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Nginx + Apache Server From Scratch : Certified Vesta Admin - Start Your Web Hosting Business Today

teacher avatar Sagar Bansal, Founder @ PHMC SECURITIES

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (2h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Get a VPS Provider

    • 3. Setup your VPS

    • 4. Domain Name Servers

    • 5. Run this Command

    • 6. Installing Vesta CP Part 1

    • 7. Installing Vesta CP Part 2

    • 8. Installing Vesta CP Part 3

    • 9. Installing Vesta CP Part 4

    • 10. Pointing Domain Name to Server

    • 11. Configuring the DNS Recocrds

    • 12. SSL on Domain Name

    • 13. SSL on Vesta CP

    • 14. Nginx Force HTTPS Template

    • 15. All About DataBases

    • 16. All about Emails

    • 17. All about FTP and SFTP

    • 18. Free File Manager on Vesta

    • 19. All About Clients

    • 20. Email Server Issues and Fixes

    • 21. Quick Orientation

    • 22. An Important Question

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About This Class

Well my Udemy Best Seller Course is now on SkillShare : Cheers!

Gain the ability to setup VPS and Web Servers by taking this class! Get answers from an experienced IT expert to every single question you have related to the learning you do in this course including creating your own VPS on Digital Ocean, installing VestaCP control panel on, domain forwarding, installing free Let’s Encrypt SSL on domains, securing server login panel, enforcing https, managing mail, FTP, MySQL, creating and selling your own hosting packages and many more topics that are added every month!

If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this course is worth taking before you invest your money and time in it. More than 2000 people have already followed my guide “It’s all about Servers” on my Blog and now, I am teaching all of that with more improvements and awesome video lectures

If you want to learn more about what the course contains, here is a short list of questions to help you decide if you should take it followed by a deep list of the course lectures below. What you see is just the beginning of what the course includes because I am making new lectures every month for you! You will get to see screen capture live tutorials showing you everything you need to do to get started with Servers including information about all of the topics below!

  • Introduction to the Course Plan
  • How to create a VPS on Digital Ocean
  • How to forward a Domain Name to your Digital Ocean Server
  • Basics of SSH.
  • Installing VestaCP on your Server
  • Setting up your Web Server
  • Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL on Domain name
  • Forcing SSL on Login Panel

You get access to this course which already has 3+ hours of HD video tutorials sharing everything you need to be a Server Admin and Start your Own Web Hosting Business! If you are still not sure, here are three questions you can use to make the final decision!

  1. Do you want to learn how to set up a VPS from scratch to a fully managed Web server?
  2. Do you want to use the valuable skills to work for companies that want you to use these skills to Manage their Web sites and Servers?
  3. Do you want to start your own Web Hosting Business??

I want to see you in this Class Now!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sagar Bansal



I am an Author, Entrepreneur, Hacker, Musician, Chess Master, and a Public Speaker, I love to do what i like, and my life is full of Gadgets, Thrills, and Fun

I have Created a lot of Super Successful Courses which are Best Sellers and Top Rated on Various Platforms

