New Marketing Tools Brands and Influencers are Using for Success : Collabor8 | Kiara Smithee | Skillshare

New Marketing Tools Brands and Influencers are Using for Success : Collabor8

Kiara Smithee, Instagram: @kiarasmithee

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Project

    • What is Collabor8

    • Influencer Set Up

    • Brand Set Up

    • How To Use Collabor8 as Influencer

    • Best Sales Practices

    • LYNX: Tool That Changed the Game


About This Class

Are You a Brand or Influencer Looking for a Place to Collaborate with Others?

Collabor8 was the first mobile app to offer one-on-one collaborations (collabs) between brands and influencers; changing Instagramers into the top influencers. The platform allows instant access to thousands of brands and influencers across the world who are eager to collaborate and promote products or services.



The network has over 5.2 million users with the top influencers. I've personally seen a lot of success on this platform and going to show you in this course how to capitalize on Collabor8. Whether you are a brand or influencer, this is the perfect place for you to collaborate with others and reach your goals. 

This class will also talk about LYNX; a new idea that has changed the way brands and influencers market on Instagram. 



Promotions for This Class 

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Kiara Smithee

Instagram: @kiarasmithee

Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare! I hope to provide you with lots of knowledge across the media platform that will launch you down a successful career path.

I spent six years studying Psychology and the Digital Age. With a B.A in Journalism and Psychology I have explored all the nuances of the media world. My background in sales and media has helped me coach many students use the power of psychology to market and sell their brand in the digital age.  <...

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