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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Networking For Business Success Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 Setting the Stage for Networking Success

    • 3. Lesson 2 10 Strategies to Network with Ease

    • 4. Lesson 3 Stop the Self Doubt & Own Your Success

    • 5. Lesson 4 Build the Brand of YOU

    • 6. Lesson 5 Five Strategies to Become More Referable

    • 7. Lesson 6 Online vs Face to Face Networking

    • 8. Lesson 7 How to Create a Memorable Elevator Pitch

    • 9. Lesson 8 How to Authentically Build Your List

    • 10. Lesson 9 Nine Tips for Holiday Connecting & Schmoozing

    • 11. Lesson 10 Follow Up Magic

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About This Class

Do you know how to work your business network? Developing valuable, lasting connections that bolster and boost your business is a vital professional skill.

Join marketing writer and coach Susan Regier in this networking course to create real success for your business through networking. Including tips for how to become more confident, build your brand, and get others to refer you, you'll explore easy-to-apply techniques that will help your business grow.

Lesson 1: Setting the Stage for Networking Success

Who is in your network? Learn networking tips for making a lasting impression at business events, including knowing your goals for better self-confidence.

Lesson 2: 10 Strategies for Networking with Ease

Want to increase your circle of influence? Make new connections and build lasting business relationships by following these ten networking strategies.

Lesson 3: Stop the Self Doubt & Own Your Success

Do you often feel as if you’re not good enough? Kick self-doubt to the curb and make a splash in your industry by developing self-confidence in your business.

Lesson 4: Build the Brand of YOU

Follow along with this networking lesson to develop a strong presence in the industry and build your own brand, so you attract more clients and referrals.

Lesson 5: 5 Strategies to Become More Referable

Motivate others to send referrals your way by following the five networking strategies in this lesson.

Lesson 6: Social Media versus Face-to-Face Networking

Learn how interactions are different between online and in-person networks and how to use both to make connections and build professional relationships.

Lesson 7: How to Craft a Memorable Elevator Pitch

Learn how to craft an elevator pitch, including tips for how to create a great hook and make a lasting impression.

Lesson 8: How to Authentically Build Your Prospect List

Building a prospect list is vital to the growth of your business. Join this lesson to learn how to use postcards, public speaking, and more to gain leads and new clients.

Lesson 9: 9 Tips for Holiday Connecting & Schmoozing

The holidays are a great time to make personal connections with others in your network. Join this lesson to learn nine top strategies for the holiday season.

Lesson 10: Follow Up Magic to Work Your Network

Networking doesn’t end when the event is over. Making all those connections is a waste of time if you don’t follow up and that’s where the magic happens. In this lesson, you’ll learn some do’s and don’ts when following up with your networking, including why you should never ask to “pick someone’s brain.”

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Susan Regier

Marketing Mastery & Business Savvy


Susan Regier is an in-demand copywriter, marketing strategist, and business breakthrough specialist to serious entrepreneurs who want to have a profitable business they are passionate about. She has the uncanny ability to find the hidden gems in a business that can ignite sales and profits for her clients.

With more than 20 years experience working with amazing clients and influencing them to achieve remarkable success, Susan’s commitment is to bring confidence, clarity, and credibility to their brand so they can create influence within their own markets.

