Neuromarketing Masterclass: Discover The 4-Step System To Attract New Customers | Silviu Marisca | Skillshare

Neuromarketing Masterclass: Discover The 4-Step System To Attract New Customers

Silviu Marisca , Founder of

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10 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • 3 Ways To Reach The Old Brain

    • The Process To Optimize The Message You Plan On Delivering

    • How To Structure Your Message In A Way That Intrigues The Old Brain

    • Here Is The Secret To A Great Presentation

    • How To Close Any Deal With Confidence

    • 5 Ways To Build Your Credibility And Gain Trust

    • How To Make Your Message More Memorable

    • How To Sell Yourself In Job Interviews

    • Conclusion And Your Project


About This Class

*** Get Powerful Tools & Techniques For Applying The Latest Research In Neuroscience And Consumer Behavior To Attract New Clients.

The Neuromarketing Masterclass delivers the latest insights and research, giving you an edge in your marketing, advertising and sales efforts.

This course contains top-notch techniques and insights on how to apply the tools of neuroscience to understand the brain and mind of your client. 

You'll learn:

> the 4-step process to align the content and delivery of your presentation;

> what are the hidden motivators of your consumers;

> how emotions are connected to consumer purchasing behavior;

> the 6 key elements to structure your presentation in a way that intrigues your old brain.





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Silviu Marisca

Founder of

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