you can check to know more about me

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Saga. Been so And I'm the founder off be attempted securities. Whenever we talk about a Web server, you always think about a terminal and moving pasting and you know, like editing up files using those or fashion Nano and VI I text editors. But the reality is something different. In this course, I'll teach you how to create a ending explosive patty Arabs over with exit mills over talked by Gronk you email system plus my SQL database server talk by peace be my Edmond with Clementi violas, pama session I'd be tables and there will be a lot, much more Something is that we'll be doing a little set of with Terminal and we'll have to call it really less part in the scores and rest off all women managed by the most clean interface in this world, which is the best. Our control panel investor is an open source control panel which will be using in this course. So this is one of the most cleanest panels I have ever seen in my life. And we'll be installing Master Control Panel on our server will get the server from Digital Ocean. I live in providing $20 for free. So you guys can continue with this course on this lotion and we'll learn how to configure your Dina service. How to configure your MX Records. How brand force SSL on a website, using custom and in X templates and long hard to get the free SSL certificate from Let's and create to secure the Logan panel, the male and the PSB, my Edmund and, of course, about the clients. So if you want to start your own the Boston Company, you can do that after completing the scores and you may not believe Let's host Top started by Mohammed Arrakis, which was a student in my course. So after completing the scores, he took help from me separately on Facebook Messenger and he established a whole big company and that it survived the scores is something different now about the support. I tried to give support to any student within 24 hours at any cost, so you might even want to read some reviews about the scores. And you will notice that yes, they all agree this thing. So I'll see you guys as a student in this card. Thank you so much for watching 2. Get a VPS Provider: Welcome again. One in this lecture vividly arrange ourselves a distortion account. Now you have a lot of choices to go with. For example, you have Amazon aws. You have the Microsoft as your you have the Walter. You have this digital ocean and there are quite a lot. For example, we even have Oh, actually, I believe though there are a lot, but this to ocean is a platform by developers for developers. This is my personal favorite. Now I am actually logged in my distortion account. But I will show you guys how to create an account with distortion. And I will also give you guys many doors for free so that you can go ahead with your journey in this server creation. So let's move ahead and let me open a private tab here and here. Let's go ahead. And first off, I'll get a temporary email because, you know, I have my email signed up for the distortion. I will need a man address now under its working up, get $20 for free on dissolution. What any true is you need to go to soccer bonds a lot. Com slash VPs Now BP s is the worse your privates over here. So it will redirect you traditional ocean with my reference link that will provide you $10 for free. And I will just soon show you how to get another $10. The first of all go to this Links arguments of dot com slash VPs. You may even find the link in. The resource is now I would mention that this is a referee link. OK, so I hope this email is not registered and get another temporary email. Now you on this link, you can just see freak A. You have $10 get from a friend. So it's me and like, let's let's get email. Address a temporary email address here. Well, here I got a temporary email address and let's add the email here. It's really simple process you need to any password. I don't know what I died here, huh? Yeah. So just click on, create an account and it shall ask you for the email verification. So let's take the inbox and guys. I am using a temporary email because I already have my account. You guys, please use a genial a counter, something like what you have a personal account. So it is a very important one. So just make sure you don't use a free account or something like that. Now, here's the verification link. I just opened that. We'll need other tabs here. Let me close them. And after this link, your account should get very fight, and you will get $10. Now you can see email confirm you have $10 in the difficult credit. Now we need more $10 light. Just scroll down and here you will see, Have a prom ical click on that and enter D Oh, and make sure you are entering it in the upper case, todo 10 Okay. And that falcon worked into the 10 more dollars. Just look on, apply court and even see a pro McCord enter is relative and is applied upon completion of sign up. Now, if the solution change this prom accord, which they are not attending from two years. But if they change this prom accord, I will mention the new pro McCord in the resource is so please check that as well. If it doesn't work now, the final step is you need to verify yourself. Either you can use PayPal from which you will have to pay $5 in total you get you will get $25 here. But you can either use the girl card or debit card just to verify. And it will not charge you until your attorney dollars, which I have provided you get finished. Okay, so you can use the first matter toe just link your card or second method toe, pay $5 do the verification. It's all up. It's all up to you. But, you know, I would recommend to go with the papal option. But you can go with the double carro they regard if we don't want to pay anything out here . And I'm not showing this because I already have my account and I cannot create two accounts on the same gods or on the same paper. OK, so this is how the dissolution platform will look after you create your account, and the droplets here means these servers and basically we are only concerned with the droplets. So we will not go and dive in these old things like images, spaces or but we will create our next droplet in the next lecture were very well. Go ahead and have a look on the vest as well. So this aborted operating systems and also like, we have a lot of work to do and we'll do that in the next lecture. Till then, Thank you for watching. 3. Setup your VPS: Hey, welcome back. Everyone in this lecture will go ahead and create ourselves a VPs now to create the VPs. It's really simple. Just log injured this lotion account, click on create and select a droplet. Okay, basically, we want to create a droplet. Now it shall Lord the interface. Here. It's taking a little time, but it will. And yeah, here we are. Now you can select the destroyer. So which operating system would you like to have? You can select. You want to? He been or sent to us for this course, anyone will work. And like, there are other things like container destroyers and one click APS if you want. So you know, for just for the educational purposes, if you want to launch a lamp stack, you can just click here or this one and the next lamp stack. You can just click right here. And it will also make everything for you guys. But, you know, in the scores, we are doing a lot more than the simple, um, backs. Though in distributions, I would go with the human too. So it's a 16.4 or three right here. Now you can just Goto Vester cp B E s t a c p dot com Ah, and this is the control panel which we will be using for maintaining and like imitating our server. So you must choose a bring system which is compatible with Vester. You want to go to install here and you can see the supported orbiting system. So it is then two s Andrea Will 567 and they've been 78 9 And you want to 12.4 to 17.4 which is the latest virgins until now. So currently, these all are the latest versions. 17 1049 and seven. So, you know, if you're watching this in case the 18 1 year four or something like that is out doesn't matters District. That investor supports it or not. If it doesn't, you will always have an option to go with center s, which is my personal favorite. But for the simplicity. Let's just go with you want to? So here this notion is actually providing us the 17.10 But we in the sea here 17.4 they supported currently. So let's go with the 17. 16.4 Which doesn't make a lot more difference. If you want the latest one, you can go with the centers or that men eight They've been nine was sent to us, joins the leaders. It's seven. So, depending upon whatever you want, I will go with the You want to 16.4 here and actually you're burning system doesn't matter now. Here is a prising list off this lotion. So let's go with the two db Server, which is $10 per month. Now. If you already have followed the last lecture, you should already have $20 in your destruction account so you can go with the $5 BBS, which, uh, which will run for four months for free or to Debenham VPs, which will run for two months for free. Now I would recommend a minimum off like required on us. I would recommend a minimum off two ZB Aram server, but you can basically go ahead with a one GB as well. But to be is the recommended from my own personal side. Now, here you have the block storage block size is basically the additional space that say you install a one more essentially driving your computer, so it's similar to that. But we really don't need that data center so your your server will exist. So if you're traffic comes from New York, you might want to go with New York. If your traffic comes from London, you might want to go with London. If it's from India, you might want to go with bangle or, and if you don't have any traffic, those tools allocation with just more sneer to you. So in my case, I will go with the Bangla. Now here you have some options, like monitoring user did ibv six backups and private networking. Now here Option, which is like backup, is the only option with you might want to enable to have your server more secure so that you have a weekly back up off the server, the full server so you can enable it. But it is also not mandatory. You can skip this. It will add 20% more cost. So if you are using the duty beer server, which is $10 it will become too well. Doris Berman Today if you want, you can enable back ups as well as the keys were additional security. But to be quite honest, we will not be logging in this over again and again. So we really don't need that. Like, we are going to do everything from the panel. So we really don't need any essence its key. But you can install it. And if you guys really want to learn how to install ssh keys that you know in the questions and I'll make a lecture on that, OK? Ah, horse name over. Recommend the horse name should be like that. It can be anything, but I would recommend us add it as your domain name. Okay, now here I have the domain name SPH, EMC Securities. Don't or so this little man in which I own and the Genesee goodies dot org's will be used for this whole course. Now, if you don't have a domain name, you can registered it with a lot of distrust, like grok or Gordie or in um, if you don't want to pay for that, you have a website called green on dot com. There you will get a like a door TK dot cfd ought ml There are a lot of very can get a freedom in him for a year, so you can go with this way or you can adjust audio meaning. So make sure you have on a mean name first and then enter the horse name. Click on Create, and it will create a droplet for you guys. Now the best thing with distortion is that this silver will be up and running within one minute. So can you see the speed? It's almost about off done, and it will get up and running within one minute. So you just need to wait for that. And you also want to check your email. It's almost done, and you will get the possible and the excess off this over on your email if you haven't used ssh key like me. So here is the I. P. Address, but you can just go ahead and check your email toe, get the full access. I'll see what is in the next lecture, where I will be up and running with my email and we will go ahead and I can't figure the domain name to point to the server in the next lecture, so I'll see us then. Thank you so much for watching 4. Domain Name Servers: Hey, welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, you go ahead and configure our domain name, toe point to our server. Now, as I said in the promo, I believe you will have your own any servers on premium the in a service. That's a In this case, I have the potential securities daughter, or so you will have Ennis one dot be attempted securities or or and like that. So, for that, there are basically a lot of ways to get this kind of set up, but the more solid set up, But I have ever seen with the point of security as well, you can just go ahead and point your domain name. Let's say I'll go ahead and change the name servers off this domain name. Now, the standing off name servers will be different in every case. Okay, You guys might want toe check that thing. Like in Gordy. It is in the domain name. Manage domain name managed DNS. And there you have the custom names. There was option. So just go ahead and search for that. If you are not able to get that, let me know. I'll help you with them now in names of us. The more solid setups is that use, and it's one. No disclosure, not come. And I stood on this lotion dot com and industry or destruction dot com. If you have another option for names names over, you can just go ahead and leave that empty or delete that if there is an option and the slick on update name service, the N s Wonder distortion or calm and it's too and industry Oh, yeah, As soon as you update these name servers, it might take up to 24 ours toe get reflected Or that you can goto a website