Susan's Web sites include and

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1. Networking For Business Success Introduction: are you curious how you can increase your networking skills to create exponential growth in your business? Maybe you've attended networking meetings and found little or no results, but that you know of others who have seen dramatic results such as continuous referrals and increased sales. I'm Susan regular, and when I stepped into my first networking meeting more than 20 years ago, I was terrified. I didn't know anyone, and I lacked confidence to meet and greet with ease. But I kept at it and figured out a thing or two along the way. And I want to share my lessons with you in my networking for business success course here on skill share, because I want you to gain the confidence it took me way too long defined, and I want you to quickly learn how you can network with ease and build the brand of you so you could become more referral in networking for business success. I'm going to share my top 10 strategies for networking with ease. Plus, you'll learn how you can kick yourself, don't to the curb and own your success. We're going to go through the difference between virtual and in person networking and how you can use both to make connections and build relationships. We'll work on your elevator pitch and how to use it to get the conversation rolling and how to use networking to showcase your expertise and if it authentically build your list. So click on the link to join my networking for business success course here on skill share , and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Lesson 1 Setting the Stage for Networking Success: welcome to Lesson one in networking for business success. I'm Susan Rate here, and you're probably aware that networking will help you create exponential growth in your business, but to make it work for you, the five W questions come into play. That's the wear. The why the when the who and the what. First, we're gonna start with the why and the what? Why are you networking? What's your goal? Two questions there. Why are you networking and what's your goal? If you don't know what your goal is, you're never going to get it. So is it to make new friends socially if you're in a home based business and don't get out a lot? Are you looking for new clients, or are you looking to have some strategic alliances with other partners? I know I like to network as a copywriter to flying people who do technical writing because that's not what I do, and I can refer that work to them. They could be for the marketing work to me. So what is it that you are looking for? Maybe you need help with your business, like a business coach or an accountant or a bookkeeper or maybe an assistant. All of those things you're gonna find through networking you need to know what it is that you want. What's your goal? And perhaps the goal is just to meet. Five. Knew people that could be yet, and that would be great. When you know your goal, you can then achieve it before you go to network. That would go to ask, Where are you networking? Some people will only go to the strategic networking groups, organized networking groups and not consider everywhere else. Because the answer to this question, where are you? Networking should be everywhere. When my Children were young, they were all into sports into hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball and my best networking came at the basketball games. That best outcome to get your clients that IHS. So I had fun networking everywhere, But you know, all the time in all of the different games and wherever I am. But the basketball game's really worked for me because I don't like basketball. So I would network and talk to other people in the stands on what they do, and we would share information and funny. A lot of those people didn't like the basketball Kings as well. And I got business and I became clients of other people as well. The next question, the next w question is the When when are you networking? Is it on Lee? When business is slow with consistent networking, you can avoid slow times. It's the same goes with advertising. And I'm sure you've heard people say We'll have to advertise right now because I'm so busy I don't need to have any more business. But then all of a sudden that business is done, and there in that wall that, you know, roller coaster off, not having any clients. So is, could you consistently network? And then he's going out regularly every week, every two weeks, maybe more from once a week, two different networking groups and talking about your business wherever you are. You can get off that roller coaster ride and have a steady stream of business coming your way. And finally, the who question, Who are you networking with? And this kind of goes back to your goal. If you're in looking for new clients, make sure you hang out where your prospects air hanging out. So who are you trying to connect with. There's no point in going to an association meeting on a regular basis. That's an association with your business. For example, a copy bridges association. For me, if I want clients who are going to hire a copywriter because they're not going to be at that association meeting, I need to go where my ideal clients are. Of course, you've gotta have a good grasp on who is your ideal client. So I want you to think of the who, the what? The why the wind and the where. The five questions for your networking so that you could really start to make your networking work. And on that note, to make your networking work, you may need to step out of your comfort zone and yet still relaxed at the same time. And I can hear you right now saying Yes, Susan, that's easy for you to say. How do you do that? This may sound difficult, but with practice you can do it and anything else you put your mind to. When I started my business, which is nearly 20 years ago, I was extremely shy, very nervous. I didnt want to stand down, and I didn't want to go out into new new situations. In fact, when I started my business, I did not network immediately. And my sales were, like, really low down vote here. Well, I realized, OK, I've gotta do this if I want to create, keep going with my own business and create a viable business. And I did, and it was really important to me to have my own business. So I got out of my own way and went to a networking event. I went to several networking events and I made new contacts. Got a bookkeeper, got a lot of the a graphic designer as a copy right here. I needed to be able to passport a graphic. Designers and printers really the best thing waas that increased my confidence. So because I was more confident inside that what confidence would show and stand out on the outside to other people, and it was easier to talk to them. So here's a few tips to help you relax when you're going out to a networking event, perhaps for the first time. First of all, I want you to remember that networking is planting seeds. You just going out there planning the little seeds about your business. You are not selling anything except yourself. Sales is harvesting, so that comes into the follow up. Down the road. Networking is planning. Seed sales is harvesting. So if you can just eliminate that mindset that you're going out there to sell, sell, sell, sell and just be yourself instead be the authentic you, then it's going to be an easier. It is just like walking in a meeting, friends for the first time, going into a cocktail party and meeting new people. And yes, sometimes I could be scary as well, but there is no pressure to sell. You just want to be yourself also, some that working groups or some events. You walk into a room and it could be overwhelming. With so many people already talking together and you're wondering, where do you go to first get there a few minutes early? If the meeting starts at seven o'clock, get their 10 to 7 when there's a few people there but not too many. Yet you can walk up to a group, maybe a couple of people, and start a conversation so that you know, when other people coming, you've already could got a good feel for the room and you're a little bit more confident and hopefully the people that you've been talking to construct to introduce you to others as well. The next thing is to be confident in what you do and who you serve. Let's face it, you're in your own business. So you are confident You know what it is that you do. You just need to share that with others and let people know who it is. You, sir, Who? Your ideal clients. When you can articulate that, we're going to talk about your introductions and sharing your messages in other lessons. But just know that if you're confident and you can talk about what it is that you do with a passion that's going to inspire others to ask you more questions as well. And so you want to practice small talk. Good. Look at things that they're going on in the room. If there was a speaker at your event that you were at, then maybe ask the other person what they thought of this bigger The topic. What is going on? Trying to talk about the plain old weather because it gets a little boring after a while, everybody talking about the same thing. So just practice. Small top. Maybe there's something that's been in the news that you can talk about or even ask the other person who the writer client is. They're having to get into business. People like to talk about themselves, so ask questions, lots of questions. It takes the pressure off you as well. And hopefully, if they're good networker, they're gonna ask you about your business as well. So when you view strangers as friends and you know, act accordingly, that it's going to be easier to get those conversations going and start to build relationships because that's really what networking is all about. It is making a connection and starting to build relationships now. That being said, as I mentioned, there's a lot of different types of networking groups out there. There are networking groups that are, you know, more of, you know, just learning, getting good information. You have timeto meet and greet some other people, and then you listen to a speaker, maybe have lunch, and then that's it. You go home, you get to continue to networking and actually some of the best networking happens after the event, so don't plan on running out right away. But there's a networking proves the leads and referrals types of groups where you are expected to show up every week. Bring new leads for other people, but you get leads and as well. So it depends what type of group. If you wanted a little bit more laid back to begin with, you might not want to go to the Leeds and referrals groups right out because there is a little bit more pressure involved with those. What I recommend is that you try several groups to find the right fit because, you know, you know there's a chemistry involved here, and when you walk up to somebody, you talk to them. You've got a good and eight feeling, whether that somebody that you want to really build a relationship if it's a right fit or not, if you want to work with that person or not, well, it's a staying within that working group. There could be energy around that group so that you know that Is this the place that you want to be? So try several groups before you make a commitment so that you can fit in and be comfortable as you're stepping out of your comfort zone. And, of course, you've got to create a great first impression. You've probably heard this that 90% of people form an opinion within 10 to 40 seconds upon meeting you doesn't give you a lot of time. They make it a depression or an assumption of you by looking at the outside and not, you know, they just assume what's going on in the inside. But it's really not on the knowledge. It's how you carry yourself, the way you dress, the way you hold yourself, the confidence that you show. If you walk into a group in your heads down and you're not really looking at anybody, you're not making eye contact. People are gonna want to come up and talk to you. But if you walk in confidently, look around and walk over to a group of start to talking to people confidently, then that forms a really good first impression. Now it's a second impression that can make or break your first impression that you've already worked so hard to create. Consider this saying that George had a networking event got along well right from the start . You discovered you've got a lot in common and you know many of the same people you believe she fits your ideal client profile. Georgia gives you her business card. What's your next step? Is it a do you go back to your office and follow the business card. It hope you run into Georgia and another business function be. Do you follow up with