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Newsletter Email Automation: Mailchimp for Health Businesses

teacher avatar Joanna Mitchell, Marketing & Operations Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Set up your account & create your first Subscriber List

    • 3. Design your Sign Up forms & attract subscribers

    • 4. Intergrate your Sign Up form with Facebook & Website

    • 5. Create your Newsletter Template

    • 6. Send your first Newsletter

    • 7. Undertand your Campaign reports & unsubscribes

    • 8. Build an Automated Email Sequence & nurture your subscribers

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About This Class

Newsletters are an essential part of marketing your health & wellness business, to build rapport with your subscribers and potential clients/customers.  

Learn the essentials for sending Newsletters using the popular, user-friendly program Mailchimp. 

This training takes you step-by-step through:

  1. Setting up your Mailchimp account correctly
  2. Creating an email subscriber list and uploading new subscribers
  3. How to create a branded newsletter template
  4. How to create and send your first newsletter
  5. How to create a Sign Up form & integrate it with Facebook & a Wordpress website
  6. How to create an email sequence with Mailchimps Automation feature
  7. Understanding your email reports and reason for unsubscribes

NOTE: Since recording this class, Mailchimp have upgraded the free account option to include the Automation feature, which used to only be available for paid accounts. So, now all Mailchimp users can send automated email sequences.

NOTE: The training includes guidance and best practice tips for Health & Wellness business owners, however the content is also relevant and can be applied in other industries. I also often use my own business, The Healthy VA, as an example.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanna Mitchell

Marketing & Operations Consultant


Hi there!

I provide step-by-step tutorials on the essential tools for managing a small business. I often use health & wellness businesses as examples, however much of the content is relevant for other industries too.

As a Marketing & Operations Consultant, I draw from my experience supporting hundreds of startups and SME as a Virtual Assistant, as well as setting up my own business, The Healthy VA.

Have fun!

