stringy
  • disappointing.  

No More!  Take this quick little class to learn the trick to No More Dry Chicken!

You need only common ingredients and kitchen tools to master the technique to make you want to put boneless skinless chicken breasts on your table again!





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Kelly Lacy

Foodie, Animal Lover, Crafter, Fused Glass Artist

I love cooking and entertaining, animals of all shapes and sizes, watching my garden grow, and creating functional and beautiful fused glass.

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