Newsletter Email Automation: Mailchimp for Health Businesses | Joanna Mitchell | Skillshare

Newsletter Email Automation: Mailchimp for Health Businesses

Joanna Mitchell, Marketing & Operations Consultant

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8 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • Set up your account & create your first Subscriber List

    • Design your Sign Up forms & attract subscribers

    • Intergrate your Sign Up form with Facebook & Website

    • Create your Newsletter Template

    • Send your first Newsletter

    • Undertand your Campaign reports & unsubscribes

    • Build an Automated Email Sequence & nurture your subscribers

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About This Class

Newsletters are an essential part of marketing your health & wellness business, to build rapport with your subscribers and potential clients/customers.  

Learn the essentials for sending Newsletters using the popular, user-friendly program Mailchimp. 

This training takes you step-by-step through:

  1. Setting up your Mailchimp account correctly
  2. Creating an email subscriber list and uploading new subscribers
  3. How to create a branded newsletter template
  4. How to create and send your first newsletter
  5. How to create a Sign Up form & integrate it with Facebook & a Wordpress website
  6. How to create an email sequence with Mailchimps Automation feature
  7. Understanding your email reports and reason for unsubscribes

NOTE: Since recording this class, Mailchimp have upgraded the free account option to include the Automation feature, which used to only be available for paid accounts. So, now all Mailchimp users can send automated email sequences.

NOTE: The training includes guidance and best practice tips for Health & Wellness business owners, however the content is also relevant and can be applied in other industries. I also often use my own business, The Healthy VA, as an example.





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Joanna Mitchell

Marketing & Operations Consultant

Hi there!

I provide step-by-step tutorials on the essential tools for managing a small business. I often use health & wellness businesses as examples, however much of the content is relevant for other industries too.

As a Marketing & Operations Consultant, I draw from my experience supporting hundreds of startups and SME as a Virtual Assistant, as well as setting up my own business, The Healthy VA.

Have fun!

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