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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Importanceofhashtags

    • 3. Hashtag bank spreadsheet

    • 4. Hashtag research

    • 5. How to use hashtag bank

    • 6. Outro

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About This Class

Wondering how everyone keeps track of their hashtags?

Like, do they have to research them all and come up with 30 different ones out of the blue every time they post?

In this class I'm sharing with you my updated hashtag strategy, so you can save time when scheduling posts for yourself and your clients!

Here's my hashtag bank template (please make a copy before using):

Here's my previous hashtag class (only the hashtag research is outdated):

And here's my other Skillshare classes:

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Sílvia Pinho

Social Media Manager & Marketing Coach


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1. Intro: Hey, relying and welcome to my new skill tree class on how to use hashtags on Instagram. Now, this is actually an updated version of another class that I did last year. I'll have it linked in the class description so you can go ahead and check that out. I used a little bit of a different strategy at the time, but it can still fit some people. Just the hashtag research method isn't up-to-date. So you may want to watch now 1 first and then this one or vice versa. They are not in chronological order. On this class. I'll actually be showing you guys the hashtag bank that I use for myself and for my clients, how i do hashtag research using a special tool and Instagram itself. And then you an example of how I go about it. You schedule an actual post and use hashtags on that. But let me know also in the comments, if you'd like to maybe see a class on hashtags on a different platform, lets say Twitter or LinkedIn or something like that. And with that being said, let's get on to the first lesson. 2. Importanceofhashtags: Hey everyone, welcome to lesson number one on this class D importance of hashtags. Now, I feel like I couldn't be talking to you guys about how I use hashtags without kind of telling you how important they are and actually showing you how important they are. That's why I have here my Creator Studio pulled up and you guys can actually see how the hashtags I've worked for me. Now, I gotta say yes, and hashtags aren't mandatory, but they're very important for growth, especially when you're just starting out. Now this bows to have pulled up here, you can see right up the top that it's from June. And I actually started this account in January 2020, so this one is from June, so six months into the account, I probably had what, 5-6, 100, maybe a bit more followers. But still, the earlier you are on your Instagram journey or career deemed more important that Hashtags get because as you can see here on the side to get the impressions on your posts from hashtags from the home feed, which is when you open Instagram, deeply, impressions from your profile and from others. So when you're just starting out, of course, since you don't have that many followers, it will be more important to have new people come to you from the hashtags because you won't have that many people can run the home. So hopefully that made sense. Let me know in the comments if you need any clarification. But as you can see right here and this boast that I'm showing you, unfortunately, you can't see my cursor TO maybe in post editing we can highlight here what I'm talking about. But in this post we had a reach of 887, which at the time it was really good. And I believe at the point of recording this is the bows from the past year with the highest reach, which is awesome. And yes, 60, as you can see here, 63% of the people that saw this bows were in following me amines that I'm putting myself in front of even more people that otherwise if I hadn't used hashtags, would have never found me. So yeah, that's just goes to show you how important hashtags are. And another thing I wanted to touch on before we actually go into my current hashtag strategy, is that I know this is very controversial or there are different opinions on this out. And the inter website, I'm seeing 30 hashtags purpose. Now sometimes I do end up using 20 or 25 or even less than that usually what leads me to use less than 30 hashtags? It's honestly if the post-test too long and I don't have room for all 30 hashtags specially seems now I have more people coming from the home feed rather than a hashtag. But that being said, if you can now keyword, if you can, don't like the thing with 30 hashtags is you don't want to just come up with 30 random hashtags to use an opposed because that won't help you at all. That's why I feel like some people say to use just 20. So you can focus on having 20 great hashtags on your prose. But if you can find 30 relevant hashtags and with the strategy that I'm about to show you, I'm pretty sure you won't be lacking any hash tags. And if you can't use authority, Instagram gives you them for a reason. If they wanted you to just use 25 or 2008 or any other random number, they would put the limit at. That's opinion. Of course, I don't work for Instagram and I don't