an email, telephone call or a hand written note? Or C. Do you have Georgia All your emails subscriber list, including your daily inspirational quote, your weekly easy and special promotion list? Because you know you've got so much of value to offer and it's a great way to stay in touch . Well, your next step leads to that second great impression. Hopefully, you chose B. You need to do the following up. If you don't do it right now, you could lose that opportunity forever. She's gonna remember it was just the evening before, so please take a moment if she mentioned that she likes to make appointments by telephone and not by email proved that you listened to pick up the phone and call her and distant note just because somebody gave you a business card at a networking meeting or anywhere else that does not give you permission to add them to any of your lists. That's why we have often is and permission based marketing. It is their choice. So hopefully this has helped you get out of your comfort zone a little bit and starting off with networking in our next lesson, we're gonna talk about the 10 strategies for networking with these. See you next time. 3. Lesson 2 10 Strategies to Network with Ease: welcome to lessen to and networking for business success. I'm Susan regular in this lesson. I'm going to give you my 10 strategies for networking with ease. So you're eager and confident and make it happen and thereby rover your circle of influence and your business. And just that, you know it takes practice to become comfortable at it, but it's so worth it. Solicitous. Diverge in my first strategy. Be friendly. People do business with people they know like and trust. Did you know that people who smile are more attractive than people who don't? Smalley sets a tone for others. The thing about this, how often do you smile? Start with a hello and a smile. It opens the door to friendly conversation strategy. Number two. Projective confident self image. Even if you're shaking on the inside, you could project confidence by the way you dress. And that's everything from your hair. Do your shoes, including your handshake, be the first to extend your hand with a firm and confident handshake. It's an indicator of who you are. Your first impression is what sticks, and unfortunately, it's not always accurate. In our fourth lesson, I'll share more details on dressing for success, and that includes the message you're sending by the color you're wearing. Strategy number three Eye contact. Look, the other person in the eye as you speak. I contact needs to be study without being too piercing. Her weak direct eye contact shows that you're attentive, supportive, truthful, honest, maintaining at least 80% of the time. Think about this. Have you ever had a teenager explain what he was planning to do that evening? But as he spoke, he looked to everywhere else in the room. But at you, it's so did you believe up? What did you think? There might be something else going on? And there's nothing worse at a networking event when you're trying to talk with someone and he's looking over your shoulder and who else has entered the room doesn't lead to a good connection, so maintain that I contact strategy. Number four. Have a PM A. It's a positive mental attitude. No one wants to hang out with an energy sucker, and you know who I mean. The person who complains about everything do you look for the good in every situation? Do you think it's partly sunny or partly cloudy. Your positive attitude will breed positive responses, therefore, positive results. Being positive will make you more enjoyable to be around. Okay, My strategy. Number five make connections with a single focus. That's simply to make the connection. Forget the agenda. Whatever it may be, your first step is always to seek friendship and acceptance, not on making a sale. As I said in the first lesson, Networking is planting seeds sales. It's harvesting number six. Give value the strength of relationships. It's built by giving value to others, not facts about you. Give leads, referrals and connections that can lead business, toe others and have answers. Be a resource for others, not just another sales person. The great thing is, when you help someone in some way, they're going to be inclined to help you. I love to give referrals. There's nothing in it for me but a feeling of satisfaction. Often I'm contacted by a magazine editor. See if I know of someone in particular that she could interview for a story in the works. I always give a couple of names that ask you to let them know that I gave their names. So in addition to helping the editor making her happy so she may pick up one of my pitches for a client story someday. I've made my contacts extremely happy because they're part of the story and getting more credibility with their market strategy. Number seven. Be genuinely interested in others. Ask questions so you can get to know other people better. You're not just tryingto qualify them for a sale, but you want to learn from them. Asking questions will give you a better understanding up who you're meeting with by asking questions. You're also going to learn how you could help them. In other words, give value to them. You're going to know who they're connected with and perhaps says with someone who could help you in a specific area of your business, not necessarily someone who will become a customer. And, of course, it's going to help you defy that common ground we've talked about. It makes the entire process of connecting and building relationships so much easier. Okay, strategy number eight. Relax, Notice. How do you communicate with your good friends? Do you communicate differently with business people? You probably dio if you pretend your customers are your best friends. Your conversation will be more relaxed, truthful and less manipulative, and it helps think how the other person may be more nervous than you are. So is your job to put him or her at ease Strategy Number nine. Discover what you have in common quickly find common ground and you always have something to talk about. Think about the things you love to do. Prices. You've traveled where you went to school and where you grew up. Or maybe you're more comfortable starting with where you are asked. Is this your first meeting with this group or what brought you out tonight? Or could be interesting? Speaker? What did you think about the content on the state of our industry? If you can find a link with the other person, you've just turned a casual connection into a personal one. And finally, strategy number 10. Stay in touch. This could have more impact and be more valuable than making the initial connection. If during the conversation you discovered the person you've just met recently got a puppy sentiment you toy or if he's really stressed about an upcoming contract cinema. KitKat. You know, the chocolate bar that says take a break today, you will definitely leave a memorable impression. Successful networking means building relationships, and that is something that does not happen in a brief encounter. It takes time. So here's some homework I want you to do this week in your life. Who are your top 10 most powerful connections? The people who could make things happen and, more importantly, make things happen for you. I want you to create a list of your 10 most powerful connections and then ask yourself these questions, and please be honest with yourself. One. Do you connect with these 10 people after to? If so, is it only to ask for favors or advice? No. No. Number three. What have you done for anyone on this list of 10 people lately? So, yes, there's times when you can call up and ask for favors. Asked for advice, for sure, but there's also times you've got to call up. Just check in and see how they're doing. Perhaps send them a great article of interest to them, or take the moat for coffee or for a lunch, maybe for dinner. What is it that you're doing for them, then? The next question you d to ask ISS. Who would you like to know that at this moment you don't know yet? Didn't take a look at your list of 10 most powerful connections and find out who they know that can make the connection for you and reach out to them to do it. But first you need to know what value you could give that person who's making a connection for you and what value you converting to your new connection. What do you have to offer him or her? In less than three, you'll learn how to stop the self doubt and own your success. It's gonna have a huge impact on your networking skills. See you next time. 4. Lesson 3 Stop the Self Doubt & Own Your Success: welcome to less than three and networking for business success. I'm Susan regular today. We're going to kick those not good enough thoughts to the curb so you can believe in yourself to create a bigger impact in your industry, you need to stop the self doubt and own your success. Have you ever thought to yourself one of these days, people will realize, I don't know. As much as they think This phenomenon is so big that gave it a name. Imposter syndrome. It's all about being not good enough. Not being enough. Do you? Look at what you're doing wrong and forget to look at everything you're doing right. Apart from nurses is super low achievers and over a crazies. No one is immune to self doubt. It's okay to have these feelings. It's normal, in fact, but it's not okay to let them hold you back from doing whatever it ISS you want to dio. And just so you know, this usually affect high achievers because the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don't know self does can strike at any time to anyone. This is a huge impact on your self confidence and will make or break a first impression. A sales opportunity and the Waiting Network. A couple of years ago, one of my competitors was promoting and great event she was hosting, and I thought, Wow, she knows so much more than I do. I'm not taking this just by reading her website, I'm watching a video online, so I shared this self dough with my business coach. I didn't want it. Teoh, you know, limit me into doing all that I could do. And you know what? He said? He actually chuckled. He told me he coaches that competitors as well, and she had the same nagging self doubts about her competitors. What a relief. It wasn't just me. It happens to everyone. So don't let yourself doubt stop you from doing anything, including getting out there and networking. You are enough, just as you are to help you. I want to share five things you can do to help you through this. Enough craziness. Number one own your success. When I worked with my coaching clients, I make them fill out a pre call form before each of our calls, and they have to list all their successes since their last call. Try this for yourself each week, right on a list of all your successes, I guarantee the list will be a lot longer than that. One thing that went wrong that week. It's gonna put you into a great mindset of gratitude of excitement and give you the enthusiasm to meet new people and pick up the phone and make those calls. Own your success. So you have to understand what your successes are. Often we just forget about a lot of them because it could be a small success and you move on to something else. But take time to really list them all. And you are gonna be surprised. The difference in how you feel. Number two. Stop comparing except yourself for who you are. There's a difference between bettering yourself and being better than everyone else. So what if you do things differently? Don't compare the in your inside, not your feelings to someone else's Tom side, And that's what or who you think they are being. Too many people make assumptions of how great someone else's. They think the other person hasn't altogether because they wear expensive clothes. But you may not realize they shop at a local consignment store. Perhaps they drive a fabulous car that could be owned by their company, who could be a corporate car. Perhaps they live in a really nice house in a great neighborhood, but maybe they're mortgaged up to their eyeballs. Or for some, maybe they have all those things, but they have huge problems in their relationships with their health. You have no idea what's going on in someone else's life. All you see is the outside and make an assumption because you think they look so much more together than you are. But in reality, they are probably thinking the same thing about you so kind of yourself some slack. And stop making assumptions. Number three be clear on the value you bring. I recommend, I recommend, is that everybody? You write out a list of 30 things that clients get from working with you, and you can't stop until you hit 30. Not only will you be excited to see the value you give and how