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1. Introduction: welcome to be on my class for Mel Chin New feathers. They are an essential part of running a small business. So this is more of it on online class, the teacher, the practical expects of setting up amount of accounts so they don't get templates. Eso They're branded with your your logo and your colors and things like that, as well as setting up your first newsletter on or female automation as well and also show you how to integrate male chip with Facebook on also how to integrate it with wordpress websites. 2. Set up your account & create your first Subscriber List: if it gets side with the rial basics around setting up your match of the count, you just go to match dot com on Depress. Sign up for free. So the reason why I recommend mulch in Khost small businesses is the kiss. It's the most cost effective from what I found on bits that uses to use, especially feel very tech savvy. It's 34 Believe it about 500 subscribers. I think you need to actually operate to use automation, But there is a way of using match him without subscribing to the automation elements of it , which I can explain a bit further, really simple. When you sign up for your first account, you pretty much have sent your email and tow a user name and apartment on press. Create account on. What it will do is send you an email just to confirm well to verify your email address or when you click that button, it will then take you to a page that has which you have to complete, which has your your name, your address, your business name, how many people have in the company? Andi. Some various other contact details that, um, would you complete that form even takes you to the home page. Firstly, we're gonna work on setting up email list. So you're even less is essentially the group off all your subscribers. So when you first ran account got to the top here and select lists on here, you can create a list which all the subscribers are gonna come through from your sign up forms from a website and everything. They're gonna go to this one main list. What is this? So very simple? Create list. Give us the name on and into your default email address studies should really be the main email address that you will use for your business. So mention prefers you to have a business email bento have your Gmail or Hotmail accounts on. Also, bear in mind that whatever your default email address is, if someone replies to your new center, it will go to that email address. So if you don't want people toe, be replying to your personal email address than to take your business Same your business email address in that. So So if you don't have a business email address yet, that's totally fine. You can still use Gmail and Hotmail of things. But just bear in mind when you do to change that over the default name can even be a business name or your personal name. Yeah, on for my people how they signed up to your list. So they give you an example here. So at the bottom of your emails in your better mention automatically puts this little code which brings up this little reminder as to why people have signed up to your lips. Andi, it's purely just so, like, you know, when you ever got an email randomly from someone that you've never signed up to the list for. Um, it was just really reminder fel for those people to say, You know, you've signed up to this list the curse. You've subscribed by my website where you downloaded my Fred Upton. And so here you would just write very short sentences the way that is safe looks. You can even write something a little bit more funky here, too. Doesn't have to be so like book book sounded, uses ground to my knees out of okay coat. So then he just decides whether you want a daily summary or who subscribed and whose unsubscribed from urinal it's or whether you just want to be notified one by one. When it happens, Um, I kind of always have done one by one, just cause it's quite cold to say when someone subscribes Uneven. Just tonight was why, when people unsubscribe, particularly if you get a lot of unsubscribed from one email, it's good to then go back and see. Perhaps, why did that? Many people want to squat from that email? Was there something else that you could have done that kind of thing? Cool the same once you have your list. If you have subscribers already from ever previous email, it's still you have, um, contact details of current clients. Previous science. You can manually add those people here by going to that's a scarf is and you can do you see the one by one. If you do this one by one, you need to show what you select that this person gave me commission to receive the email. Okay, Andi, if you think that you've already got this person on the list that you can update that prick are just by selecting this one too, some scope said now that person is on my healthy via text email email list. So if I send an email to this list, they will be the only person that would to see this. So what you can do as well is if you have a long list off contacts rather than one by one, adding hman, then to import subscribers in bulk. The best way I found to do this is to actually select copy and paste from filed, click Next and copy and Paste the email addresses, first name and last name Andi. To do this, you would ideally have allowed the contact details in a list in Excel. Can I show you Why that IHS So you would have all the facts names. The last name of the email addresses in different columns tremendously scan over and companies. We're just simply Tyson here. What Milch it does is Actually it picks up that this is a first name. This is a surname, and this is an email address. You also have to select that if you go over 409 I subscribe. It's terrible tomato people you select next and here you can see it's asking you to name the column of people that you just imported. So this is obviously first name save slept last name save, and it's already realized that this is the email address save on the next, and then what it will do is import the context for you. If you're importing quite a few like over 100 may take a while to Dio, that's they should be fairly quick. OK, coach. So there you see its importantly, the one I did manually remember three email addresses that I did by copying pasting, and it's now got everyone under first name, last name and email address. 