have any context within Amsterdam, but of course they could. We're integrating all, but it's what has worked for me and for my clients. So I mean, it's proven that it were and something else that's an ongoing debate, I guess, about hashtags is whether or not you should put them and your comments or in the post itself. I personally have always split them into post itself, and it has worked for me so far. What I do is I enter three line break and then I put the hashtags. I don't feel like that spammy or that it crowds the post too much because people will usually just scrolled past to hashtags if you want to test it out, putting in a hashtags into comments, The only thing I'd tell you is the comment has to be either automated to go immediately after the post or you have to be really quick from what I've heard. That's the kind of rule if you want to put it in a comment. But once again, I haven't tested. And if you want to test it, I recommend you really keep track score. I guess if you wanted to test out putting hashtags into comments and it opposed, I recommend you do maybe a week of hashtags into post track the reach of those hashtag I come here and to your impressions and see how many people came from hashtags and all the days of the week because it can vary. And then the following week post same days at the same time, dragged our reach and compare to both of them. See it for yourself. I don't have enough information on that, but that's just what I recommend to you if you want to try that out. And with that being said, let's get into the actual hashtag bank spreadsheet that I use, which I guess the meat of this. 3. Hashtag bank spreadsheet: Alright, now on to lesson number two are less than number three. If you're counting the intro, this is where we'll get into the actual meat of this class and where I'll show you the hashtag bang template that I use for myself and for my clients. So first off, I want to say that this hashtag bank template isn't a description, so you guys can use it for yourselves, for your clients and 40 class project that we're going to talk about in the outro. But just something I wanted to clarify first before we go into the class is if you're going to use this and I encourage you to do so, just make sure you come here to file, make a copy and then edit your CAFO, edit this template because then other people won't be able to use it. So yeah, just be considerate of others. And let's get onto the actual class. So this is what the empty hash I bank template will look like and you'll be able to fill it out with your hashtags for your custom needs. Just to show you guys, this is what my hashtag bank looks like for my business account. So you can see it's very helpfully Phil, maybe a bit too much in some costumes to start off with. Of course, you don't need these many hashtags. I usually say I usually the end of my screen as a guideline. Now I know all of your screens will look different than mine. So maybe have the 25 hashtags or 25 row as a guideline for these middle columns is now as we go to the side, that makes sense as we go to the sides of the screen, the middle columns are the ones you want to focus more on because they are kind of the sweet spot for most accounts, specially if you're in US. So now, as you can see, there's a pattern here and the columns to decide have less hashtags and that deliberate because we don't use those as often. Now let's backtrack a little bit. Actually the organization system that I use for death hashtag bang, it's important for you to understand that I divide them by use of hashtags. So if you come here to Instagram, and if you look at a hashtag or if you use the hashtags, who will show you how many posts a hashtag has as well become here to Instagram and hashtag. Well, if you know me, you know, I hate this hashtag. But just as an example, as I was saying, when you look at the hashtag, you'll see underneath the hashtags how many posts there are under the hashtag go, That's what each column means. Like this galium has, each hashtag has under 11000 pose. This one has between 110, 10505000 and so on and so forth. And why these ones are more, more filled out is because we use those most often. Now, I usually say if you're using these columns, maybe use one parse shock were the reason why the scholars have less hashtags and this one as well is because we use those left off for now, you'll actually see that when I show you an example on the final lesson on how I actually use this hashtag bang. I'll go a little bit more in depth about that, that how I use hashtag bank on the final lesson of this class is know that these ones are the ones we use the most often is of course, will vary depending on the size of your account. If your account is brand new, I would probably focus on these three columns and maybe use one or two hashtags from this one. And as your accounts bros, I would focus more on these ones maybe then on these ones, but it would be on a case-by-case basis. And you should always be testing out different hashtag groups, different hashtags sizes, and seeing how well that works for you. I usually aimed to update my hashtag bank and my clients hashtag banks once a month or when needed. And I'm going to share with you