Niche Marketing A-Z: Niche Marketing Simplified

Barry North, Turbo Performance Solutions LLC

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18 Videos (1h 54m)
    • Welcome+To+Niche+Marketing

    • 1 1+What+Is+Niche+Marketing

    • 1 2+How+To+Subniche

    • 1 3+Researching+Niches

    • 1 4+Amazon+Magazines

    • 2 1+Keyword+Research

    • 2 2+Keyword+Tool

    • 2 3+Google+Trends

    • 2 4+Google+Trends+Walkthrough

    • 3 1+Promoting+Affiliate+Products

    • 3 2+Amazon

    • 3 3+Clickbank

    • 3 4+Other+Affiliate+Networks

    • 3 5+JV+Notify+Pro

    • 4 1+Creating+Content

    • 4 2+Outline+and+Resources

    • 4 3+Content+Resources

    • 4 4+More+Content+Resources


About This Class


Welcome to Niche Marketing!  

As a member you have full access to this crash course on making money in niche markets.  

The Niche Marketing Course consists of 4 modules:


Module 1: Niche Marketing 101

In this module you'll learn what a niche market is and how to make money promoting offers there.  

You'll also learn a ninja tactic to standing out from your competition and finding extremely targeted buyer hungry traffic in your niche, and we'll show you a free resource you can use to find niche markets you can start promoting to immediately.


Module 2: Niche Research

In this module we'll go a step further using a free tool to make sure your niche is profitable.  This step is critical to ensuring that you actually make money promoting offers to your niche.

You'll also learn how to use a stealth targeting tool to find out exactly when you should be promoting to your audience.  Some niche markets are hotter than others depending on certain factors.  In this module you'll learn exactly what those factors are and how to take advantage of them.


Module 3: Affiliate Offers

In this module you'll learn where to find other people's offers to promote using affiliate marketing.  We'll walk you through several of the best affiliate networks where you can find thousands of profitable niche offers waiting to make you money.

Promoting affiliate offers is the fastest way to start seeing returns in your niche markets.  

You'll also learn a secret to finding products before they even launch to help you sprint past your competitors and corner your niche markets.


Module 4: Your Products

In this module you'll learn how to create high value content that delivers your message to your audience clearly and effectively. This will help you be seen as an expert in your field and move you light years ahead of your competition.  

Promoting your own products also means you get to keep all the profits and dominate your niche market.

We've only included what we think are the most important factors in profiting in niche markets... 

We hope you get a lot of value from this course and, as always, we'd love to hear your feedback! 


To Your Success,

 Barry North






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Barry North

Turbo Performance Solutions LLC

I have more than 5 years experience in internet marketing technologies. I have created a number of comprehensive courses, based on my extensive background in website design, product creation, mentoring, and online business. You will discover how easy it is to set up websites, become an author, publish ebooks, and create information products for resale while branding yourself and promotion in all facets of social media.

I am as down to earth as it gets and do not believe in over-hyping ...

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