Night Ritual: Transform Your Evenings Into Productive & Relaxing Ones! | Amy Norton | Skillshare

Night Ritual: Transform Your Evenings Into Productive & Relaxing Ones!

Amy Norton, Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz

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    • 1. Productive Evening Routine Intro

    • 2. Productive Evening Routine Tips & Tricks


About This Class

I am so excited to be sharing with you my tips and tricks for successful, productive evenings! A productive evening can include anything from being prepared for the next day, feeling more rested, or spending time improving your quality of life (such as reading or your health). For this class, I researched the best ways to unwind, prepare for the next day, and quick things you can do to improve your quality of life. I've also looked at what many successful people recommend for the best evenings. I hope that these tips and tricks will give you a few new ideas for ways that you can hack your evening! Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to check out my other classes. 


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1. Productive Evening Routine Intro: hello and welcome to another steal share class. Today's class is going to be all about ways that you can improve your evening and therefore improve your entire day. So it's just gonna be a fun class on different ways and suggestions and ideas of things that a lot of wealthy, successful people dio that really helped them the next day. So whether these airways to prepare to relax, better, to have a better evening in general to sleep better, etcetera. So that sounds interesting to you. Go ahead and say for the next part of this class. 2. Productive Evening Routine Tips & Tricks: every night. You want to make sure you aim to read at least 15 pages, preferably of nonfiction. My personal rule of thumb is I like to go to the library. I like to pick out four or five books for a month, and then I usually pick out mostly nonfiction and then, like one favorite mystery novels, what I person like to read reading every night is shown to reduce cortisol stress levels basically in your brain. It's also been shown to be really good for avoiding Alzheimer and have a sharp memory for a longer time. Not to mention reading. Every night is going to really help you learn things, especially if you're reading nonfiction. Like, for example, right now I'm reading this book. It's really good. It's by it Mark a Matt Haig. And it's the truth about the 100 biggest branding mistakes of all time. This is a really great book, has the branding failures categorized by like product launches, market failures, different things like that and it just really interesting. And I'm learning from it. This book here was super good. This is called Creative Inc and this is by Meg Matteo Elastico. Enjoy. I'm hoping I'll say this name, Right? Joy Dean. Delbert Chou. I'm so sorry. I'm saying that wrong, But this is a really good book if you're looking to freelance and that I'm also spoke on productivity. And then I'm reading a fun mystery novel that I really like. So reading every night is shown to be extremely helpful. Ah, lot of successful people are quoted as saying that they read every night. It's good for helping you to sleep. It's good for your stress levels. It's good to keep your mind sharper and you're gonna be learning or at least having something that's enjoyable, like a storyline that you really like. So reading is definitely one most habits that you want to see. If you can add that to your night routine, it's really helpful. Our next tip is to have a plan for your day tomorrow. Now you don't want to spend your entire evening planning out tomorrow, but make sure that you have a general idea of what you need to get accomplished tomorrow. Now, for me, I like to fill out my weekly planner, so I already have a good idea of what's happening for the entire week. Sometimes I'll adjust that during the day, but for the most part will have this all filled out for my week. I do have a planter class on still share if you want to check out how I set up my planner. But if you're not a planner person, have a to do list. At least look at your calendar. See if you have any appointments. Anything you need to grab or have ready for the morning and then have your to do list so that you know if you need to pick up milk tomorrow. If you have work projects that need to be done, make sure you have everything Britain outs that you're not falling asleep worrying about something you forgot to do or think about for the morning. Make sure you have a plan, and that's gonna help you sleep better at night cause you're not gonna be thinking about it as you fall asleep. And you're also gonna be more productive in your morning because when you wake up instead of having to think about what you need to do, you can just start going into that product right away. I like to have my week planned out. So when I wake up in the morning, I get up, I wash my face, I shower, you know, I eat my breakfast, and then I go right into my day, so I already know what I'm planning to do. Okay, So another productive evening habit is to lay out your clothes or have an idea of what you need to wear the next day, Pull out your shirt. You know, grab all the close that's all in one place. Put it your backpack there. You know, put your backpack or your work bag with your clothes is that way. It's all there in the morning. All you have to do is grab that backpack, grab your clothes, throw it on, grab your socks. Year old, good to go. Everything's right there together. So that way, if especially if you have early mornings that you have to leave by, you'll be more prepared. You don't have to think about what it is you want A where you can just throw it on and grab your bag and go. So pick out your If you can take out a shirt, pick out any pants, pick out shoes to wear. Grab all that stuff the night before, And if you take one minute to pick