called into the N s I n T or D and s dot com slash your domain name opiate times a securities dot org Here and here you will see the name servers. So, as you can see right here it is any wonder the old names there was basically so it has not been updated all right out here. Yeah, so it even say is work in progress. But I know it has not been updated a list. I'd refresh it. Eso it is not a bleeding, and it can basically take upto like 24 ours. So there is no we cannot say that. Why? It is not updating. It can basically take any time. Maybe it can even take 48 hours. But sometime it happens within five minutes. Sometime it takes 24 hours for maximum. It should take 24 hours. So you will like. You don't have to wait for this. You can just do this thing. And you can continue with the course where I will show you guys how toe Install the control panel on the server So you can just continue with the course in the next lecture. And I now you will be using this anise one door destruction dot com in an installation that has three record. But your clients or other website, whichever will be on your server, they will be able to use and this one not be hmc securities or door and like that. So hope you are getting the concept here. I'll see you guys in the next lecture and thank you so much for watching 5. Run this Command: he is. So in this lecture, I just want to see that a lot of VPs providers are, you know, did they got a package missing in there? You want to, and you might face a lot of problems and future. So, like, before installing the start control panel, you guys run this command app dash, get install it. BB AP armor. Okay. App, armor dash, you tills and then space dash by for yes. So it will just know Ask you any kind of question and all just run this command, like in your terminal enter this up press enter, let it install. And after that, you can continue the course and install investor control panel. Now, this was just a quick update for you. Want to VPs Ah, in case off centerist some guys off you might be using that you can use Yemen stole uparmored Asheville stash by now if it is already install and it says it gives you warning or a message that it is already sold, that's fine. That's that's really good. But in some cases, it may not be install and then you will have a lot of problems. So that's why it was just a quick update. Now you can continue the, uh course from here. Just make sure before installing Master Control Panel, you run this command. Okay? So thank you so much. 6. Installing Vesta CP Part 1: Welcome back. A one in this lecture will go ahead and install Wester control panel on our server. Though there are a lot of ways to install and get into your server now, the best one is like with digital ocean. You can just go ahead and open your server. You will see access here, and you can just launched the console from here, which will directly connect you to your server. So the meetings do that. So here you can just see it is asking for the Logan and the password. And if you have guard the email you were is the email. Yeah, Here is the email which I received from destruction. Now here you can just see this. You The name is route, and we have the possible right here. Oh, copy. And let's go ahead and open the Bonsall against Oh, it's little messy here. Yeah, here is the guns. Also, I get this type in route. Okay. Hold on. Yes. So the problem will be that I will believe I will have to. I've been the whole string here. I don't see any option Toe based this thing B is the password. I'm trying to place the possible here? Yeah, So you can just go ahead and press enter. And from here you will have toe type in this. Also it manually because I don't find any option to paste it. So while typing the past what, you will not be able to see what you are typing. So just go ahead and type in this possible, and it's a lot big password. So I'm about to die a bit, and I believe I just completed that it should. It is asking me to type that again and like, OK, no problems. Averil died dead again. Yeah. So I just type that password to times here and now it is asking me for the new password. So that's a really good thing. Let's change the password. Now, Make sure you are using a pretty strong password, because this is everything all about the security. Okay, Now I am in the server, so I just, uh I've that thing, the new password. And now I am in this over. Let me just close this connection here by a diving exit and again exit. Okay. Sorry. I haven't just close this window from here, and I don't need this so I can just go ahead and nasty console. And this time I can use my new password, whichever I just said. Right now leave. I just clicked on launch console. Okay, let's do that again. Yeah. Here I am again launching the console, though. Here the okay just is enter. Yeah. Here it is asking me for the law Gonzalo Guiness rode here art ability and password is the one which I just said last time So I am in this over I will clear Clear the screen here c el er and that is how you just log into your server. Now there is one more way to log in to your server, which is assess it through the terminal or through the windows PC. If you are using a windows computer now, let me open. Determine also first. Awful. I will show you guys how to do it with the Mac terminal or the Lenox terminal. This is my terminal here, and s s It is really simple. You need to type in SS it. This is for the MCA Lennix users for Windows users pleaser for the, uh these are for the next video which I'll create for the Windows users. The scope Here I be address from here and I've been your i p address. And you need to add user name and added sign Ssh route. At the rate this press enter and it will ask you, uh, like, do you want to assess this key? So just press like just type in. Yes, okay. And it is just a one time question it'll knows not ask you this thing again. It is asking for the past, but here you can basically go ahead and type in your passport, or you can based in your possible. So here you are in the there were So it was that simple that me exited gay connection closed the Logan again. You can type in ssh route at the rate your I p interest. This is that simple with linens or Mac terminals. So that was all. And for Windows users, please refer to the next video. Or you can even use this where it is. You can even use this one, the console which is provided with the digital ocean. But I am just trying you guys how to do this with the terminal Andy Windows clients. Because maybe you guys will not be using distillation for some reasons. Maybe some off. You want to use any other provider? So that is how you can just manage this kind of our thing. I'll see you guys in the next lecture, which will be specifically for Windows users. So thank you so much. And I was in the next lecture. 7. Installing Vesta CP Part 2: Hey, welcome back. A one. Now, This lecture is basically for the Windows users. So we'll talk about assess it for Windows. Now, for the Knicks and Mac users, I have already shown you how to do the s a set. You just let me clear this screen. You just want to type in. Okay, hold on. I'm tired that mentally you just want to type in Ssh your user name, which is root in my case at debate. And then your i p address. And you just want a press enter. So that was for dealing X users and the Mac users. But what about the, uh, the Windows users For Windows users, we have a lot off utilities which they can use. We have the big wise ssh client, which is a really clean interface. We even have the old will be client, which is also a solid interface to use. So you guys can download any off them. So the website is P Utd. Why don't or the booty door or I am sorry if the pronunciation is wrong. Here s so you can now look pretty from here. You can no, no advice from here, right so you need declined nor December, though it depends. It was, is a little bit more a graphical and like it is more like attractive and looking. There is, but it is a little simple and like you can just go here and down. Lord, the 32 or the 64 bit version I have already installed party in my linen, says Well, so you can also do that in Mac and Lennox, and I'm going to launch that and for Windows, You guys might just want to go through our what it is. The start, Manu. And through there you might want to launch party, so the interface will be exactly the same are you can just go toe appearance and, like you can increase the size and all. If you guys want to do that so you guys can just go up here, you can increase the size of everything. Let's say I'll increase it toe 60 and I think is it to 50 right? So you can do that just a second. So it's just about the windows setting. If you want toe, get the little bigger interface, so you just want to go to session And here you want toe type in your i p address off this ever for sure. But only do you should select the SS is right here. And you just Monica Lee going open and poor decline will start opening you. So it'll just ask you for the Logan. So Logan is using damages ruled here and now it lost for the password. This is the boss board here, and you can even customize the form size from the obedience though it czar there. Now you have successfully logged into your server. I just clear the screen there. And now let's let's just see how the copy and paste. So let's say I have time this thing. So I want to copy that. And for sorry to copy this thing, I'll just go ahead and select this thing, and this will get copied. And I can just go to a text file. You can go and base that thing Now you might say that this was not corporate because, I don't know, maybe in linen, this is not supporting media cope investment tonality, but in vain. Does it do Okay, so in windows it will even copy this thing and I will have to just a press the right click button here and it will paste. Now it is not doing this thing in linen because I don't know linen for linen. The body is not made. And maybe some settings out there which I need to configure. What? In Windows, it works like a charm. So you just select the thing to copy that and you press right click paste. Okay, That was all for the That was all for the videos users. And from next time, you guys can just go ahead and run this thing from your Windows machine and like you can just a success into your server. And that's all this was this And for the Knicks and Mac users, I would highly recommend you guys to use your terminal because that provides a lot of functionality and it is more clean as well. Whatever I'll do in terminal windows, users can do in party or you guys can downwardly bit wise. Ssh client, which is a more fantastic version off party. So you guys can down or that it is also free. And yeah, you can go with that. That was all for this lecture else in the next one. Thank you so much watching 8. Installing Vesta CP Part 3: it will make a one in this lecture. We will go ahead and install Master control panel on our server. Now, the problem with distortion console is that you cannot copy and paste in that. But there is a work around like you can use control shift and K, or depending upon your browser toe, get $8 could prop up and plastic amounts. But that's not a true solution. Now, this is basically a V NC connection so that you can like if you have a graphical interface in your VPs, you can go ahead and access that through your keyboard or mouse. But it really doesn't looks good for me, though I will be using the terminal here. And we know user can also use the ssh client, whichever they like. Now, uh, I will go ahead and ssh into the server. So let me open the that we're here. Okay? Now I am in the government. Uh, yeah, this over here. So you want toward our master Control Panel website, which is vest RCP dot com slash install right here, and you will get these command. So 1st 1 is the SS set. So you just need to accident. India's over. The 2nd 1 is this girl Command toe down Lord, this file here, which is installation script. So call is for downloading this script from the um Oh, let's go ahead and base that command here. And it's breast enter. Oh, I don't know why the speed is too slow, but Castellet works. Just paste it. That thing now Here we have the installations. Good. Let's run the installation Command. The bash is for running this command. The script. I just pressed that here. What is there if you automatically run this orbit f option. Okay, so it says that please remove the admin user before proceeding the like. You can do this with the force inspiration. So that's like, let's do that with the force FRC here, like in you want to You have the ammunition. So that is why it saying that? But it will be fine. You can force the installation now here is going to stall and the necks of us over. And Apache Web server as the backend blind in the service exit meals over plus anti virus. And this Pam they have caught. I'm up and pop, please, over my SQL database server and the FDP and saw fallacious backup plug in. And also it is all about that. Uh, you can just go ahead and press why and press enter here, and it is going to ask you for the ad minimal, so make sure you give a general email. My email is Dr Gone presenter. I lost you for a fully qualified to me and name or the host name. Those. Enter your domain name right here. Make sure you don't do any type of mistake here. Make sure you enter your domain name without any Www or STD P Arrested GPS. That's press enter and installation may take up to 15 minutes. So it says that. But you know, it doesn't take 15 minutes. It's gonna be over within. I believe it's gonna be over then. Five minutes depending upon the server size. Basically, though, it is downloading and installing the packages. So first of all, it is downloading. The package is 3% and 20% in. We're going to see how fast it is. It is now 40% done. Okay, 60% done, and any person done and it's almost done. And then it will install all of these packages one by one. Yeah, so here it has downloaded all the packages. Now it is unpacking them, and then it will install all off them. So the installation should not take more than two minutes now. And I'm not going to pause or skip the video, because maybe some error may come and I'll have to explain you guys. So that is why I am sitting here. - Okay ? There's no installing the engine. Expiate be my Edmond around, Cube. Almost done Them dependencies are being installed now, okay? It hasn't stole everything. It is now creating the configuration files. - Okay , Now you're going to see here just a year. It is that this thing denied execution or start, though. This is something off error here. But the good news is that vista automatically souls all the errors. It is saying something fail here, but it will solve this error automatically. So you really don't want to worry about anything now . It is no lording a anti virus database, so it will actually depend on your server. There are some minimum requirement off the and divide us. So basically, if you are using a tool GBM server that will automatically get you guys the download. Now the problem is, we have a very limited time for the lecture. So I'm going toe like, divide the video into two parts. So I'm pausing the video and I'll continue with the next lecture. The next video. You guys tell them Thanks so much for watching. 