Newborn Photography: Prepping, Posing, and Lifestyle

Tabitha Park, Really good at airline sudoku

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7 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools

    • Props

    • Swaddling

    • Posing

    • Lightroom Edit

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Sharpen your lifestyle portrait skills through Newborn Photography. This class will take you through tools, props, posing, and editing a newborn session top to bottom. With an emphasis on natural, candid lifestyle images, I lead you through what to expect and how to prepare for an in-home newborn session. 

This class is perfect for beginner photographers with little to no experience photographing babies, new parents wanting to document the first few days of their child's life or anyone looking to make better pictures using natural lighting in their own home.

Join me! It'll be fun :)



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I found this class massively helpful!!! Tabitha explained everything so thoroughly and thoughtfully and answered my questions as I was asking them. She even brought up some important safety tips that honestly did not cross my mind! I feel like I can enter my next newborn session a LOT more prepared, thank you!
Great walkthrough of tips AND challenges that you might face (which is super helpful!)
Kelly Sikkema

UX Design Manager

Love this class! I have learned a lot. Thank you, Tabitha!





Tabitha Park

Really good at airline sudoku

Hi! I'm Tabitha and I teach photography classes. I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer for a living and I make that living in the gorgeous state of Utah! I love plants and I knit and I had my appendix removed in 2014 and sometimes I worry that I might need it later to talk to aliens. Other than that I'm pretty normal.

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