3. Design your Sign Up forms & attract subscribers: what I move on to next. If the sign up form. So you have your email list ready. You just need people now to be ableto signed up for it. You go to your son, it forms general fools. Select. And then here you can design the sign up form that people will be able Teoh visit either by Facebook through your website or simply by and sharing this link so multiple to actually gives you a sign up form. You are well, so if I copy and paste that, you'll see that this is what the Senate foreign currently looks like. So you want to make this a bit prettier with your logo's at a little invite to get people to subscribe? Because generally people will subscribe if you're offering them something rather than just saying sun up to my new set up. So in order to change the design off your sign a bomb, you basically okay, too, just on it on What I like to do is actually change the background to just white, because having a white background makes it easier for people to reach things, and it just looks a lot cleaner. It's well and you can even just change this text or you can use an image. I'm going to select this image. Ideally, the width is 600 by 200 and you can also you can actually add a link to your website. So if anyone does actually kick on at the image goes straight to website. Okay, So, like I said, just having a little invite to encourage people to sign up. So, for example, so if someone was to go to the Flink now, they'll be able to see a much prettier sign it full on, obviously an invite to receive my free weekly tips, tools and trends. Now that you change the sign up form, you can also change along the different steps in the sign up process to So, for example, the someone enters that email address into the sign up all they get an opt in confirmation email. So this is the email that the subscriber will receive so that they can press yes, subscriber to this list so you can change this as well. Teoh Piece of subscription. So you can the CC, my weekly tips and then the confirmation page. That wouldn't say press that yes, subscribing to this list. It will then take them to a confirmation page, and then you also have the option to send them a final welcome email. Now the final welcome email is important if you don't want to upgrade to the autumn ations . So if you're planning on offering a free opt in for people to sign up to your email, let's so, for example, top 10 healthy tips and you have the option of either sentiment and automated welcome email . Once they've signed up where they can receive their top 10 healthy chips, or if you don't want to do the paid option of Mount Jim, you can actually add the download for the top healthy tips to the final welcome email. It's know as attractive because you have section here, which just shows a subscriber that we've recorded that email address that same a last name , but it's it's an option, especially if you'll if you're not wanted to upgrade, should the information. So in order to Dio, you would just need to change this content and add a link to download that you want to get them as a Hilton. So, for example, you know students. You just need to highlight the click here to that load and had a heart link and change it to file. So, presuming that got top pair top 10 healthy tips are in a pdf format. You select file and upload, and then you would just grab the PdF from your desktop. Hey, so what it's done is it's added tax free. Download as a link, maybe just person sets. Thank you going back to the sign up form. What you need to remember to do is to select send final welcome email, which is where you'll find a sign up form. You are all couldn't based. So imagine I'm a new subscriber and I've just come to the sun dappled but into my email address. Subscribe to list. Then I would go to my inbox. Yes, subscribe me to this list. See the thank you page front to the email. I should have received the kind of welcome email, which I have so great. So then now you see the congratulations. Click here to download to talk 10 tips, nothing. Quickly battle, then open in another window 4. Intergrate your Sign Up form with Facebook & Website: you've got your silent form all ready to go, and you want people to start subscribing. So there's two ways of you know to do this, you can integrate it with your Facebook page. You want to be looked into your Facebook on another tab up at the top Here, go to account. Gary Teoh integrations Basic. So like to log in on because you've got Facebook open on another tab, it will then automatically log in as your page. So then you can select the page you want to use. Select the help Eva, and you also select the list. But you want people to be added to when they subscribed by your Facebook page, so you're gonna have different lists on the beginning. You'll probably have one main lists, which you send all your new status to, or perhaps eventually. You'll have a different list for current clients or a different list for people who are not online program. That kind of thing obviously keep a main list for people just wanting toe that's on it to a mouse. So you said it the list that you want to go on any select you sign up form tab Yes, form. Name should be Facebook esque. You click saved and then you contest the connection here as well, just to make sure it's working. Cook. So now if I go to facing on, do this. Refresh it should then pop up here and orders to change this to add a nice picture. And to change this to you know, something else like Senate. So I talked. Help you tips. Just go to more on your Facebook page, manage tabs on or remove tabs. You can see the lovely Mel chip thing here, and it's settings. Custom name. So download. Well, there it is. Downloading my top 10 tips. You want to change the image? You just go here sex, ed. It's on and finally be picture. So actually told you what the pixels should