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No Fear | Create A Scary Halloween Poster Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

No Fear | Create A Scary Halloween Poster Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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4 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Class

    • 2. Stage 1 - Adobe Illustrator & Freeform Gradients

    • 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Photoshop

    • 4. Conclusion

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About This Class

No Fear | Create an Halloween Poster Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
In this class we will be using the new Freeform Gradient tool in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 and some grunge style brushes in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 to create an abstract/spooky set of posters.

We shall look at layers, how images intereact with eachother and how gradients, shapes and patterns come into play to create a super abstract design.

This class includes (for free):
Photoshop Design
Photoshop Mock Up
Brushes Used
Images Used

Useful Links:
Unsplash Images -

Download the FREE files here.

Very much look forward to seeing what you create and am happy to give my feedback and direction.
Do follow my latest work on Instagram and feel free to tag and share to my account.



MadeBy StudioJQ

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Love What You Do


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1. Introduction To The Class: Hello, everybody. Jonathan, Her funds. You, Jake, You. Um yeah. I just want to apologize for the delay and then my next poster. It's been a while. I'm quiet work to Canadian, etcetera. But I'm following my instagram page Chester there you guys are basically one. I needed Davis 70% um, for you to agree to make this video on DA. Yeah, we killed I think it was, like, 90% or something. So thank you very much for voting yet. The idea, obviously Halloween coming up. So the idea if UK this kind of style what we're gonna be doing where it can be used in the Amazing Illustrated freeform Grady Intell just to make some really abstract patterns. Then we're gonna be bringing them into faith shop where we're gonna say, three pacers. I've picked just three different fronts here that would be used with different posters on dive tracing around trees around 6 to 7 pictures for us to use, just to give you a reference for things. I've used deformities free fonts for you so you can get use your influence as well. I've also used the amazing unspool ash dot com for imagery, which again is free. Thanks. Toe talk for as an artist posting stuff up. So, um, everything within this video will be included. So you could basically start off from from beginning it. But also use my stuff is while to make your own art on Also on good to be included in the brushes as well that I will be using afterwards which I created for Ah, where is it for this kind of star? So it just made my torn away start that kind of into the men of my law. My little trends on my little patch on going through which some I really enjoyed doing. So I want to create somebody, which is kind of like scary speaking, No, obviously Halloween. Very orangey, dark publicans. I will get close to that. But make are right and make it a bit more contemporary. Um, does it go? Andi, uh, used the Grady INTs the free forms, or just to correct that edge, something different. And then what we're gonna do, we gonna do one orange wall, I think Purple one. Till So we have a collection of posters which again slightly different, but sitting guys a collection. Um Yeah. So that's the intro on, um, you open up your illustrates and food shop on. We get going on, so spot 2. Stage 1 - Adobe Illustrator & Freeform Gradients: welcome back today. Finished Like it. That's design just important just to save work as you go on, I just remembered to saving up. Now I'm just a quick reference, uh, looking at, like our hunger posters for maybe basters. Um, we've typography on the lower composition section. You can see a lot of the ones here again. The going dark with some red in which obviously, blood speaky orangey kind of colors. So just bear this in mind if you do a quick research before you start your your poster, you got a good, good bit of inspiration for for creating your work, So yeah. Anyway, so here we go. We're going to start with illustrator Andi the Say Hi, mom. The ingredients which I'm in love over the moment. So this is gonna be kind of a random thing, but just introduce you, um, introduced to your brother how actually works. It's so so well. So, uh, startups and shapes. What would brittle ups what looking a shade grip. This is just a full size even use us. Let's of section. But the pieces 84 proportion. So is a good place to start. So I was sent to a circle to begin with so called strength. And then you get up. Super radial on one of the goats, the linear one, the radio one or Beastie one, The freefall. This