Neuroplasticity & Time Management | Robert Sullivan | Skillshare
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8 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Definitions Neuroplasticity & Neurogenisis 1080p c8487bf9 2291 4c05 a5c9 c12eb9b1f75c (1)

    • Neurons Described 1080p ffc2c426 1b01 4878 b31f 3a5f70654517 (1)

    • _Neuroplasticity & Habits 1080p be5f0d87 45cc 413e b499 939c2ba16ff3 (1)

    • What is a habit 1080p f9c00790 0727 4b07 bfff e666241ee9f8 (2)

    • Habit & Motivation 1080p bce58db6 b5d1 4831 a7f3 f70f32d58295 (1)

    • Managing Time with Neuroplasticity 1080p efda392d ac39 4e0f aa1d cdb4b278c875

    • The Eisenhower Box 1080p 380d21ef 4fca 47a5 ad82 1cab58492ecd (1)

    • Using Eisenhower Box Spreadsheet Tool


About This Class

Neuroplasticity is the next big thing in personal development and Management.

It is the result of recent and leading research into how the brain can change and re-structure even as adults

The course combines this latest knowledge with the way in which we typical look at managing time and comes up with a better way.

Simply put, the course challenges our ways of thinking about time and how we prioritise activities and gives us tools to actually consider what we spend our time doing!

Why not join the neuroplasticity revolution, challenge or past thinking and succeed?.





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Robert Sullivan

International Coach, Educator and Entrepreneur

Robert Sullivan has in excess of 30 peer-reviewed publication in the Business and Management field and has taught e-learning and distance learning globally since 1995.

He has worked with the UK Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and very Senior Officials globally.

He is an international educator, coach and entrepreneur with many years of experience of 'Putting Theory Into Practice'.

The feedback from his teaching is exceptional and he is well networked and respected being ...

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