be for this picture 111 by 74 in order for it to meet the right size. So I'm just gonna change to another picture. Close this window. Go. That's Facebook. Click save Have been OK, it Now if I get back to my page, Yeah, don't leave my top 10 tips integrating it now with WordPress. So those who have a White Press website. You'll recognize this screen, which is the dashboard off my press plug ins have new oh, such plug ins. If you just talking Maoxian well then come up with various male chimp forms. So I believe the one that is the most popular is this one here, Milton for WordPress by this present here Ivory kind. So you just press in stool now that's about your plug in and then from them settings and add your mail. Chimp ap i case of this a p i k is just a way for this Plug in to talk to your mouth and become so to find your a key, ikey, you go to your accounts area which weigh in at the moment right to you. Extras A p I keys on then creates a k So you get a new key. Make it a label so that you you know which ap I goes to which copy and paste this a p I key into here on site changes go and then it's pulls up your last name from here you can create your form Abney form test full cook. So then it comes up with a little coach. Well, you need to do is copy this code. So you've got your your floor post here. Got your blood close content, Lahtela on the bottom of people place you want to say sign up to my new fell You didn't go to from visual. We go to text. I'm just paste that code of man So am I accidentally added the nature button, and so that's why that subscribes there, but yeah, you can see here you got your little sign up form so good. Another thing quickly is you can actually additive side by using widget. So you go to a parent's which it's on and you will see matchups on it full. If you guys Teoh Saipa, drag it into him se before more come up here. Okay, so that's how you ads your mountain to your WordPress. However, I have another little tip for you for anybody who's a little bit more tech savvy, um, or even has a B a. That's takes away. That is a really fabulous plug in called bloom. If you go to my website, you'll see these beautiful like little pullouts, these sort of things that come out. So I actually have this because I've downloaded a bloom email opt in, plug in. So it helps you to create all these lovely little pop ups. If you're wanting something a little bit more flashy on this is a page plug in this well, but that's just an extra tip. It's medical. 5. Create your Newsletter Template: secret your email lists. You've got your sign up form so people can now start subscribing to your list. What you want to create now is a template for your news that it's so in order to do this, you go to templates, creates an plate on select one column on the reason why I like one. Colin is because a lot of people reads the Internet on their email on their phones, having like two column when you're reading it on a phone, that doesn't necessarily the format doesn't sit right. So I actually just like having one column. And if you want to have different sections within your newsletter, you could just at the London A picture book go. So here you have the one column template, all ready to go, and you just need to now make this your own. So to start with, to create your template, I always first start with the design tap here on. And so what that means is just, you know, selecting your phone, selecting the colors, you know, going through the page, the pre header, which is this not the area here, your header, which is here. The body which is this area on the filter which is down here? No. So starting with the page So it sets the background like this. I always like to just do it white entirely up to you. I am. However, this body area here should always be what? It's better visually to be reading off a white background. So always make sure that this is why even if you just don't necessarily want that to be you don't want in the background background to be what? Well, I'm gonna select Why? So you can change the color off the text as well? I'm gonna make mine like a softer, dark color and you'll be able to see all these sort of things changing as I as I change the colors, Teoh. Okay. And you can change the font family, Teoh. That's just in town. As let's save, we go to the pre header. You can change this area if you want, so I'm gonna change that white. Okay? We can change the size pool, that kind of thing. You can also change the pre head of links of anything. That's a link like this. You can select the color for that. Um what I like to do is actually make it a branded color. So this is a healthy color code. Um, you can even into the color code or just select one of the colors that was there so you can see that pops up like that. Select save. Move on to the header. I'm not going to change the head of because I'm not taking a put a nice picture in here. Move on to the body. So this is the main content here. You always want a background to be white on. Change the text color too. This I'm looking to change the party links to that healthy color. That's I felt very nice in there. Go save. And then you have the fitter. So the fitter you could always leave like a different color. Or you can have it white entirely up to you. And what you'll notice in the theater here is thes are be like standard requirements of mountain toe. Have you no copyright the current year? You'll company name and it pulls up based on news. Merge tags so you can see these emerge tax here. So that's gonna pull up 2016 This is gonna pull up the company name, which is in the account settings. This is gonna pull up the description. So remember we wrote that description that said you are receiving this email because you opted in for my top 10 healthy tips. That's what's gonna pop up here as the mailing address here. So remember what I said about changing your mailing address to on and you know, something that doesn't that isn't actually your personal dress. You can even change in the account like I did before, or you can actually just do it here. Do you just delete that much tag and go to