9. Installing Vesta CP Part 4: Hey, welcome my guys. So I just paused the video because the claim database was taking a lot of time. You know, this was a big anyway rested, obvious. So now we are on the installation back again. Now, if you guys want you can just give this, like, skip the video. But I'm showing all of this because maybe you guys might see it. The instructor, the skip the video And hey, doesn't teaches everything like this for that purpose. I'm showing this and it's it's gonna be our dear this again downloading some kind of data obvious. So the I believe it is the daily update off the claim anti virus database. CVD. So it's not done. And let's see what it is going to do next. It has just downloaded the while processed, if I know. And there are a lot of files, which is it is downloading from the gleam. Okay, that's it is not able to resolve very caressed. Yeah, So the installation just finished. Now, you would say that you can see here we have the access. So let's just add that. And I believe this file contains the excesses. Yeah, it has some thing different for my another lectures. Okay, If you have Gordy access, please save it in. Ah, the application. And that's all Or the installation. You can just go ahead and exit again. You can just, ah laws the terminal right. And you can goto this website So this is a CDP s and then your i p and poor disappeared 083 which is the listening port for Vester. You can go ahead and go toe this I p import. It will say that the connection is insecure again. You can just see your wife because disaster GPS but the server is using its own SSL certificate with is not provided by, like recognized thing. Let's say it is not a let's and great or a comodo certificate. It is a self generated, so you can just go to advance and already security exception in case of fire folks or click on goto unsafe or something like that on the browser you can just take on the browser. It depends I get will be totally different. But here I will add the security exception and I should be in the server. Oh, here is the vast our control panel. Logan. How? The user name is Edmond. And here is the password. So you can change the possible we show you how, Edmund Password. And that's Logan. We are in the Logan Bennell and right here. You You should something like, uh, edit, though in edit, you can just go ahead and, like, install the change The password. Here, here's the possible. You can just go ahead. And okay, let me change the password. Here. I many mail packages Defour system administrator bash. And here in domain name server D four names overs. Please enter your domain name. OK, so these are the domain name service, which I was refering toe your clients will use. And this one door your domain and in the studio your domain. That All right, this is the older password donated by Vester. Let s one and s two, right. Let's click on Save and yeah, that's them. That is how you install wrested control panel. But we have a lot to change to like we have a lot of things here. We need to configure the n s. We need to configure a lot of things which we will do in later lectures, though else you guys still then thank you so much for watching 10. Pointing Domain Name to Server: Hey, welcome back. A one in this lecture reveal configure our domain name to point to our server. Oh, in little videos we already 20 names overs and they have taken into effect You're going to see here they are the dissolution himself Us here So let me just go to drop it. So this is the digital ocean droplets here it is still lording So there this is the droplet which we created Now you will see a more and aero here You want to click on that and you want to click on add a mean we want to add little minto this droplet here we are No, we want toe added him into this droplet. And for that we want toe add your domain in which is or in my case, just click on adult women and it will link the numbing them to this over. Okay, so here you can see it is us trying that there are three Ennis records which are going through digital ocean and there isn't a record which is pointing to the I p and this I be should be this ever i p So that is how you create that And now you can just go to your server through your domain name. Soapy HMC the geordies dot org's and then a colon and 2083 because 20 Sorry, 8083 uh, which is the vest? A control board. 8083 And this presenter. Now it will again saying secure connection because this domain name eyes using the self generated SSL doesn't really matters. We will fix this thing very soon. I will just add the exception here. Okay, we are on the admin Bage Logan. Okay, now we are in the dashboard, and that is how you link your domain name toe the December. But we still need to create a lot off the NHS records. So if you just go to DNS, you will find there are 14 regards. You going to see this? What? In regard now, we also need to create all of these records in the digital ocean panel. So I'll see you guys in the later videos where we will do this thing, but before that, like we will ssl this domain name, which is really important. So and so you guys till then thank you so much for watching 11. Configuring the DNS Recocrds: it will make a one in this lecture. We want toe. Ah, go ahead and set up the Dina servers for a Web server. So let's go to DNS and even see, there are 14 records, so you can list all these records. And you basically need to do this for the main domain name off this ever. Only. So it is not to be done on other domain names, which you will add. And on other things, this is only going to be on the worst domain name again. Now here you will see that. Hold on. Let me just find that thing. Yeah. Here. You will see that in Ennis, you have the wrong domain name. So you want to collect this thing? So just go to edit and get this in edit. You want toe like this thing. So here I will add my domain name. Yeah, that is what you want to do here. Just click on save. Now you want to do hold on is it does not exist. Okay, Sorry. We have not created a record for these. So let's create the records first that we can like we can go ahead and change that. So let's go ahead and create some records. First, we will go toe less here. OK, we can add from here as well. And now here we will create an issue One in an s one we want to type in the I P address off this ever. So I be address off the server is this one. I just go with that here and paste the I P address. If you have multiple I p addresses from the destruction, you can add multiple address in the second and the 3rd 1 I will just add the same I p address here. That is how I ended that now I will create an astute accord as well. And it's too. And the i p address here make sure it is a record. We gonna okay, so record to added record one edit. Now let's go to DNS and added them DNS records. Let's edit them. Let's 16 records here and let's go to last and let's edit these were going to edit them. And here we have two based our Ennis, you will be attempted securities door or go OK, make sure it is your domain name justly conceived it done. Let's go ahead and do this thing for the the last one as well. So here we have list 16 records. And in the last one, Israel, we'll go ahead. And what idea? We will added it. Ennis, one dot hmc securities don't organ and ah, save it as well. Yeah. So that is how you just created these 16 records. 14 1 14 were already created. We added it to be created toe. And let's list all these records. We have these all records here. Now, we also want to create a dynamic record, which will be an Estrich sign. So let's add that also me like, I'll show you how it works. You want to create a s risk, which is the star sign here. Just add that thing. And in the value it will be your what I be can have it on this ever i p Or to be quite honest, you can have it on at the rate as well and you can click on air. Okay. Sorry. The deal. It is not gonna work, so you can basically have you. You have to be a pasty. I'd be only so you also created that record. Let's see all the records now in 17 records. Now, we have created all of these records. Now, we also won't be www record, right? Yeah. So www already exist here, So we don't need that. Yeah, So I believe these were the, uh, 17 records, which we needed. Now there is one thing. Toe added orderliness again. And here, you will see. Added. So just added this domain name. We also want toe added the esco A here. So this board to edit here, you will see s coy. So in this change in tow, your domain name, right? Just tended to your domain name. Click on save. Okay, then just done that. Go ahead and see that, Uh right here. Everything seems fine. And now there is a task which we want to do. You want to list all the records and you want to create all off them in the digital ocean panel as well? You might say what the shit I need to create all of them. But yes, solid set up will be to creating all of them. So just add the estrous in accord. First it's add or lost a monkey we have an issue. One in a steward. God's will be pointing down to the I P. So us Disc one edit. Let's add the for anise records. Also, we want to goto Ada God, only so an issue one which will be in a record. Okay, Right here. Just added, It's taking little time now. Done. And as to as well added over here you have got. And this one is too. We have this domain name, this record. I will click on edit, get the exact values here from here. I will. Yeah. I can not basically Corp it, But I will type it manually. So this is a txt accord. Make sure you see that. Sorry. Yeah, You can copy this value. And the extra court with the record name is this. Oh, go DX dy Yeah, the value will be This is we just cope it here and the horse name will be this one. Male door underscore domain key. This is in my guess. Maybe in your guest it is different, but it should not be physically male. Lord underscore. Go manky ID. I think this be the case here mail dot Underscore domain. Keep Yeah. Recording. Um, yeah. This is this is nothing. This is internal for the Vester. It doesn't doesn't go back. Make sure you have done this. Just click on create get that one. Also added, we have this one. This is also a txt record. Let's go ahead and click on edit. Let's grab the information. So this is the underscored, um in Kiev, it's we It is a part off, even with recreated right here. Let's go ahead and make sure it is a txt record based devalue here. And this is I believe this is domain key. Let me verify Yogendra scored a monkey. But I will. I will go ahead in underscored a minke. Create a record here and just waiting for it already. God created. Let's go back here. What is the back? You know, we have this demarche record. So you want to click on add it. The score. Demark is also a text record. Oh, underscore. D Mark, this ring will be Did I will be This are I'm gonna create record. Okay, lets go back. But we have the added eight record. Which is it? Extra once or let's go ahead and click on edit. Oh, there's also text. It's copy. Well, you Is this This is host which is added. It s click on create record. Let's do it, Little Foster. Hey, we have this one which is then a Mexican court for male. Make sure you create AMX record this time, right? So this is the value are here or put and Mexico Guard okay. And makes how Austin's added by Louis this one and poverty is an Okay, we'll see the party. You can just see idea is done. Go back and on Create here. Now we have to create a map record. I'm app a and pointing to this ever. So this is an IMAP record point with the A record. Okay, this is a really simple this click on a record click on our typing. I'm app. I am Maybe select your server and we can add They must to be done for pope so or pop three . It is GOP. Yes, I did cleared. So we have a pope record, which is the next one. If you want, you can verify it for investor until it is creating. Let's see that it has already done that We have done the Emap and the Pope And now we have SMTP port and the male port SMTP and Mill. But let's get SMTP now Let's clear the meal Make sure these old are a record Tricky We have FTP and Www Now I remember we already created the www toe get the let's ankle process and so we only have to create the FTP here f t b What I be click on this in case you're done And now we have, uh these two records Basically we we don't need to create Okay, these are unnecessary cords for the domain name And if you just go around here we have the same regards for anise records theory in its records for digital ocean though in the digital ocean panel you will have these three in its records and investor panel You will have these two industry course which will be for your server. So this means that your your domain name will point to digital ocean names ever and your clients domain name or like other websites on this same server this server will point so these Dominions So if I want to wear saga mental or come to this several. I will change my name servers to these not on digital ocean ones. Okay, so I will train them to these. Okay, That is how it works. That is how you just configured all the record. So you guys can just go ahead and stop the video and see these old Artie. The court, in my case. Yeah, I don't see them. These are the panel. And, uh, hold on. Here are the digital ocean, so I'll just scroll them. These are all the dissolution ones. So else, you guys in the next lecture. Thank you so much for watching. 