is gonna change. Things are not designed so well. So we're gonna get for these orange colors. So this get this or injured First, um, you can overuse docks here, which is the points, whether or you can use lines which you control the diagonal forward gaze, which is really this. You got freedom, freedom in ingredients. Now you can join them together and they can see how it just want. Really cool. So we need a bit more color in there for director either. And then you just gave see the point that will look well. You can go. That a little tickle there. What a bit more vibrant colors. Replay with them and first up anyway. But just to get the basis, right? Oh, lives just a Redd's. So the freedom and that's just No, I just know she designs since the girl what you do, it's just experiment clutch. That's pretty cool. Let me You can pump up the vibrancy in. You're afraid to show. Where is the, um, swivels participants? It's gonna re laid the workspace service to painting really up. One thing one was in around Yeah. What? You know, moves. Ah, the candles. Waas do the hate to do. The Russians has really caused it. Maybe make it during blood. Well, I'm not sure about that. And then used the great who also used the radiant Teoh Bring it to life. Just get at it. Great here. That more there, but dark bit more. It was pink, so you can a bit takes a purple look is while I think, or you don't just have to show you many colors so you can destruct them out. I agree, but what would do it? We're keeping the same kind of styles. Then it wants to know on the poster because you don't want too many cutters. Well, that's kind of nice. See what's going on here. I really don't know what I've done. Well, this poison technicals Well, what about sleep it? Whatever. I had my shades too. It's busy. What's essentials us there are during the war, they will find it. And on the world option points, this continued again. Just dropped, which is I on the keyboards on, then to jump in sweat, you get back on to the great insulin That brings up those little points again, cynicism that then it's one of it too purple. Not that orange always is a bit much, but as you can see, we just have have a good player. What? So you're happy this news from they'll never happened. Time you have to do. Yes, we're talking, Mr Buck. So it's gonna create a layout with these different shapes because what's gonna happen anywhere is that he's gonna they're gonna, um they're gonna disappear anyway to a degree, because we'd be taken them out with with the brush tool. So on this point is good just to create abstract shapes. And then you'll see how the composition income composition to come together in the end. So is just make even, just like pat sins on this. That's what we don't want to do is fill up too much space. Um, on the post up, because we don't want it to. We don't want to busy, but with with the brush toe, the the razor will be taken away. A lot of the imagery anyway, with the colors. So on the right stays where I think like these. And then if you just duplicate that our walls uh, try messing. Well, turn your and then do almost circles. We're going radiant. We're gonna do this one Clearly purple there in that rightness Freedom of Macon. These Grady's reducing blood coming down obstruct birth during this clip out to drool with the No, this is just, um this is just designs. Now we're gonna be taking stuff away to the thank you. What? No. So you see the assume that that's and you merge them together, just flip. It's So he's That's three moves to together. Nelson of these, what's do you Still that reason we're gonna do, like Mr really worth it? Deep red one. That's cool. Just a point. That's like a full bowl on the radio. Well, what you want? So we're into some rats there, Really? Pinks. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, because if you got the up and up dated it, thanks to a day because it's such a cool thing. Um, I want to see what? What? What? You guys come up with in terms of, um did you take the thin clothes in terms of I wanted in terms off colors. And that is and also learn in the learn in the So it was love. What? The start using that. Good to get feedback. So you guys are doing she could give out to the Pacers Will have inspiration. Um, that's really you want to stop, Uh, this kind of thing really wrong? Well, trying to rent us in the out somewhere else, I think in the world. So, yeah, we just just have a play around with these. And then, um, we've got free kind of sets that seven never different planners. And then what would do then is bring them into for a start and stop playing with the composition, okay? 