it helps others should going to end up with some great content for your marketing messages. Both points will be priceless. Plus, when you share these values with the people you meet while networking, they're gonna understand the benefits you deliver. It's going to make it easier to have conversations. It's going to make it easy here to fell in a settled meeting, but it's just going to be able to help you be more comfortable and market yourself better. Number four. Step out of your comfort zone. Do the things that challenge but still make you go. Wow, I did that. What? I was a teenager. I was living in a very small town. After moving from a farm, I wouldn't attend college in the closest city where I now live, because I was terrified. I thought it was so big and I would never find my way around and in actuality was only two buildings at this time. I let those self limiting that hold me back for a long time. But eventually I changed as I learned to step out of my comfort zone youth Later, I ended up teaching a creative writing course for several years at that same college. It felt great. I had done it. What is it that stops you and you probably get that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, and that's what most people stop. They don't take that one extra step and break through those barriers, and that's where the greatness happens. Instead, they're held back, and so they don't reach their goals. They don't make all of those achievements that they want to. They don't find those new experiences. If you could be the person that steps through your comfort zone, and yet it feels difficult for a while. But once you get through that barrier, then that's where the magic happens. That's where new things that will come to you and then that IHS until you hit that next barrier and you've got to do it again. But that is how we grow. That's how you're going to grow your business. If stepping out of your comfort zone means attending a new networking group that you've never been before cause you don't know anybody, you don't know the room. You've never been there before and everything is new. Then do it step out of your comfort zone and see what match it could happen with who you'll meet out there Next. Number five. Share your story so people can connect with you. No one else shares your story, so it naturally set you apart. What did you help from? And how did you get to where you are today? Why you? Why would they want to work with you? And if you don't know, you'll probably find the answers in the value exercise. I just talked about it all Comings comes down to your story, and when you share your story with others, it will be easier for people to connect with you and start building a relationship. So this week, I want you to make a conscious effort. Stop comparing yourself with others, own your success right out of that list of everything you achieve this week and schedule time in your calendar to do it every week. Next, if you catch yourself comparing you with another person you've just met, stop for a moment. Acknowledge that you are comparing and know that it's OK, but don't let it get away from you. The more you realize you're doing this, the easier it will be to stop and change your thoughts instead of turn your thoughts to gratitude for who you are and what you have achieved so far, I want you to write out that list of 30 value items. And yes, this is homework for you to complete before our next lesson. These values will inspire you to do more and hopefully to step out of your comfort zone more often. Perhaps, as I said, a 10. The new networking group you've been meaning to, but you haven't done it yet. Or maybe it's to pick up the phone and envoy, invite that one person you'd like to work with him for coffee and finally be authentically you don't pretend to be someone you aren't. Everyone can tell when you're not being yourself anyway, so make it easier on you in our next lesson. Number four, we're going to go a bit deeper as we go through the process of building the brand of you. See you next time 5. Lesson 4 Build the Brand of YOU: welcome to lessen four in networking for business success. I'm Susan regular. Whether you work for a company or you own the business, you are your brand. And it's time to build the brand of you that reflects the products and services you sell so others will be confident to buy from you and, more importantly, even refer others to buy from you. In this lesson, I'm gonna help you boost your image to create a great first impression so you can begin to build rapport at your first encounter. Plus, I'll share my six tips to position you as an expert. Basically, we're talking about building the brand of you. So forget about your company's image for a moment, especially if you belong to a large corporation that has already spent countless of dollars on building a brand name. I'm talking about your personal brand to develop your personal brand. You must have confidence in yourself. You must believe that you work for the best company, and, as I said, that doesn't matter If you're an entrepreneur or you work for a large corporation, you work for the best company. You have to believe that you have the best product because if you don't believe in your product, no one else will either. And you are the best person. Just think of those others out there who take advantage of the kind of people you want to serve. If it helps to think in this way, go for it. Just hold the belief that you are the best person. Then the business community must have confidence in you and your business. Establish yourself as an expert by being seen and getting known as a leader being known as the person that could be called upon for resources and connections. Now I'm sure you've heard the saying before. It's who you know that counts. But actually that's not always true. I'm really it's not who you know that counts. It's who knows you, which is one of the reasons why you network to expand your connections and the opportunities available to you. People form impressions of you by looking at the outside and making an assumption on what C inside. We talked about that in one of the other lessons. You really don't want to do that, but unfortunately that is what happens on that first impression. Initially, people will take you at face value. In fact, 90% of people form an opinion within 10 to 40 seconds upon meeting you. Once people draw conclusions about you, they are reluctant to change their minds and that making a first impression can be formed quicker and it's harder to overcome. Be sure to dress appropriately when you dress for your meeting. Consider the client and the location. You dress differently for a meeting at a coffee shop. Compared to the meeting prospects in a board room. I know when I meet a client, a corporate client, and there there had office will sit in a board room, but I dress one way. But if I'm meeting somebody and entrepreneur the local coffee shop, I'm definitely gonna dress more casual from standing in front of 500 people speaking at an event again. I dress differently, so you have to know who you're meeting the location and really one in precedent. It is that you want to exude. Remember clean, well pressed clothes. You could make a huge difference. Just make sure they fit properly and want your shoes. Sales can be made or lost on the basis of scuff shoes so know what impression you want to create and how to create it. In fact, every color you you wear sends a message so it's up to you. Decide what you want that message to be if it's a message of authority, responsibility and knowledge. Where Navy Blue successful, You can wear darker grey if your intuitive or imaginative for spiritual, where purple. Or, if you want to send a message that you're powerful, dignified and sophisticated, opt for black. But be careful with black because it can be too powerful and work against you. Don't forget it. Forget to consider your own coloring. However, your skin tones, hair and eyes don't were blocked to give the impression of sophistication if it makes your skin looks completely washed out. And if you're planning to advertise a brand, make sure it is your brand. So if you want to wear a logo on your golf shirt, make it your own. If you have a logo on a hot if you were a you know a ball cap. If it's appropriate for your business, make sure that it's your local even look at the pens you carry. The portfolio, the pad folios if it has a logo on it that somebody has given it to you. Please make sure that it is your own logo that you are promoting out there. And it is not someone else's, especially your competitors. Always. If you're gonna advertise that brand, make sure it's your own. Becoming known or positioning yourself as an expert can help boost your image of trust. You will also broadened the horizon on who knows you. You can do this in several way, and here is my top six. One. Get published. Write short articles on your expertise for publication. The more you get published, the more credible you'll become. Consider trade publications online article marketing directories, Those air great cause They drive traffic back to your website. Get stories written about you as well. So get some free publicity. That's number two. An article written about you and your company is far more credible than paying for your own print ad. Have a media release written about what you're doing, new or different, and how it can impact the community. Send it to the editors of local and national papers, trade magazines, business journals, television or radio stations. Make sure It's newsworthy, though, and of interest, not of interest to the editor and not just an advertorial, because they'll simply ask you to pay for an ad. Number three. Speak in public. When you speak to a group, you are presumed to be a later. And best of all, when you when you're talk is over, everyone in the room knows you. So networking groups make this easy. Join various groups and get out of your comfort zone and speak in front of your peers. Number four used the Internet. Communicate with an easy or blawg regularly, so create your arm articles. Send them out to people on your list. Add them to the content of your website. That's also gonna help boost the rankings of your website as well, by adding new content search engines love that take an active role in your community. This could be being active in a leading position within networking group or a community focus group or a non profit organization. Let others know what you could do. Remember, networking takes different forms. Remember, you could network everywhere, so it doesn't always have to be an organized networking group for businesses, but groups like the rotary or a different community based organizations are great. Wait for you to take an active role in your community as well. And number six have your current customers self for you get testimonials, asked your clients about their experience with your product or service and write down what they say. But be sure to ask specific questions to get concrete results. So if somebody says it was great working with you, you know, withdrawn. It was such a fabulous time working with John, he had great results. What were those results and what was what was so fabulous? Get some specifics there because remember emotions and results cell. So now that you know how to build the brand of you in our next lesson, I'll share how you can become more referral so you can increase your profits. See you next time. 6. Lesson 5 Five Strategies to Become More Referable: welcome to lessen Find in networking for business success. I'm Susan Regular, and today I'm going to share my five strategies to be more referral so you could increase your profits. The power of networking is that you haven't audience of professionals at every networking meeting who become your sales people by giving referrals. Referrals are one of the best ways to generate new sales. My first strategy is that you must effectively articulate what you dio. I met numerous people at networking events who have failed to help me understand exactly what they dio To become preferable. You must be able to clearly state your value proposition. What results do you deliver or problems do you solve? I've heard people stand up and introduce themselves and say I wear many hats or I do several things and they may or may not share what exactly it is that they do do. At one networking event I attended and gentlemen, he stood up and he said, Everybody here knows me. I do a lot of things. Check out my website and then you quickly rind awful Web address. Here's the thing. I was one guest among five or six others and none of us knew camp. He sounded pretty arrogant, and by the time this shock wore off in the next