Sudanese? Well, so now we want to add some content. So we've already got I am an image in here for the header. So if I select here, I'm gonna choose an image. I can even download an image from my desktop. Or it might stave select all matter body uploaded, which I will do. I'm gonna select this one. For example. Again, a branded image is really cool. The sizing being 600 by, say, 200. So because that's a little bit bigger, I'm gonna go to and it resize 600 by 222 And that just is the You know, if I change this toe 6 50 it will automatically change the heights in proportion. So that's just take 600. And so So another reason why I suggest you know the banner being no wider been 600 is not just because it fits nicely, but also if you go on image, that's too big. Your emails can actually just go straight to the junk mail in your subscribers inbox so you don't never wanna have a very large image in an email. You can change it so that it's edged urges Well, which looks a bit nicer left right, that kind of thing and safe So you can also change your pre header here. And what I recommend for this is that can either be a tagline for your business. So the health of a tagline is turning health hobbies into health businesses so I can put that up there, or it could be like a short preview of what your email content is. So what I like to do is I always I'm perhaps, if it's just my perfectionism, but I like to change this section here. Do you just go to column too? And I just like to change it to you in browser on Make it by so you can see it just keeps a little one line and it keeps it to the right and yeah, that's just my profession isn't. But I think it looks like so Oh, so we go to the body area, So presuming that you might want to instead of having you know, a big title like this, you might just want to say, Hey, Joanna, here's the email content, Batalova. So you can always just change this or clear styles. Hey, on down the bottom here, coming. Your God's gonna So we're setting up a 10 point here, which you can Then we use over and over again. So again, you can change the fun and the size. But with because you've already stepped this like the farm to the colors and everything in the design area here, you don't necessarily have to change it. Um, natural books and obviously mail chimp have already put the social media icons in here. And now it's just the case of adding your social media. It's so the healthy. Can I have your website to be? Never today on you can add some more. So those email there is Instagram. There's also all these lovely things YouTube lengthen. It'll plus, um yeah, so you can add some more cold Bago and you can also change the colors so we can happen like this. Not so nice. Well, back to the side like this and then change the colors. This way I'm gonna put it like that. Saving close And they have your new set a template cook. So now you just want to save the templates by going to save and exit. I'll ask you to name the template so I always just go Many template on save. Oh, so now you've got your template All ready to go. 6. Send your first Newsletter: next step is creating your first newsletter, so imagine they call new centres campaigns. So if we click on campaigns, uh, slash news that is you just go to create campaign here, select regular campaigns you just sent sending out and normal newsletter. You wouldn't center entire list. Quick. Next on the bottom. Here. Name your campaign. Said this is gonna bay February newsletter once, um email subject, Um, how to hire a virtual assistant. So it's already go the default name of the default email address. Go to next. And this is the beauty of having templates. You just go to your saved templates here and select the 1,000,000 template that I just created on. And, uh, so now all you need to do is just change your content. So you're basically put your news that a content in here? Like I said before, this is your like, pre header. So I can use this area to read the select to even enter my tag line for the Huckabee. A turning health. Bobby's into health businesses. Or I can do a little preview about the news that is gonna be about. So if I say plan how Teoh hire a but consistent in three sets. Imagine that's what the news that content iss save. And then you add UAL new set of content. So if you want to include, like, hey, first day, this is where you add a merge tag. So she was gonna beat that comma prince space And you see this little, much tag top here. This is where I can select it's last name. Put another common, that comma. So when the subscriber receives this new settle, it will say, Hey, Joanna. So then you just add your your news. I content. Um um happy Friday in today's news that, uh oh, I talk about luck, blah and blah. That's a little text. And if you want to actually adds, so say, like, my you know how to hire about your sister is actually a broad post on I won't the email subscriber to read my news that answered Click to my blood post to find out more on what I read Usually do is, um, a bit of an intro. Today's new center I talk about in today's blawg. I talk about how to hire benched assistant in three simple steps. Hiring about your assistant is Babalola. She reads more well, two reads the bloke post click here on anyone will add a link to your block post. So you just highlight this. You can see a broad place label page Andi, then your book based And then you get the girl off the broad post here. Just copy this back to here and select link link to a Web address. Paste in there inset kind of God's Joanna. So if you want to add an image, what you can do is, you know, get an image here and just drag it over. Open in. Imagine image All Perhaps I wanted to. I had a promotional offer after my news that it's so there's image and caption, sir. Fights just dragged us in here. I could go. Greatest settings. Onda put the image on the right they get. But I'm just gonna make this up to the main area on the FISA coach. So perhaps I want to offer, you know, 30 minute session would make so highlight, Caroline hey, sudden inset. And then add a lobby picture. Let's use even upload from the