guys how you can actually update it and get started with your own hashtag bank from scratch in the next lesson. But just one last thing I wanted to mention is the, one of the good things about this system for a hashtag bang is that you can easily share it with other team members or even your clients if they want that access to the hashtag mag, they may be wanting to do some of their own posts using the same hashtags is you, or if they want to give their input and it actually add new hashtags on their end. That doesn't usually happen for me, but if for some reason they want access to this, you can easily share it with other people. With that being said, let's get on to that next lesson where we're going to be talking about how you can actually get started with your hashtag bank and do your hashtag research so you could fill that. 4. Hashtag research: All right, now onto lesson number three, how you can actually do hashtag research for yourself and for your clients at actually fill out this hashtag template that I just gave you or the actual hashtag research. Lately I've been using this website called hashtag Aurora, and it works pretty well for me. I believe the website version is pay for, but there is a free mobile version that you can use. So it depends on what you're looking for, but depending on what you want, there are also plenty of other tools for hashtag research and you can even do it if you're just starting out on Instagram itself, the basis of hash IF research apply to whatever tool that you use or if you use the native and certain features. I'm going to be showing you this example and maybe a little bit of Instagram. But just know that you can use this for whatever tool, the mobile version, the website version, or even Instagram. So that whole ordeal out of the way, what I usually do as i start with E hashtag or eight topic. Now let's say I have a client that's a wedding photographer. I would probably come in here and type in wedding photographer or photography or wherever it is, I let it do thing. And you can see here there are different sized hashtags out this one's major. I wouldn't even bother putting it in 3D hashtag bang just for contact this one I may ads, but as you go down, you'll see that the hashtags are less popular. So what you'll do here if you want to copy them, I would honestly copy them one by one. But you wanna do when you find a hashtag that you want to add to your hashtag bang, as we've talked about this one I wouldn't bother with when he find a hashtag that you think would fit your brand or your plants brand, you'll want to add it to your hashtag writing. What I like to do is I like to Open hashtag room or whatever tool I'm using on either a different monitor or a different window on my computer. So I'll have those side-by-side. I unfortunately, I'm not able to show you guys it's side-by-side. I'm not being able to make that work. Basically, I'll have this on a different wind or different Monitor, and I'll just type in the hashtags on the hashtag bang, this is very simple, but it is time-consuming, so I would set aside some time to do it. Maybe add some music in the background and go about it at your own pace. But let's say I want to add wedding photographer UK. Now this one has 29 thousand, so let's keep that in mind. It would fall into this category. So we put wetting for UK and so on and so forth. I'm not gonna bore you with too many hashtags. I'm going to give you the example of if you wanted to use Instagram, let's delete the hash. I love that, I hate. And let's put wedding photographer for when you search for a hashtag, it will share all other hashtags that start with wedding photographers. So we can maybe click on one. Let's pick at random because you can see the rest of the hashtag. Oh, it's actually wedding photographer UK. What are the odds you go into the hashtag? What annoys me a little bit, is that Instagram, like lack shear used to tell you below the Follow button related hashtags that you could use and that would make it so much easier. That's kind of the reason why I started using an outsider tool. But another way you can do hashtag research is actually go into the post that use the hashtag that you're looking at and see what other hashtags they use and gear you could even copy and paste them if you want to be lazy. I would still have this on its own window or its own monitor and do it that way. But that's just another way that you can add hashtags to your bank. He didn't went, I'm scrolling Instagram. If I see a hashtag that I want to add to the bank and it's I'm not on my computer at that time. Follow the hashtag. And at the end of the month when I'm doing hashtag research again, I'll go into my hashtag follows and I'll add those hashtags to my bank accordingly. So hopefully that made sense. It is, like I said, a very simple process. It's just time-consuming. So once you know the basics, you're set to go. And yeah, with that being said, let's get on to the next lesson on how you can actually use this hashtag bang, because it's no use for you. If you don't actually use it. 5. How to use hashtag bank: All right, now we're this example. I actually brought up a post that I'm posting on Monday and I'm going to do it's side-by-side