Next Level PaperCraft : Intro to Finger Quilling - Paper Feather | Ashley Chiang | Skillshare

Next Level PaperCraft : Intro to Finger Quilling - Paper Feather

Ashley Chiang, Artist/Color Enthusiast. Paper is my Purpose.

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. What is Finger Quilling? Feather Project Overview

    • 2. Paper Selection and Cutting Your Strips

    • 3. Gluing : Two Options

    • 4. Technique 1: Folding

    • 5. Technique 2: Shaping / Curling

    • 6. Technique 3: Coiling Without Tools

    • 7. Finger Quilling From Here


About This Class


Create a surprisingly intricate paper feather using three simple shapes you’ll learn in this class. You’ll learn how to fold, curl and coil thin paper strips completely by hand. Using the traditional style of Paper Quilling in an unconventional way, you’ll learn how to begin this unique art using only craft supplies you have on hand - No tools needed! I’ll walk you through the same steps I took years ago when I first stumbled on paper quilling and fell in love.

This is an introductory class in Finger Quilling so the only things you’ll need for this class are paper strips and glue!





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Ashley Chiang

Artist/Color Enthusiast. Paper is my Purpose.


*one-hand finger-waves*

I'm Ashley,

D.C. area paper graphics artist still completely astonished that people buy these paper thingies I make. Pink is my fave although I'm becoming partial to this cosmic combination of purple and Caribbean blue I've been working with lately.

You can find more of my work at or witness the colorful tornado that is the behind-the-scenes of PaperLiberated on Instagram.

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