desktop. We use one that you've already got sites put this one in Onda again, Just checking the signs. So this is, you know, 600. It's fairly big for eternity. Doesn't really to be that big. So if I go to edit three size and 200 all day come So perhaps to make it a little bit nicer will add a divider just to separate the content. Track that in Andi. Maybe I want to just change the color too, my friend. Color go on June newsletter is ready to go. So before you send a new center, you always want to check that the format looks good. It'll beliefs are working. So you got here to view and test you enter view married here. You can see what it's gonna look like when your desktop, when someone greeted on there that stop. If you want to open it in, then mobile. So you can see why again, why? I like to just use the one column because, you know you can scroll down a little. The content is like this rather than having like a weird little right side by making the text would explore that stop. So I think Check my links here. I could see that it goes nicely to the broad posts that I want it to go to. And also check this Think as well, cool and already today. But I know everything that I do is I actually send myself a test. So I'm gonna send a test. To what amount? It's clinic showing me that it's a test, how to hire much assistant. And then you can see this is that pre header here, Learn how to hire a bunch assistant inthe recessed my click on that. You can then see this pop up on. You can see how the merge time has just pulled up. Hey, test first name. Um, obviously, because is a test previous We go back to here and you're happy with the email ready to go. What you can do is select Next, just double check everything. So it's going to the right email list. The healthy via email. Subscribe is the subject client is how to hire direction assistant. Anyone who applies to the email, for God's sake, it also got him hons. Yep. Well, good. You either have the option now to schedule B news editor go out. Say tomorrow at 8 a.m. Schedule contain Well, I can send out now. I'm not sure that I want to send. Yeah, I know 7. Undertand your Campaign reports & unsubscribes: So now if I go back to campaigns, you can actually see that. You know, the news that has been sent. It got sense of, uh, five subscribers. Two people opened it on. Do you also have reports as well? So you take on reports of then shows you how many people opens, How many people clicked, links in the news that up How many emails sounds. So if anemone address has been entered incorrectly, a bill tend to bounce on who unsubscribed as well. So these are important stats to tell a cat as well. To see you know which types of news that people are more engaged with, um, as a average or benchmark for the health of bonus industry. The average open rate is only 23%. So say 100 people. Are you about 100 people on the email list and extend them in email? 23 people are likely to open that new center on average, on any 3% will actually clicked links in the new centre. So out of 100 people on three people will click on the links. It doesn't sound like a very good statistic, but this is just the reality of even marketing today, Andi. A reason why you want Teoh attract as many subscribers as possible. Another thing I should point out as well, in terms of on subscribes. So I remember when I was a health coach, Andi I started sending out new sectors, and every now and then I get like people unsubscribe, living I'd always get. What did I do wrong? Why don't they like a lot of eloping on? And but today I'm just, you know, if someone subscribes, I actually feel that it's a good thing because it's kind of cleansing my email this so I only one people on my email list who are interested in what I have to say. Value what I you know, I offer, you know, in terms of content. So this is that kind of thing on people who are, you know, eventually going to buy my products and senses. So if someone subscribes there, no people that are ever going Teoh by from a So they're probably not my target audience. And that's technical, so never seen unsubscribe is being a negative things. See, it is like it's cleansing your email list ofpeople who are never going to be paying customers 8. Build an Automated Email Sequence & nurture your subscribers: So, Emma Automation. What I like to recommend is when you're starting out so, like you can see here say, I just started my business and I got five people minimalist So rather than may spend the energy in emailing these people like once a week, what I would recommend doing is actually creating, say, 5 to 10 emails already and set them up in automation. So people the sun up to your email lists or ultimately get an email from you. One email from you. One once a week for 10 weeks or five weeks, depending on how many miles you want set us on. That's just a wait for when someone signs up. Children, it's Do you can kind of touch way to them without actually having to do it manually. It's all automated, I'm and another reason it's so that you can, you know, tell people a bit more about you a little along the way through each email on. Then perhaps the final email is you know you offer them and your products will senses, So automation is also really useful. If you are. I'm selling online products you want people Teoh to go through to an email list and then received a welcome email with the details that you're on my program and we'll put up that kind of thing. So automation just go to create automation work by. So I got my top 10 healthy tips download that people receive because I'm activating the automation. I'm actually going to go back to the health of your email list. Way to go back to sign it forms general phones and I'm going toe uninsulated. Find a welcome email because instead of using, you know this process I'm actually gonna send them and automated welcome email with the top 10 healthy tips. So that's something we got to automation. So create went like, go to select list. So you know, I wanted to be a welcome message, followed by a few other emails. So perhaps I'll do welcome Siri's. But if I name obey new