12. SSL on Domain Name: it will come make a one in this lecture we get ourselves. The assistance are difficult for this domain, which is very important for that. Please go ahead to your dissolution panel or any other providers panel. Whichever you are easing, it doesn't really matters and create the www record or the server. So in the horse name, it will be Www and here in the field, it should be your I p address. Or you can choose us over and make sure it is a a record here, So not anti uh four is it should be an A record right here. This click on Create a guard and here you will get a record and another record. 1st 1 will be attempted securities or or which is will be your domain name. That can will be www dot in your domain names, so there will be two. And now let's go to the Vester control panel. Let's go toe web here. Rob is the place where you manage all your domain names. Now here you will see the domain name and you want to click on add it, and in edit, you will just CSS a support. You conclude conduct. Now you can paste in your assistant certificate right out here, but if you want, the let's and good precedents are difficult is really simple. You want to click right here, and you just want to click on save If you want your custom. SSL, you can piece that, but to get the certificate from let's encrypt, you can click here and you can just click on Save and Rest. Travel or a mentally generate. Isn't certificate for you guys true? Let's encrypt now. This can take up to five minutes, and it can even lead to an error. Okay, sometimes it takes 2 to 3 minutes, and it shows another. In those cases, you just want to repeat the process. Let's go ahead and click on Save again, and it should go ahead and get you the certificate sometime. It happens, but it is not a really big issue. Now, here you can see changes have been saved, which means that this domain now is secured with let's and great to verify that I'm going to open this domain name in a new tab. Okay, what is didn't mean HMC securities door or cried. Let's goto this domain name and this is basically with the Ph zero these door or powered by Vester. Now here it is known STB version. Let's go to STD PS. We will install a custom and the next template later to get the SSL certificate forced or to force. The SSL will get the template later, but if you want, you can just do it manually. Here you can see there's a green lawn, which means less income certificate is working. You can go out here and you can check verified by Let's and Group, which means the SSL certificate is working fine. There is still a problem. They're the SSL certificates. I e. Thing that it is. If you go to your sever, let me show you guys that thing. You can see that connection is not eager because the panel is not using the certificate off the domain name. So, like, this is not using the domain name certificate. Uh, now if you have no added the exception because we have added exception here, you're going to see exception has been added. So that is why it is showing https. Otherwise, it will say connection is not secure. Now the panel is not secure. So we will go ahead and do a quick fix for this. Now, that will not be official fixed. But I will show you how to fix this kind of thing through terminal. And we will do this thing in next video. So I'll see you guys then. Thank you so much for watching. 13. SSL on Vesta CP: Welcome back, everyone. In this lecture we will get ourselves the SSL on the panel though the Vester control panel , which is the domain name colon 083 which is the Logan panel for rest are is not still secured. Is not using the SSL certificate. We're going to fix this problem. So for this I have created it exploited for you guys which contains the or commands or basically the five commands. And I will explain these commands and you can just download this from the resources. So we needed terminal me open one eso s assets into your server Now, Windows user can use the blind, but we will use the our terminal here. So I am in this over now you can see that the first command is Mm. We now m V is for move. Then we have a location which is like there is a folder user in that there is a folder local. There is a folder in that investor in that there is a folder SSL and there's a file certificate. Dorsey rt So we have this file in this folder which is in this folder which is in this border Images in this folder. We want to move this file in the same folder. You can You can you see here, this is the same location. Okay, We want to move this file in the same folder, but with the name as U N U S A b l e. So which is unusable? Cr unusable cr ocr. Basically, this can be anything. I just named it as unusable cr trt It can be anything. Doesn't really matters. So what we're doing is we are renaming this file. So if I want to rename this file, I will do this like this. Ok, but in the terminal, if we want to rename some file, we moved that file in the same location with a different name. That is how what we're doing here. So you can just copy this. Come on and paste it as it is. Okay. Is this Come on. As it is, press enter here and do the same for the second command in second command. You can see the file name is are difficult dorky. Insert a certificate or CRT, though it is a different file, and we're going to rename it as unusable. E r door key. So here you just breast That thing is Vettel. So just do this Now we're going to link something. OK? What we're going to link is, uh this is an order file. Basically I created this in the previous version off the scores. Now here in deterred command to see here we have SSL door listing SSL or taxable. Don't see if Nortek severed RTF was the nominee which I used when I was making this course earlier. But this is the remake off the course. Just remove this tax overhaul CF and tended to your own nominee. Okay Like that. Now I did a mistake. Here it is. Be it EMC securities door Or now make sure double check this thing. No, this is a certificate which we have generated from Vester Control Panel through Let's encrypt for the domain name. He attempted securities daughter. So remember, in the last lecture region readily domain name for this. So this is the same certificate. Now we're going to linger certificate with this oil. So master control panel started certificate in certificate or CRT. We will link this or difficult or CRT with our domain names are difficult. So you can just go pay this whole command. It's a whole big command here. Copy and paste this thing right out here. Just based it and press enter. OK, do this thing for the next command as well. Now, on X Command is for the certificate G. So make sure you change the domain name right here. Attacks over dark CF balls. My order mean Okay. Make sure you change the the main name. Hopefully this thing and based it here as well and just press enter. Now hold on. We just need to restart. Divest a control panel. So for that, you can just type in service. Best early start. So we want to restart, divest a control panel services and just paste it and press enter and it'll show you the terminal back. So if it doesn't give any error, which means that yeah, it is successful and you have just install essence air difficult on the panel as well. Let's go into a private together these dot or all on a jury three. That's presenter. And you will see that there will be no security exception this time. So if I go right here, you can see secure connection. And it is also verified by Let's Encrypt, which means that this is not a security exception. To prove that concept, you can just see the old tap. It is like I didn't really fresh did you can see it is no security is ah, security Conception exception. If I just refresh this page. Hold on, hold on, hold on. I believe I clicked somewhere else. Let me move there manually, though. If I just go ahead and refresh the tab here, you can see that this say can access secure and even very hard by. Let's encrypt. So that is my phone ringing out there. And that is how we just installed the essence air difficult on the panel. And we have already installed lessons are difficult on the domain name. Now there are a lot of things to configure as well. So I'll see you guys in the next lecture. Thank you so much for watching 14. Nginx Force HTTPS Template: it will make you want. In this lecture we will stall a custom and in x template to force SSL certificate. OK, so now if you just goto be attempting securities daughter which is my server, right? And if I just let's say I opened the familiar it makes you realize so it is using a city B s. But if I want to go on SCTV worsen, it is also taking me to the yesterday diversion. So maybe your clients or maybe anyone needs to force the SSL So like this is a sensitive time because Web mail like if it is known as T b s, then it can lead to some problems. Or maybe you want toe and force SSL certificate now to enforces. You can even create Oresteia access file and you can even just use some plug ins. Let's say in a WordPress there is the force ssl lugging here there. But there are chances that you might need to do it through server so have to do that. We will go to the Stasi p dot com and make sure to check the worse in here. In my case at this time, the current version in the latest one, A 0.9 point eight. Okay, this is diversion and you can award the rest. So 0.9 point, it is the latest one. In my case, it can. It doesn't matter, silly, but just make sure you know the version. Now you want to go documentation and there you can you can just see there should be something like how to force extra DPS. Here it is. Look on this and it'll show you d commands. So here, you need to make sure that diversion you are using investors seem so it is 0.9 point it. That is correct. So now we want to run all these commands one by one. But before that, let me explain you guys where these means those cities for, like, CD. And this This is this for changing the directory. So there is a folder user in that there is a folder local in that there's off world Investor in that there's a foreigner data and in that templates, and in that there will be a folder called as a web. Okay, so these are folder and folder. So this is the final location we want to go and will use the CD command Togo in this location. Second thing is w get so the blue get will download a file now from here this is the U. N L. The book it will use. Let me show you guys, if you just go to this, you are. It will be like it'll started Download off file so you can just see it is downloading a file. So w gets are saving the file. The Louisville download the files in this folder, then star is to un zip this file. So this is a daughter door DZ file, which is a compressed file, though vivid. Reveal our unzip this pile using the target little hair. And then, after unzipping the file, we will remove this file the zip file. So this is a completely optional step. But maybe you want to, uh, like, remove that file to just save space on business. I don't know. It really doesn't make a lot different. Let's do this thing. Let's go ahead. Now here I am logged in in my server. Let's go ahead and copy paste all these commands. The first of all, we moved to this directory. Now, let's don't Lord this zip file. And before that, let me clear this screen and will be sure you wise if I want to see. So these are the four lawyers in this directory. So in this directory, we have these folders. There is a folder called and the next. So in this, we will have any next template. So I'm just going to clear this screen and let's just paste this command and press enter. So now we just downloaded that file in this web directory. Now, let's under that file. So let's go with this man and this basted right here. Done. We have God who files in the engine exporter. So it opened the ending exploder, And in the next boulder, it extracted this file, and then it expected this file. And now let's delete that file. Are these the file between downloaded to extract? So here be deleted that file as well. So that's all for the terminal. And now we want to move to our panel. So let's move on to our panel. Well, we have the panel here, Edmund, and here to be just, uh, logged in in our server, so here. I am not. We want to new buildings. We want to create a package. So in the default back, its we want to go to add it. And in default packets, we want toe select the end in X template, which is the proxy template. And then we have in the next we want pretended to force Sud Bs. Okay, so that's all and just the save button. And now you have configured the package. So whoever is assigned the default package will have access to this end in X template now for forcing the STD PS on particular domains. Where you can do is you just want to go to the web and you want to manage your no means. So let's say in the lab I have be attempted securities door or as a domain on the server. I will go to edit, and I will elect the force https proxy template in this domain. So here you will find the force Sud Bs template. So hold on for a second it this proxy template and the next. So here you can just use force https and click on safe, and this domain will now use force Sud ps. So SSL certificate will automatically be enforced on this our domain name, that is Oh, let me open a private and let's visit that same web mail Interferes now to show you guys I'll use STD P here. You can just see out there and now I will press enter I just breast enter and you can see it has automatically changed to STD p s. Do this again. Remove the s here and I will go on the domain and again it will change my actually be to a CBS. So it is forcing that you show this thing on me. My head means let me do that. We'll be at my admin. I will go to actually be worse than l trained me to actually be s You're going to see a CD Bs automatically enforced and just to go on the dome in him, the plea sed be domain name. So using the S a T B version, it would automatically did ask me to a CBS version again the CST GPS version. So that is how you enforce the SSL certificate for some domains. You can just go to a web and you can choose your domain name enable the proxy template as sgps here. That was all about this lecture. And I'll see you in the next lecture. Thank you so much for watching. 