Night Photography: Capture Your City at Night | Kasia Banasiak | Skillshare

Night Photography: Capture Your City at Night

Kasia Banasiak, photographer

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8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. intro NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY

    • 2. THE LIST

    • 3. Get READY

    • 4. Camera SETTINGS

    • 5. EXAMPLES

    • 6. BONUS lesson

    • 7. SUMMARY

    • 8. Thank You


About This Class

 Winter time often stops us from taking pictures outside as it gets dark very early and we need light to take photos. In this class, I'm hoping to inspire you to take your camera and capture your city at night.

In my new Lesson, I'm going to teach you how to take gorgeous pictures of your city at night and also how to capture fireworks in the correct way. By the end of this class, you will know how to recreate magical moments of that night time summer holiday walk.

I will walk you through those ''confusing'' camera settings and explain why we are going to set the camera certain way. I will also tell you what equipment exactly you need for your ''night lights'' journey. 

This is a link to the promised Chart you just need to click HERE and then click download.





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Kasia Banasiak



Hi, my dear students!

Summer is over and we are going to be using studio more often from now on so I thought it will be a great idea to share my knowledge about studio photography with you.

In this lesson I'm going to talk about:

light set up I use in my photography. how do I direct my models regardless of if they are professional or not. what accessories you can use to make your images more interesting. what to do to add more movement to your pictures ...

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