Never Loose any File Again! Surprising Place to Get 100 Gb + 500 Gb of Cloud Storage for Free! | Harsh Vardhan | Skillshare

Never Loose any File Again! Surprising Place to Get 100 Gb + 500 Gb of Cloud Storage for Free!

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

Never Loose any File Again! Surprising Place to Get 100 Gb + 500 Gb of Cloud Storage for Free!

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction Johny is Smart final comp

    • 2. 2 How to get 100 GB + 500 GB Free Cloud Storage

    • 3. 3 Have any Problem or Question ?

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About This Class

Never Loose any File Again! Surprising Place to Get 100 Gb + 500 Gb of Cloud Storage for Free!

In this Digital age, we all need more space to backup our Important files be it Photos, Videos, Pdfs or other documents. Besides creating backup in HDD we need to keep a backup on the Cloud so that we can have access to them at all the time. Most of service providers like DropBox, G-Drive or One Drive etc. provide very limited cloud Backup space for Free Accounts.

In this class You will be Learning How to Get 100 GB + 500 GB of cloud Storage without spending a dime!
This is surprisingly Amazing Place which gives to 100 GB of cloud Storage Instantly which can be used to store Your Images, Videos or Files.
You can even Backup your Android Phone Data right from the Android Phone using Android App.

so, If this sounds interesting to You Go Ahead and Join this Class and I will see You inside the Class!

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Harsh Vardhan

Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro


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1. Introduction Johny is Smart final comp: this in Johnny. Johnny has lots off important fights like photos, videos, PDFs and other fights on his easy laptop and mobile for Johnny is smart. Johnny knows keeping his file on PC, laptop or mobile phone exposes him to the risk off losing it all as hardest. Strife or testicles off wild phones may get crashed any time. So he decided to keep a backup all his files on cloud stories so that it remains safe and available anywhere, Anytime he tried lots off cloud story services like G dry dropbox one dried it sexual, but each off them Awkward, Very little storage space for free on Johnny does not want to spend on premium account. So he found this class and now he got to know our place where he got 100 TV less 500 GB off cloud stories. What is absolutely safe and encrypted on that is for free without spending a dime. Now Johnny is 1/2. He has made a backup off all his files on they are ST across all his devices. Be it mobile laptop all BC. So if you are like Johnny, then go ahead and join this class and never lose a file again. 2. 2 How to get 100 GB + 500 GB Free Cloud Storage : the amazing place. From there you can get 100 TV plus 500 GB off cloud stories is d go dot com. As you can see, you can go to the website, which is www dot de e e g double old dot com de go dot com On here. You need to provide your intelligence on here. You need to provide your parcel on, then click create free account, okay. And or if you have all agreed on that and you can logon to your account okay on. Once you were looking, it would give you the option to download or install the STI. Go he Cibak upset of Okay on you can download that on once hill down. Or that you will be shown on this screen which welcomes you and provide you 100 GB off back up space on it gives you the mess is also that if you want 500 GB extra sprays for free, then you can in white your friends on each friend you invite. We are your unique link that would give you three Zeevi off extra glowed stories. Okay, so these are six steps which you can if you want you can follow all these steps, but it is no important Onley. Just you sign of the first step is to sign. A second is to install the D go app on 3rd 1 is back up. OK, and fort one If you want to invite your friends toe, get 500 TV more stories than you can do that also. Okay, Onda, once you have done this, you can install this app on for the PC or the Mac. It gives you the option to download it for PC or 40 Mac on. Once you down ordered it, it would open up the screen and here you need to provide your email address on the password on. Then it would show you this screen where you can choose the folder to backup. So feel click on folder to back up on drowsy file, whichever you want. Toe back up or create backup on. Let me use this one. Okay. On select add for the two Bekoe and one cell. Select that it would start backing up as you can see over here. If you want, you can pose this back up also. Okay. And if you play, it will start to running. Beat back up automatically. Okay. On second, Roy, do the option to download your files. Suppose you have already made a back up off your files on the cloud stories. And now we want to download that on your PC or laptop. Then you can use this option toe start recovery. Okay, Andi, next is the preference. OK, so here you can use these options, like link computer. It shows you the link computer. Okay, on. You can check this auction that keep files indeed. Go after I have dilated from my computer. This gives you the option. In case you have deleted some files from your computer. That should not all automatically be deleted from the D goes server or cloud Becker. OK, but what basically happens that it seems all your files across multiple devices bun on. If you delete files from your computer or PC, then it also diligence the file from the devotes cloud stories or flounce off. Okay. And if you reject this option than it would not want the Lidio files from the cloud okay on , it would keep the files at the goes very safe. All right. So you can easily Andi without anybody. Delete any file from your computer. Once you have made me back up because you're backup files would be already available on the news Cloud server market. And this is how we get 100 GB less. Wife Energy Bjork Extra three Space off cloud stories on this amazing website called dehu dot com. Okay, on it has options on it provides options toe be it or sink your data across all multiple devices like mobile phone, laptop PC or even tablet. As you can see if you go toe the play store on find for Diogu dot com, you'll find an app over there and you can install that app for your mobile for Let me assure you, if you search for deepu dot co ordinate who it would give you this search result where you can install this app on this app. Yourself also shows 100 TV off free cloud stories. Digo okay, and it has an excellent rating off about four okay on. It has excellent reviews by other persons or other users who are using it on. This is really amazing website or amazing website or amazing place to get the so much of storage, which is not being offered by any other cloud stories. Services like D Drive, Dropbox one drive it sector, all of them off was very little space for three account. But if you want more stories than you can have this Diego 100 TV, which gives you the 100 TV instantly on If you want more stories what you can do, you can invite your friends, or you can create multiple accounts and supposed. If you create life account, then obviously you have to use five different e means for this focus on. In that case, you will get 500 TV off three stories on Plus. If you want to invite your friends, that would increase your cloud stories. Okay on it. They also offers the premium account on if you want, you can purchase them if you are interested, but I'm not interested in purchasing there. Premium options. Okay, I was just go for three on E backups off all your files because 100 GV is more than enough on the less if you get 500 TV more, inviting your friends than that is more than enough. Okay. And never key Creator backup off each and every files always create backup off important files. Only on that way you will save your story space. Okay, so thank you so much. 3. 3 Have any Problem or Question ?: If you have any question or the problem, which you can not soul or cannot find the answer to, that you can always go toe their website, which is at sport dot de go dot com. On here, you condo's their sport based where you'll find answers toe almost all the questions and problems people are facing to use the D ego and ego has very excellent rating, since it gives you the encryption also on your data. So your data is very safe on the D go dot com. Okay, so thank you so much. If you like the class, please do live the feedback on Give me the thumbs up And don't forget to check out my other glasses off causes. Thank you so much. See you in my next class.