15. All About DataBases: Welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, we will talk about the database. So database is also very simple. You have the DB users one click out there? Yeah, Hold on. Yeah, and there will be a default database. If you want, you can delete it. It is. I don't know why this created there Doesn't know these in for it. But if you want, you can lead it. But you know, if I was in your place, I will just leave it as it is like it doesn't really matter for me. I will just leave it as it is. Then you can discreet new database from here, just like on added obvious. And you can name it anything now. Admin will be used as the prefix because you are logged in as admin account for your customers. Your customer. Your name will be used. So let's create a men dead and I will create a user here. So password I will enter a password here. Hold on. I just keep knowing you guys random passwords so you can just choose the type. Now we have all like we have only stole my SQL. But if you want to install uh, other other data bees ending systems. Let me show you ways. There's best RCP dot com Oh, here. You guys can see Vest us Aboards. Where is it? Yeah. So Vester even support the Oscar USGS SQL So sorry for the the pronunciation off this It also supports this one. If you want, you can also install it and tu installer. You can see it from the documentation here There are some commands. You just need to pace them out now Host will be local host. If you want to send the credentials you can send, I will not. And that is how you added the love. It's so if you just go databases, it is it. You will see a database with the user name this one. Now get the PHP My admin access. You have this one right here PSP, my Hedman Or you can directly go to your no means last PHP my admin. Oh, I will go ahead and go to STD B s version. So this is the sick. Your version? Now you can add it like add your is your name here and your passport here. And you are in the bsb. My Edmund with the database right here. You can basically create more databases from here only, but you can get them from here as well. So that was all about the databases. I'll see you guys in the next lecture. Thank you so much for watching. 16. All about Emails: it will come back a one in this lecture. I will talk about Theo. The emails. Right here. You have the meal. You can just click on that and you will see that there are zero accounts. So to add a email account, you can just click on add account. And here you can add any accounts. Let's say soccer added be a times a securities door. Dork, You can just add a password. Here, let me generate a random one. Oh, no, I will not be able to remember. Hurry. I would not be able to remember this long password. Let me I my own bathroom here I now we have advanced option in. Click on that. You can fix the size off this email. So you have the milk or tops. Let's say you are 200 MB here. So if the emails go ahead of and above this 200 MB, the male will not work. You have the allies, so you can basically create like Adam in here, and you can create a lot off them. Let's say the, uh the in for and like this, you will be able to manage all of these around with a single one. So this is not a good idea, but you can create allies is from here. Okay, Forward to. So if you want to forward all the emails, let's say I want to forward All the emails are coming on this email toe my personal email. I can do that from here. You can do that if you want, and you can click on Do not store forwarded emails. So if it is just a forwarding a Millikan, click on that and you can send the logon credentials. Which is this Logan possible and all to an email. Let's say you are making account for your team members. You can make their accounts from here and at their personal email address here, it will send them an email or dairy Millican. So that is all you can just click on, add and you will see mail account has been cleared to successfully. Now I will again go to mill here. Yeah. Now you will see there is one account. I went like analyst one account to see the details. You can just go ahead and click on edit and OK, V fixed the email. Gorda here now you will see there are the possible not be occurring here There are the IMAP are details If you want toe connect toe I'm airports. The security is this one. We have the SMT people. So SMTP horse name is be attempts to guard this door or and we have a 70 be poured here Security Methodist this one passport and you even have developed milieu adults. So if you want toe use the treadmill you can go to your domain names Last web mail which will set forward take you to the ground cube mail system so you can just see that right out here. Now it is Connection is no Tick your butt like you know it is 200% secure because it is like it is. Hold on. You can just go to STD PS version toe get the secure one, OK? Because we have implemented the security s so we can go out there now you can logon here. So to logging you need to enter your full email address and your full possible also basically passers will be full. Am I saying now? This is the standard round Guild meal system. You already must know this is the standard mail system for almost everyone. So you can just go ahead and check this out. If you want, I'll just go ahead and look out. So that was all for the email. And I'll say the next lecture where we will talk about DDR abuses in the next week. Okay, so I'll see you then. Thank you so much for watching. 17. All about FTP and SFTP: Hey, welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, we will talk about F B, P and S F B P or the vested control panel. So you need to goto web and you want to create the FTP account for your master control panel? Yeah, it's move in again. I don't remember, But it is. Let's go toe web, and then you will see your Dominion. So you want to click on edit out there in edit, You will get your well done. You will get your additional f T B so you can create after being gone from here. You want a week on additional F T B and you want to give it a name? Okay, so I will create Asia name FTP soccer Like for Edmund Soccer? Yeah, give it a passport and for their part, So you can basically give it a part if you want, or you can leave it blank. To get the the fourth access, I will get default access. You can click like if you want. You can, Adam. What have to be. But I will save it now. That is how you decided the FTP account. There is a file manager plug in with best recipe, which I will be talking about later. So I will even show you how to get it for free. Because West is an open source platform and we can exploit it. So I will show you how to get it for free. But it is really cheap. I believe it is total experiments. So if you want to support the team, you can purchase it. But still, for the educational purposes, I will show you how to get it for free. Now I am here in the file. They love it is a open source file transfer lined in the Horst. You want to enter your domain name? This should be the host in these air name. It will be. These name is you created for the account and password will be your passport. Believe it's correct This click on connect and you can to see if the password if you want. And here you will see if it is able to connect. It will show you the directory listing. Right now. This is an F B B. Okay. This is a file transfer protocol. Not a sick like not a secure FTP. There's no only sftp There's a simple FTP and passwords in FTP go in plain text So this is one dribble. And like a Lord off Web host will not tell you that after B is one dribble and you should know use FTP And here is the public folder. Okay, let's go to public HTML. It's taking a little time and the interface might be different depending upon their. And here's the next Lord estimates file. So you you will find your files in this folder. The FTP is no secure. Now let's move on to S f p p or that I will disconnect the connection here and I don't even I don't know how to disconnect the connection because I really don't use this ftp possibly go ahead and exit will open the if the big line once more zilla there is some something wrong. Maybe my my filed allies not working fine actually, Uh, well, I will go ahead and connect So what s f p b? It's really simple. You have the same thing now in user name, you will enter your user name which you use more assess it so we will add a route here and in the past where you will enter your account password okay? And poured even under 22 here. So this is the s s export. And if you click on quick connect, it's your connect you on the S F B B protocol. You can This verified our thing sftp and I don't hear So it is trying to connect you on sftp now. Actually, it is not connecting me out here. I am not. You're right. It's not connecting me, but on a lot of it is you can you can use your I'd be addressed in this sftp protocol. So like, I want to show you guys. Maybe the domain name is not working. Fine. So here is the sort of what I be. I will use the I p address in this sftp and this ever happy Let's try to connect on this one. Okay. Sorry for don't you do? Am I in charge is not connected. And that's why the problem was there. I was thinking that why it's not connecting up. I just guard my wife. I disabled Let me enable that again and we will try toe connect onto this Ever so in ftp it was working in case of sftp. It's north because the the Internet is not working here or e v will look. And so there you want to click Import 22 Anyone toe click on quick and act. Yeah, it will. Don't ask you for the key extent you're going to see here Host the extent and you can add the ski to your machine if you want, and you can click on OK, and now the connection will go through. The sftp vich is 200% secure. No, there it is. Driving the directory listing and yet about to connect. Okay, now we are in the root directory off the the monster. So you can this go right here on the the road from here can go out from I'm trying to go back from here like go back here. But this is the root directory and you're your website. Should be. I believe they should be there any user or they should be in a bar. You might want to check that out. Were hardly lister. This seems to be the end. The next one on you should have that in. I'm not sure where your files are. But like you can check that they should be either in local or some some fuller in that. So this is the sftp. And that is how you do the sftp. Now, I'm trying to do that. And I'm just not getting the correct folder here, David. It should be any user. Maybe so in user it can be. Believe it there, any local or maybe here one of them. It is not in here. It is in local. So let's go to local. Here you have Esther, Do you have a folder? And here are the basically These are the files off your the That is how you excess the, uh That is how you access these things. The sftp more do. Now you can just go ahead and play around with the part. I'm not sure about Dave upside part off the investor. You know I hate don't use vester a lot and it's been a long time, but you can just go ahead and search for the part of Esther and you will get the website parts as well. So that was all about ftp, NSF pp. You can do this through files a lot like this and you can even go ahead and install the file manager plug in, which will do in the next lecture. So that will be a really great one. So we'll do this thing in the next lecture. Thanks so much for watching. 