person was introducing herself. I forgot his website address and had no reason or inclination to find it. It's funny. He has been memorable to me. I don't know his name. I don't know what he does. I don't know his website. I just remember how he made me feel that I should know him, and I clearly didn't. At another networking group, one woman stood up and was very clear on how she helped people in her business. She was a bookkeeper, an excellent bookkeeper. She was succinct in her message, and everyone understood who her ideal planets were, who she worked for and what her area of expertise. Waas sounds great, right? Wow! At the next meeting, two weeks later, she stood up again and told us that she also cleaned homes. He shared a customer story about that. Now I was a little confused. So is most of the other people in the group, because I didn't understand the correlation between a bookkeeping business and our residential cleaning business. It just it didn't make sense for me her messages. We're getting confused. Two weeks later, Further another meeting and you're gonna get you guessed it. She talked about her personal shopping business, and that wasn't the end of it. Over several meetings, she shared everything she did and it waas a crazy list. It left everyone in the group realizing she did everything, which means she did nothing. Well, therefore, she did not receive any referrals so clearly state what it is you do the value you bring your customers don't with the details about your past. And don't overwhelm people by talking about your process. At this point, they don't care how you do whatever it is you do, they just want to know how you can help them. And that leads into the second strategy. Be clear when you describe your ideal client. If you're asked what type of clients or companies you worked with, give a precise answer, Shira story. What a recent client, the type of client you want to attract more off don't offer Big Andrew such a So I work with a wide range of organizations or I worked with everyone when you share a story of how you helped a particular client. What you do and who you do it for becomes more clear for others and think of it this way. You can't possibly work for everyone and the person you're talking to, they don't know everyone. So make it clear and let them know that one person who you really want to work with my next strategy Number three, is to become a connector. One of the best ways to become more referral is to refer business toe others. When you meet, people look for ways to connect people in your network to those individuals. When you refer business, you generate business. So find out who their ideal client ISS and look for ways to help. We should keep your contacts in an organized fashion and whatever way works for you. So if you're gonna call asking if you know a plumber, you have two or three plumbers currents on hand that you can offer up very quickly. So it doesn't matter if you've got a system on line or if you've got a box sitting on your desk. As long as you can find business cards or your contacts. When people ask, that's all that matters number four acknowledged the refer When someone says the referral your way, pick up the phone and say Thank you. At the very least, send a thank you E no. Although nothing beats a hand written note card and then referral you just received resulted in large contractor sale cause. Consider sending an appropriate gift. I'm not a radio advertising broker several years ago and learn more about her business over coffee one morning. We can work connected well. Or at least I thought we did. Several of my clients need to advertise on the radio, so I sent her way. But I thought it was strange. What? I never heard anything back from her. Some one day I called her thinking maybe she wasn't in business any longer. She answered the phone, and yes, she remembered May. She was actually quite short, quite abrupt on the phone. So maybe she was really busy, and I've just made sure I kept the phone conversation short. I mentioned I had sent several referrals over the past few years to her, and quite abruptly, she said, Yes, I had some work. Some did. That was it. She didn't say thank you. She did not show any appreciation a tall and yes, that's effective life. Some referrals will were so referrals don't turn out. The point is that other people are sending referrals your way. After that phone conversation, I guess what I did, I threw away her business card. I'm not gonna ask it. Offer her any more referrals when you have done the same thing. And five, my final strategy to become more referral is that you must consistently execute whatever it is you dio. Whether you sell a product or service, people want to know that you can deliver what you say you will. That means offering a value or creating an experience that meets or exceeds your customers expectations. Do you show up on time? Do you deliver what you promise? Ah, one networking group I belong to one person who could was continually late. Every time she showed up 30 to 40 minutes late, people had already started eating. It was a luncheon. And here she came in late every time her business A professional organizer. If she can't be organized yourself to arrive on time, it's hard to refer business to her. So what promises do you make. If you have a deadline, do you meet it? Our your products Reliable. Do you consistently get results for your client's or only sometime you must consistently do whatever it ISS. You said you would do so for your homework. Today. I want you to look at how you can quickly get more referrals, and I'm going to make you step out of your comfort zone again. So be ready. First of all, I want you to go through all the customers you've worked with and creative lists detailing the fabulous outcomes they received by working with you or using your products. Then I want you to pick up the phone and call them. Yes, call them today. You are not going to sell them anything. So that's taking the pressure off. No sales. You are simply touching base with them, checking in to see how things are going. If they say some amazing things about your work together or your product, write it down, ask more questions to get more details and then ask if you could use it as a testimonial. That's a bonus for the call today and then ask who else they know should experience the same benefits. You work on the language ing, depending on the conversation. But the point is to reconnect without selling and ask for a referral. Whether that referral works out or not, send a hand written note to say thank you. That's to touch points of communication and you will be remembered and then make a note to do it again in a few weeks time. Pretty soon they'll be doing the referrals on their own. In our next lesson, we're going to cover the difference between social media networking and face to face cheers for now. 7. Lesson 6 Online vs Face to Face Networking: welcome to lessen six in networking for business success. I'm Susan crankier. In this lesson, you'll learn the difference between online and in person networking and how to use both to make connections which build relationships. Up to now, we've talked about the importance of the traditional meet and greet networking. Seen finding networking groups were you show up in person to find a referral source, business partner and strategic alliances. New customers helped to get answers to your burning questions and someone. And although face to face meetings are preferable as they allow you to fort more meaningful relationships, and you can quickly those nonverbal body language cues Today you need to leverage social media or virtual networking as a weight connected Well, Social Media gives you another means that they connected between meetings and opens the door to meeting new people you other boys wouldn't meet. And just as with in person networking, you can use social media to find a new brief referral source. Business partners, strategic alliances, new customers, no answers to all your burning questions. I love social media as a tool to stay connected with those people I've met while traveling to conferences across the country. If we didn't have social media today, those connections would soon be for gotten. It wasn't four. We talked about building the brand of you, and your personal brand can shine or be tarnished by your online profile and your post on social media. So first off, you need to know where your prospects and customers are hanging out, and then you need to be there, too. That could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plaza and he of the other multitude of social media venues these days. And make sure you have a fabulous profile or introduction that tells people while you're the expert, and please be sure to have a clear link to your website. Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It is not a website replacement. It takes time to get to know someone face to face. When you first meet, you can't just view a ton of information about yourself, so that's how it can be easier to make that connection online. They're trying to find out about you. Maybe they've been giving your name is a referral or just happened to find you online, so be sure you have a great profile and provide good content to keep them engaged. When was the last time you updated your social media profiles or even looked at them? Take a few minutes and Google your name. This is homework. What pops up? If someone has been giving your name as a contact and they're trying to find out more about you, what will they find? If it's not much, you may lose the connection before it's even begun. And if they do find you, are they finding the right information that will entice them to take action? If you are not satisfied with your search results, which time to build a better online presence? With virtual networking, your personal brand must be a value and stand on its own merit. Nobody is impressed just because you have a presence online. Unless your presence is interesting, fresh and provides value to them. Just like in person networking, it's important to remember that it's not all about you. You want to share useful information and do some promoting. It's the old 80 20 rule. 80% of the time. It's good or valuable information 20% of the time. It's promotion so increase your online presence. You need to maximize social media postings in addition to posting content that is of value to your audience. Create legs had photographs and videos as they'll shop in many searches. Become a blogger, right? Interesting articles about your area of expertise and comment on other people's blog's then repurpose of blood posts hasn't toe linked impulse and your Google plus profile include them in your easy to stand out to subscribers and post them on the various article marketing directories online. Some of my favorite directories and they're free. Our Evan carmichael dot com, self growth dot com, easy articles dot com and sales gravy dot com. There are hundreds of them find ones that fit your business. One time I posted an article on Self girl dot com about how to write a media release. Within two days of the posting, I received an email from someone asking if I would look over his media release because it sounded like I knew what I was doing. I thought, Is this? But I'm really wanted for reading the article. Yes, it waas. I caught a response, so I e mailed him some tips to make his media really better, and within a day he asked if I would just write his media release for him. So writing one article and posting it and including a great profile of my expertise landed me a customer who I would never have had the opportunity to me as he was in another country . In addition to writing articles, use podcasts and create videos and posting to your YouTube channel, then share them on your other social media's. Wow, you're sharing useful information and showcasing your expertise. I want to share a few guidelines. When it comes to networking by Social media. One. Develop a good list of friends connections and followers don't invite just anyone. Make sure you know them or had a professional connection with them. To participate in discussion groups. Add your thoughts, ideas, recommendations and questions. I let people know more about you, just like you would do in an in person social gathering where you're sharing ideas. Number three. You want toe ask and answer questions, especially on LinkedIn, which has generated powerful results for many professionals. Number four and I'm gonna say this again. Make sure your profile is current and showcases your expert status at all your accomplishments. This should not read like an old fashioned resume. You want to make it a compelling story so that it will get red number five tweet and re treat post and share pins on Pinterest. And remember, if someone shares retweets your post, say thank you at number six. If you can't think of anything interesting, share something that someone else has posted. Overall, it's important to remember that you must be true to your brand. You're using social media to build relationships. People interact with companies they love and trust. So treat your social media the same way you act in the real world, and that means you may want to disconnect or D friend. Anyone who's online behavior is unbecoming or unprofessional, just as you have to do in person sometimes and finally manage your time with online networking, just as you do with in person networking, it could be easy to spend way too much time on social media, create a schedule or sudden alarm and stay within it, or you're going to waste your valuable time in our next lesson. We're gonna work on your 32nd elevator pitch so you can get the conversation rolling. See you next time 8. Lesson 7 How to Create a Memorable Elevator Pitch: welcome to lessen seven in networking for business success. I'm Susan regular. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you could be asked, What do you do? So what's your answer? Does this question make you uncomfortable? Do you often find yourself stumbling over your words? Let's face it, there are many forms that your answer can take. If you're standing along the bench of a baseball game or meeting someone for the first time at a cocktail party, your answer could be different. Depending on who you're speaking with and the circumstances going on around you, you want to have a short, concise answer that clearly depicts what you do. So you can answer that question confidently with ease and so that the other person understands what you're talking about. One answer I've received often when I've asked that question and it never really answers it is I'm a business consultant, and this is a professional networking group meetings. I have no idea what that means. It could mean 100 different things when I ask further. Often I get I consult with businesses. By this time I'm frustrated, so I change the subject. I have no idea what the person does or what type of customers he works with. That means he or she lost an opportunity to give referrals or perhaps a new customer. What I want to focus on in this lesson is how you can answer that question when it's your turn to stand up and introduce yourself as a networking meeting. We call this your elevator speech or your elevator pitch. Basically, it's a short 15 to 30 seconds in office that concisely and memorably introduces you in the time it takes to ride an elevator. It's spotless your uniqueness and focuses on the benefits you provide. And it should be so interesting that people will be left wanting to know more about you. Depending on the networking group you attend, there will be rules. You may have 10 seconds, 30 seconds or perhaps 60 seconds to introduce yourself so you can add in bits and pieces to make it interesting. If you attend a networking group regularly, you'll also want to change it up so it doesn't become boring, and everyone can learn the full range of what you have to offer. Your elevator pitch includes six key elements your name and you'd be amazed at how many people forget this information, your business or profession. Hook that grabs attention, a brief description of your business in a way that separates you from everyone else doing similar work. A benefit statement of one particular product or service you offer or problem you so and who you do it for. Let's look at the hook. It's a way to get people to perk up and listen to what you have to say defined your hook. Ask yourself, what's the most unusual part of my business? What's the most interesting or exciting part of my business? What's the most dramatic part of my business, or what's the most? Humor is part of my business, your hook, and come in the form of either a question or a statement, anecdotes and personal experiences. They make great hooks as well, I've advised her. The founder of The and I, the business networking organization, have shared examples of great hooks that he's heard over the years. Here's a few of them. Did you ever want to shoot a relative? Comey. I'm a photographer, an electrical contractor said. For your commercial and residential electrical needs, give us a call and we'll check out your shorts. Hairdresser, could you? This line. If your hair is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me. And finally a plumber. Remember, Flush is always better than a full house. So those are definitely on the humorous side. And don't memorable, Mr Visor. He shared a story about a workshop. He ran for 60 business people. He had everyone stand up and introduce themselves at the beginning of the day and am dente . Stood up and said I'm a dentist. I believe in the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. So help me God. Everyone laughed. So Mr Meisner decided to do a test. At the end of the day, he had everyone stand up. He asked everyone to turn and point to the person who introduced themselves that morning by saying I'm a dentist. I believe in the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. Help me God! Immediately everyone pointed at the dentist. He was memorable. You may offer many products and services, but when you introduce yourself, choose one for your introduction. This is effective when you attend a weakling that working group meeting as it gives you an easy way to change up your spiel each time. Now it's your turn. Come up with your own hook or several hooks and get people to perk up and listen to what you have to say. And it's so memorable they're going to remember who you are later that day. When it comes to the question, what do you do? Think in terms of the benefits your clients get from your services? We call this your who ha factor. As a copywriter, I write a variety of marketing content for my clients. One of them is a press release for media release. And if I want to promote my media release, writing at a networking group I have used this is a hook in my introduction to tell others what I do. It goes like this. I have a greater than 93% success rate of getting my clients free publicity in the news. I I even had Jay Leno's office call me to book my client on his show after his assistant read one of my media releases. That's not the entire the entire introduction for me. That was just the hook. And that statement gets people saying Who told me War and I always had people coming up to me afterwards asking for detail. That's what you want. You want an introduction that gets people wanted to talk with you to find out more. What you don't want to say are the mundane cliches that are overused and confusing. Here's a few examples hyper these so many times. What ISS I wear several hats. You know what we all do? Make it easy for someone to understand what you do in a few moments. That's why you choose one thing at a time. Everyone is my company. Does lots of things again. Pick one Beaver Creek. Be prepared before you attend a networking meeting. So you know what that one thing is for today, This one. This is kind of funny. I've heard this so many times to person, will stand up and say it's hard to explain what we dio. Well, you know what? If you can't explain that, how is someone supposed to know what you do? And it also hurt way too many times. People will stand up and say we give great service. We saw Onley quality products or we have the best selection of products. Now that was lost. Three. They're overused platitudes that need to be removed from all of your marketing, their meaningless. And really, I would hope you give great customer service, and I would hope you only sell quality products. You need to tell me the why or the how behind those statements I think of this. Put sells good news or bad news. If you're planning on driving across the country and the news is predicting a major snowstorm, you're going to listen in often for updates. But if you hear it's going to be sunny Skies for the next week, you'll to know it's a bad news sells in an elevator pitch. Would you be more apt to listen to? I help homeowners protect their valuable possessions? Oh, are did you know that 65% of the homes on your street will be broken into this year? What's gonna make you sit up and take notice? Another way to put together your elevator pitch comes from copyrighting icon Bob Lie. He suggested you complete these three sentences. Do you know how what we do is so that my customers can. When you answer the questions, you've got your intro. Here's a sample I could use. Do you know how many entrepreneur is hit a blank wall when it comes to writing their bio? What I do is find the interesting snippets of their life, and we've been together to create an interesting story so that my customers can connect with their prospects on an emotional level before they've even met them. Try it for yourself and test various options. Does your control sound better as a question or a statement? Either is acceptable as long as it rolls off your tongue with these. Another way to easily introduce yourself, especially if you have 60 seconds or longer, is to tell a story. Share what you've done to help the customer and illustrate your work. People love your stories. Each customer story will be different, so you have new content for each introduction. Once you've come up with your introduction, practice, practice, practice. Never, ever read your introduction. Memorize it. People will judge not only the message but also the messenger. How you look, carry yourself and listen will affect what others do with the message you've delivered speak loud enough for all to hear and speak slowly and, most importantly, sound passionate about what you are talking about. If you want excited by what you do, why would anyone else be interested in working with you? In our next lesson, I'm going to share how you can use networking to build your list authentically See you next time. 9. Lesson 8 How to Authentically Build Your List: welcome to lessen aided networking for business success. I'm Susan Greg here. Your list is your prospects, so it's vital to grow within every opportunity so you can reach a greater audience. In this lesson, I'm gonna share how you can build your list. Authentically, as you're probably aware, you can't just at anyone to your list willing Nelly and you do have a way to grow less right. That means an opt in form on your website, where people can download or somehow receive your free pink spoon in exchange for their email address. That pink spoon, which comes from Baskin Robbins ice cream It's a taste of you is something they want an answer to a burning question in the form of a Pdf download. An audio or video. Or maybe it's a fun interactive quiz or for houses, a coupon. Whatever form it takes. York Ideal client wants it, so they exchange their email address to get it and get on your list. You have permission to email them your other good stuff, such as your weekly or monthly. Easy as your list grows, you have a greater opportunity of sharing valuable information, increasing your expert status and selling your stuff to your ideal prospects. So we'll hear out in a networking event. You want to entice people to opt in without having to tell them to do so. Make sure you're free. Giveaway is listed on your business card. And do not leave home without your business cards. You never know who you're going to meet socially, so always have them. No, just a professional networking events. I don't condone playing the business card shuffle. You don't walk around the room, you know, handing them out to everybody you come in contact with. But you do want to give them to those You had a conversation with, someone you've got to build a relationship with. On the back of your card should be the details of your free, whatever that's available on your website and the link to where they can get it. The rest is up to them. Another great tool to promote your freebie is postcards. They are inexpensive to print, especially compared to brochures. We've got business cards and postcards. I encourage you to have the professionally designed by a graphic artist unless you have a real talent in doing so, The image of the cars and the quality of paper will depict the professionalism of your business. With polls cars, you have more room to educate the person, give some tips or information that you know is of interest to your ideal market. You may have to do some research for that. The first polls cars I handed oh included writing tips. One was how to use the apostrophe properly. Another was commonly confused words. Those postcards were kept for years. Unfortunately, that was before we had opted and easings. But today only hand. EDS. Leads back to my websites where they can get the full reports. Postcards are also affected to handle trade shows. Make sure the information has value for the person you're giving it to, and not just a sales pitch. You want them to have a reason to keep it or to go to your website. For more information for one of my sites, networking today dot com, I hand out postcards that offer networking tips on one side and advertising details on the other. I want to grow the list so people can go there to get my free report filled with more networking tips. But some people may be interested in being showcased on the site, so I have details on how to do that as well. It touches both audiences. It was a perfect for handing out trade shows. When thinking of the content for your post car, consider. What did you want to do with them? What value do you want to give people? How can you stand apart from everyone else trying to promote? And so how can you educate and share valuable information? I nearly every networking group you'll attend. There will be an opportunity to speak at the front of the room. Jump on this golden opportunity. I see too many people sit back and never signed up for this fabulous way. You can share more information about you and your business because they are afraid. Don't ever let fear hold you back. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and grow again. Sometimes you have 5 to 10 minutes, or maybe you have 20 to 30 minutes. Please take advantage of this. Opportunity is your expertise will be showcased and others will have a clearer understanding of all that you offer. Plus, you can ask people to opt in to your list. Handled your postcards and business cards toe. Make this easy for them. If you're nervous about standing in front of your peers, that's understandable. It takes practice to become comfortable. Most people are nervous, but the others in the group will cheer you on. Take it easy, sharing a story on how you got to where you are today. I said it before People love stories and it makes you more memorable. Plus, you stand out because no one else shares the same story and then share more stories about how you helped your customers. The number of story of you share will depend on how much time you have have a few ideas for stories ready. We're sure some great tips and strategy that others can put to use immediately. Watch the clock and you can had stories or leave them out is necessary. You don't know how to create a wondrous power point presentation to get your message across . But if you dio be prepared to speak, even if the technology fails and it can or I should say it will fail. When you most wanted to work in my networking group, I always promote the speakers well in advance, so they get additional publicity through social media, e mails and on our website Monday, the speaker was prepared with a beautiful power point that she had spent hours working on, but that day her computer would not connect with this green. No matter what we tried, she refused to speak because she said she couldn't without her presentation. I said she'd have to reschedule. Shocked. I had a room filled with professionals who were all where she was going to speak. And now listen, Differ. Say she wouldn't speak because technology didn't work. I was left with no speaker and a 20 minute time slot to fill what happened. Someone else theory quickly offered to step up and do an off the cuff presentation, she said. Shares in stories just isn't mentioned, and she had time for an open Q and A session. It was effortless, look, and she waas hero. The other speaker, who refused, was seen as being unreasonable and unprofessional by the members of the group and would not be has to speak again as she couldn't be counted upon the number of referrals you normally receive. Drop off as well. If technology fails, wing it. And if you have an opportunity to jump into the last minute jump, don't think, Just do it the next day. I want to talk about to build your list is through your virtual networking. And to be clear, there are many more ways of lift building, but I want to stick with the basics for this lesson. Blogging for Expert Status One of the easiest ways to gain expert status is to have your own byline, a published article, promote your expertise, your products and your services. And blogging or writing articles is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, where you can get people to opt in. You may be thinking two things, one I can't write and to What would I say if I could write? If you can talk, you can write. And if you know anything at all about your business that you have lots to talk about, what questions are you hearing about your product or service? What are your answers? This could be the foundation of your article or has your product or service benefited others? What else can you do with it. Once you leak to your field that no other type of industry can offer, I started by writing down all your thoughts, questions and answers. You'd be amazed is the ideas flow, And it won't take long before you find several topics to write about. If you're concerned that you can't write, imagine you're explaining a particular aspect of your business to a friend. Make that friend understand what you're doing in logical steps by talking writing directly to that person. If you don't want to write or don't have time to write articles, finding ghosts ready to do it for you. But make sure the final product is in your voice. In other words, it must sound like you wrote it. Your name will still be showcased in the Bible. Every article should have a resource box at the end of its showcasing. Your expertise and a link to a website and a reason to go there, and you probably get that by now they're reason would be for your freebie, but they have to opt in, for It's wonderful how it all works so easily. You know, next lesson. I'm going to go through my networking tips for connecting and schmoozing during the holidays, which could take on a different flavor over other times of the year. See you next time. 10. Lesson 9 Nine Tips for Holiday Connecting & Schmoozing: welcome to lessen nine in networking for business success. I'm Susan Breaker. Not working during the holidays takes on a lighter, more festive air, but there can be a fine line when it comes to maintaining a professional image. Today, I'm going to share my top nine tips to help you network effectively during the holiday season, and many of these tips could actually be followed at any time of the year. So number one get in the spirit if you belong to a networking group, and it's suggested that you were at tacky Christmas sweater to the next meeting for fun or anything else that you think might be deemed ridiculous. Do it anyway. If you're concerned you're gonna stand up to much. Wow, you probably will stand out more if you don't take part. Plus it Kenly. Two great conversations and possibly new connections. It doesn't matter what your religious views are. The point guests to show off your fun side, which you may have been hiding away one of our Christmas networking socials. One person who does not celebrate Christmas came in a plain red sweater with various product samples pinned over it. She had enough samples for everyone in the room that was more than 40 samples pinned to her sweater. Is she socialized and walked around the room. She invited people to choose a sample they wanted. It was fun, and it was memorable, and she was able to surprise everyone. Which leads to my second strategy. Surprised someone. Whether it's a prospect, doors someone you met for the first time while I'm networking. Send a small after holiday surprise to keep your business memorable and top of mind. Be creative and be original. You don't have to spend a lot of money. In fact, spending less could mean a greater impact. As it shows, you have really paid attention to the conversation. If someone mentioned they were going away on vacation High little Travel kids a dollar store or give them a packing tip list. You could also give them a bottle of sunscreen with a funny note. It will definitely make their day. Or, if you know they have a gluten or other food allergy. You can bake or maybe buy some yummy treats that they can eat during the holiday so they don't feel left out. Number three host a party this could be in a holiday luncheon, a dinner or a simple gathering of friends and customers. It could be at your home, your office or hosted in a local restaurant. It's an ideal telling to reconnect, enhance your personal brand and increase your networking circle. It's also a great way to introduce your current customers to each other, and you could ask them to invite a friend so you could really create a new mix for networking. I'm a different type of party I attended a few years ago. We showed up in a business where we a home cooked meals. All the ingredients were available at various stations around the room. Even the recipes were there. Everything we needed was in there. In different spots around the room, we were put into small groups of mostly people we had never met before. We did find preparing the meals we take home. We were gonna freeze. Um, and of course, we drank wine. As we went around to each station, we made a lot of new friends. It was a different kind of party and included a fabulous gift. Weeks. Works of meals for each of our families know much really thinking outside the box? What could you do to make a lasting impression at your next party? Number four. Watch the bubbling holiday networking of it, or any networking of it is not the time to overindulge. Maintain your professionalism and drink in moderation. And here's a hint to make it easier when meeting people always carry your glass in your left hand. That leaves your right hand open to shake hands, and it will be clamming wet from holding a cold glass. You know what I mean? Not be worse than shaking someone's wet hand. I also suggest you eat before you go to a networking event unless you're specifically going for a sit down meal. Yes, I realize some events of a great buffet, and that's where everybody hangs out. But often it's the people, not at the buffet line you want to be, and it's difficult to do that with most full of food, a plate in one hand and then drink in the other. You're gonna feel more confident if you could move around easily that we just reduce the risk of spilling something. I know I would probably get it all over my clothes and you'll be more open to meeting new people. So eat before you go so you're not starving and watch how much you drink. Number five. Share the gratitude. What a great time of year to show appreciation for the good job others have done for you. If you haven't sent a testimonial already, the holiday season is the perfect time to show your gratitude. This would be more meaningful than the gift you purchase when writing your testimonial. Be specific about what was good and why include as much detail as possible so that someone reading it will get a good sense of how you benefit it. And we'll consider hiring that person is Wow. Sending a testimonial will give a lasting impression what the last all year round? Other websites. Jeff Perhaps they'll include a link back to your websites is gonna benefit you as well, But that's not the intent here. It's simply to share the gratitude. Number six. Celebrate your best customers, take them over for lunch out for dinner or wild them with a gift that shows you understand more about them than just your business relationship. So I'm not talking about one of your corporate pens or calendars here. But what can you give that special customer to make you really stand out? One of my customers was reorganizing and redecorated his office. I sent him a beautiful set of blue. I get crystal book ends. He certainly made a statement, were perfect for his office. And now every time he looks at them, he's gonna think of me. Hopefully, I'll think of me. Number seven. Brush up on your conversation skills. Take time to get to know others on a personal level and avoid talking about business all the time. During a holiday networking event. Be yourself be authentic to build trust. But when you do this, you're gonna discover those little details that you could use to send a memorable gift later. Instead of talking about normal business, ask the other person about their favorite holiday memories where they grew up or special traditions they honor during the holidays. This is a great time to learn more about the people you network worth. On a personal level, they may have different religious views and cultural views. You can tap into a whole new world. I love discovering