Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation - Physics - Gravity Course, Class 2

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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4 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction - Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation

    • 2. Discovering the Universal Law of Gravitation

    • 3. Training Exercises 1 and 2

    • 4. Training Exercises 3 and 4


About This Class

Let's explore Newton’s Universal Law of gravitation together!

Sir Isaac Newton was a real genius, he realized that the force that makes an apple fall is of the same nature than the one that makes planets turn! This was a thought from the 17nth century!

This class will present his insight and the formula that came out of it. Then, it will be your turn to be active by solving 4 exercises. In all cases, you can enjoy a detailed correction of these exercises, spiced with fascinating physical facts that rise from the Universal Law of Gravitation.

*** Content of the class ***

Video 1: The lesson itself presenting the Universal Law of Gravitation.

Video 2: Two exercises with their corrections.

Video 3: Two more exercises with their corrections.

Exercises are provided also as pdf files under two forms: Full picture (to view on a screen), or printable ( so that you can work on the exercises away from the computer). Answers are provided also in a pdf document.


*** This class is part of a larger course named “Gravity, The Basics”.***

“Gravity, The Basics” explores the elementary notions of Newtonian gravity.

Class 1: “Linear Motion” (because being comfortable with this notion will allow you to make the most of the full course). This class can be taken by itself.

Class 2: “Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation”, which you can consider as a doorway to the deeper dive we will carry out in the next classes.

Class 3: “Gravitational Fields”

Class 4: “Circular Motion”

Class 5: “Orbital Motion”

Class 6: “Wrapping-up and Gravity Quiz”


*** Level of this class ***

This class is suited for end high school and entry level University students taking Physics. Any person interested in Physics and in need of a refresher on the Universal Law of Gravitation will also enjoy this class.