18. Free File Manager on Vesta: well, to make a one in this lecture, we will talk about the file manager. So you know, you can just go to the ccp dot com slash There should be something like manager. I'm not sure about the link, so let's go ahead and 85. Manager, here is the vest OCP. In the pricing, you will see that restless. It is free, but there is a plug in the manager. What is it? Yeah, we have the file manager, which is $3 permanent or $50 lifetime. This is not a big amount. I just think about this. This whole platform, this whole panel is free off course, and they're saving you a lot of time on figuring the servers so you can basically pay for this month. But maybe you want to do this for educational purposes. Maybe you will be ready to pay for the file manager later. And so for all of you guys, after I did the like a mattered, you can get this file manager for free by exploiting the framework because this is an open source framework. I went to the documentation and go to know that you can get it for free, But I would strongly recommend purchasing it or $50 for a lifetime. And it's not a big deal. You can get that. Okay, But let's just go ahead and get that for free. Just for the educational purposes. So you want to go to server? Yeah. I don't know why it is looking me out again and again. Maybe I'm using a VPN connection now. And that is why I pieced ending from time to time is logging me again. Okay, You want to goto server? And then here you will see this gear. I can You can click out here, then in this gear I can You can basically set up your server time zone if you want. So let me do that. Uh, who issue is that? Yeah, all got off my time zone here. Uh, here you will find. First of all, let me say it. You'll find the vester commercial plug ins. You can click on this and you will see that you will have file manager. And here you want to click on? Yes. Okay. And you want to enter anything here? Let's add anything and we gon save now It will say that the key is wrong. Obviously the key is wrong. But that is what we want. We want the other to be generated. Okay, add are has beens uninjured, that's all. No, we will go ahead and exploited. So I will provide you guys with the command. Here. He makes it. You will find documents in the resources. Now we want toe added the configuration file of Esther. So this is the configuration file. We'll beat up. As I said into your over. That's s decision to be server here. Okay, I am in my cell for now. Let me clear this screen and we will use a text. I did. According Nano Nano is the easiest one to learn. So that is why I am going to use that nano space based that file address presenter. And the file will be in front off you. So just press the arrow keys to navigate. So let's move down. And when he will move down, you even see that there's some There will be something called file manager key. Now do that better that he should be here. But I don't see that Kino. So, like, I will be adding that man, will you? OK, so I'm not able to see that key. And I will be adding that manually if it is a case with you. Also, this added I'll then you have under school manager and he then you have equal design, then boards and Goard's who guards here and here. You can enter anything are will enter free. Okay. The courts are at the wrong place. That's the course. Are trying me them all right. My connection is a little weak and also, um, using a VPN server. So yeah, that is what I just added. So I added this line here file manager E Now, I believe this can be wrong, so let me the stake here, OK? So actually, I made this command as well. So here I can see that the underscore will be after the file manager. No, the file going to show you guys how to do that. Just so this file Manager key and after artist Aryan the score. Okay, this should look like this. Exactly This line this address line press control x or come our next in case of Mac. And that's why here and press enter. Okay, that's all. Just go ahead and run that command again to make sure that you have Gordy tinges. I just want that command again. I will move down to ensure that the I'll is there. Oh, my connection is not working Fine. I'm even using a VPN connection over the Aceh said So it is going at least law, but I'm quite sure it has taken effect. You're going to see the file. The command exist here. So I will press control x again and it will not ask me because I have not made any changes . It don't ask me any question. That is how you add the e here. Now you also want to make it permanent so the stains will get like it will lose its effect in. I believe it will lose it This effect in Cuellar's We want to make it permanent. A real use Cron job will create a Cron job. And for that you can type in grown tap dash e this press enter and it'll ask you to select a detail if you're using it first time. So let's use the nano again. And like it also says it is the easiest. So that's all this press to here dissenter and in lord, you with the file which is obviously blank at this time, begin to see all of these are demented. Also, these are hashes basically. So you get this move. Do the last line here and you can cooperate. This command just go, Pete. As it is, these two alliance, this is only one. Just go bid this basted. What it will do is it will add that file underscore file manager underscore t is a call to free. It'll add that Camara again and again every day. I believe it is in 59 minutes. I think so. So it'll just run this command again and again for you guys so you don't need to do it manually. No breast control X here and the same May press Brian Presenter. Well, I believe I breast enter. Yes. So that is how you install the new grown tab as well. Now you can just go ahead and look out with your panel lower from your panel and log in again and you will see that there will be defiled manager installed for free. You can log in again and you will see that there should be the file manager. And you know, I would again and again Say that please go ahead and see those $50 get it for Lifetime and support the vista. Cpt Maysville. This is only for the education purposes. If you want to try that File manager here is the file manager. You can click here now. This is a really clean file manager. You can just see right here. You can this photo lab if you want. And like you are seeing all these because you are Edmund, the person will only see this were fuller, which will have his no means. If your client do something like that, you're going to see your dummy in his hair and you can click on this one. You can see all of the files for this demand. Public estimate is here and there are two felt. That is how the file manager can be configured for free. But I again say police aboard the best RCB team. After all, they are doing this fabulous job. And thanks so much for watching 19. All About Clients: Welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, we will talk about declines. So it's all about declines. Now it's all about business. Let's go ahead and create a package. So let's say you want to start your own re posting company. You will be selling packages, right? So there can be the platinum package. They can be the gold packet, silver packet. So that is all you do in the packages. So you can just go ahead and click on add packet here and adding the Beckett is Poland. Yeah, here again, this name, the Beckett. So I will add it for the clients. That's why I just add one package only now the template will be the Apache template. I will just leave it as a default one and the proxy template, which is the end. The next. I can basically go ahead and configure it on default. Or I can do it on force. Scdp s depending upon if I need my clients to have the force SSL certificate or noise and started. But I will just go ahead and leave it on default. Maybe my clients will not want to parties and SSL or may not want the free. Let's SSL so I'll just leave it right there. Now you can just leave the DNs template as it is. You have ssh access. If you want to give your client s that access, you can configure that from here. You can do that here on bash or dash or depending upon the the type you want to give them. Is it access to the server? But I don't think that will be a great a great thing to do. Oh, you get this, especially if I the like. If you want the unlimited hosting if you're selling unlimited hosting and click on here and it will provide them unlimited domain names, But I don't think that's a really good idea. I will provide them. Let's celebrate them three domain names on this whole thing and rebel rises. So let's say I will even provide them six verbalize, which is, for example, w w okay, the spur domain. So I'll write them to have allies. Let's say www and a suitably two or maybe something like that in the domain name. Then we have the Deena's domain. So ah, for the DNs domain, I will go ahead and let's say I will get hold on. This was robbed. Women for the DNS domain. I will go ahead. Let's see. I provide them unlimited and records DNS records as well. I will let say provide them unlimited. So it really doesn't makes ah lot a lot different. What I get actually limit giddiness domains as well toe the Web domain. But the DNS records can be limited, so I will do it three as well and records with their limited, then the male domain. Also, they will be able to handle the males off the three domains. Only now you might say that why we are being asked these things again and again. Let's say someone wants to buy ever boasting you can get developed. Um, in No one wants to buy a Deanna's hosting. Let's say he has a domain name. He wants to appoint acting toe some other hosting. He just want a DNS panel to manage giddiness. He can get the D instrument. Someone only wants the emails. Let's say he has a domain name. He only wants to use the email so he can have the like the male domain. So these are all the features you can like enable or disable and email account for domain. That's a real at nine email account for Dominion. The obvious is I will allow them six databases eso for each domain. They can have two AWS Cron jobs. These like. I don't think you should provide them grown jobs, but you can add it for maximum off. Then Grandal's are not to be given to the clients. Basically, you can, but give them he limited ones. Backups. So how many backups can they have? Let's say we will give them three backups and the guys. So, like, how much hardest pace will they have with the file system size? Let's give them for Jimmy. So 4096 MB bandwidth. So you can even specify the bandwidth here. Let's again give them, you know, like, let's give them something like four. The United States, you know, which would be around around 40 db here. And the name servers will be our domain name servers. So, like, the client will change their names arrest this month and a stewed or Pete Seeger, this daughter. All right, Now you can just click on add. Yeah, I just lived on out here, though it says back its client has been created successfully. So now I can sell this package to my client. Let's say I sold this package to my clients. Okay, Now you can basically go ahead and, like, configure the W HMCS, which will automatically handle everything for you and the blue. HMCS More duel is also available on the Vester control panel side. But let's say you have a very limited client base and you do this thing manually. That's they want to addict line. I will do that. You can just go to users and you can create a client here, argues there and in the user name, you can add the user name. Let's say the client user name is other, right? Let's say his email address here. The first email addresses He's not. Send me any kind off emails on this one. This is my business. Email our package. I will give them the clients package here can be declined. Name you. Can you and them the credentials you can use. The language Master control panel comes in. I believe it comes in almost a lot of languages now. That's how you create the client again. That is how you create clients. You can mark them is a star. If they are important one or do you want to pin them? And as an administrator, you can go ahead and Logan as this person's you can just go ahead and Logan as this. This is what they blind will see. Let's go toe the line now I'm logged in this other. Yeah, you can see this client has a limit. Abdomens three. Deanna's No Man's three Mierlo Mystery databases. Six. Rondo up. Stand back up. A swell three packet has been this one s assist. Access is no access. Names and words are these, So you can see there are a lot off limits. And these are the bandwidth. How much he has consumed and the disc, how much he is used the disk image. And in November, he can only use three emails so he can even add a domain name. And let's say he added army name. Let me add a demo. Mean them here? Yeah, the I p address will with this only because we only have an I p address. Dina support meal support. Let's add it. The decline added his domain name. Now he will go ahead and let's say he has this domain name in Gordy. So he will goto order the account. He will change the domain name server toe our domain. And that's where not artemisinin. A student Artemis, in our premium premium DNS servers. Then you will automatically get the name records configure. You're going to see 14 records, have bean automatically configured for him. And these all have been automatically configured. You don't need toe worry about them. You don't need to change them. Okay? Now the thing is, if he go to file manager here, you will not be able to see anything else. But in Web, he will only see his domain begin this year. He will only see his domain, which he manages so he cannot see other than me. That people. That was the point. I was feeling toe clear here. And that is all about this business. Go ahead and get in this business. Now. I want to look out here opening his user. I won't blow out here. And Logan has the Edmund just looked out. I am loved in this admin here. So if I goto my final manager, and if you remember, he was not able to see the fireball logs and graphs. And I is We cannot see a lot like the client cannot see all of these. So if I go to a web here, I can't manage my domain here. That is how it works. If you want to manage the clients domain name, you can basically go ahead. And Logan, as declined. And you can even do that from this file manager. But you will have to go back and forth a lot and go to the client user name. So that's not really messy work. You can just go ahead and Logan as the client. And you can work with that if you want to suspend, declined again, suspend out here doing here. And the leading the client as so that was all. And here you will see there is this month. So these are the keyboard shortcuts. If you want in, click and see them here. And there is also this one. Okay, we just just move up. Paddles rings me up again. This was not a feature in the last Russian. A lot has changed with the vest a and it'll keep on changing. And that was all about this business. And you guys, thank you so much for watching. 