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Photoshop: So here we go with parking. I'm fair to shop. Now. We're gonna be starting with, uh, this first set shape. So obviously save it. The group thes, which is Apple G. Apple safe. Copy. Uh, we're gonna gay with the talk for nothing for this one to begin with. One moment in slightly different talk for possible Oh, uh, so we just placed in the based in the shapes. Still awful pictures. Now that game's biggest, you will see how Vetter it's even don, uh, duplicate Jukic A because honestly, be mucking about with it and no, unlike something around changed. So that's just a cookout. What the background image is gonna is gonna be, um, Jackie Boy, one such I was just having No, What about this one? He sat direction, image saturation, takedown saturation. Just making the, um, back in one. So what? We're all the vibrant colors. The good feature I've noticed on the update is, if you want to go into the, uh, layer style well, then fascinates When I didn't think this is the last one you can just see as you scroll down. What is gonna look like solvency a lot than a terrible. I usually Mani's more to call upon lighting, sometimes ever like, But you can see what it does on top of the energy. This is pretty cool. It's been a scream from Scream. That's all right trying to work out this. What? It doesn't let me not transform. No, you aspect ratio. You know that? So that I knew what? Still on the slide of any of these others. What touched you're going on. God, no one can set these actions as well. What happened? So we're gonna start rest restaurants out, and then we're going to start with They're raised its wall on my thing at the moment with these scattered brushes, these included in the pack. So we have lots of fun of them. So this is the favorite one that's unlike blood ones as well. Like this one. The reservation, anything. Case up to 2000 something constancy. Breathing unfortunates. You make the right, Uh, pretty cool. There was a plus local, someone, but my favorite one. I think this is number seven, number seven. So let's start taking away this backgrounds which you see this and seeing coming for the woodwork, even seal this. That's like on the letters. That's quite nice, because you can see the background test tube in the hole over. Let's get this for Level four men trapped on July Kate that so stop playing around. These is what I'm trying to do with this. Just like it's kind of like a bitty bitty nuts of shapes. And it's just broken up into so many. Like, uh, this Web site that hue saturation saturation in the you can't categorize that as well. So you got just for long trying to find see how these colors to thank you? Well, it is quite nice. So keep up, and the more to adjudicate that it's been around with Trump's wall. I just specially have a plane. So you think with musicians, right? I think this guy motive, it's bigger. So now we go start back, groans multiplying, for we just make this color Lee backgrounds the dark color. So other Twitter wasn't working, and now we're just gonna take away some of the some of the going out. So I don't know these sharp edges. We're on the starts. See what it was about creating layers until until we find something happy one computer doesn't cry? No. Les was said even that this is a weapons we need to remember. She's only seven moving down there. Maybe can colorize him too. So maybe could ever read into them. Look cool. Uh, murder another layer. You know, this looks like so on a suit. I've been slate, but one because you're nice test sewers, like, taken with the trust Take, You know that you're having in places of the Moon. Yeah, that's not working. Just like my computer eulogies about. Let's leave more, Rob. Well, all right. Back in the room, I just stopped sickness. Is this about the good thing about these? Great. Is just this just sounds different colors all over the place. I really like it. Said a lot about It's to visit, I think. No, I think on this one, we're gonna make we're gonna bring those to cover most players and then make it cut. Arise, I think with the radical thinking ready. Um, the Multex just stuff you use That one didn't work. That will go on. Mostly go. Let me use this. Type one. It's very what that is working really well with this image. So for this one I want Don't use off one. It's no change since and now seeing that pink tomorrow. Look at making that a bit more thing. Us. We'll keep the red on the material, right? This and then what? I really look good, But take away. Uh huh. So if you want some of these edges living, use a different Brooke small walnuts. That's the stain for the middle. And then while realize this this sharp intell really brings up textures and stuff Did they go so full under this? And if you're just going for the they miss your own. When your computer, let's hear, you can see how it sharp and stuff up too much on it looked pixilated and like this, but it's good just to pick up edges. Um, that makes things look a bit more older and scratching final. That's not our passion. And we just didn't some of these other bets. And then maybe on more do on the guy as well splints already it's in the to build on, maybe take down the strength because you can see it just takes away. Smooth us. That's really cool this year, or this looks like That's nice to know what these kind is coming in. I could kill. That's a lot going off. I'm almost see, It's much different. So