Niveau 2: Améliorer Votre Prononciation en Anglais - English Pronunciation for French Speakers | Jennifer Glover | Skillshare

Niveau 2: Améliorer Votre Prononciation en Anglais - English Pronunciation for French Speakers

Jennifer Glover, Your English Pronunciation Coach

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11 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Improve your accent, fluency and confidence with this course.

    • 2. What makes English pronunciation difficult for francophones?

    • 3. Avoid the most embarrasing errors in English - Don't pronounce these words incorrectly!

    • 4. Tricky isn't it? Learn to pronounce the short i sound

    • 5. Intensive practice - short i and long ee - minimal pairs

    • 6. Then there were these - Learn the voiced TH sound

    • 7. Think thoroughly - Learn the voiceless TH sound

    • 8. Pull me out of the pool - Learn the u sound

    • 9. Check this out! - Learn the CH sound

    • 10. Jumping jaguars! - Learn the J sound

    • 11. Are you really ready? Learn the R sound


About This Class

Niveau 2 / Level 2 - Boost your English speaking skills by learning some of the most important elements of speaking English like a native speaker.

Practice and improve your pronunciation of the following sounds that are tricky for French speakers:

  • Short i and long ee
  • J and CH
  • Voiced and unvoiced TH sounds
  • The growling R

Apprenez facilement l'anglais avec cette série de langue anglaise spécialement destinée aux locuteurs natifs français. Pour des Français qui veulent se débarrasser de l'accent français (pour être mieux compris).

Regardez des cours gratuits sur la chaîne YouTube de Jennifer - iSpeakAnglais

En 10 jours, moins de 10 min par jours, vous allez vous EXPRIMER PLUS CLAIREMENT. After taking this course you will speak English more clearly.

Vous allez pratiquer de nombreuses phrases et verbes anglais que vous pouvez utiliser pendant les conversations quotidiennes.

Jennifer Glover presents English Pronunciation for French Speakers.This lesson series focuses on the difficulties faced by French native speakers when learning to speak English.

For French speakers that want to get rid of their strong accent to be better understood in English.

In these English language lessons you will practice many phrases and verbs that can be used in everyday conversation.





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Jennifer Glover

Your English Pronunciation Coach

Certified English Teacher, Fluent in French

Living abroad for more than 7 years now, Jennifer is a native English speaker from Canada. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education and in French language, as well as a TEFL certificate.

Teaching Background:

Jennifer has been teaching English to adults online and one-on-one for many years to students from all over the world. She was a manager at a top English language school in London, UK for more than 3 years. Her students say th...

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