20. Email Server Issues and Fixes: Hey, welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, I'll talk about the email issues. I guess this is possible that you are not able to receive emails and you are also not able to send emails. If you are not able to receive emails, these a month are a quick fix. So you want to run all these commands and 60 permissions off these certificates? So you are you like you guys wanna go ahead and run all these commands one by one and everything should be fine after that. Okay. How? My connection is in order working fine head. I don't know why it's North is thing Two things up. Let me try it mentally you are working. Ah, I believe connection has been broken. Let me do it once again. Okay, s assessing in the server and I am in the server. So you just want toe based all these commands one by one and everything should be fine. And you should be able to receive emails from outside parties. Okay, so again, this base them on my one and breast enter. So we are basically changing the permissions and changing the group for these two files which are the Isis is her difficult files. And like if you are not facing any problems, still just go ahead and place these commands Addition, This will not cause any harm does over. But it will ensure that this is not the route off the permissions are, nor the route off the problems. So is this one this protest or enters with these commands and you should be able to receive emails now coming to the second problem if you're not able to send emails or like if your emails are going to spam, If your emails are going to spam, most probably either your eyepiece blacklisted. So you want to contact Gordy? Sorry, this is the destruction. So you want to contact the dissolution support like if you're I be blacklisted or not? Other thing is that if you're not able to send emails like, if your emails are going to spam, either you're using a free domain name or your I PS blacklisted. So distract that thing out. If you are not able to send emails, emails are not at all going from your server. Then it means that the digital ocean has a limitation on the account and you want to remove that or that you want totally gone support here and you want to open and ticket. And what do you want to write? Please unblock my s MDP though you can give them this course link make sure you like you need to convince them that you are general person. Otherwise people will start doing spamming so they will not open your SMTP until your account this one month old but still you can give a try and you can open a support ticket here. Okay. Ah, here. It should be like you can just go with your account. And in this usually Ah, so you conduct support here and it will ask it with like it'll pop up with a what? It is a problem with a support ticket message there. And you can submit your support ticket. You want to give them this them the course link it is. It will be related to your we'll be ready to her account basically, because the limitation is on your account. Then you will. Then it should be other. Okay? Subject should be be locog my s MDP right? Then you want to what it is it is. Ah, like it doesn't let it go. The I p uh Here you can enter your I p address. And in this message you want to say that I am doing the scores on Give them the course link on The instructor has told me toe submit the support ticket because my SMTP is blocked. Please unlock it. And I promise I will not do any guy. No spam work as an instructor has already mentioned to me So please unblock my SMT people And if they like are convinced by your account if they think you are a general person Dave Ill and locate SMTP Otherwise the normal procedure is 28 days off account so your account should be 28 days old and then your SMTP will be unblocked. And still, if you are not able to do that like this send me this thing in the questions I will try it from my end from my personal email. So like they will listen to me. And that was all about the email problems on DSI You guys thank you so much for watching 21. Quick Orientation: Welcome back, everyone. In this lecture, I will talk about the rest of the component off the West. A control panel. So best eyes a really clean panel. And we will talk about all of the other components at me, Logan. But this is just a like it's a really small walkover with devastating troll panel. This is only for those who already know how to manage a server from were like, If you want to create new packages for the server like, we will even have a even having more do on packages How to create a package. How does sign a package to a customer and how to go ahead And like the customer feels in your panel Now we have the i p here. It seems to be like, which means the i p address off the server. If you want to add a multiple I p addresses, you can add i p addresses from here. Of course you will have to buy them. Then we have the graphs which contains all your server lord and several drops. Now you can to see that my server lord, this only this much. It's really, really, really low in the see it It is our duty bm server and still the graph is very low And here you have the memory uses you can to see that the UTV lamb is not a lot sufficient for the server. So you can see it is almost full here, right? We have the bandwidth, so it listened matters And these are the engine excuse age and the exam uses. And also this is the mail server using my SQL. Use it. Be FTP use it as it says. Use it and the other grass. If you want, you can just see them on a weekly monthly and yearly basis. No. Then you have the statistics in the statistics. It's currently blank at this time because, like we don't have other accounts for other users. But if you add them, you will see some 36 Here, let me have the logs. So looks contains everything that you do on this ever. You're going to see the added FTP account. It has been logged. We created a database. It has been logged. So they changed the package admin package to the fall. It has been load. Everything has been logged right here and you have the updates, so you can just check for the updates from here. If there is any of it, it will show here and you can anyone or disabled the auto objects from here? You can appear DPH be and all versions and and the next version and all from here, So it'll show you the updates. Then you have the firewall settings. So if you want to do some settings if you want to open port if you want to close some boards, you can do that from fireball right here. No, these are only like you're going to see here This for 20 roses for ESA said the report is board 80 and four for three, operating for actually DP or for for three years for actual DBS. So it has Bean, like clearly mentioned is the FB before this for D. N A sport and you have different ports, you can enable or disable them. If you want to create some firewall rules, you can create the rules from here. Then you have the file manager, of course, which we have discussed. Then there is the ABS, which is the the auto installer, which was not a feature in the last update off this course, but the vest a control panel team just partnered with this one. And now we have a lot off, uh, the autumn installing files here. So this is now a full fledged developed Anil. This is a really great ban. Allow. Let me go back then. You have the server which contains basically all off your servant and figure ations. You can just go out there and here is your horse name and you have these services. So if I want to stop the Apaches over, I can stop that from here. I can configure that from here Samos for and the next year, which is acting as a reverse proxy in this case, I can configure the Indian X. I can stop the Indy. Next, you have the exit for the airport and other services. So you can stop and run these services from here and configure the services as well. Then the gear I can we have already discussed later. I believe in the gate. I can We have different services such as you can enable or disable the more jewels you have the time zone. You have the default language. You have these, like the mail server, The address of a Gmail address. If you want to change the u. N. Off milieu contain that BSP. You well can be a spree mired Milk annual can be changed. You have the default password and Logan and you have the backup. So if you want the backups, you can create the backups and, well, you have all of those things right out here. So that was all about the upper ottobar. Now coming to the Lord or Body you have the user user is the personal profile off the the user. So it is like in my guest, the user is me and, you know, show it'll show all the users basically in the user so adamant, can see all the users we arrest the customer or the client can only manage their profile from here. Then we have the Web. Web is for managing your domain names. So if you want to add a But if you want to add a domain name, you can do that from them from here, and you can limit the Web for the clients. You can see that in the client's mint is meant a model of the course. And here, if you want to add a sub domain, you can just go ahead and add that as a like If I want wanted to add a supplement, let's a demo door, theater, music or distort or I will create a simple domain name. I will add it to me. And then we did a model, which is a good Iran or and that will add a simple abdomen as it's up to me. Okay, then you have the DNS. So if you want to create and manage or Deanna servers again, just manage your DNS records from here. You can create, remove or add records. So this is this worthy and want users, then the mail we have already covered for managing all your email accounts and other things . You can just do that for a male. Then we have the DB for the databases. Then we have grown for the growing jobs so you can disable the grown ups for the clients. But you can manage all the grownups here. Now. You might even see that there is a lesson Good, let's and good SSL grown job, which will automatically. They knew your SSL certificate automatically, So you really don't need to worry about the SSL. And last but not least, we have the backups, so you can just go ahead and should do well. Auto backups and vestibule just create backups for your users so you can just go ahead and click on create backup and will create a backup for you right up here, which can be restored any time. That's all the for the vista are like orientation. This was quick orientation. Now, if you have any doubt, you can just start asking questions in the courts, that's all. Thank you so much water. 22. An Important Question: welcome. Make a one. And now this is, Ah, little question that I would like to answer in this lecture, though there's completely optionally. Then just skip this one now, guys. Most of the students personally asked me that wide best are is using Apache and nd next together. And what is the role off? It's over. So guys in the set up the ending explosive practice ever any next is working as a static server. So let's say you have images you have Ah, CSS and you have esteem ill. So all of that thing is delivered and processed by nd next year. Okay, And then we have Apache. So the yet to be work and the processing work is taken by a petty. So in this, like this is a very solid set up with any next plus Apache, though, and the Knicks provide a lot of speed, and Apache provides a lot of durability in processing, so this makes it a lot more Lord effective. And if you just go to the graphs here, you can just see that the memory use it is like I am on a TV server, and the memory uses you can see here it's 9 31 and be being used, and we have a 35 MB off RAM being free. So this means that I believe that I can host 10 of websites on this server serving, maybe serving millions off users or day. No, that's powerful. This set up is okay and you can see the NT next users in the past to use it here. You can see the usage is really low. So any excuses? Maybe it's ah ah high at some points, but it is perfectly working fine set up. And this one is a very cost effective and a lower effective set up. If you even go to Avesta cp dot com, you will notice that the have some reports, which they say is that holder for us again hit this Ah, 512 megabytes bps having only 512 which is 1/4 off. My server can handle 8000 visitors per day, right, and like you have a performance review is going Oh, look at that. You can look at that and it's a really great panel. It's a really it's really great set up here, and even you have the install. So let's say you don't need a better. Okay, you can go ahead and do this. Ed wants installed, in which you can choose your server. So if you want only better, you can choose only a patty here. If you want the seller, begin this use only any next if you want the combination, which is this one. So if you don't want a web server, you can use that thing here and you don't want an FTP server you don't like. You don't want Adina Silver. And let's say you only want a mail server. You can set up a meal server from this as well. So these are some customization is possible. And let's say you just let me enter something random here, okay? Right. And if you just go concentrate command, it will generate commands for you, and you can use these commands. These 1st 2 are saying the everyone has bean changed so you can use these commands to get your custom set up. So this was all about the master control panel and the Web servers. So I would say that go with an explicit patty. This is the most durable and the best server set up possible. So that was all in this lecture and see you guys. Thank you so much.