other people's traditions and cultures ask questions and be interested. Okay, we're down to number eight in my nine tips for holiday. Connecting in smoothing number eight is share your own holiday story. Combined photos, illustrations and written stories to feature your company value, goodwill and community involvement make it interesting, perhaps dramatic at times. Make it fun. They can be printed and mailed to customers and prospects or include the mid Your easy and send them to your subscriber list. And be sure to share them with block posts and promoting through social media so you can let a wider audience I know about the good things you do. For six years, I call Organized a large charity event. How just before Christmas? Every year it's called wine, Women and shopping. We had more than 500 women come out every time and in those six years, one of them per year. We raised more than $100,000 for a local charity called My Sister's Place, which is a transitional support centre for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Over the years, we had a lot of stories to share and a lot of publicity when we started this event. My sister's place was on the verge of closing its doors because of funding issues. But what the stories we shared and the publicity's we created for them. They have gained a good financial footing. So not only did our stories show what we did to give back to the community, but they were also instrumental in keeping this valuable service alive. If you don't have a goodwill story to share, make it happen, Who can you help? What organization in your community would benefit? It could be great PR all around, and you'll meet a lot of new in addressing people along the way. Number nine said the heartfelt greeting the holidays offer is special time to stay in touch with prospects, clients and suppliers. This doesn't mean you have to send a traditional greeting card before the festive season. Think about the New Year and how you can tie creative message to your offerings. For the past few years, we've hired a photographer to take our family photos themed photos. One year we were all in red, black and dead, um, and sat on vintage cars and drink vintage tractors. Another here we hope, for various Platt's I think we're gonna drive may be fun for theme down the road. Or maybe that tacky Christmas sweater could make a statement. I have a family photo printed is a postcard with a calendar in the back and either a motivational tip or funny, saying they can't rave reviews and our captain people's fridges all year long. If there are several people working in your office, maybe you could do something similar. Have a fun photo taken of you that shows your personalities. And if it's just you, as it is with most entrepreneurs, share your family with your customers and prospects. It's a great way to build relationships. People always comment on my calendar cards. Even months later, I post the pictures on social media as well, and it creates a lot of fun. So for your homework, how would you think of at least five ways you're going to mix things up this holiday season ? What can you do to stand out? What can you do to be memorable if you belong to a networking group that doesn't really do anything off beat? Suggest that you do a crazy sweater beating or bringing a magician delight in the mood. Or maybe bring in someone from a local toy store that can talk about the latest crazes and toys that take up a collection to benefit a local family or organization with the toys. Not only will you get in the holiday spirit, but you're also creating a holiday story you can share with your customers. Your greeting card could show you wrapping the gifts or distributing. See, I just figured out three tips with one event, and you probably know that it doesn't end with a networking event is over. So in our next lesson, I'm going to share some follow up tips to work your network. So you stand up and make an impact. See you next time. 11. Lesson 10 Follow Up Magic: welcome to less intend in networking for business success. I'm Susan Regular, as you probably know, that working does not end when the event is over. Making all these connections is a waste of time. If you don't follow up, and that's where the magic happens in the follow up, there is no one right way to follow up. The important thing is, if you said you're going to do something, do it, send that resource or make the introduction. If that's what you said you were going to dio, it may help you write the commitment down on the back of a business card. So you don't forget. You need to figure out what works best for you and to fit your style to fit the situation and, most importantly, different the needs of the person you are connecting with. When you were speaking with someone, if you found out that the other person had an intense dislike for communicating by email, if that's the case, use a telephone to follow up. Likewise, if the other person may have talked about a particular coffee shop she enjoys meeting clients with, then I suggest you meet there even if it means you have to drive across town. There are many ways you can follow up or keep in touch with clients and with those you've met in a networking meeting. But first I want to share one of the things you want to avoid saying, and that is when you call somebody up and say, We would like to meet for coffee. I just want to pick your brain on something for me. That's a big red flag, that someone wants to take up my time on work They should be really paying me. For years ago, I fell for that too many times, in fact, too many times from one particular person. It was my fault. Had to learn the lesson. He would ask my advice and I give them answers and coach him along. A few months later, he called me back up again and I would meet with him for coffee, and he has the same questions. And finally I had enough. I felt over and over that I had been taken advantage of. So what did I do? Think opportunity. I created a program where I over a recorded phone call just for that purpose. They can ask me all the questions they wanted. I'll give them all the answers and I'm gonna record the call and send it to them. They don't even have to take notes, but they have to pay for it, so it really helps me to get out of that situation. If somebody calls up and says You don't want to pick your brain on something, kind of take you for coffee, I'm gonna find a little bit more detail than if it's really to fit that program that I have . I'll promote that. I highly recommend you create something similar in your business. If you continually get asked if you know what you have your brain picked as well. There are many ways you can follow up and keep in touch with clients and your new connections. Here's my top five ways. Number one. Send a hand written note. Yes, I'm a I'm a big proponent of hand written notes. Too many people don't do it anymore, and when you do, you stand out of hand, right, the envelopes being brief. You're not selling anything. It could be a simple assaying was so nice to meet you. Lost sight of the chamber of it. When you mail a hand written out, you will be remembered. Number two. Write an article these days. You need to write articles for your blog's and easy. And if you don't write articles yet, Star, I know I've mentioned this in a previous lesson, or you can hire someone to write it for you. I'm not mentioning is here so you can send the article to your contact, although you could do that. What I'm suggesting is this is your opportunity to really stand out. Interview your contact for quotes and insights on a relative a topic. Collier, the client up called the contact up and asked when would be a good time if we could take maybe five or 10 minutes to Assam. Quote from questions about an upcoming article. Your writing. They will be thrilled that you felt they were the expert toe ask Plus, you both will benefit with the additional exposure when it gets promoted to both your social media contacts. It's a huge win win. Huge compliment that you can pay to one of your context but asking them to be a part of your article number three. Create a tip sheet that benefits your contacts. In some ways, that could be the 7 to 10 hot tips you learned at a workshop or during a tele seminar. This shows you're thinking of them, and you're also upgrading your skills. You can, if you're mailing it at a post it note, saying, I thought you'd find this useful and find your name to it. They get a little bit more individualized. You can even customize tips for certain industries. Number four. Ask your contacts for help that don't make the request difficult. It may be a simple is asking for a referral or sores to Rio to recommend someone on a certain subject. If you make the other person work or take too long to find the information, you simply going to annoy him or her. So make it easy. But it's a great way to connect. And a short phone call Number five show You were really listening and said an unusual small gift. For example, the subway medicine. She just got a new poppy, said the small to toy. Or, if negotiations are pretty intense for a major project, send a gift certificate for the movies or a restaurant and a note to say how important it is to relax and have fun. When was the last time you picked up the phone to call a former quiet or someone you met? A networking event a while back and simply reconnected. If you're like most entrepreneurs, is not something you often think about doing. I don't know time you want a sales call where you have an agenda to sell a new product or service, but it's simply called to find out what's going on in your business. Who's there? I don't find it today. Maybe that's changed. Since you've lost heart, What resources do they need and what can you offer? A recommend that would make their life easier. But she could tell This isn't about you, petal. About finding out what changes have gone on in their business since you last met, and then giving them the leads and information that's going to help him along the way. You may feel you're too busy to spend your time this way, but in fact it may be costing your business by not making these calls or, better yet, meet in person over a quick coffee to catch up. Think about it this late to when someone helps you. You want to return the favor down the road. So if you can't lead referrals, you're gonna be top of mind when they meet someone who can use your service. After all, during this reconnecting call, they're gonna ask you what's new, what's going on with you as well. Schedule time in your week every week to make a date with your telephone and spent time handwriting our funeral cards each week to stay in touch. Then keep track of how many people you help, what comes back to you down the road and the change it makes in your business all without selling anything. I bet you're gonna find a huge change in your bottom line. I don't know. Working meeting. You only have a short opportunity to meet angry, and often the real networking happens after the event. So always plan to stay later. If the if it's a luncheon, it it ends up one o'clock. Don't look anything for 1 30 books something maybe for two or 2 30 But give yourself time to hang around a little bit and network for the people who are in attendance. You're already there, so it's a perfect time to do it. Or maybe you can suggest that you meet for somebody before coffee or lunch or whatever works for B two B. That's a business to business meeting have you to be usually last about one hour at the time. It's focused on you and your business, and the other half is focused on your new contact. You could learn a lot about the other person in a more relaxing environment. It is not about selling anything. It's simply building relationships. Take a look at who you're connected with it who you'd like to get to know more. Schedule 123 beauties each week. MAWR. If you have the time to fit them in, you will be amazed at how fast the referrals come in. You will quickly increase your sales and profits, and you could continue to grow your confidence. There is no limit to the methods you can use to connect with your customers and prospects. You just have to remember to do it. Thank you for joining me and networking for success. Get on a network, often meet new people. Talk about your business and listen to others. Talk about theirs. And if you're having trouble finding a networking group in your area to fit your needs, start one of your own. You'll be the center of influence for the group, so people will come to you, meaning more people they're going to get to know you. You never know who you could meet and what connections they could bring your way. Networking can truly create exponential growth for your business.