out your clothes in the morning, it's going to save you five minutes in the morning because you will be less awake and you're not gonna have to think about it and just throw it on. And it's gonna be way less stressful in the morning. And if you have kids, you could definitely pick out clothing ahead of time for them to if they will let you. That way, you don't have to think about what you're dressing your kids and either. Another important thing is to have a skin care or beauty routine. And now, of course, this is gonna bury per person. But having your skin care and using it on a consistent basis is going to give you the best results. If you like to use face masks, or if you like to put something in your hair at night, have it be a routine. You know, I keep like my hair. I get keep a hair product by my bed so I could put it in right before I go to sleep. Otherwise, I have all my skincare in one place so that it's quick. It's easy and I don't have to think about it. But my skin's looking better, healthier. You're taking care of yourself and you're gonna feel good about it. Of course, part of the beauty routine would also be brushing your teeth, taking out your contacts, taking off makeup, that's where things as well. So that will be another great step to just make you feel relaxed. Make your skin teeth all that healthier as well. And it just something that's kind of relaxing. It's honestly, sometimes that treat to kind of look forward. Teoh, Once you get into the routine, I know at first I was terrible at taking off makeup or using the skin care, so it seemed like a short first. But now it's an actual treat for me to use it, and it feels good, and I look forward to it almost every night. So get in the habit of using your skin care. You're brushing your teeth, using something in your hair, that sort of thing. Whatever is gonna make you feel beautiful and good about yourself and whatever is gonna help you to keep your you know, your teeth your hair, your skin healthy as well. Something you can practice is part of your quiet time. Every night is practicing gratitude or keeping a journal or both. Those Conneh flee overly. I personally use this. This is the daily Power journal, and this is a really great tool, both for morning and night. You date at the top and then you have a place to express gratitude, a motivation or affirmation and goals. And then at the end of the night, you write down three things that were great. That happened that day and why you think everything went well is saying or not. So it's kind of a good way to reflect upon your day. And expressing gratitude is shown have so many good benefits. People who express gratitude have been shown it to be healthier both physically and emotionally. Once you get in the habit of practicing practicing gratitude, I find that it's a lot easier to not be jealous of other people or jealous of things around you because you're expressing things you're happy with about yourself in your life every day. So when you do that, you're starting and change the way that you really view of the world, you're gonna feel more optimistic about the world. Probably you're gonna feel less envious. People have been shown to be more resilient, more relaxed and just feeling better overall. So it's really a powerful, scientifically proven thing that you can do to really help improve your life, improve your outlook. And even if nothing physically changes in your life, this could really emotionally make you feel so much better and the otherwise. I do keep a journal, which I actually to do in the morning, but you can definitely do it at night as part of a quiet time. It's just a good way to kind of brain dump. Sometimes I will write out a bunch of things and just brain dumps them in my journal. That way they're not in my head anymore. And I can just focus and relax and read a book or go to sleep without having all of these things churning in my head and keeping me awake longer. Other things you can do for quiet time is you could listen to some relaxing music. You could take a bath if that relaxes you, reading again as another good option a Gratitude Journal Those air going to be things that are really gonna help you and relax you and just help you have a better night's sleep. Something else to focus on before you go to bed is to remove your phone, your computer tablet from your bed. Don't keep it on your night stand. I like to put my phone across the room and my bedroom, cause I do use it as an alarm. But if you keep it away from your bed, you're not gonna be grabbing for it. When you can't sleep right away, it's gonna be farther away from you and more out of mind. And then this will also be a good reminder to charge your phone. So to go ahead, plug it into the wall, try to move it across your bedroom or into another room with you can. But just remove electron ICS and turn off your phone. A turn off e mails. Stop checking your emails. You know you're off the clock. If you can try to avoid checking in the emails and just focus on being with your family or eating a nice dinner or whatever is that's gonna help you have a good evening. Another thing to consider as part of your narrow teen is to really find out what's gonna help you to sleep the best if you can try to keep a consistent bedtime schedule that's shown to have so many more benefits. And if you train your body to go to sleep at a certain time, it's going to be easier to wake up in the morning to which is going to start your day off and a better, more productive. But also it's gonna be easier to get up. You're not going to feel is groggy. If you are in a consistent sleep schedule, take a hint from the other ideas since video and find out what's gonna help you to relax. Take a moment right now to challenge yourself and think about what is it that does keep me up at night? Or what is it that I look back on my evenings and I regret? Is it the fact that you watch a ton of TV at night as I keep you up? Or does that just leave