what I created. But the whole point of this class is just to show you, um, to grow up the variety of, um designs. You can dio. So that's just with one image. Do want cleaner one in a minute. Um, but this one was just a bit more imagery going on severe. We're bringing in some images for months blast, but not using the front yet from the form because I think we've got this graphic here that brings out good composition, the places on the left. You've got the doorway here, which is fitting up that space there. She needs something bright either text to balance the right there as well as getting the information through a poster. So you've got the typography and which the information of what it wanted to say on the imagery to balance with their. Then you've got the red to give you the mood on this style, which to give you a bit of a bloody scary source star. And then we got a background image fits multiplied through to give you the kind of mood to give you the environment is in, which is like Woody cranky, that sort of thing. So you know that's not looking on the pain coming down like that. That's really nice. So there's a lot going on. But if you dissect it, there's reasons behind each of them. So there might be a bit too much going on all together here. But for now, for this, this plaster thinkers it's called and show you shit the different styles you could do to make a poster. And then hopefully that's just updated there with this, one more to you can see your face to that. So I think it's really cool. Um, it's been a cover click on that just to get a dark, corrupt, get the moods. Did you read? But then I didn't think it work. You know, click on the dark things and what you possibly been sitting on one's from social media is what I like to do. I was just too cookie. Copy some of the graphics that I curate in without a small. Some of the graphics occur in the paste are, and then you build as a background for presentation. Just getting the mood, some designs. It's better just to not do that. But, um, for this kind of style, I think it's I think it's really cool. Aunt, when the computer loads up in absolute brings it in. Um, is your gonna pay stuff? Some, um, I was just laid. No one's gonna pulls there with us. So you see that instantly Bringing something to the table with these colors. I was just making it jump out, making so you bring it up, but, uh, no, no, no. Can you see the How? No, that's too much because you can't see much the post of But we just merged. That mostly is together. Did you take for this opportunity? It can instantly bring the mood of what was I wondered? Just a plain background. Um, take all of these numbers from the where just emerged these together Here they become What ? Well, then I'll show you what I mean about if you take into the background. So that's That's pretty cool. Too much that lights and taken away from the background. But them could use some of these paint spots again just to take away the hard edges, moving some of his up. Let's go. Right. So you got what I think. I think you've got something there. It's does say how the weariness there's a lot going on. But once you go into this reasons, but anything so yeah, this the This is the first poster, Andi, on another play around with the other two. Um, but you've got everything. Now I think. Teoh, start your in poster. You got the images you can bring your own. Then, uh, you've got the technique of the freeform radiant on. You've got the brushes in there too. So have a play and see. See if you can rebound something off this this because, like accusing Crashed. So, yeah, that's that's the final design that for this glass, I just wanna play with other two colors and then see how they work together. You like 4. Conclusion: Hey, really? So yet one is gonna conclude the class? Now I've done the other two designs. It's gonna quickly show you This is original one you've seen designed to. I went for a purple Italy look, which is kind of like a scifi um, futuristic sor horror our kind of poster with the nice gray agents that were created in uh , it is straight up, and I played with the colors on the few infatuation Photo shop also included the type of could feel this, uh, what's likely feeling too old then on the Third World, just like clown clown focused were really angry. Ripping up kind of imagery is Where's the fun? That's that's the street. So you've got, like, Phil on ripping up pig. Then you got SciFi horror vintage looking. And then he got full on spooky ref. So So that's the three curated form form the skill set that I've done today. I hate pew condone from this and enjoy the classes on um, it's give me give me a following a lot on made by strategic your Mr Problem or my triple R B Hunt's on. Please. You're just talking. Tuck, Tuck me here Oh, I'm semi tm of what you create. And then I look to share it on. Duh. No one really interests you. Really? Great. Thanks for watching on and listening, brother on. Uh, give me few. About what you might want to see next. Ana, Have a great weekend. Happy Halloween.