subscriber Top 10. How clips. Next. I want this work flow to be triggered when someone subscribes to my list. So Susie subscribed stylist. I want them to receive the welcoming now. Well, the initially mouth so next. So I now have the option to add five emails or one email So this is just just like adding emails that you can then edit yourself. But I'm gonna start. We're just adding one email. So I want this first email to be sent immediately after people are subscribed or imported to the healthy email list. I just changed that to immediately Christine and that it's time to design the mo So cultivation on my one email subject. Your talk. 10 help tips large Next saved templates on and you've got a big template I created Select Change The Preview to Feller Joel Creek. It's Hey, fast name, much type. Fascinating. Thank you for subscribing. Click here to delayed my took 10 health tips and then you can add some more text to, um, you know, tell him a bit more about you. Tell him a bit about, like how they can implement their top 10 health tips. That kind of thing kind regards Joanna. It's a cool not forgetting to actually add the download. Like I tiu this file selecting the and I talked to him and said so close. And then obviously you want a preview. Make sure about it. Looks OK is working all good. You just get to next. So you want this email to just be sent any day. So you know, if they sign up on a Monday or Friday, it would just go out whenever on a soon as possible as well. So any cake saving continue on your first female, and the female automation is now ready to go. So now you want to create another one that they perhaps received in a week's time for me. So you just said, you know, change the delay to either seven days or change it to one week after previous email is sent saying automation email tape design. Amen. Change of subject heading. So perhaps I'll say, um, I offered up my heads and try this healthy recipe so the next steamer would be perhaps telling them a bit more about you. Add a bit more value. So sharing some more healthy tips with them because the kind of main purpose off, like connecting with people other email is to build that no light trust factor with them so they could get to know you, um, on to see the value of what you can provide. Teoh demonstrate your expert status as a health coach or health, professional or nutritionist? That kind of thing. Um, so, yes, we just go back to say templates made template and start editing your second email again. You just change this text here too. That's name. Add a new continent here. Any extra links, that kind of thing saving close and that your preview into tests won't. And when you're ready, SCO site next. So in this one, you can choose to send it every day. So you've already selected that you want it to be, you know, one week from the previous email, so you can even choose to have it on, you know, one week Onda on a particular day. But I'm pretty sure it's It doesn't really matter if you just wanting to send it A week later, I'm and also, as soon as possible, where you can even choose to sender at one week from the original email at 8 a.m. In the morning. Or you could just leave it at whatever time, so saving continue. And now you can see that the first email will go out straight away and then the second email girl. One week after the previous year, Ellis Sense at 8 a.m. Because I changed the times there. If I wanted to change the delay to say, like, three days, I can change it here or if I wanted to do, you know, three days after the email has been opened Or, for example, if you in your previous invaluable at 10 tips downloads, if you wanted to send something to them three days after bait licked the email, not clicked it that kind of thing. You can change all these these settings up to you that I'm just gonna go three days off to the email has sent and press save. So perhaps you want to send another email. It's just the same thing. You just that's an email change. The delay to however many days you want to send it after let's go five days and then design the email going through the same process. Female subjects. Okay, that's next. So templates move. Some play onto content. Simon Claire's next. Every day, perhaps again, I want you know, the 30 mil to go at 8 a.m. In the morning, Press saving. Continue again. If you're having 45 emails, just keep adding the emails or when you're happy with your workflow, you just get to next, so you double check that is going to the right list. Check all your emails, a sound So let's start workflow on one. Shoots started the workflow, so it's all good. It's all ready to go. Okay, because it's now, like active. You can edit it so you can go back on and go back to the emails on Bond. I did the emails, and by doing that she go Teoh, pause and edit, change the the email and then resume. When will you can do is say at the new email here so I can create a new email and then drag out to patrol so they get an extra email. I can add a new email underneath, but you can't, you know, take this new email and drag up to go in between one and two. So that's just something to be aware off. So, um, the automation was all active and ready to go. So now if anyone subscribes to my healthy via email, subscribers list they will. They get this email automatically. Three days later, they'll get this email and then five days later they'll get this email, etcetera, etcetera. But I've already got people on my subscribers list. So imagine this. Is that why I've got, you know, 100 people on my email list? And I'm creating a new memo, Automation, which is perhaps a marketing campaign for my new services? All my new product, that kind of thing. Toe adds. The people about already on your email list, you just goto add subscribes to work, play entire list. So I had four people on that list on It's just added them and it's loaded subscribers on. What will happen is those four people will just hop into this first email and get it straight away. A male sit there three days later. I'll get this one five days after that. No, get this one so that ISS how to set up an animal automation