you feeling unproductive or just something you don't enjoy as much as you could? Would you write prefer reading a book? Could you get in the habit of reading a book that's going to give you some other benefits for me? I find that a nighttime a good night time practice for me is taking a hot bath. I take one almost every night, and I used essential oils, and that really relaxes me. That's something that helps me out. I know other people, you know, like to watch an episode or two of their favorite show before, but and that calms them down, takes them away from the day and just lets them focus on something else. Also watch what you are eating before bed. Try not to eat huge meals right before you go to sleep. Avoid caffeine. I know some people are more sensitive than others. I'm personally quite sensitive, so I don't have any caffeine after like four o'clock. So just somebody think about if you are finding your having a hard time sleeping, try to look at what it is that you're consuming as well, because, you know, you could be having coffee too late in the day. That could be keeping you on edge. You could be watching TV that maybe is scary, and then you can't sleep is well because you're worried about what you just watched. I know for me personally, I do not like watching scary movies or shows in general, but especially things like crime television. I will not watch that past like five, because otherwise I have a hard time sleeping and that's just me. These are just suggestions, so just think it through. Leave us a couple sentences on what your pitfalls are in the evening. Do you watch serie television that keeps you up? Do you eat too much cuff caffeine or sugar that messes with your sleep? Do you have other bad habits? Do you watch TV? You know TV for three or four hours, But then you feel unmotivated and unproductive because of that. Think about what it is that you're doing at night and what you could be doing to improve it . You might not be able to add in all the suggestions in this skill share class, but you can definitely incorporate some of them. Try to analyse and figure out which ones will work better for you and which ones are more reasonable for your lifestyle. Another quick suggestion is the turn off electron ICS. Most sources I've seen recommend 30 minutes to an hour before bed. If you could take, you know, I like to turn off my phone. I'll take it to the other side, my room to charge and have my alarm sets. I don't have to touch it at all for the rest of the evening. So, you know, turning off your phone, stepping away from your computer, that's something that can really help you to sleep is well, Putting your home to bed every night is really important. Basically, the idea is that you spend a short amount of time every night trying to get everything cleaned up or just a little bit better for the day. If you can do the dishes after dinner, put them away right away. So they're not there in the morning because waking up to a fresher house or even just a cleaner bedroom is going to help you to sleep better. And you're gonna wake up feeling better and feeling a little more in control of your day, even if the rest of your house is a mess. But you did the dishes and your bedroom has picked up that's gonna help you in the morning . It's really amazing what, 15 minutes to 30 minutes every night can Dio. You can pick up the bathroom a little bit. Put your skin care away, even grab clean towels if you need Teoh. If you have laundry on the floor, you can least put pick the laundry up and put it in a basket. That way, it's less cluttered in your room or the rest of the house. If you take 15 minutes to 30 minutes every night just to prepare for the morning, you know, if you, if you like to, you could pack your lunch is ahead of time. That that would be something that would help you to have a better, easier morning, you know, making sure you have clean towels in the bathroom, making sure clean off the bathroom sink every night. So making sure that you know if you have makeup or skincare or toothpaste out, that you put it away and you could get a surprising amount of stuff done in 15 minutes. It's pretty amazing all even set a timer or put a 15 20 minute YouTube video on and just race myself for those 15 20 minutes. Definitely. Recommend, if you can. Spending a little bit of time with your kids, your family, your dog. I like to spend time with my dog before I go to sleep. It just makes me feel better. You're gonna make your kids in your spouse boyfriend, etcetera. They're gonna feel better. And they're gonna feel happier just knowing that you're there. Try to be present. Like we said, Turn off your phone. Your notifications, if you can. Your emails don't check them. Just take the time you have off to spend some time with your family or your Or if you like me, your dog. You know, you could just spend some time and you're gonna feel better. You're gonna feel more relaxed, and you're gonna feel happier because you spent time with your family that you care about. So thank you for watching the skill share class. I hope you enjoyed. If you did enjoy. I have lots of other productive plant and planning classes. So check out the rest of my classes on skill share. Thanks again for watching and again for the class product. Just leave us. You know, a small paragraph below. You know, just leave us a short explanation of what your pit bulls are. What are your pit bulls that evening? What do you sometimes get you know, sucked into that you kind of regret the next day? Sometimes I watch too much television at night. I know that happens instead of picking up a book which I know in the long term, I prefer the you know, those books. But sometimes that TV could be so tempting, you know? So definitely leave us your notes, Sam. Below what pitfalls you have. What you gonna work on? Adding into your evening routine? Hopefully, this class helped you. And I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day. Bye, guys.