New Manager's Five-week Success System: 25 Day Introduction to Management | Mike Clayton | Skillshare

New Manager's Five-week Success System: 25 Day Introduction to Management

Mike Clayton, Business Speaker and Author

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26 Lessons (2h 31m)
    • 1. Introduction to the New Manager's Five-week Success System

    • 2. Week 1, Monday: Self Confidence

    • 3. Week 1, Tuesday: Personal Time Management

    • 4. Week 1, Wednesday: Assert Yourself

    • 5. Week 1, Thursday: Problem Solving

    • 6. Week 1, Friday: Presenting

    • 7. Week 2, Monday: Goal Setting

    • 8. Week 2, Tuesday: Delegation

    • 9. Week 2, Wednesday: Feedback

    • 10. Week 2, Thursday: Poor Performance

    • 11. Week 2, Friday: Coaching

    • 12. Week 3: Monday: Listening

    • 13. Week 3, Tuesday: Motivating

    • 14. Week 3, Wednesday: Meetings

    • 15. Week 3, Thursday: Negotiating

    • 16. Week 3, Friday: Conflict

    • 17. Week 4, Monday: The Power of Teams

    • 18. Week 4, Tuesday: Team Development

    • 19. Week 4, Wednesday: Team Maintenance

    • 20. Week 4, Thursday: Four Essentials of Team Management

    • 21. Week 4, Friday: Team Meetings

    • 22. Week 5, Monday: Emotional Intelligence

    • 23. Week 5, Tuesday: Transactional Analysis

    • 24. Week 5, Wednesday: The SCOPE Process

    • 25. Week 5, Thursday: Selecting Management Styles

    • 26. Week 5, Friday: The Powerhouse Loop


About This Class

You will succeed, with the 25 most important management skills and 100 top new manager tools, actions and behaviours.

Are you a new manager, or soon-to-be manager, who has not had any training in management?

You are probably good at doing what you do, but managing others is a new skill. You need to win respect, motivate effort, and improve performance. There is a lot to learn.


The New Manager's Five-week Success System will give you all the information you need to start managing effectively, from day 1.

And, if you are already a new manager, then you will be able to apply this material straight away, and get immediate results.

Dr Mike Clayton - my Management Story

Hi, I'm Mike Clayton. I’ve been training new managers for nearly 20 years. And I was once that new manager myself, so I know the challenge of going from a doing role to a managing role. It doesn’t matter how good you are at doing: management is something new.

So, I have included in this course all the things I most wish I'd known when i started managing teams of colleagues. And I have created it around nuggets of advice that you can put straight into action: 100 of them.

Using thee tools, ideas, and methods, I was promoted from Manager to Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting in one year - the minimum possible.

Here's what you'll get...

At the end of this course, you will be able to manage your team well… and to do so with confidence. You will be ready to take your place as an effective manager in your organization.

In this course, you’ll get 25 modules, covering all the basics of management. They are split into five sections with five themes:

  • personal effectiveness
  • communication skills
  • managing individuals
  • managing teams
  • manager’s toolkit

Take a look at the 25 lectures in the curriculum to see what you'll be covering, in more detail.

So, that’s one group of five videos a week: one a day. Each video gives you four essential tips that you can apply straight away to get guaranteed results. They build up into an indispensable list of 100 ‘do this’ essentials that will transform your ability to get results.

Do you want to succeed quickly?
...or fail slowly?

Take this course if you aim to succeed in management, and you want to make a rapid start.

... Especially if you are in a management role for the first time and feel out of your depth, without the support and guidance you need.

Let Mike Clayton, with 20 years of being a manager and training managers, be your guide.

Do You Have to do One-a-day for Five Weeks?


That structure makes it easy for people with only a few minutes to spare, each day.

If you prefer to work through them, faster, or to dip in and out, or to watch what you need, when you need it... That's all fine by me.

And however you watch these videos, don't forget: I will be here to answer any questions you have.





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Mike Clayton

Business Speaker and Author

Hello, I'm Mike.

I'm a business trainer, consultant, author and speaker. Over the last 15 years, I have trained many thousands of supervisors, managers, leaders, and professionals.

Since 2002, I've been helping professionals, managers and leaders to excel in their roles with management, leadership, and personal effectiveness training.

I have written over a dozen books for major publishers like Wiley, Macmillan and Pearson, including: Powerhouse, How to Manage a Great Proj...

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