with you. I'm going to use my hashtag bang research the hashtags that I wanna use, and I'll schedule it out using Creator Studio. Let's bring that up here. Close this tab so we don't have too much going on. So the first thing I would do, obviously, and if you're curious, I used Trello to keep all my pose organized. So I actually have another class on that and I can link it in the description so you guys can check it out how I use Trello to manage my social media. Basically, if you've never used creator studio, I guess this is a very short and to the point for real on how to use it. So I come here, I select my account, I just come here, create oppose, add the caption. Now, like I said before, I like to add three line breaks. I just loved the number three and I think it looks good. So 123, another one so I can add the hashtags. I'll add the location. So afoot Portugal, just more broad for me and I'll add the actual picture. This is kind of a mix of a hashtag tutorial, a Trello tutorial, and a creator studio tutorial. So you're getting the whole enchilada right here. So let's save that image that I want to use. I'm saving my warfarin sometime because he does schedule mythos, sell it. So you're welcome. Is editing this video as well. So I'll go here as a walker so you can see you get mad at the screen. But either way, it's fine for me. So yeah, I'll cut it. I promptly image to my liking. I'll say that I want to post it to Facebook on January 18th at 06:00 PM, 615. I don't mind. So I'll just get this out of the way so I don't forget to looking good. Now, as you can see here, Creator Studio, since it's settled from actual Facebook, it counts your hashtags, not every tool does that. They some tools just warn you when you reached 30 hashtags so you can't really keep track of it. So what I would do, first of all, I would look into the overall topic of the post. So Let's see. This one is about priorities and time management. So I'll go back and check my spreadsheet and I'll work with it from left to right though. I'll start off with this first column. I'll see maybe female soul printer work. Yeah, I just see that one dot word. I'll copy and paste it here. I'll enter a line break because I like, I think hashtags and different line breaks, that's just my thing and how it works best with my system and then business freedom. So let's faced another block of hashtags now, i don't copy them all at once because I believe Act tried it and it didn't look good. And what I do, I usually pick one hashtag from this solemn I pick the rest from these ones, maybe even from the a 103300 K for reference, I have currently 1500 followers. So that just gives you an idea. And if I'll have any hashtags left, I'll pick one from each of these category. The meat of it is through here, and I don't really count how many I used for each category, but I tried to keep it balanced so I won't pick all 30 from this one and none from the others, if that makes sense. And you want to pick hashtags that don't only describe your post, but also that describe your target audience and what she do. So that's why you see me picking hashtags such as admin assistance or VA coach because that's related, those people would be interested in the post. Just don't pick a hashtag that's like Dr. life for something that you're not targeting doctors at all. So CEO of me may be, alright, I'm maybe picking a little bit too much from this category. I'm my tone it down a little bit and you can always come here and delete any hashtags that. So if you pick 32 hashtags, you can go ahead and delete the ones that are less relevant. Thank you. Thrive. Maybe not enough time overwhelm. Those are perfect for what I want. They bus you ladies, this girl means business. I still have six hashtags lab, so let's keep going three and maybe pick one from each of those last categories. So that's actually a good example. Lady printer, bam, printer, be your own boss. That sounds about right. Oh, seats. Since I picked from different categories, it didn't paste them all. And we're done. As you can see, we have 0 hashtags lab and I'm just going to schedule this post out. So it goes out on Monday. 6. Outro: Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed that. That's all about how to use hashtags on Instagram. I hope you learned a lot from it. Let me know me comments. If you have any requests for future classes, like I said in the intro, I can do one on hashtags on a different platform, or I can do something else about Instagram that you would like to learn as your class project. I would like you to use the hashtag bag that I showed in the class and that I'll have linked in the description, create your very own hashtag bank and share with us a screenshots are your foss projects so we can all comment on it and maybe give you some tips and tricks. As always, if you have any questions, requests, or any feedback, weave those in a common set of L trim, investigate back with you and in the meantime, check out my other classes. They will be also linked in the description, willing to my skills, your profile will be linked in the description so you can go ahead and check out my other classes on sram and Upwork, and that's about it. So I'll see you on next class.